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The following story is fiction about a girl's time in the coed Camp Spanko.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, and whipping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

Terry applied to Camp Spanko and her application essay is here.  It explains her situation and why she wants to go the camp.  Of course, writing to her diary, she does not have talk about herself unless there is a change so you should know that even in just shorts and a loose T-shirt she can still pass as a boy.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Terry's Camp Spanko Diary


June 1–

Well, dear Diary, I did it.  I mailed the application for Camp Spanko today.  Not sure why I bothered for I'm sure that they will reject me.

June 21–

I got a letter from Camp Spanko today.  I dropped the rest of the post on the hall table and ran to my room.  I held it for a quarter hour before I dared to open it.  I practically fell off the bed when I did.  They ACCEPTED me!!!!  WOW!!!!  They are going to put me in a coed cabin.  I hope that the other split tails are like me and not prissy cunts like so many of them at school.

© YLeeCoyote

July 1–

A whole month until CAMP SPANKO starts.  I'm doing a countdown.

July 17–

Just two weeks until CAMP SPANKO.

July 24–

Only a week now.  I dream of it every night.

July 31–

The bus leaves in the morn at 8.  I'm so excited.  I've set my alarm for 5:30 to be sure.

August 1–

The first day.  Hooray!

I'm on the bus now.  I couldn't sleep until 4 because I was so excited and then I did NOT hear my alarm.  Fortunately Mom woke me and drove me to the bus stop and I ate on the bus.  I'm so tired.


Got to CAMP SPANKO and I'm thrilled!  I met a couple of my bunkmates – Jake and Sue.  We were hanging out on the lawn talking as this was free time.  He's been here before and both Sue and I are newbies.  When she asked my name, I answered as always – "Terry with a 'y'" and they assumed that I was a boy.  I like fooling people like that.  Perhaps it was not such a great idea for after a while we started to argue and we got physical.  We really were fighting although I was doing OK.  Then Bruce, our counselor, pulled us apart.

We were dragged to our cabin and got to met the rest of our bunkmates.  Then with everyone watching, Jake and I got lectured about fighting being the wrong thing to do and — SURPRISE — we were to be spanked right then and there.  But I was saved by the bell – the dinner bell.  The spanking would have to wait until after dinner.  At dinner I noticed that less than one in five campers were girls.  Of course, there were some other tomboys like me.

You can be sure that my heart was racing all through this and I could hardly eat.  Well, after dinner it happened back in the bunk.  We got a quick reminder lecture (extra boring) and then it was SPANKING time.  Jake got it first.  Bruce stripped Jake which did not take long for all he was wearing was a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.  A few seconds later, he was over Bruce's lap and getting SPANKED just like Dad spanks Dak.  Jake took it very well, even better than Jas does when he gets spanked.

I wasn't thinking that I would be getting it in just a couple of minutes but it was thrilling watching Jake's butt turn crimson.  When it was over, Jake just stood up and I could see that he was hard.  He apologized to everyone for his bad conduct.  I'm glad that I had seen many guys naked and even hard when skinny dipping so that I was able to stay kwel.  Sue couldn't take her eyes off it and kept staring at it.

I sort of expected that Mom would dash in and protect me like she always did.  Of course, that was not going to happen here at Camp Spanko.  I was in front of Bruce just like Jake had been less than ten minutes before.  He pulled off my T-shirt and then opened my shorts which fell to the floor.  Then the moment of truth.  «I must be brave!»  I thought to myself.  «I must be very brave!»  His thumbs went into the waist band of my undies and WHOOSH – they crashed dived to my ankles.  A couple of seconds later, I was up ended over his lap.

Bruce got a good grip on my waist and patted my butt with his other hand.  SPANK!  It hurt and I yelled like a baby.  It was my first real spank ever.  It really hurt!  It hurt just like my brothers had said it did.  But before I could think all this through that hand reconnected with my tender, sensitive bottom several painful times more.  I totally lost track for I was soon was crying like a baby.  Like my brothers had done when they were just little boys.

