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This story is fiction about several high school students getting tawsed.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Just a reminder that in US high schools, the vice principal (VP) is in charge of discipline.

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Terry's Punishment


The day did not get off to a good start.  Well, to be more precise Terry's day did not for the sun rose on schedule just like every other day.  Terry, however, had hit the snooze button five times thus managing to sleep through both breakfast and get-ready-for-school time.  Terry ran for the school bus just managing to catch it.

That is when the next blow struck for right there, in the third row, were Pat and TJ doing a most convincing imitation of a brace of lovebirds.  Terry's heart broke (once again) seeing the pair. «TJ dumped me!» was the unpleasant depressing thought passing through Terry's head taking a seat in the back of the bus.

It was just ten minutes into the first period that Terry realized the carefully done homework assignment was nowhere to be found in the backpack where it should have been but, presumably, still at home on the desk.  Mr. Wellington just issued a puce slip which was redeemable in the vice-principal's office that very day.  The second period went OK although, admittedly, Terry just coasted through it.

Gym was the next big problem.  Terry had not forgotten to get the required gym kit washed and dried.  In fact, it was still in the dryer.  Terry's second puce slip for the day.  The coach was very nice about providing a loaner outfit but it did not fit and looked like it was pre-war.  Pre-war two wars back.  Have you ever tried to run when your shorts keep falling to your knees?  Terry's squad did not appreciate losing because of this which lead to, er, a squabble and yet another puce slip.

Lunch was a relief for Terry was positively starving having missed breakfast.  A surprise – roast chicken.  Terry's favorite at school entree from the limited menu.  Well at least something was going well.  Terry headed to the other side of the room noticing Pat and TJ at it again (still?).  Even the mouth-watering aroma of the chicken did not help but it did not matter fifteen steps latter when Terry slipped and fell.  The food rolled over and over the filthy floor and Terry had a twisted ankle.  The wheelchair was most comfortable and the nurse just put on an ice pack for a period and then it was back to classes for Terry.© YLeeCoyote

The last period got Terry another puce slip for failing a pop quiz.  Also, there was not any explanation that was viable.  Terry was most certain of that.

Terry was slow to get to the VP's office and, consequently, had a long wait.  There were at least ten other students waiting for the fiend to shred them.  It certainly would not help being last.  Surely any meager supply of sympathy that VP Macdonnell had would be gone by the time Terry got in.  Terry sighed considering how everything had gone wrong this day.

As Terry sat there, thinking of better times as scary sounds filled the world.  Those were mostly that of the thud of the tawse hitting an unfortunate student's behind followed by a yell.  Terry cringed in sympathetic pain imagining the tawse striking another bottom much closer to Terry's own heart.  Twice more the nasty strap struck the errant student and twice more there were howls.  Terry's reaction was the same.  A couple of minutes later, Mary Lou ran out of the office, crying.  She dashed down the hall to the girls' room.  Suzi just got two hours detention and quickly headed to the detention room to start immediately.

Zane DeGraw turned out not to be so tough.  Again the tawse was called upon.  Apparently the door was left open when the witness went in so the sounds were much louder than with Mary Lou.  He got eight cuts and they must have been quite hard for he howled – loudly – for four of them.  Once again Terry felt every cut.  Zane tried to swagger out proving how macho he was but it was clear that he was hurting as he headed for the detention room.  Five more students went into the terrible torture chamber before it was Terry's turn.  The tawse was working overtime today.

It was with great trepidation that Terry handed the four puce slips to the VP.  They were studied carefully as they were spread across the VP's desk emphasizing the sheer quantity.  "Four in one day.  Not a record but pretty close.  Anything to say for yourself?"

"I've left my homework on my desk and my gym stuff in the dryer."  The VP's look was of «How many times have I heard that – even just today.»  "Really, I did." insisted Terry not bothering to mention about getting up late.

"That will be four hours of detention and ten cuts.  Since that is more than allowed at one time, you'll get six now and six tomorrow or seven the day after if you prefer."  Terry gasped.  This was far harsher than Terry expected.  The VP opened the door.  "Mr. Kendal, please come in to witness punishment – again."

Terry face dropped.  Mr. Kendal was a very handsome man who was a teaching assistant who was assigned to some of Terry's classes.

"Place your panties in your bag, Ms. Tappon, and bend over the desk for your strapping."  was the dreaded order.  Terry complied slowly hoping to put off the inevitable so Ms. Macdonnell snapped: "If you're not in position in two seconds, young lady, it will be extra."  Terry jumped into position; six was quite enough.

The VP lifted Terry's skirt up exposing her tender bottom and other charms to Mr. Kendal and herself.  Then she lifted the tawse and brought it down hard on target.  As the red stripe formed, Terry howled from the pain.  The pain was even worse that she had imagined listening to Mary Lou, Zane and the others.  Before she could compose herself, the tawse struck again with similar results.  Now the pain was not sympathetic but real; terribly real.  Terry could not help herself and started to cry.  The VP continued lashing the target unmercifully.  Even before the allotted six Terry's bottom was red hot.  Terry was sure that it was white hot.

