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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of teen spanking and bi sex. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

This is a sequel to my story Red-Cheeked Tenderfoot which must be read first as it sets up the characters and situation.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Tenderfoots In the Forest


After I was publicly spanked while naked as a Jay bird in front of the entire Cloverfield Scout Troop by my older brother Jeremy, who is also my group leader, and the six other Tenderfoots in the troop, I feared that I would be shunned by many.  This I am glad did not happen particularly by Mary Beth for she is not only in my scout troop but my school class.  Even though she is a tomboy she is also one hot young lady.  Seeing her, or even just thinking about her, causes my pants to shrink for they get tight.  That is even true of my scout uniform.

It surely would have been great being naked with Mary Beth rather than being spanked naked, like a little boy who she was baby sitting, over her lap.  Nor did I think that would help my chances to date her.  But I was wrong.  Even as the meeting was breaking up she told me she wanted to talk but did not have time now therefore to join her at lunch the next day at school.  You can bet all your merit badges that I made sure to do so.

When I got to her she was with Tommy, one of the other Tenderfoots who had spanked me, and is also in my class.  I know that he loved spanking my butt for I could feel his hard-on when I was across his lap.  He really hit hard.  Almost as hard as my brother pounded by butt.

Together they teased me about the spanking but it was quietly and in fun.  Tommy had to leave and I was alone with her.  She wanted me go to go hiking with her on Saturday and I was enthusiastic to do so.  She gave me a marked up list of group things that we would needed indicating which ones were my responsibility.  She suggested that we bike to the trail head and then hike to Hidden Pond.  Of course, I agreed.  I would have gone anywhere she wanted at anytime she wanted.

Saturday at 0655 I was waiting for her outside her house in my summer uniform: official T-shirt, short shorts (none of these baggy things), socks, hat and, of course, hiking boots and a day pack.  She came out just before 0700 and was stunning.  She wore the same outfit but she filled it to perfection.  Her perky breasts forced her T-shirt out and her tight short shorts showed off her cute still-boyish butt and legs.  It would be wonderful following her up the hills trails.  I can't imagine how she got her father to let her go with a boy alone but she did.© YLeeCoyote

We put on our shades and I followed her to the highway.  Then a couple of miles down the road I saw him.  He was standing by his bike waiting for us.  Tommy waved and just peddled right out in front of us setting a brisk pace.  My heart sank as this happened for I was really expecting a day alone with Mary Beth.  I had to concentrate on my pedaling to be sure to keep up.  They were both excellent bikers and I was determined not to ask them to slow down for me.  I could just imagine their response: 'Does the little boy's spanked bottom still hurt him?'  I was determined to redeem myself in my peer's eyes.

It was just after 0800 when we chained up our bikes, put on anti-bug stuff and got going in the forest.  It was a real pleasure to watch her cute butt as we hiked up the trail.  Tommy seem content to recall how he beat mine for he was behind me.  Perhaps he was watching us both.  Anyway, every time I looked back he was grinning.  When we got to Hidden Pond, Mary Beth and Tommy went to collect firewood while I setup the fire site with our grill and the available rocks in the fireplace that the park service provided.  Since we would just be cooking only a few burgers we did not need very much of a fire.  It was barely 1100 when we were all set but hot and very sweaty.  It was then that they sprung the plot on me.  They were not happy with my achievement as a Tenderfoot and I was their project.  They wanted to be part of the best possible troop and I was not (according to them) doing my best nor was I up to par.  They put me through drill after drill and I did not do so well.  Mary Beth announced after a particularly bad showing at knot tying that I was not trying and needed some motivation like that of three nights ago.  Of course, I protested but they were adamant.  If I did not cooperate they would force me.  I might have been able to beat Tommy alone but I knew that Mary Beth had been beating up her brothers for years.  I choose to surrender in face of the odds.

"Strip down, Adam." ordered Mary Beth in her sweet voice that nevertheless still indicated that she was not to be trifled with.  I felt strange doing this, but they had seen me naked close up just a couple of days ago.  Any claims of modesty certainly would have been false.  They studied the notes that they had kept and decided that I had earned eleven strokes with a belt and forty-four spanks by hand from each of them.

"Your belt, please, Adam," said Tommy, "and assume the position over here."  He stepped behind me and swung the belt hard connecting right in the center of my butt.  After two more, he said: "Do you want a warm up before you start counting." and hit me again.

