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The following story is fiction about youth getting to dominate a man.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Top Training


I'm just an average guy in his late thirties whose partner, Graham, has a fancy job and is the boss in our house.  Perhaps I better explain how much of a boss Graham is.  It's kind of simple – if I don't do what he decided that I should do then I get punished – with a spanking.  Yes, spankings just like years ago when all parents spanked their kids.  Although I do have a job (although nothing fancy like my partner has) my hours and pay are far lower and I'm responsible for the housework and garden.  I'm also the little kid in the house responsible for taking out the garbage every night and the middle size kid for thanking the cans to the curb for pickup.

My partner tells me that I behave like a brat and that I give him more than sufficient cause to tan my butt about once a week.  Actually that is better than it was a couple of years ago when it was more like once every five days.  Last month he had to go on a business trip.  It was decided that it was best that I was to remain at home because conditions were such that we won't have had much time together.

I hoped that Graham was totally joking when he said he was considering getting a babysitter or farming me out like a young teen because that was way I behaved but he wasn't.  I begged him not do that.  It would be so absolutely shameful that I would surely die of embarrassment.  He relented but we agreed that our next door neighbor, Toby, would keep an eye on me.  Toby was a very nice gentleman about our age with a handsome young son, Junior, in high school.

* * * * * * * * * *

Graham had been gone five days when my monitor walked in on me while I was watching TV.  I felt that it was rude but he insisted that it was OK because he had the key not that I could do anything about it now.  Toby announced that it was inspection time to make sure that I had been doing my chores and all.  Well, he quickly saw that I hadn't for there were food remains everywhere except out by the curb where the trash cans should have been.  I had not done the dishes nor laundry nor….  Well you get the idea.  In just five minutes the check list provided by Graham was full of bright red Xs indicating my failures.  The list also indicated the seriousness of each and severity of the corresponding spanking.© YLeeCoyote

The long story short was Toby quickly ordered me to the punishment room.  Yes, Graham had designated an old utility room for that task.  It was well equipped with all the things necessary to apply CP to an errant boy's bottom – especially and particularly mine.  It was when we were there that Toby stopped talking long enough that I could get a few words out.  "Where's your father?" I asked.  It was not Toby Senior who was there but his son, Toby Junior, who was just a boy of fourteen.

"Boy, I am your babysitter/monitor/watcher.  My father is not so his whereabouts is not any of your concern." snapped Junior, at me.  "This should be quite obvious.  Furthermore, I know all about your many spankings for I've been watching you get your sorry tail roasted for years."  It was only when I glanced out the window that I realized that just as I could see his second story window he could see into mine.

"Let's get started, boy.  STRIP!" he commanded just like Graham would have.  What could I do but obey?  I stripped and he insisted that meant absolutely everything.  When I was in my birthday suit, he scrutinized me over from head to toe.  "Yes, you are still a hairless boy." he said, noting that I didn't have any hair on my body which was because Graham insisted that it be removed.

He took the heavy leather strap from the wall and told me to get over the spanking horse.  Again I obeyed hooking my feet under the straps and gripping the bar tightly so that I would remain in the perfect position.  Graham was very strict about that.

He swung that thick strap and I yelped.  He swung as hard as Graham did although he was only fourteen.  Then he alternated between reminding me to do my duties and whacking my ass with the strap.  He allowed me to get up after a dozen wicked cuts.  As I rubbed (quite a waste of effort) he said "I hope that you will remember to do your chores now, boy."

"Yes, sir." I responded weakly, definitely feeling the effects of the strap.  I watched him as he returned the strap to its hook and as he went over to the spanking chair.  He picked up the spanking glove, examined it carefully and slipped it on his right hand.  It was made of heavy leather and the striking side was designed to inflict more pain while also protecting the spanker's hand.  I hoped that he was just trying it on as my butt was quite sore already but that was not the case.

Toby sat on the chair and patted his lap.  I knew that I must immediately get over his lap.  "You were very insolent earlier questioning my authority, boy." he said holding me in place with one hand and caressing my hot bottom with his gloved hand.

