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The following story is fiction about a youth who gets revenge on his uncle for a great wrong.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Because of the way the TimeReDo™ system works, it is normal that some inconsistencies can and do occur in the story and you should accept them.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Time To Redress a Wrong


"I have a favor to ask, Ken." said my brother, Marc, on the phone.  He went on to explain that Skyler, my nephew and his son, had revealed what the problem was that started two years ago.  It was when I was watching (mustn't say sitting) him for the week when his parents were away and I had humiliated him before his friends by taking down his pants and spanking his bare ass in front of them.  Sky had conceded that I was justified in punishing him, perhaps even spanking him, but to do that to a teenager in front of his friends was simply beyond the pale.

My brother wanted me to take a "trip" in TimeReDo™ with Skyler.  This was a new device that combined pseudo time travel with a virtual Star Trek holodeck.  One or two people could be virtually transported to a virtual world set in any time or place.  To enhance the experience, they could also have their ages adjusted.  It was safe and when you returned from the virtual world, you had new memories.  While in the virtual world one could re-live unpleasant experiences with better outcomes or create entirely new ones.  In my case the objective was to return with a loving and respecting uncle/nephew relationship with Sky.  Not all users were there to repair bad experiences but to create new ones.  One of the more popular excursions, especially for golden wedding anniversaries, was to re-do one's honeymoon with the deep love of age and the strength and stamina of youth.

I had not realized that I had hurt my nephew so deeply and I quickly consented to try to restore a good relationship.  I called Skyler and told him that I was sorry and was most willing to make it up by going on a TimeReDo™ trip with him.  Even as we spoke, I could sense his hatred for me.  He agreed and the reservation was made.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised that Dad got Uncle Kendrick to agree to have a session with me in TimeReDo™ but I was delighted.  I immediately had all sorts of wonderful fantasies about really getting even with Kenny (he hates me calling him that) for humiliating me in front of my friends.  Unfortunately, all I had were these those fantasies and some terrible memories.© YLeeCoyote

It all happened three months after I turned thirteen which was exactly two years ago.  The folks were away and Kenny was watching me (at least my 'rents knew better than to say sitting me).  I thought it would be cool for, after all, uncles are known for being permissive.  Unfortunately, my uncle was not normal.  He proved it that faithful afternoon.  He had gone off shopping and some of my buds and I took a couple of beers and were behind the garage drinking them when he returned.  I don't know why he came looking behind the garage but he did and then he went ape shit ballistic.  He was yelling at us like we had kidnaped a little girl, broke her limbs and were fucking her bleeding little pussy.  Fuck, the language he used would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap by Mom and a hard spanking from Dad if they had heard me say even half of it.

Well, Uncle Kendrick grabbed me, yanked down my shorts and undies and pulled me over his lap.  I hadn't thought he was strong enough to do that but he was worked up and the adrenalin was raging in his veins.  Then he spanked me long and hard until my butt was red-hot and shamefully I was crying like a little kid, right in front of my friends.  Next he dragged me back to the house half-naked (I had kicked off my shorts) and told my buds to go home.  I spent hours in the corner.  Latter I found that my buddies had used their phones to get a mess of pictures of me being treated as a baby.  Unfortunately, some of the pictures escaped and I became the laughing stock of my class for a year.

I was determined to get revenge.

* * * * * * * * * *

I made an intense study of the operation of TimeReDo™ system on the web.  I had lovely thoughts about being an Inquisitor and properly punishing Kenny.  Unfortunately, that would not work for the final check at trip time would show that up.  Even if it did not, then a complaint would lead to an investigation and that would also be big trouble for me.  It had to be a slight shift that could slip under the radar should there be any investigations for I certainly did not want to be subjected to a MindFix® treatment from the State.

I got the idea while looking in the family photo folder from a family picture.  In it Kenny was just thirteen and significantly smaller than Dad.  I checked the bio data from back then and Uncle was four inches shorter than I am now and three inches shorter when I was thirteen.  Supposing that we were both thirteen then I could just beat him up.  That's normal boys' stuff and would not attract attention.

In order to speed things up, the control consoles would accept the program definition from a flash drive.  One of the selling points was that this protected the clients' privacy since it was totally controlled and the consoles were not on the web.  All I needed to do was to have two programs on the drive and then switch at the last minute.  Since detailed images of the console were public I knew exactly what I had to do: bump the program selector from "1" to "2" with just one tap of a button.  That would just take a second when the tech was distracted.

