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The following story is fiction about three boys on Halloween.  The story contains scenes of parental spankings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Three Boys, Two Spankings and a Cast


The scariest and most dangerous night of the year was nigh so plans were made and precautions taken in preparation.  Each of two fathers was worried that his son(s) would get into mischief.  Warnings (perhaps even threats one might say) were issued and three sets of promises were made.  Anyone who really knows boys would not have put any reliance on such promises made under duress.

Mr. Holford, the father of Rex and Spike knew that he could not keep his sons confined to the house.  They would insist that they go trick 'n' treating as they had every year since they were preschoolers.  Now, however, at twelve and thirteen they would certainly refuse to be escorted like babies.  Mr. Holford had won the fight last year but knew it would be different this year.  His two precious ones would go roaming on their own or, hopefully, with some friends.  The idea that there is safety in numbers was of little comfort as tween and teen boys en mass do not show good judgement in the face of temptation.

Mr. Geotzman, the father of Ken, had somewhat different worries.  He knew this as a night of terror.  His visions of the past were not those of happy times but more like Kristallnacht.  Their house would remain dark and unwelcoming in the hope that the trouble makers would stay away.

As soon as they had gotten just a block away from their house, Rex and Spike, ditched their juvenile costumes and joined up with their friends.  They were well armed with eggs (rotten), toilet paper (new) and chalk filled socks on ropes.  They had moved about their neighborhood scaring little kids and bothering adults with their tricks.  It was close to midnight when the dare was issued by the oldest in the troop.  No boy can resist such a challenge and still be respected.  The brothers were committed to prove their manhood by going into the old, abandoned house on the edge of town before midnight and staying until after.

The pair climbed to step up the front porch and pulled open the front door.  Mr. Geotzman quickly got his family hidden in the attic.  All, but Ken who was in his room upstairs.  "Perhaps they will just leave." he prayed.© YLeeCoyote

The pair made their way up the stairs and started to look about.  Just as the town clock was striking midnight they opened the door of Ken's room.  He was startled and reacted.  In the moonlight Rex and Spike saw a shadow pass into the closet through the door; the closed door.

They yelled in horror.

They turned in fear.

They flew down the stairs as fast as they could run.

Rex got through the front door OK.

Spike tripped and crashed down the stairs.  He yelled in agony for his foot got caught in the balustrade.  The force of his fall caused his leg to be injured.  Rex rescued his brother and dragged him out onto the porch.  He called his friends but they had run off, more scared than he was hearing the noise.  He had no choice but to call 911 and home.  Fortunately, his cell phone had a signal.

Soon the porch was brightly lite from the headlights and loads of flashing red lights of the police cruiser and the ambulance and the headlights of theirs father's car.  The EMT's quickly splinted Spike's leg and Mr. Holford followed the ambulance to the hospital.  Two hours later Spike was released.  He refused to let his father carry him to the car but insisted that he would use the crutches.

When the brothers were in bed, their parents bid them good night.  As they left, Spike called back his father.  "Dad, can we get this over with now rather than waiting for tomorrow?"  They both knew why for they had a father/son discussion while Spike was being treated in the ER.  Mr. Holford sat down and Spike got out of bed and walked over to him.  He lowered his pj's and got over his father's lap.  There was not any need for discussion.  Mr. Holford raised his hand many times and brought it down hard on Spike's bare bottom.  As his tail turned red, and painful he could not suppress his crying.  He slept prone that night.

Mr. Geotzman also had a long discussion with his son.  "You were suppose to stay hidden.  You knew the evil ones would be afoot this night.  You have increased our danger."

"Yes, Father.  I'm sorry but the boy startled me."

His father patted his lap and Ken got over it.  As with all spankings soon this errant lad was crying and regretting his carelessness.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 27, 2010

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