Eventually, Bruce stopped spanking me and stood me up and held me.  He told my bunkmates that I had been a spanking virgin.  I felt so embarrassed because I was crying and Jake had not even whimpered once.  When I stopped crying, I sort apologized to the others like Jake had done.  Jake shook my hand and then gave me a hug and a pat on my hot butt.  "Hey, you're a girl." he said.

"I'm a TOMBOY!" I corrected.  There were a few laughs.

The others gathered around us and it was touchie-feelie time as we got close in a group hug while they congratulated me on losing my virginity.  I had mixed feelings about everything then.  It was not quite as bad as my brothers had to endure since everyone was a spanko and we were going to be naked a lot, but I got a taste of what they had to endure.

We all showered and sacked out.  Of course, I'm prone on my bunk so my hot tail is up in the air.  I have to stop now as it's lights out and I don't think I can take another spanking.  Well, certainly not tonight.

August 2–

My first morning.  I forgot to tell you yesterday, but our bunk is unisex meaning that we got only one bathroom for all of us.  It was explained that we get to see each other spanked naked and so after that there is hardly any reason to be shy.  I guess that I did ask for it since I talked of all my skinny dipping with the guys in my application.  Actually, it is nice and I'm going to talk my brothers about doing it at home.

We got a rundown of the rules at breakfast.  It's an interesting dress code – hats, sneakers and enough to keep the dangling bits from flopping.  So boys have to wear jocks, speedos or shorts and the girls bras (well some do) and panties if it's their time of the month.  Sun screen is also a must.  Anything else as the weather dictates.  One also has to dress for spankings appropriately.  The camp has a  wardrobe department to dress us in stuff like school and scout outfits for roleplay.

I'm in the intermediate group and we got assigned to basketball and volleyball (the courts are next to each other) to get some exercise and to start to know each other.  I wore a T-shirt and shorts so again I did not look like a spilt tail.  I did very well holding my own on the courts and my bunkmates did not expose me.  Next we went to the pond for swimming tests.  The swimming area was a roped off section.  I passed with flying fins and was looking forward to being able to swim across the pond later.

At lunch, four guys were ordered to report to either the VP or the head.  It was permitted to watch what happened – after all we were all spankos!

Jas had told me that it was the VP that did the paddling for the teachers in the high school and he knew a couple of guys who had gotten pops.  With a couple of my bunkies, I went to watch.  It was a theater sort of setup with a separate gallery for the observers.

It was one of the seniors whose ass was on the line.  He came in regular clothes and immediately got a lecture.  I thought it was harsh but the guys told me that it was just the normal nasty stuff.  The paddle looked wicked – ​two feet long, four inches wide and more than half an inch thick​ (​sixty cm long, ten cm wide and a cm thick​).  The boy was ordered to empty his pockets and to bend over and then the VP gave him a hard SWAT with that huge paddle.

The VP apparently did like what he heard and felt the boy's butt.  "You got padding in there, boy.  That's going to cost you.  DROP 'EM!"

"Yes, Sir." the cheat replied and lowered his jeans and briefs which had some padding.  Now with the boy bare assed, the VP resumed the paddling and he hit hard.  The boy's ass turned bright red and he had trouble staying in place.  A couple of others got paddled but they didn't have padding so they kept their pants up.

I got to inspect those hot butts for that was the practice in camp.  I now understand why my brother is worried about getting paddled.

We went back in and watched the British version.  Now it was a Headmaster in a academic gown with a cane.  The first boy came in wearing what I was told was a PE kit of a shirt, shorts and trainers.  The Headmaster played with several canes bending them so much that I thought they would snap.  He selected one and the boy got six-of-the-best while bent over.

The second boy was accused of being cheeky to the head so as a reward he had to drop his shorts.  He was going commando and he also got six cuts.  The last cut was on a diagonal and he jumped for it.  Later I saw how neatly the tracks were placed like they were to write music on and the diagonal was making a gate.  I was told the marks would last more than a week.

August 3–

It was difficult to sleep last night because I was overwhelmed by all the spankings.  I even liked seeing the guys naked and almost naked with rosy checks showing that they had been spanked.  I did get a surprise at breakfast, however.  Mickey, an eleven-year-old lad wanted to spank me.  I was to be his big sister who he had gotten the goods on, so it was over his lap or face angry 'rents.

