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The following story is totally fiction.  From the title you can see that there is something different about this telling of the familiar story.  It contains spanking, romance and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Three Bears Visit Goldilocks


The blond youth knew he was in deep doo-doo.  He had decided to go hiking by himself when his friend was sick.  Unfortunately misfortune smashed into him with a vengeance.  The disaster was missing his footing on the ridge and plummeting down into the ravine.  Fortunately he did not break any bones but it was a long way down and on the wrong side of the ridge from the highway.  There was only one thing to do – bushwhack parallel to the ridge trail until he could climb up and head back to the highway.  This probably would have worked had it been morning but now it was less than two hours to sunset and the dark of the new moon night.  Determinedly he set out.  The going was slow in the thick bush.  He found that he was tired and although he hadn't broken any bones, the painful bruises slowed him down.

Then before he could find a way up the ridge turned the wrong way so he was forced further away from the highway.  When it got dark he dug out his flashlight and continued for five minutes.  The flashlight battery was dead.  He could not continue.  He put on his windbreaker and collected some wood for a fire.  He cleared a small section of leaves and ringed it with rocks.  Then he discovered that he did not have any matches nor two boy scouts to rub together.  Even just one boy scout would have done he joked to himself.  He huddled by a rock and tried to rest, maybe sleep.  There was too much noise.  He was a city boy and the sounds of the forest were strange and scary.  He had horrid thoughts of hungry wolves and bears.  He was sure he saw thousand of eyes gleaming in the dark and looking at him. © by Y Lee Coyote

The dawn came and he set forth.  He was hungry and out of food.  He slipped a few times and the going was slow.  Then he saw some smoke in the distance.  He headed for it – it had to be another person or a house.  He never found the source of the smoke for he encountered a house first.  He gave silent thanks to his gods as he boldly went up to the front door and pulled the bell cord.  He never noticed the name – Die Drei Bären – on the mail box.  There was not any response so he tried the door.  It was unlocked and he entered. © by Y Lee Coyote

It appeared to be a simple house with simple furnishings.  There was a table with chairs, a simple kitchen, and a loft which would prove to be the bedroom.  He looked for a phone but there wasn't one.  As he passed the sink he pumped a couple of large glasses of water.  On the table were three bowls of porridge with spoons.  The largest one was steaming hot and the next one so cold that he could not even push the spoon into it.  The smallest one was, yes, you guessed it, just right.  He ravenously devoured it without pause and then the chair collapsed right under him.

Now with his rump on the floor, it hit him.  This was just like that stupid fairy tail.  It did not make it any better when he realized that he was the golden hair star.  Ridiculous!  He laughed out loud and that did make him feel better.  But nevertheless he was not in a good position.  No food, not really sure where he was, no communication and tired.  As stupid as that fairy tale was, Goldie did the right thing in staying.  Since the table was set, they should be coming back to eat.© YLeeCoyote

He asked himself «What could it hurt to nap until they returned?» and then climbed up to the loft.  The three beds certainly were not a shock; too hard, too soft and, of course, just right.  He stripped off his dirty clothes – even his briefs – and slipped under the covers.  In seconds he was asleep.

The house had already sent a report. «Research Station 823 entered by a juvenile male.  Crimes committed.»  The owner was on the way but he did not need to rush.

The boy awoke after a few hours.  He was hungry.  He still seemed to be alone so he picked up his clothes and went back downstairs to clean up and with hopes to eat.  He discovered a bathroom.  Primitive but better than the stream a hundred meters away.  He washed the best that he could in the cold, cold, cold water from a bucket with the coarse soap.  There was a towel of sorts – small and threadbare – which he used.  Dressed he went to search for food.  All he could find were some stale crackers which he ate.  He was puzzled that the broken chair and porridge bowls were gone.

It was most that things had changed yet the residents had not spoken with him.  Surely they would have investigated the broken chair and his pack by the door.  Perhaps it would be best that he should try to find his way out of the forest.  He discovered that the door would not open nor would any of the windows.  He was trapped.  It was like being in a prison.  He tried to break a window to escape but they were not thin fragile glass but heavy strong plastic.  He explored the prison house very carefully until it got dark and then went to bed hungry like the children in many a fairy tale do.  While he slept, Station 823 sent another report.

Happy to wake up in a warm comfortable bed he dressed and checked to see if he could get out of the house.  He was still a captive.  He used the bathroom and discovered some food on the counter when he pumped for water.  He longed to be free and spent hours staring out of the window.  He was neither dumb nor stupid and tried to figure out what was going on.  He came to one conclusion: there was something strange going on.  Actually, that was a very astute observation.  What he had realized was that since food had appeared, someone or something was watching.  The question, of course, was who and why?  He examined the house again looking at everything, in everything and trying to escape.  The very simplicity of it all convinced him that it was something very different.  When it got dark, he went to bed hoping that the morning would bring freedom or at least more food.