"Please Sir, I did not know.  I'm very sorry.  It will not happen again, Sir." I begged uselessly.  SPANK!  His heavy-gloved hand had connected forcefully with my already sore butt.  Before I could do anything else, I received a few more good hard spanks.  That drove me totally into little boy space and to once again resolve to be a good boy.  I was crying by the time he let me up.

He promised to do a follow up inspection the next day and reminded me that it was essential that I get the garbage ready before the morning pickup.  Then he left.  I got to work very well motivated.

It was a couple of hours later that I saw Toby Senior coming home as I was putting the garbage cans at the curb.  I greeted him and he commented that it was good that I got the trash out.  "Yes, Sir, it is or Graham would be upset."  I'm sure he saw me rubbing my sore tail as he walked away.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Good evening, Junior." I said to my son as I got home, "I'm happy to see that you got the garbage out on time.  I saw Freddy doing it just now and should check on him like Graham asked me to."  I got the check sheet that Graham had prepared for me and discovered that it was already marked up.  "Do you have anything to tell me, Junior?" I asked.

Junior gulped and paused.  "Yes, Father.  You were due to be very late so I did the check on Freddy for you.  I was just about to tell you.  Incidentally, as you can see he was an extremely naughty boy."

"And did you spank him as this indicates?"

"Yes, Father.  I did just like Graham does.  I guess it was effective since you saw him putting out the trash."  It was clear that Junior was not sure at all how I was going to respond.  He probably had high hopes since I hadn't exploded immediately when I saw the evidence of his misdeeds.  "I didn't call you since you would have been in a meeting or driving and thus not able to talk." he said surely hoping to fend off the worst.

I looked at my strapping son who was almost ​six feet​ (​one hundred eighty cm​) tall and a strong athlete as well as a good student.  Over the years I had encouraged him to take charge and be a leader so I had to be proud of what he had done.  Yet, on the other hand, he had crossed the line by usurping my authority.  I had to decide what to do.  We talked a bit and I let Junior know of these two thoughts and wanted his opinion.

After some careful consideration, Junior had an answer.  "I think that you should praise my initiative and spank me for insubordination.  Should I get ready, Father?"

There was a pregnant pause and then with a smile, I replied: "Yes, Junior, get ready.  I'll be there in a few minutes."  Junior went off to prepare for a strapping.

When I entered his room, Junior, already naked, stood up, handed me the strap and took the standard position.  I gave him six good hard cuts and told him to stand.  "Thank you, Father.  I am sorry." he said.  I was pleased that he took the strapping like a man and not a wimpy boy.

"I'm sorry that I had do that but you did do well with Freddy.  I'm proud of you for that, son." I told him.

"Thank you, Father.  May I do the follow up inspection tomorrow or do you wish to?"

"You may do it son." I responded for I was proud of his cheekiness or should I say assertiveness.

* * * * * * * * * *

I have never been as high as I was when I was dealing with that pussy next door.  The guy is almost as old as my dad and he needs to be treated like a little boy.  Dad had raised me to be the leader of the pack and usually I am but sometimes one of the others is.  That taught me I like to be in charge but Freddy was such a pushover.  It most certainly was worth that strapping that Dad gave me but I could tell he was not putting his all into it.  I guess he really is proud of me.  I'm certainly looking forward to my second visit especially since there are more than enough left over transgressions to have cause to spank Freddy again.

I was totally amazed when I walked into Graham and Freddy's house again.  Everything had been taken care of – no garbage or dirty dishes or laundry or dust about.  I start to rethink about giving him the spanking due from yesterday which, to be perfectly honest, would be a disappointment because Dad had let me off easy yesterday, I felt encouraged to be merciful.  Unfortunately, something does not feel right for everything was, simply, just too damn perfect.  This must be the feeling that my folks and teachers have hinted at when they suspect something is wrong.  I decide to look more closely.

It was just a little thing, just a bit of cloth sticking under the hall closet door, that caught my eye.  I opened the door.  The place was a disaster zone.  Freddy had stuffed all sorts of things inside.  I turned to Freddy.  "Sorry, Sir.  I just ran out of time." he whined.