My bunkies encouraged it and after we finished eating he led me over to the raised platform which the director used to address us.  He stood on a box to lecture me and then pulled down my shorts before sitting and getting me over his lap.  I did not feel as secure as when Bruce held me but I gripped the chair leg.  He gave me a few hand spanks which were not like those from Bruce but they did hurt.  He then switched to a flip-flop and went to town.  Boy did that hurt!  He was really mad at his big sister and I was her stand-in.  I was yelling for him to stop and promising to be nice but he blistered my bottom good and proper.  Mickey even dragged me to the corner to contemplate my terrible conduct with some corner time.  Of course, everyone watched the breakfast show intently and I was the backdrop for the director's announcements.

Along with Harlan, I was quickly eliminated from contention in the tennis ladder and he suggested that we go watch the medical department.  I soon got more surprises.  Several guys and a girl were lined up at the infirmary with various "complaints".  Harlan explained that they liked medical discipline or more precisely discipline in a medical setting.

As with everything else, there was not any privacy.  The first boy complained of not feeling well so the nurse had him strip completely and then had him bend over a cot and stuck a thermometer up his butt and started on the next guy.  Then she went back to the first one and yanked our the thermometer and, looked at it, gave him a spank and said: "You don't have a fever, boy." and took him to the doctor for examination.  The doctor looked him over and declared that he was a "malinger" and prescribed a spanking before returning to "classes".  The nurse swapped boys with the doctor, and gave the first an OTK spanking using a hairbrush.  "This will teach you not to waste the doctor's time, lazy boy."  The boy's butt quickly turned red and he was howling.  He was smiling as he went off rubbing his hot bottom.

The second boy had a different fate – apparently he was constipated and an enema was prescribed along with a strapping.  The doctor gave him that first – with a strap as he was bent over the examination table.  He got ten strokes which left his tail very, very red.  Then the nurse gave him the enema using a large red bag and with a big nozzle which she pumped up so that it won't come out until she released it.  After a while the boy was whining but she did take him to the pot for a while.  Once there, she released the value and it shot out like a cork from a popgun.  He sat there gushing for a while she watched.  She checked if he cleaned himself properly by using a baby wipe.  Quickly she declared that he had not cleaned himself properly so she spanked him OTK with the hairbrush like she had the first boy.

Swimming was the most fun.  Quite a few of the boys were naked and showing off their red butts.  I was encouraged to do the same since everyone knew that I had been spanked at breakfast.  There wasn't any improper behavior I'm glad to say for swimming nude is my favorite way.

August 4–

My bunkmates encouraged me to play by exchanging spankings with them.  We played some sort of complex card game which I didn't really understand but that was not the point.  We even stripped down before we started so that we could play faster.  The real object was to get and give spanks to everyone else.  It was the first time that I traded spanks with anyone and the first time that I even spanked anyone.

It really was great fun and we laughed a lot as we got over each other's lap or bent over sticking out butts up inviting spanks.  That the boys all got hard was very obvious but so did the girls although less obvious and we all had fun.  Once everyone's tail was hot and red, we stopped.  The boys discretely went to the shower and relived themselves with a circle jerk while we girls just laid on our bed to do the same.  The camp rules prohibited open sex.

I think that this event was what made me realized that I WAS A SPANKO!

August 5–

We had a super special event today.  A couple of the boys wanted to experience real whippings.  Not the stuff with straps and belts but with an honest to goodness WHIP.  These guys had been coming for several years and the director had arranged it for them.  Before we could watch the boys get it, we had to listen to a lecture about whips and whipping.  It was mostly about how dangerous a whip could be and that we should NOT even think of trying it at home for it takes years of practice to learn how to how to do it safely with the help of an experienced instructor.  The point was proven with a pig.  It was totally awesome but WOW and UGH at the same time.  A dead pig was strung up and an expert took three cuts at it.  There were long, wide and deep gashes which, we were told, would be even worse on a person.

Randal and Wyatt were string up by their wrists to high exercise bars and their ankles to stacks in the ground so that they were leaning forward a bit and could not move.  It had been explained that they had to be kept still.  The Whipmaster then demonstrated some stuff with the whip far beyond making gunshot like cracks as in the old circus movies at the big cats such as cutting sheets of paper.  There was not any doubt that this was real.  I almost was afraid to stay and watch but it was absolutely gripping.