In the morning he tried the door and it was still locked.  There was food on the counter.  "Thank you, house." he said partly in jest.

"De nada, muchacho de oro del pelo."

He was surprised.  "What?"

"De nada, muchacho de oro del pelo." repeated the house.

"I don't understand." he said, "No comprendo."

The house tried again.  "You're welcome, Goldilocks."

He ate.  "I really should be going home.  I'm very late already."

"You can not go until you have been seen and punished by the Master, boy."

"My father will do that as soon as he realizes that I'm OK.  He'll ground me forever and spank me every week so I don't get bored on the weekends."


"For making mother worry, being so stupid as to go hiking by myself and everything."

"And what about the crimes you committed here, boy?"


"Breaking and entering, stealing and breaking things."

"I did not break in – the door was open, er, unlocked.  I was staving and lost.  I was looking for help."  He paused.  "I'm still in need…" he paused suddenly realizing he did not know to whom he was speaking, so he asked a question. "Who are you?"

"We are House." came the crisp answer.

Goldilocks was puzzled.  What the hell did that mean?  "Are you human?"


"Are you alive or a machine?"  Goldilocks no longer cared about his father; he was a sci-if fan and the possibilities were far more exciting than anything else.  He repeated the question – rephrased: "Are you carbon-based or silicon-based?"

Now House was intrigued.  Never before had a human asked such a question.  "Can not a silicon-based form be alive?"

"Then you are not of Earth." he said.  He was elated and anxious for that to be true.  "Are you an envoy?"

"No.  Just your caretaker, your mother if you please, until Master comes.  He is on the way.  He will observe and punish you."

"Will I get to see your world?"  He could not imagine anything more exciting even if he never returned.  The answer disappointed him.  He did not want to ask the next question for the answer would surely be very depressing.  He stared out the window for a very long time.  When he turned back he saw a machine in the middle of the room.  He examined it closely especially the control panel.  There were settings for all sorts of things that physically described one (age, height, and the like) and then a section headed: "Offences".  He circled the machine; carefully inspecting every feature to deduce its use.

Goldilocks studied the machine very carefully and decided that it had just one use.  "House, is this machine for use on me?"

"Should the Master so decide."

"May I touch it?"  Getting an affirmative, he went to the control panel and started to enter data about himself.  When he had finished that section a popup asked about filing it and preparing for use.  He answered affirmatively and watched the machine adjust itself.  Now he was positive about its use.  There seem little reason to wait for the Master to arrive.  In fact, the worse part of punishment was the anticipation of its certainly.  He returned to the control panel and filled out the final section.  He listed his transgressions starting with hiking solo, not having proper backup, trespassing, misappropriating food and breaking a chair.  Everything else was after he was a prisoner.  He thought long and hard about the graveness of each before entering a value.  If he was going to be adult and admit his errors he wanted to do it honestly.  Then he indicated that the data was complete.

When the machine spoke he was startled; House had a sweet friendly voice like mother;  Machine was strong and authoritative like father.  "Strip and get into position, Goldilocks."  He stripped and got into position.  When his feet were in position restraints snapped around them to assure that he could not move.  He gripped the handholds and a similar thing happened.  The machine pulled him forward over the padded bar and he was held in position.  A feeler passed over his exposed rump.  Then, for the first time, the strap struck him right across the center of his butt.  It hurt.  It hurt a lot.  He managed not to yell.  This will be over soon he thought to himself.  Again and again the strap connected with his behind.  Its fury increased and Goldilocks lost his resolve and yelled.  The strap continued with its controlled assault.  After a seeming eternity it stopped and he was released.

He stood there rubbing his very sore butt but very glad the ordeal was over.  The house spoke: "Go to bed and sleep.  You will feel better in the morning."  Feeling like a just punished little boy, he obeyed.  He got into bed and soon he was sleeping.

Station 823 sent another report.  A most interesting catch thought the Master when he read it.  This was no ordinary human.  He ordered House to make some changes.

Goldilocks discovered the changes in the morning.  The spanking machine was gone.  He took this as a good omen although he realized that it certainly could reappear.  It was a great pleasure to take a hot shower and dry off with a clean fluffy towel in the renovated bathroom.  Then a real breakfast at the table.  He felt real good and even went back and brushed his teeth.  His clothes had been washed.

"Thank you House.  Things are much nicer now.  Thank you."  The house acknowledged and he continued.  "Will the Master be here soon?  May I go outside?  I promise not to run away."  He really meant that for he was most anxious to met Master – an ET.

"Master should be here within a sun cycle.  Yes, you may but do not try to pass the fence."

It was real nice to be outside after being cooped up for days.  The weather was strange also and unseasonably warm.  He stripped to his briefs and laid on the grass.  He studied the clouds and wondered what the Master might be like.  From where in the universe?