Of course this changed everything.  Maybe if he had been honest I would have gone easy but he tried to hide things.  "Go to the punishment room and wait for me, boy." I ordered.

"Yes, Sir." he said as he ran off to do my bidding.

I had to decide what implements I should use.  There was quite an assortment including a few that I was not sure of how to use so I had to stick with the familiar.  As soon as I decided, I went off to the punishment room.  Freddy was waiting naked in the corner with his hands on his head.  I sat on the spanking chair and called him.  As he stood before me, I lectured him about doing his chores and being honest.  When I was finished, I patted my lap and the well-trained boy immediately got over my lap.  I caressed his butt a little and then gave him a few hard hand spanks.  I wanted to see how that worked without the glove.  Not surprising since he was spanked so much there was little effect although I did love seeing my hand prints form on the target even just faintly.  I also learnt the wisdom of using the spanking glove to protect my hand.

The lexan paddle I switched to was an entirely different beast.  As I used it, it became clear that it was extremely effective.  Freddy was reacting a lot even though he was struggling to hide it.  It was a good choice.  It took a while but the paddle and I prevailed and Freddy gave in to the pain.  I stopped shortly after that.

It was when Freddy got up that I noticed another issue.  Freddy had stubble on his pubis.  That required action.  I took the simplest way and got the electric shaver rather than any of the razors which I was not sure how to use.  (I made a mental note to study up on this.)  With the boy standing right in front of me, I grabbed his pee-pee and used the shaver to make him smooth.  I was already hard from spanking him and this increased my horniness problem.

I figured that I had best take care of my 'problem' before I went home since Dad would certainly want a report.  I left Freddy to get dressed and grabbing some tissues sat down in the family room to jerk off.  I had just gotten my junk out when Freddy walked in.  He was still naked.  Immediately I was sorry that I had not given him corner time but this turned out to be better.

In a flash, Graham was kneeling on the floor between my feet.  "Please, Sir, allow me." he blurted as he engulfed my hard on and began giving me the best blow job I ever got.  OK, it was the first one so it had to be the best but he was experienced and it was wonderful.  I exploded in short order and Freddy gulped it all down greedily.  "Thank you, Sir." he said.  This being in charge is definitely great.

A little later I was back home and giving Dad a report.  He surprised me by giving me bit of criticism about my spanking technique.  It turned out that Graham and Dad both knew I had been watching Freddy being spanked so he knew to watch me.  Fortunately I keep my temper under control so I was able to ask Dad if he would give me more instruction in giving discipline.  Dad agreed happily to do so.

* * * * * * * * * *

We had something special planned should Freddy fail the next inspection.  That was almost a certainly and we were prepared.  As soon as I did the check, I called Dad and in a few minutes the three of us were in the car and headed to state forest a half hour drive away.  We did not explain to Freddy the purpose of the excursion and ordered him to be silent.

Once we were into the forest a bit, I explained to Freddy that we had come to get some switches.  Freddy was to explain each possible choice as to why it would be good or bad to use to punish a naughty boy.  My initial lesson went on for half hour as Freddy gave a critique for many candidates while Dad often refined the details.

Dad tested me in a similar way for a while before I ordered Freddy to cut five switches to be used on his own naughty butt.  I shared the task of trimming them as part of my lesson.  When we returned home, I had some practice with the switch while Freddy took care of several errands.  Dad instructed me into how to use a switch practicing on a cushion.  I also dropped my jeans and underpants so that I could properly experience three cuts of a good fresh switch.  I was impressed at their effectiveness.

When Freddy returned, it was time for me under the watch eye of my father to switch him for the items he failed in the inspection earlier in the day.  I was impressed by the stripes left by the switch on the target.  The marks remained until after Graham returned a few days later.

My own butt also had marks for a while but I considered them as 'tuition' payment toward my education as a disciplinarian.  I was delighted when Graham returned and that he agreed along Father to teach me how to be a disciplinarian.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 7, 2016

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