The prelims over, the Whipmaster started on the two immobilized boys.  He snapped the whip and it struck Randal's upper back near his left shoulder.  There was a faint mark but, thankfully, not any blood.  After a dozen cuts, there was a definite red patch, not unlike that from a spanking, on his upper back.  He then switched to Wyatt and repeated the operation with identical results.  They were both asked if they wanted to continue and they were enthusiastic to do so.  The Whipmaster proceeded to finish the whipping right across the tops of both backs.  It was totally TOTALLY AWSOME!!!!

When it was over, every boy was hard and I think that the girls were also.  I certainly had my hand in my shorts trying to relieve a strong need.  The two targets were treated like heroes even before they were cut down.

August 6–

I'm exhausted tonight because I did the big swim across the pond.  I've been practicing a lot – swimming laps everyday and today I did it for real.  Sure they had a rowboat out with me but that was just a safety precaution.  I swam the entire length.  It was lots of fun and I did it nude.  I felt so free especially when I looked away from the rowboat and just saw water and the trees on the shore.

As is the tradition, my bunkmates jumped me and they each gave me a light, play spanking and told me how proud they were of me.  It was a lot different than the spanking they gave me when I messed up doing my chores.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about that.  I'm sorry, Diary.  Well, three days ago it was my turn to sweep up and I forgot and we failed inspection.  Well, they gave it to me.  They held me down on my bed and each of them used the belt on my butt.  They were angry and all hit hard.  Perhaps one of the super committed spankos would have loved it, but it just hurt me.  Even at breakfast the next morning it still hurt.  I'm sure that I won't forget again.

August 7–

Today was quite different.  Sue convinced me to play a British public school girl of times past with her.  We got fitted out in silly outfits of garish blazers, plaid skirts, white knee socks and hard uncomfortable shoes and went to report to the Headmistress at the appointed time.  The setup was similar to the boys' school and the lady was made up that she could have been a witch.  As we were partners in crime we got lectured together and got sentenced to six-of-best with a junior cane each.

After removing our blazers we had to bend over the Head's desk.  She flipped our skirts up with the cane and then pulled down our ugly granny panties to expose our buns for her cane.  That cane stung like the devil when it slashed into my buns.  We both screamed after the fourth cuts.  She did not make a gate like the headmaster did on one of the boys.  After we were dismissed our track marks were carefully inspected by the others.  They were checked out again at the afternoon swim (I was bare again) and at bedtime by our bunkies.

This was the last day.  We all gave each other a few spanks since the bus leaves early in the morning.

August 8–

I'm home and back in my own bed.  Already I miss the camp.  It was ever so free and I even got the enjoy the spankings.  Well, not the punishment ones I got but all the others.  I have to wonder if I'm a nudist since clothing optional was so nice.

My brothers were a bit skeptical about how much I was spanked although they did believe that I got some spankings.  There still the issue that the 'rents probably will not treat me fairly.  I wish I had some pictures but that was strictly forbidden in the camp.  What a bummer!

But I changed their smirks into OMGs when I dropped my shorts and showed them my track marks from the cane.  They had to admit that I was telling the truth.

August 14–

I got a great surprise today – a DVD.  The note from the director explained that they have to be very careful about images lest they run a foul of various laws which explain why there was some obfuscated areas.  Dax grabbed the disk and Jas also insisted on seeing it right away and kept me away from the player.  Truth be told I was just as anxious as they were to see it.

That most important first day was there showing me (along with Jake) getting that first spanking in front of our bunkmates.  They even had each of them say a couple of words about it since it was my first spanking.  Well that sure changed my brothers' attitudes.  I had gotten EXACTLY the same treatment as a boy for a misdeed.  No mollycoddling at the Camp Spanko!  They were duly impressed.  They hugged me and apologized for doubting me.

Actually they were proud of me for not only going but doing well.  There were shots of other spankings and of my bright red butt.  Along with the don't do this lecture, a few minutes of the brave two who got the whippings.

The cross-pond swimming certificate was also neat.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 9, 2012

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