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The following story is fiction about a youth dominating an adult couple.  The story contains scenes of spanking, paddling and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Snake in the Garden


Norman and Sheldon were a happy couple having been together for almost a quarter century and extremely faithful to each other.  It was true that they admired other men but either had engaged with any of them since they had been married.  They lived in a small cottage and Norman had simple but secure employment in their small town while the other was, for lack of a better term, the house spouse.  They had consistently won the prize for the best garden for many years.  With a total lack of originality, they called their garden 'Eden'.

A small but significant part of their lives they kept secret from the world.  It wasn't the fact that they were gay for that was really obvious from their cohabitation but that they were kinky; spankos to be precise.  Every night before going to sleep Norman spanked and fucked Sheldon.  They liked variety so the details varied from night to night.  For example, on a weeknight when Norman had to get to work early and there had been some meeting they would get together in their bedroom for a quick session.  They would both already be nude for that is how they slept and without any fanfare Norman would sit on the spanking chair and Sheldon would get over his lap.  Then it was a quick hand spanking but forceful enough to put a little glow in Sheldon's checks.  Then they got into the bed and had proper marital relations before it was off to never-never land until the insistent alarm roused them for another day.

On other nights when they had lots of time things were far more interesting and fun.  Their favorite game, bar none, was Master and slave.  Norman would dress up in full black leather regalia, which fit him a bit snugger than a decade before, and carry a riding crop.  "What the hell do you think you're doing slave?" he would bellow at the peacefully reading Sheldon.

"Nothing Master." Sheldon might reply as he jumped to kowtow in front of his 'angry' Master his heart speeding up in anticipation of another exciting evening.

"Get out of those rags, instantly, slave." would be the curt order and naturally Sheldon would quickly rip off his clothes and resume his position.  "You have become slovenly, slave.  Get into punishment position, slave."  Immediately Sheldon would get on the coffee table on all fours.  "You have to be punished, slave." and the riding crop would fly repeatedly to connect with Sheldon's upturned butt painfully.  Norman would continue for a dozen whacks and then he would pause.  "Open my pants and service me, slave." he would order.© YLeeCoyote

Sheldon would spring into the new position knelling before his Master and quickly open the bulging black leather trousers allowing his Master's hard cock to spring free.  This always increased Sheldon's excitment and it always took great will power to wait for the command to suck.  If he did not wait then the crop would strike his upper back reminding him of his place.  Once the awaited command had been issued, Sheldon would go to work most enthusiastically.  In all the years they had been together he had never ever faulted in this regard and he loved engulfing his Master's cock down to the root.  Truth be told, he had loved doing this with other men before the two had become a pair.  He never admitted even to himself that he had loved those larger lollipops that got deep into his throat that he had first encountered in high school as a youth having grown accustomed to Norman's average but below the mean sized tool.

After Norman had squirted, he returned to continue to redden Sheldon's bottom more.  Years earlier it only took a couple of strokes before he would be able to ram his once again hard shaft into his slave's hole and fuck him hard while simultaneously jerking him until they both came.  Now it took significantly longer to recover but Sheldon never complained.  Sometimes they did not finish until they had been in bed for an hour or two.

* * * * * * * * * *

Drew was new to the village.  His father had brought a small business and the family had moved from the exciting great metropolis to this boring little dinky town.  Summer days are long for a sixteen-year-old even one who works part time in the family business during the summer break especially before starting in a new school.  He did his best to amuse himself including riding his bike to explore the village and the countryside.  Nothing, however, came close to the excitement of the great metropolis he so loved.

He did notice the admiring looks he got from the (in his young eyes) old man who worked in his garden as he cycled by.  After a couple of times of exchanging waves, he stopped to talk.  Not only would that give him more to do but perhaps the man wanted his bod like others had back in the big city although he had become quite adept at turning the tables on them and having his way with them rather than submitting to those DOMs.  He loved being the dominant alpha male and controlling others.

Drew had not failed to notice how Sheldon looked at him.  He most certainly did not know anything of Sheldon's life when he was younger and involved with one of the jocks at school to which he had a remarkable resemblance.  Drew had the same great build and he showed it off in his tight T-shirt (or less on hot days) and tight bike shorts that bulged prominently.  Sheldon hadn't any doubts what wonderful goodies were concealed inside the young Adonis' pants.  After a couple of chats, it became a more frequent occurrence because Drew sensed the increasing adoration of the older man.  He soon became convinced that he was being idolized.  He loved the feeling.  He decided to seduce Sheldon.

It was probably just an innocent bump although maybe not when Drew felt Sheldon's hand on his crotch and pounced.  "That's very naughty!" he snapped and gave Sheldon a hard spank with his hand in jest.  However, there was far more of a reaction than one would have expected for Sheldon immediately slipped deep into his bottom mode as he had been conditioned to by Norman over many years.

"Sorry, Master." he whined as he dropped to his knees and lowered his head.  He wished he could say "It was an accident, Sir." but years of being a slave prevented his offering any sort of explanation or excuse to avoid punishment.  This was far more than Drew expected but as he was a well-read lad who had roamed the web a lot he was able to respond nimbly for it quickly fit together with that ridding crop he had seen a couple of weeks before when he had been in the house for a drink of water.

"You must be punished, boy." he snapped.  "Get up!  Drop your pants and bend over the table."  He wondered what he could use beside his hand and figured there would be something in the utensil drawer right there in the kitchen.  He opened the drawer, grabbed the large wooden spoon and turned to the naughty boy laying over the table with his butt bare.  He quickly started to swing the spoon – a  makeshift paddle.  More than a dozen times he raised and swung it turning the butt it struck bright red.