"That is all for today, young lady.  Report to detention immediately."

"Yes, ma'am." she sobbed working her way out of the room.  Mr. Kendal handed her punishment record.  Since she could not sit, the teacher with detention duty, considerately pinned up her skirt to allow her bottom to cool as she stood with her nose pressing an eraser to the front blackboard right next to Zane with his jeans and briefs about his knees.  It was a very long hour.  Well, it was a very long hour for her, although the boys enjoyed the view and the time passed rapidly for them.

The next day Terry made a very bad decision.  When she got off the school bus, she did not head into school but down the street to the shopping center.  She had decided that she could not face her classmates at all.

The following day Terry's home room teacher thought her parental note was not quite right and sent it to the office.  It was quickly determined that it was a forgery.  VP Macdonnell left instructions before she went to a special conference that afternoon.  The principal, Mr. Bornman managed to keep his introductory remarks short as there were two disciplinary matters to deal with before the scheduled program in the full school assembly.

The first was Ryder Black and Kenneth Wolfe.  They had each been caught cheating and were each going to get eight cuts for their transgressions – in front of the entire school.  They were both called to the stage for the event.  They were lectured and denounced.  The big kicker was that Mr. Bornman regretted that his bursitis prevented him from wielding the tawse himself but he hoped no one would be disappointed if Mr. Fairfowl did the deed.  The intended targets gulped.  That was because Coach Fairfowl was ​6′11″​ (​211 cm​) and ​300 pounds​ (​136 kg​) of hard muscle and bone.  He actually looked very menacing in his tight T-shirt and shorts.

The two unlucky miscreants dropped their slacks and bent over the two chairs most kindly provided for them.  The coach, without a word stepped behind them and yanked their underpants down.  When he stepped back to start the strapping, all the students could see their butts and what was hanging down in front.  They knew they were in for a hard strapping and since it was in front of everyone, they had to remain in position and be quiet like macho men and not sissy boys.  The tawse was raised and brought down hard Ryder first.  He gripped the chair rail so tightly that his knuckles turned white and the stripe crossed his butt.  He managed not to yell.  Kenneth managed to accept the first cut just as well.  But both had seven to go.

Fairfowl gave the next round backhanded so that Kenneth got it first and unexpectedly.  He yelped like a puppy dog.  Black got his third cut before the stripe from the second formed and yelped also.  Several cuts were long so that the tail wrapped around and got the outside the miscreants' hips and other were short so the tips got into their cracks and their inner thighs.  Obviously, Fairfowl did the job with relish and put his all into it.  Both boys were crying before he had finished.  Every single student realized that getting caught cheating would lead to a very painful experience.  The two were required to stand at one the side of the stage for the rest of the assembly allowing all to study their flaming butts.

Principal Bornman then explained that there was another cheater who had been caught this very morning – Theresa Tappon.  She had been truant yesterday when she was due a strapping and this morning presented a note with a forged parental signature – clearly cheating.  Terry nearly fainted as she was dragged up onto the stage.  The principal explained that the strapping she was suppose to have gotten yesterday would be postponed and that she would get eight cuts for cheating just as those two [pointing at the strapped miscreant on display] had – right now.  Terry's dress was pinned up and her panties yanked down.  The entire student body got to see her charms as she was bent over the chair.  The first cut was hard and she not only howled but jumped up and grabbed her bottom.

The principal snapped at her and indicated that she should be held in position by a teacher.  Once back in place, Coach Fairfowl started over with a vengeance.  The next cut wrapped about her butt cheek and got her on the side.  She screamed but was not able to jump up.  The coach then moved to her other side and with a backhand cut got her other side.  She yelled again.  He gave her a couple of normal cuts and then adjusted his position.  On the next two cuts the tales of the tawse slipped between her cheeks getting the inside of her thighs.  Many of the students wondered if he had gotten her [labia] lips also.  She was bawling uncontrollably as he finished up with normal cuts across the middle and lower.  Terry was lead to a position next to the two tawsed boys and her skirt pinned up.

The three remained in position for the rest of the assembly lasting more than an hour.  Black and Wolfe did their very best to act like nothing had happened although it was obvious that they were hurting.  But truth be told, they would have liked to cry and to soak their red hot tails in cold water laced with a pain killer.  Terry ran to the nurse's office for help.  The nurse examined her and decided that she had a severe case of buttock strappitis.  As a treatment she wrote a note to Terry's teachers and had her escorted to her next class by the hall monitor.

Terry would never had gone to the nurse if she had known what the prescription would be.  The nurse's note explained that she must stand and have her buttocks uncovered so that they could be cooled by the natural air flow.  She spent the rest of the day standing in the front corners of her classes with her dress pinned up.  She spent an hour in detention also again keeping an eraser on the board.  She was positioned between Black and Wolfe for the hour but she did not get to admire either of them.  The hour passed very slowly.

Back home she was soundly lectured by two very enraged parents.  She only escaped spanking because of the strappings she was getting at school.  Especially with her reduced allowance and earlier curfew she regretted her crimes.

The next morning there was a new name taped on her locker: "Cute Rosy Cheeks".

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 15, 2006

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