* * * * * * * * * *

The three of us got to the TimeReDo™ facility and checked in.  Sky and I are scheduled to have several hours in the machine and then my brother will take us home.  The tech checked that we have had our training and the paper work is right.  Sky has prepared a program for us and the tech checked that it is what we both agreed to and that we both know the escape code as well as the program start code.  The tech asked Marc to go to the waiting room.  Skyler is a bit of a smart ass and told the tech "Age before beauty." so he got me onto position on the couch although I saw Sky go to his place immediately.  The tech put the helmet on me, closed the door and took care of Skyler.  When the ready light came on I pushed the start button.  Skyler must have pushed his button because the trip started just seconds later.

I'm a bit surprised that I virtually materialize in the virtual house along with Skyler rather than in the car returning from the shopping trip and with Sky behind the garage.  Then I see the two of us in the mirror.  I'm shocked.  I'm a bit shorter than Sky and I'm wearing shorts rather than my usual dress slacks.

"How do you like being thirteen again, Kenny?"  Sky has a huge grin on.

"I've told you not to call me that, Skyler.  I don't like it.  I'm supposed to be twenty-eight for this.  This isn't what was planned, Skyler.  I think we better stop and have them re-start our trip."  I said the escape code: "THREE-STOP-NINE!"  Since nothing happened, I yelled it several times more but it did not have any effect.

"That is not the escape code Kenny.  We're going to have lots of fun together.  All sorts of fun that you missed growing up."  Immediately, I was worried.  Skyler had perverted the planned program.  That must have taken some doing and I must give him credit for that but them I was worried as I was in a strange time-place.  He stepped close to me and wrapped his arm about my shoulders and turned us so that we faced the mirror again.  "See, we're just a couple of thirteen-year-old boys.  And we going to have lots of fun, Kenny."

He ignored my protests to stop this and instead told me to go the kitchen and have some milk and cookies.  "I'll be right with you after I pee."  He starts for the john and then says: "Oh, I almost forgot to say the magic word to start this thing.  THREE-STOP-NINE."  The place seems to shimmer meaning that the program is running.  He had tricked me into saying the start code.  I headed for the kitchen not knowing anything that I could do to stop this.  I was not sure why I did, however.

I got a can of soda and sat at the table drinking when Sky came in.  He filled a glass with milk, grabbed some cookies and joined me at the table.  "You're supposed to have milk.  Mom will be mad."

"What the hell.  It's just soda." I retorted.  "It's no big deal."

Skyler took out his phone and snapped a few pix.  "So if it's no big deal then you won't mind dad seeing these."  He showed me the images.  I was horrified for they showed that I was drinking beer rather than soda.  I looked at the can on the table and it was beer."  I was certain that I had taken a soda not a beer.  Something was really strange.

"Dad will surely take the strap to your worthless butt, Kenny.  Not only are you drinking beer but you violated his trust by taking Dad's beer."

I panic.  "Please, don't tell.  I don't want to get strapped.  Please Skyler."

"That wouldn't be right.  You're drinking beer.  Naughty boys like you need to be spanked."  He was grinning broadly.  "Dad's strap really hurts."  He waited at least a minute before he added: "I'll enjoy seeing your cute butt get roasted."  I begged him and he relented – a little.  "OK, I won't tell … IF … you ask me to spank you to teach you the lesson you obviously need."

I was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.  I could humble myself before my nephew or wait until his dad returned and roasted my ass with his belt with him watching.  I chose the former and after several go-arounds I said: "I'm just a naughty little boy who needs a good hard spanking to teach me not to drink beer.  Please spank me, Skyler."

Sky pulled his chair clear of the table and called me over.  He removed my sneakers and then my shorts and briefs before he yanked me over his lap and gripped my waist good and tight.  I felt just like a naughty little boy about to be spanked.  The first SPANK landed and I yelped.  That was just a start and after five minutes worth of a continuous barrage of hard spanks I had been reduced to a babbling little boy.  Sky stopped spanking, got me up and led me to the corner to stand with my hands on my head.

When Sky summoned me from the corner it was to go to bed.  Both his father and mother were there but they did not seem to notice that I was half naked.  We were sent to bed with the admonition not to delay.  "And be sure that your uncle showers and brushes and pee-pees."  How could they be treating me as younger when we were the same age?  Sky quickly undressed and made me do likewise once we were in his room.  He insisted that the best way to be sure I showered properly was to shower together.  I was reminded when he undressed that he had a bush and big cock while I was still a little boy with a just little pee-pee hoping that puberty would come soon just as I had in real life.

In the shower we handled each other a lot and I was fascinated by his manliness (just as I had been in the school showers with my more developed classmates).  When I washed his big thing, it grew even larger and very hard.  I simply had to play with it.  Sky got me to kneel so I could see it up close and when he told me to kiss it, I did.  Before long I was sucking it and when he came I had to swallow his man-cream.  He really did not force me to but his masculinity got me to do it.  He corrected me when we brushed our teeth and then his yellow sword easily overpowered mine when we peed.