"One, Sir."  We continue the duet until I said: "Eleven, Sir."  I stood up.  It was quite evident that at least part of me enjoyed it.  My ass hurt and Mary Beth noted that she was going to make it even redder and hotter.  I knew she meant it.

Tommy handed the belt to Mary Beth.  She took a practice swing on a tree and I winced at the sound it made.  It sounded like she hit harder than Tommy did.  "Adam, you may have a five minute break for an additional stroke."

I just bent over.  She swung the belt.  It hurt; she indeed swung it harder than Tommy had.  "One, Ma'am."

"I'm not a 'Ma'am'.  We will start again." she snapped.  Again the belt seared my butt and I said: "One, Ms."  I hoped that I picked the right word this time.

I hadn't for Mary Beth immediately said: "Try again, boy." and gave me two quick and hard stripes with my own belt.

"One, Miss." I tried.  Evidently I had finally gotten it right for the next blows come rapidly.  She swung, it struck and I counted.  I stood up when we had reached a count of eleven.  I rubbed my hot butt and almost burnt my hands.

Tommy sat down on a rock ledge and called me over.  I got across his lap like a small boy without a word for I knew that I no longer had any say in the matter.  He made sure to hold my rod tightly pressed between his bare thighs.  He was clearly telling me that there were sexual overtones also.  His own hard shaft was up again his abdomen.  He rubbed my hot bottom a little bit before he got started.  He rubbed it a lot more and said that he wished he could have done this the other night.  A smiling Mary Beth told him to get going.  He raised his hand and brought it crashing down on target.  "One, Sir."  He continued rapidly with a pause every eleven spanks.  He hurt me more than the other night but then I had not been strapped first.  When he was finished, I got up and we all could see that I was dripping.

Mary Beth took his place on the ledge and I got across her bare thighs.  It was phenomenal and I wondered how much more fantastic it would be if I was not about to be spanked again but could embrace their loveliness.  Just like Tommy had done, she rubbed my sensitive butt.  Even though I knew she about to spank me hard, I got harder.  A terrible thought occurred to me; what if I would come as she spanked me.  It was not a good thing to think at that moment.  She had spanked several times before I started to count.  It was right after spank thirty-six that the disaster occurred.  I came.  I came with a yell and shot my jizz right onto her boot.  She got in at least three spanks before I resumed the count.

When she saw the mess I had made, she ordered me to get something and to clean it up.  I got my handkerchief and knelt between her legs to wipe it off.  I had my head right near her crotch and I could smell something intoxicating and thought that it looked a little damp.  Could he be that she was excited also.  And if so, by what?  I was too young and innocent to know what was happening.

Since there wasn't any corner to stand in I was required to hold a quarter to a tree with my nose while they changed and got into the water.  When I was called, I stopped to put on my swim suit but they laughed and said that they had seen it all already.  I joined them naked and then discovered that they were also naked.  This was very exciting.  Co-ed skinny dipping.  It was very exciting.  The water was very refreshing and we cooled off physically if not emotionally.

When we got out I could see the beautiful bodies of my friends.  (Of course, they had already seen all of mine.)   Mary Beth was like a goddess and Tommy was a young Adonis.  He was already as well equipped as Jeremy.  I wondered if he would like to put it into Mary Beth or me or both of us.  I sure would like to do it with Mary Beth or Tommy.

We lit the fire, cooked our burgers and ate.  Through out the meal they kept at me with scout questions and lectures as they had done before.  Eventually, they got around to seeing if I lived up to the scout motto: Be Prepared.   They checked if I had all sort of things for being in the forest.  I was doing good for I had everything except that stuff which they had been responsible.  Then they got me.  I complained that it was not on the list or in the scout book.  They countered that it was even in an old song.*  How could I go hiking with a nubile young lady which I lusted for without having condoms in my pack?  They had each brought four.  And to emphasize the point they reminded me how I had soiled Mary Beth's boot proving that I was unprepared and lacking in self control.  It was clear that I was in for another spanking.

They decided that I should get five with the strap and twenty spanks from each of them.  The game was played just like the first time except that after the strappings, I was given a condom to put on for the overlap hand spankings.  This definitely was more erotic than the earlier one for my spankers were also naked now.  As you would expect Tommy was hard and I could feel his shaft in my ribs as he spanked me.  Things got even better when Mary Beth had her turn.  Her cunt and my cock were just inches apart and but for the condom naked.  How I wished that I could fuck her.  She did not require me to count this time but played with my bottom between each spank.  She was driving me wild.  Even with the condom to prevent any mess, I would have been embarrassed to come again while being chastised.