When he went back inside, House provided another meal.  He asked House to instruct him in the proper manners with the Master.  All House would do was to give him the proper honorific to be used and told him that he should just behave like he was meeting someone high in his own culture.  He had trouble sleeping thinking about what the next day would bring.

The day started like the previous one except that he was excited and expected the improved creature comforts that had been provided yesterday.  House would not provide any more information and he decided to wait outside for Master.  No matter what happened it would be a thrill to meet an ET.  The sun was well passed the zenith before anyone appeared.  Then he saw someone coming.  He appeared to be an extremely sexy and handsome man of about twenty-five in a checkered shirt, tight jeans and boots.  Not what he expected.  He was only sure when the man opened the gate, walked half way up the path and turned toward him.

Goldilocks ran to greet Master.  He was ashamed later that he had stopped and stared but Master presented a very imposing image both of authority and sensuousness.  "I'm most honored to met you, !Gaa.  It is so special that you are from another world.  I beg your forgiveness for my trespasses."

Master laughed and extended his hand which Goldilocks shook with great pleasure.  "You are forgiven lad.  Come and break bread with me."  Then, rather than going into the house, he proceeded further into the garden where there was a table set with a simple repast.  "You are radiating great excitement yet are not fearful of what you do not understand."

"Master, there is much I do not understand in my own world but others have figured out how to make wondrous things.  Your science and engineering are far more advanced but no more magic than that which I know so I accept it also.  Here it is like being in a fantasy story.  It would be awesome to visit your world and to see the natural you.  House has said that will not happen and I fear that you will not permit me to return to my world."  They talked for a while.

After a while, Goldilocks thought a question. «You're a telepath.»

Master smiled and projected back «Yes, I am.»

«Am I?»


"Then you can read my mind and insert ideas, Master."

"Yes; it is the way of my species but I have not changed your mind.  Does it bother you?"

"Then you know what I have been thinking." Goldilocks blushed.  "I'm use to privacy while deciding what to say and not to say.  How does your species do that."

"We can control entry."

Some strong thoughts surged through his mind and then he said.  "I'm sorry.  It is a hard thing to accept that you share all my thoughts.  Can you withdraw and we just talk, Master?"

"I have withdrawn and will remain out until you invite me in."

"Thank you, !Gaa.  You are civilized.  Please tell me why you're are here and about your world."

Master explained that he was here to study sentient life on this Earth and told him about his own world.  "Would you like me to project an image into your mind?" was his concluding line.  Goldilocks quickly accepted the offer and spent much time staring at the sequences of images presented.  "Your world is very different yet still beautiful.  Your species looks like Earth bears.  I use to cuddle with a teddy bear when I was little.  It was very comforting."  Then a thought passed through his mind before Master could withdraw again.

Master picked up Goldilocks and sat him on his lap and hugged him.  The youth went wild with all sorts of emotions.  Being held by an ET, his teddy bear and a hunky stud all at once was over whelming.  Master did not have to enter Goldie's head for the lad was screaming inside loud enough to be heard as he nuzzled and held tightly.  After a time they went inside and went to bed.

The bed had changed.  Now there was but one large just right one.  Goldie admired Master's beautiful fur that covered him allover like an Earthly bear.  As Goldie caressed him, Master caressed back.  Soon Goldie was learning the pleasures of love.  Then he said: "!Gaa come into my mind so we can be even closer."

And Master did just that and saw all the wishes that Goldie had.  !Gaa was most gentle in teaching Goldie the wonders of romance and sex.  When he fell asleep, happy and exhausted, !Gaa examined his mind and it contents thoroughly.  Goldie was quite exceptional and !Gaa was most fortunate to have had this opportunity.  When Goldie awoke they enjoyed each other for a long time.

Eventually, !Gaa had to tell Goldie that he had to return home and fulfill his own destiny.  "But how will I explain my survival for so long?"

"I will return you to the place-time that you fell but it will happen differently.  As you already realized you will not have any memory of this."

"But I want to stay with you, my wonderful bear." whined Goldie.  When he was told that could not be, he asked if they could meet again.

"Be at the spot where you fell in ten years.  Now it is time for you to return."  !Gaa kissed Goldie tenderly and held him as he quarantined the memories that were not permitted.  Then he transported him back in space-time to the ridge.

Goldie resumed his fall but this time caught a branch only a few feet down. «That was close.» he thought as climbed back to the trail and continued home.

!Gaa had not totally blocked all memories.  Goldie frequently dreamt of bears and even kept his old teddy bear in his room despite the teasing of his friends.  Then as the ten year time approached he had this strange urge to go hiking were he had almost fallen into the ravine as a youth.

Goldie was standing on the ridge studying the view when wonderful images of a faraway place filled his head.  Then he saw an extremely sexy and handsome man of about twenty-five in a checkered shirt, tight jeans and boots coming up the trail.  His heart raced as long buried memories were awakened.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 12, 2004

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