We had to share his bed.  He wrapped his arms about me and held me tight.  It made me feel so good to be in such a protected position.  It was thrilling when I felt his cock get hard and press into my back.  Sky moved me about so that it soon was poking at my bottom hole and then entered it.  I couldn't believe that this was happening but it was and I slipped into dreamland in this position.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was elated when I saw that TimeReDo™ had started my second and secret program when I sensed the virtual world.  It was not a surprise that Kenny was confused at first and then tried to escape.  It was good planning that I changed the escape code and made the old one the start code.  I could also tell that I had level two control of the simulation which was more than described in the brochure and normally used by shrinks.  Intense and careful surfing had taught me a lot about the operation of this device.

Once we got going, I did not waste anytime in maneuvering Kenny into a compromising position.  It was easy with my level two control power to change his soda can into a beer can.  After that everything went as I hoped.  Actually, Kenny yielded far more easily than I expected even with the implant feelings control I had.  It was a thrill to hear him beg for me to spank him and, of course, a bigger thrill when I actually did it.  I got hard seeing my hand prints in a pale blood red on his bare ass.  It certainly did not hurt my ego that he cried like a little boy.  Father had told me that he was a later bloomer and I saw that he was and that he acted like one in his simulation age of thirteen.

He was easily slipping into the role of a little boy.  I can't imagine that I would not have complained about being half naked like he was when my parents were about even if I was only ten.  I did not expect so much sex during the first shower but I was delighted that it happened.  Kenny was most welcoming when I gently eased my hard cock into his butt hole latter when we were in bed.  I made a mental note to ask Dad if Kenny sucked him off and gave him his butt like that in real life?  Also, did he get his cherry?

* * * * * * * * * *

The alarm went off and we got up and dressed.  At breakfast, Mom (as programmed) told us that we may go out to play, to be home for dinner and that I'm in charge.  She had packed lunches which went into our backpacks.  Kenny is perhaps a little confused but Mom (just as I programmed her) is very insistent explaining that I'm bigger and know the area better.  "Kendrick you just listen to Skyler unless you want a spanking from Dad." said Mom in her no nonsense mommy voice which definitely impressed Kenny in his little boy mode.

We met up with some of my friends and headed for the park.  They knew about Kenny from the setup program so that they were ready to help to, for a lack of a better word, bully him.  They are both kid brothers so they have experienced the stuff they are now going to get to do.  We all pushed Kenny about just for fun and didn't let him get any of us back.  Then we got to the special section of the park which is carefully kept as a community garden.  Kenny stepped over a low fence and almost immediately a parkie blew his whistle and yelled at him to get back on the path.  Blushing, he ran to comply.  We quickly got him out and into the back area of the park all the way telling him that he is a naughty little boy and should be on a leash.  He responded by hanging his head in shame.

"You're lucky the parkie did not spank you right there like he wished he could." said Benito, one of my friends.

"Yea.  You certainly deserve a good hard spanking." said Coby.

"We should do it for him." proposed Benito.  Kenny actually objected but the idea carried three votes to one.  The three of us quickly striped Kenny and we settled the order with a quick game of rock-scissors-paper.  Coby won and got first dibs.  He sat on a convenient stump and got Kenny over his lap.  He was thrilled to be able to spank someone for real and proceeded with great gusto.  Both Benito and I watched how Kenny's tail turned red and that he was yelling as the spanking proceeded.  To keep the noise down, I opened my jeans and took out my hard rod and stuffed it into Kenny's noisy hole.  In due course, I made Coby stop and we changed our positions.

Benito sat on the stump and then Coby put his hard cock in Kenny's top hole while Benito's was spanking him.  His butt was already red so Benito missed that pleasure but he spanked real hard.  When Kenny stopped his crying we had him suck us all off so our pants would not be tented since we were all aroused.  The little hesitation that Kenny had I quickly suppressed with a threat of more spankings.  Kenny was both very subdued for the rest of the day and most obedient as well.

* * * * * * * * * *

This virtual trip was supposed to be only a couple of hours to re-live one afternoon that I, admittedly, mishandled.  What it turned out was something much longer.  Now I can look back at those virtual events and understand how I was behaving.  Of course, when it was (virutally) happening, I felt it was real even with all the time jumping and limited characters.  Those inconsistencies did not bother me when it was happening and now they certainly don't matter.

I had to endure days of stuff like already described.  The last event is really imprinted in my memory.  I must endure this for the rest of my life.