His cock was now fully hard and hurt being confined in his now tighter than ever shorts.  He quickly pushed down the confining Spandex™ and let his manhood soar free.  "Suck me, boy." he barked.  Sheldon dutifully knelt before the aggressive youth.  The formally hidden treat now stood tall and proud from its hairy nest.  Sheldon's eyes swelled for it was far bigger than Norman's.  Drew's cock was even bigger than the one he feasted on back in high school.  Sheldon opened his mouth wide and began to service the great tool.  Although Sheldon was enthusiastic in doing this duty Drew was not satisfied and took greater control forcing himself deep down into the bottom's throat as Sheldon had forgotten to do.  It did not take long before he blasted a load into the man who had to struggle to swallow it all.

Drew pulled out, still hard as only a youth can be immediately after cumming and got Sheldon back over the table and rammed into his ass with only a little saliva and precum for lubrication.  It hurt Sheldon but was exciting and Drew's large cock pounded away at his love nut in a way he had not felt since many years before when he was in high school making him cum as Drew filled him a second time.

Rather than going riding, Drew lounged in an easy chair as Sheldon worshiped his cock for more than an hour.  Needless to say their relationship was changed forever.  After this he came by several times a week to be serviced and even to spank.  Drew still longed for the big city but at least he was not super horny anymore.

* * * * * * * * * *

Norman had noticed Drew's presence but never suspected that he was being cuckolded by the potent youth.  He accepted the explanation that he was admiring Eden and discussing gardening.  Also he encouraged Drew to stop by more and invited the youth for dinner a couple of times.  Of course, being a well-bred lad from the sophisticated city Drew dressed differently than when biking.  He even eschewed the usual teen uniform of jeans for chinos along with a golf shirt and loafers.  They also were well fitting so neither his muscular body nor his trouser snake were concealed from interested eyes.  Sheldon found him even more alluring especially how his masculine features were discretely apparent.  Norman just thought that he was a good mannered handsome youth.

Norman was noticing a subtle change in his spouse although Sheldon denied that anything had changed.  It was a water main break miles away from Eden that changed things.  The area near Norman's work was flooded and it was closed so he returned home early.  He was relishing the idea that he would have a lot of extra time to play with his slave.  He was totally unprepared when he walked into his house and saw his Sheldon red-butted and kneeling on the coffee table being plowed by the buck naked young stud Drew.  His usual refined vocabulary failed him and all he could say was: "What the fuck?" as he stood frozen to the spot.

Drew looked up but did not change what he was doing except to raise a hand with two fingers pointing at him arrogantly to bost.  He watched as Drew thrust a couple of times more into his mate before hearing Sheldon yell "I'm cummmmmmmmming." even though his cock was not being touched at all.  Drew continued a while longer until he unloaded once again deep into the red-butted man.

Norman had never before seen Sheldon cum without direct penile stimulation and he was too speechless even to repeat his shocked comment but Drew was quite poised.  "You just don't have it anymore, Old Man." he sneered at Norman, "A little spurt from your little thingy and you go SOFT.  Sheldon here needs a real man with a big hard cock with staying power."  He pulled out and gave Sheldon a few hard spanks.  "That's right, boy, isn't it?"  Drew's potent man-shaft was still rampant.  He found things extra exciting since the betrayed and cuckolded man was staring at his most potent manhood.

Sheldon did not answer but ran to his cuckolded mate and hugged him.  "I'm sorry, Norman.  I'm very sorry."  He sobbed and whined  "Please forgive me."

Norman felt like a beach master elephant seal whose harem had been invaded by a young upstart having the great audacity to breed with one of his cows.  He reacted badly and charged Drew but after years of sitting at a desk wasn't a match for the agile and athletic youth who deftly grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm up behind his back.  He twisted and raised it high enough that Norman yelled in pain.  He pushed the old man over the end of the couch and barked: "STAY!"  Drew grabbed the paddle and gave Norman a rapid volley of hard whacks to teach him who is now the dominant bull.  Norman tried to get up but Drew pushed him back down, gave him a few more pops and repeated his order: "STAY DOWN, BOY!"  Norman was overwhelmed and remained in the position that the alpha Drew had put him into.

Drew reached under the subdued man and undid his belt and pants and yanked them down.  The newly exposed bottom was only slightly pink and that had to be corrected.  Exuberantly, he swung the paddle a dozen times more at the now fully exposed target.  The hard pops turned Norman's bottom fiery red, so that it matched Sheldon's, and he howled.

"Want some more pops before I fuck you, boy?" he asked with a sneer in his voice.

"No more, please, no more." he cried like a wimp, too confused to understand what was happening.

Norman was quite nonplused.  The world was in turmoil!  He had neither felt the paddle nor been overpowered since he left high school decades before.  Now both were happening and, even worse, he had also been cuckolded to boot.  He had not even realized that until Drew started to make good on his alternative to more pops and he felt the pain of the potent hard cock being rammed into his hot red tail.  His feeble attempts to get up were useless for the young alpha male blocked them all as he was having his way with him.

"Drink." Drew demanded as he withdrew after depositing his baby makers in his new bitch and Sheldon rushed to immediately fetch one from the refrig for the Master.  Then he knelt before the powerful stud and cleaned his cock as the youth drank.  Drew dressed and left most satisfied with himself leaving the couple to cope with the new reality.

Drew returned home most pleased that he now had two fuck toys and a place to play in.  The little village did have some small compensation for what he missed in the great city.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 10, 2015

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