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The following story is totally fiction.  This is a retelling of the familiar fairy tale from a different point of view and sets a proper example for young impressionable minds unlike the original.  It also contains a scene with a parental-like spanking.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

The Three Bears and Goldilocks


Once upon a time, there were three Bears – Father, Mother and Junior – who lived in a small, but comfortable house at the edge of the forest not very far from town where the highly respected Mr. Bear had a important job with a good salary and benefits.  He was willing to commute so that Junior could play in a natural environment rather than on sidewalks of hard cement.  Mrs. Bear also like having a large garden.  Junior, a well behaved lad, did not have a say in the matter.

One pleasant weekend spring morning, they were all up early.  Mother prepared breakfast and made the beds.  Father reading the paper noted, again, that she was an obsessive-compulsive, that is to say an extremely neat and fussy, housekeeper insisting that everything be prim and proper.  Junior watched the Saturday morning cartoons.  Then suddenly and without warning, as parents everywhere do, Father switched off the TV and announced that they were all going for a walk before breakfast.  Mother quickly covered the three bowl of porridge she had already set out and off they went for the healthy before breakfast constitutional as they frequently did.

It was only an hour later that they returned to their abode.  Father was upset.  "Junior, did you close the door?"

"Yes, Father, just as always."

"So why is it open now?"© YLeeCoyote

Junior knew better than to answer and he was already worrying about his bottom from the sure to happen spanking.  As soon as they entered the house, it was evident that something was wrong.  Very wrong!  The three carefully ironed, spotlessly white napkins that had covered the three bowls of porridge were now scattered on the floor.  Mother rushed over to the table and saw that all three bowls now had spoons in them and Junior's was empty of porridge.  Then Junior yelled in dismay: "MY CHAIR HAS BEEN SMASHED!".

Obviously there had been others in the house; criminal others!  Father picked up a chair leg to use as a club.  For the first time in his life, he wished that he had a true weapon, but this would have to do.  Not seeing anybody about, he proceeded up to the sleeping loft.  Mother and Junior followed closely although Father had told them not to.  Father noted that his bed was messed and so was Mother's.  The interlopers had been up there also.  They had even left dirt marks on the spreads.  The big problem was in Junior's bed.  An interloper was still there.

Seeing that the lump in the bed was small, father pulled back the covers.  There was a golden hair girl with smeared make up, in a dirty blue dress, torn stockings and muddy shoes.  Mother pulled Junior away and covered his eyes because the dress had ridden up and reveled that the brazen lass was not wearing even a thong much less proper panties for young lady.  All this awakened Goldilocks and she sat up.

"BLACK Bears!" she shrieked.  Immediately she jumped up and ran down the stairs heading for the door.  Father started after her and she would have gotten away except that she tripped on the scatter rug by the front door.  He dragged her, kicking and squealing, back into the house.  Even Father was shocked by the foul obscenities and curses that flowed from her potty mouth.

Junior knew all too well that if he had said even just one of the terrible words she kept repeating that his mouth would be thoroughly washed out with a washcloth soaked with nauseating soap and then he would be spanked very hard on his bare bear bottom.  Not a pleasant experience – when it happens to him – but to another…that is a different matter.  "Are you going to wash her filthy mouth out with soap?  And spank her bare bottom, Father?" he asked knowing that her behavior was totally out of line.  He was very upset about HIS porridge, HIS chair and HIS bed being despoiled.

"An excellent idea, Junior."

Father, pleased that Junior understood the rules so well, propelled Goldilocks over to the sink while Mother soaped the dishrag.  It was easy to shove it into girl's dirty mouth for with Father holding her tightly and Mother holding her nose, she had to keep her mouth open so she could breathe.  Mother worked the dishrag about the foul mouth dislodging the filthy words.  It shut her up.  Mother then used that very same washcloth to scrub the excessive and trashy makeup from her face.

Father then sat down in his big, strong chair and pulled her over his lap.  To prevent her kicking him he clamped her legs down with one of his and held her torso down.  Her bottom was right on top and as her dress fell upwards she was ready for a bare butt spanking.  Junior was very anxious to see this spanking.  He was never anxious for his own spankings to happen and he really did not like his friends getting them either but this was different; very different.

He watched most happily as Father's big hand was raised and lowered on the very naughty girl's rump turning it from snow white, to pink, to apple red, and then black cherry red.  More colors than in Mother's flower garden.  There were some color changes at the other end as the girl blushed and cried and yelled as she was thoroughly spanked. © by Y Lee Coyote

Mother pined up Goldilocks' dress and Father hobbled her with the soft flannel belt from his bathrobe, so that she could not run away again.  She was then parked in the corner with her hands on her head.  Junior accepted responsibility to watch her to be sure did not try to get away.  For some strange reason, Mother did not object to his seeing her naked dark red glowing bottom as she had when the very naughty girl had been in Junior's bed.

They called the police who arrested her for breaking and entering, trespass, criminal mischief and theft.  They soon turned her over to the proper juvenile authorities as she was obviously in need of care.

The End (sort of)

Epilog (not for the kids)

At the hearing, it came out that Goldilocks had a long record as juvenile offender.  Also, the night before the described crimes she had gone out partying where she had been drinking and had used drugs.  She was wandering about the Bears' neighborhood because she had gone to an nearby derelict house with several boys (also well known to the police) who after having their way with her had just abandoned her.  The judge, with the advice and council of the court psychiatrist, remanded her to the State's care in a juvenile facility (formally the Girls' Reformatory) until she was eighteen.

Even though all the Bears were deeply affected by these events, Junior's parents soon observed how particularly adversely affected the lad was.  This was something that the Court psychiatrist had advised them to be on the lookout for.  He was deeply hurt by what he justifiably perceived as the selective attacks on him for it was his porridge that she ate, his chair that she broke and his bed that she soiled with her unclean body and muddy shoes.  All this was compounded by the racist comment.  Fortunately, he recovered after several years of therapy. © by Y Lee Coyote

The Court took little notice of Mr. Bear's spanking of the juvenile delinquent for three reasons.  First, it was the normal practice in the Bears' household that naughty children (both visiting as well as Junior) were spanked.  Second, the court psychiatrist explained that it had reduced the lad's trauma for him to see the wrong doer immediately punished.  Third, everyone concerned knew that she well deserved it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 20, 2004

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