My best friends, Tory and Dale, and I had managed to get hold of some cigarettes by each paying the full price of a pack for a half pack to one of Dale's big brother's friends.  We were very curious to what they were like and we knew we were men enough to try them.  Hey, what harm could a couple of cigarettes do?  Well, we got together behind the garage when everyone was out doing stuff.  We each had a pack of matches and a cigarette between our lips.  In unison we struck the matches and lit up.

Well, it was not cool like we had seen in old movies and the tough guys doing.  We coughed our heads off on the very first puff.  That was our down fall.  We had not heard the car pull into the driveway but the driver heard us and came to see what the noise was.  We were busted and the evidence was clear.  One of the people who caught us was my nephew who was fifteen and the other reminded me of my brother, his father but not quite.  It was my nephew also but this time he appeared thirty-five years old.  This could happen in the virtual world.

The older Skyler was, as you can imagine extremely incensed.  He grabbed the contraband and crushed the pack.  Then as he yelled at us, he grabbed me and stripped me like I was a toddler.  Off came my t-shirt and then my sneakers as he held me by my ankles.  He righted me and opened my belt and jeans which quickly he yanked off and tossed away, leaving me in my briefs.  That state did not last long for they too were ripped from my body leaving me naked except for my socks.  As he sat down on the bench, he said: "You think you're old enough to smoke.  Well, you certainly are not!  You don't even have any pubes yet.  You are still just a little boy!  A very naughty little boy who needs a good hard spanking."  Then he flipped me over his lap and began to spank me right in front of my buddies.

I howled.  I yelled.  I screamed like a banshee.  But his heavy hand kept smashing into my soft bottom turning it into a blazing inferno and super pain center.  Soon I was bawling like a baby.  For the nonce, I stopped worrying about my friends watching my humiliating disgrace.  Eventually, he stopped spanking me.  He stood me up and had me stand facing the wall with my hands on my head.

The younger Skyler was told to watch me to be sure that I stay in place.  Eventually I was allowed to return to my room.

The event was not over.  Tory and Dale swear they did take any pictures much less post them but within two days everyone at school had seen them on the school's site.  Everyone knew that I was still a hairless baby whose got spanked on the bare bottom OTK.  Life was miserable for a long time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Then I was alone with my nephew. "Have you learnt your lesson?" he asked.

"Yes.  Yes.  A thousand times over.  I'm ever so sorry that I spanked you in front of your friends like that.  It was very wrong."

"Good.  Let's go home." he said.  "COMPUTER: END PROGRAM."

The TimeReDo™ machine returned us to real life.

* * * * * * * * * *

I got another call from my brother a couple of days later.  "The TimeReDo™ trip was a great success.  Sky wants to visit you for a weekend.  It shows that he has forgiven you although he hasn't wanted to talk about that at all."

I had to agree to his visit although I was harboring some very negative feelings about him for humiliating me.  I know that it was an all virtual experience but the feelings are terribly real.  I guess Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado would smile and say that the punishment fits the crime.

I'm waiting for Sky right now.  Marc wanted to drive him over but he insisted that at almost sixteen he was old enough to take the bus as an independent young gentleman.  When he got here, he greeted me politely and we immediately headed out to dinner at a local restaurant.  During dinner, Sky managed to correct me on several points.  When the check came, he took care of it (as planned with the cash I gave him at the house).

When we returned home instead of talking about the TimeReDo™ experience, he started to lecture me about my poor behavior at dinner.  I am not able to tell him that he is out of line and remind him that I am the Uncle and he is the Nephew who must be respectful.  He lectures me like happened behind the garage only this time it is for real.  What is strange is that I'm totally submissive to my fifteen-year-old nephew just like I was a little boy of thirteen and he was an adult.  He tells me that I have been very naughty and have earned a spanking.  My head is hanging due to the shame I am feeling.

It does not take long before he had me naked and over his lap like an errant child.  He spanked me hard just as I remembered from TimeReDo™ experience.  Again, I bawled like a little baby.  When he had roasted my tail to his satisfaction, I was sent to the corner like a naughty little boy.

I was still trying to figure out what was happening and why Sky is so in control when he took me into the bathroom.  He uses my little hair clippers to remove my pubes and then coats the stubble with the depilatory he has brought.  He explains that little boys – like me – don't have man-fur and so it must be removed.  I'm unable to refute him and a half hour later he flushes the cream and my hair away down the drain.  Since I only have a small endowment, I looked like a little boy as we stood next to each other for he was bigger there as well as taller.

An hour later we were in my bed.  Just like in the virtual TimeReDo™ bed, he took me sexually.  When he came in me, he told me: "You are my boy now and forever, Kenny."

To my horror I sensed that he is correct.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 27, 2012

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