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Thief Caught Red Handed


It was thrilling when the fire alarm went off and everyone rushed out.  Perhaps it would have been more exciting if it had been class time rather than club hour but an interesting change from expected fire drills nevertheless.  Although it had been quickly determined that it was just a sprinkler malfunction rather than an inferno, it was quickly decided that the building should remain empty for a careful inspection and cleanup.  Like the other boarding students at Dowswell Academy, a respected private prep school, Chet returned to his dorm room.

Chet was captain of the Math Team and he was glad to have the time to think about the last practice problem presented by the coach.  He had seen the obvious but questionable solution immediately but that just did not feel right or complete and he really wanted to think about it on his own.  He figured he’ll quickly change in his room and then let his mind concentrate as he ran on the treadmill for a quarter hour in the exercise room.  He was just about to open his dorm room door when it opened.  “Strange” he thought “I did not say ‘Open Sesame’.”

The answer to the conundrum was staring him in the face.  Theodore K. Wormwood was there complete with a look of horror on his face.  Obviously, he was trespassing and worse.  Why was this sophomore, who was a second stringer on the junior football team, in his room?  Chet did not ask any questions but shoved the intruder back until he fell on the bed.  Although Chet was certainly a nerd he was also ​6′3″​ (​190 cm​) tall and strong.  By now the ​half foot​ (​fifteen cm​) shorter Teddy’s look of horror had metamorphosed into one of abject fear.


The would-be jock was shaking with fear.  “What was the big angry senior going to do?” he worried with good cause.© YLeeCoyote

Chet saw at least part of the answer.  The thief was holding his jock strap – the stinky one from today’s gym class that had been in the laundry basket.  That was hardly worth taking for itself.  The soph surely had several of his own and as it was obviously used of little commercial value so there must be another reason.  The world runs on money and, of course, sex.  It must have erotic value to Teddy.  But did he take anything else?  How did he get in?

The answers to both questions could easily be found by an exhaustive systematic examination of all possibilities, otherwise known as a search.  He pulled the scared boy to his feet and ordered him to empty his pockets.  Nothing there but the usual stuff except one extra incriminating dorm room key which he pocketed after checking that it fit his door lock.  “Strip!” he ordered to be sure.  The very nervous Wormwood sat on the bed as he obeyed.  Nothing out of place this time.

“Why did you want my jock strap – my stinky, sweaty used jock strap, boy?” Chet asked.  All he got was incoherent babbling as he waved the stinky thing in front of Teddy’s face.

“That’s really not so important that it will not wait until you are punished, boy.”  Chet sat and pulled Wormwood over his lap.  He clamped him into place by putting a leg over the naughty boy’s legs and pushing a hand up to his neck.  Wormwood was immobilized.  “You have been an extremely naughty boy.” snarled Chet and started to spank the thief.  He spanked very hard making sure that Wormwood’s butt turned a uniform deep red and igniting flames of agony that would burn long after the long spanking.  Soon Wormwood was sobbing.

Chet pushed him off his lap so that he was kneeling between his legs.  Both youths had erections.  Chet’s pants were tented as part of the usual reaction when an alpha male is being dominant.  Wormwood was aroused because he had gotten close (albeit painfully) to the guy he had a crush on who was emitting pheromones at a furious rate.  Wormwood could not help staring at the bulge intensely.  Chet, the math wiz, was extremely proficient at putting two and two together.

“Open my pants, boy.” ordered Chet.  Wormwood’s heart speed up for his personal deity was more than just noticing him.  He eagerly reached up, opened the belt and then the button and lowered the zipper.

Chet’s hard shaft immediately poked through his undies.  Wormwood did not dare to move transfixed by the sight and could only murmur “Please, please.”  Chet was almost as anxious and he pulled the boy’s head forward with both hands onto his rampant cock.  Immediately Wormwood began to suck to Chet’s great pleasure.  The hot mouth, the rush of conquest and potency of youth all combined so that it was but a short time until Chet had a great release that practically drowned the red-butt boy.

Chet wanted … needed more.  He again pulled the trespasser to his feet and pushed him over his desk.  He grabbed the gel he used when he jerked off from the drawer and covered his still rampant rod.  He also smeared some on and even in the target hole that couldn’t (and didn’t want to) resist his forceful fingers.  Now he was ready to execute his right of conquest and he easily drove his rigid shaft into the target hole.  It was hotter and tighter than the mouth it had been in just a few minutes before.  Again the horny stud exploded in a short time.

Wormwood then spent a long time tonguing and sucking the dominant nerd before he was allowed to dress and leave sans the illicit key.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 9, 2021

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