When she had reached the prescribed count and played with my butt some more she had me get up.  Then she stood up and started to kiss me.  I kissed her back and we discovered a new use for our tongues.  I'm a little fuzzy about all the details, but I think that Tommy guided us over to the grassy area and we lay down.  By now we were caressing each others crotches.  Tommy was playing with my butt all the time.  I heard one thing: "FUCK TIME, ADAM."  I don't who said it but I was not going to object.  Reliving that alone in my bed, I realized that any combination would have been acceptable to me them except one – being left out while Tommy and Mary Beth went at it.

Mary Beth spread her legs and raised up a bit at the same time guiding my rod to the right place.  I was very intent on that so that I did not pay much attention to what Tommy was doing to my ass.  I felt him press his shaft at my butt hole and press forward.  This got me to drive forward into her as he rammed into me.  My first fuck (at least as inserter) and with a female!

We fucked around as you can imagine for sometime.  And I learnt a whole lot of things.  Both Mary Beth and Tommy were very good teachers.  And that's for both scout and non-scout things.

The rest of the day was dull.  We got dressed, cleaned up the site, hiked back to our bikes and rode home.  Even my red butt did not detract from the joy I had.  When we stopped for a brief rest we got to talking and I thanked them very much for their help with teaching me about the scout stuff and hoped that they could help me more in the future.  Mary Beth suggested and Tommy seconded that we make it official.  I was puzzled until Mary Beth explained that the troop regulations allow one scout to be assigned to assist another one.  Jeremy had asked if she was interested in doing that and could explain the details to me.  I was flattered that they both wanted to help me.

That evening I asked Jeremy about this.  He explained that it would be like having my own personal drill sergeants and I would be subject to their discipline which would be backed up by the Troop.  Also, I would not be allowed to cop out until I was promoted.  Jeremy was pleased that I wanted to improve (I was not the best of scouts) and both Mary Beth and Tommy were topnotch ones.  Jeremy wrote the orders and I called them both.  Mary Beth was out but Tommy said I should sleep on it.  If I still wanted to in the morning I was to report at 1000 with the orders and gung ho attitude.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was proud of myself.  I was doing well in school.  Mary Beth was my girlfriend and Tommy was my best friend.  My father had not spanked me since that wonderful day when Mary Beth and Tommy had fucked and spanked me at Hidden Pond.  And today, along with Mary Beth and Tommy, I was becoming a Second Class Scout weeks before the other four Tenderfoots we had started with.

Jeremy was also proud of me.  I had gotten to be a SCS even faster than he had.  It was not often my brother was really proud of me.  When things had calmed down Jeremy had a little private chat with us, the three new SCS.  "First, I'm proud of you.  Second, do you want to continue your special relationship?  Here are the papers; destroy or sign them."   Jeremy left us alone.

"We be tougher on you then before." said Mary Beth.

"You get your ass beaten harder then before." said Tommy slapping my butt.

"You guys trying to scare me?"  I asked jokingly.

"YES!" they shouted together.  I grabbed a pen and signed the request.  They signed their acceptance.  We were staying a team!

* * * * * * * * * *

It was five years later that I learnt that I had been had.  Jeremy had rigged the whole deal.  He saw where I was going and created a private "gang" for me so that I wouldn't ruin my life.  The scouts never had that sort of special relationships.  I was rebellious and would resist authority but strive to achieve with peers and accept gang discipline far harsher than I would ever tolerate from his parents or even my loving brother.  Even after we all left the scouts we stayed buddies.  Tom and MB got a lot out of the deal also for in order to kept on top of me, they had to do well.

There is just one little problem though.  Tomorrow is our HS graduation and last night we had a party.  This afternoon  I was at MB's house and when she came into the room she said: "Adam, your behavior last night was a disgrace.  Drop 'em and assume the position."  Then she and Tom paddled me really hard.  Then they spanked me.  I don't think that I'll be able to sit still for my own graduation.

I think that I'm really too old to be spanked like this but I can not resist their orders.  Any suggestions?  I really need some help.  Please.  Somebody.  Anybody.  It's really important because we are going to be at the same college in just two months and share a three bedroom apartment.

The End

* Tom Lehrer song Be Prepared.  It is still available on the CD Tom Lehrer Revisited from a 1959 performance.

© Copyright A.I.L., April 13, 1999

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