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This is story is just fiction.  It contains scenes of public and private all male spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is a companion piece to My Official Spanker and I and tells the story from Jimmy's point of view.  It will become evident that Uncle Doug, Dave's father, does not know everything that happened between the boys.  Parts 1/2/3 of this series correspond to parts 2/x/3 of the other.

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It's Tough to be an Official Spanker – Part 1/3


I'm Jimmy but I'm usually called Junior because I have the same name as my dad.  Last week there were two special days for me.  The first one was my twelfth birthday so I'm practically a teenager.  The second marked the anniversary of becoming Dave's Official Spanker.   Dave's my special buddy since forever even though he's three and a half years older than me.  His father, Uncle Doug, and my father have been special buddies since they were our ages.  He really isn't my uncle but I call him that just like Dave calls my dad Uncle Jim.

This official spanker business started just a year ago when I was just eleven and finishing the sixth grade (quite good with four A's and a one B+).  The four of us were here at the cabin for a weekend.  Dave and I really like that we can be alone with our dads (not that we don't love our moms but, well, we like it just the guys).  Then dad made a simple remark that shocked both Dave and me: "It's almost quarter of a century since your grandpa appointed me your father's disciplinarian Davy.  He was your age, Dave, and I was Junior's."  After a while we got the whole story that Uncle Doug was so anxious not to be spanked by his dad, that he welcomed his younger friend doing it (as his dad's proxy).  He even taught dad how to do it best so that it would be most effective.  Why bother getting spanked if it doesn't hurt?  Dad showed us the "spanking licence" that Uncle Doug had given to him when he was thirteen and again at fifteen after he publicly spanked him at his eighteenth birthday party.  Doing that struck us as pretty gross but Uncle Doug did not think so.

Uncle Doug explained: "I had broken the law; even flaunting it publicly and therefore I needed to be punished also publicly."

Then Dave and I got even a bigger shock.  Dad spanked Uncle Doug bare assed until he actually cried in front of us for speeding while driving up to the cabin.  I had seen Dave get it a few times and a couple of other friends too but never a grown up.  It never occurred to me that adults ever got spanked.  Dave said that his older friends never get spanked either.  Dad slowly striped Uncle Doug as he lectured him and then pulled him over his lap.  Using only his hand he spanked him until Uncle Doug broke down (just like Dave does) and cried.  It was quite amazing.  Uncle Doug was embarrassed of course but it turned into an object lesson for Dave and I about taking responsibility for what one does and showed how they were teaching us by example rather with just words that they themselves ignored.  They were living to the same standard they wanted us to live by.  None of that "do as I say, not as I do" bullshit.

Well, we bugged our dads for more information all day and then sat up late talking about it.  For a long time Dave had not wanted to be spanked like a little boy over Uncle Doug's lap.  This seemed to be the way out; we could do it the way our fathers had.  We made a pact.  He promised to accept my authority and to teach me to do it right and effectively and I promised that I would only spank him when he deserved it.  "Let's try it." I joked.© YLeeCoyote

"Sure." he responded and he stood up, dropped his pants and briefs and lay over my lap for the first time.  I slapped his naked bottom a few times and he laughed.  He got up, pulled up his pants and told me that I need a lot of training.  It a good thing we did not continue because Uncle Doug came out.  He reminded us that we were not suppose to be out at night and sent us to bed

In the morning our dads agreed and I was appointed as Dave official spanker.  That is, after I got a spanking to know what it is like as Dave and I agreed.  Although Dave really wanted to watch, he had to acquiesce to my wish that he not. Then after dad and Dave went out Uncle Doug gave me my first spanking.  Little did I know quite what I was in store for.

As he stripped me, I learnt that he hadn't forgotten that I had broken the rules by being out late so that there was two reasons for this spanking: being out and a demonstration.  He pulled me over his lap, rubbed my bottom a bit which felt real good and let me have it.  His huge hand came down on my little behind with a loud SMACK! and I yelled.  I really yelped loudly.  It HURT!!!  Like a zillion bees stinging all at once.  Before I could recover, his hand came down over and over all accompanied by a lecture about how to spank.  I had not realized how much this was going to hurt and the spanks continued unrelentingly.  Then I started to cry and was begging him to stop.  I was also promising to be good but his attack continued.  And then something snapped in me and I went limp and just cried uncontrollably praying that this would stop.

The God of Little Boys Being Spanked finally intervened so Uncle Doug stopped spanking me and held me close.  I now understood why Dave did not want to be spanked at all.  It was torture.  I also now knew why he had laughed at me last night but I had learnt a lot as he would soon find out.

We all went swimming and I was very, very happy to be in the cold water.  It really helped to cool down my hot seat.  Since it was just us guys, we went bare assed and that was even better.

I wished that there was something that I could spank Dave for I hurt and I was mad.  Dave could not resist teasing me about my glowing tail a little and even gave me a sympathetic hug.  I know that was not very nice and probably even wrong but I did feel that way.  I hoped that I would be able to live up to my pledge to Dave not to abuse my power over him.  After lunch, I asked dad and Uncle Doug to leave us alone as we had some serious boy business to talk about which they did.  Sometimes I'm very slow about seeing the obvious.

Dave was surprised when I called him to task for being out late in violation of the rules.  A few questions and he finally said what was necessary: "Yes, Sir.  I should be spanked."  I tried to do my best as Uncle Doug had with me in the morning lecturing him as I striped him.  Even though we had frequently been naked together since we were babies he felt ashamed that I was stripping him naked.  This was so different then when he dropped his pants the night before without a thought about it.  I pulled him over my lap and started to spank him.  I slapped his bottom hard many times but I'm afraid that it was my hand that was hurting more than his bottom.  A few of my spanks got a good reaction but not very many.  I was beginning to fear that I was not up to this job when I spotted a flip-flop on the floor.  I picked it up and started to spank his bottom with it.

It made a huge difference.  I got an immediate reaction.  It definitely hurt him but not my hand.  I could now concentrate on making him feel that he was being properly spanked as was my duty.  I carefully made sure that I spanked every part of Davy's bottom.  It began to feel like this what was happening this morning when I was the spankee rather than the spanker.  Davy was certainly realizing that he was the spankee and was sobbing and promising to be good just as I had done few hour earlier at this very spot.  Another few SWATS on Davy's behind, which was now a nice red behind, and Davy lost it.  He was crying uncontrollably.  I gave him a few more just for good measure before stopping.  (I think that The God of Little Boys Being Spanked tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of how I had felt not so long ago.)  I held him like Uncle Doug had held me until he stopped crying.

"Was that a proper spanking, Davy?  Do you feel properly punished?"

"Oh G'd, yes.  That was a very proper spanking, Junior."

"I'm sure that there is much that you can teach me to make it even better." I told him and he just groaned.  I really felt so proud of myself that I had been up to the task.

As we rode home later both of us winced at each of the bumps in the road.  We held hands on the trip home trying to figure out our changed relationship.

I was also wondering why had gotten a hard on when I spanked him and a strange but good felling inside when he broke.

When Dad came by to say good night, he stopped to talk.  It was for one of his serious man-to-man chats.  He wanted to be sure that I understood that this was a very serious commitment I had made with Dave and that I must uphold it and never abuse my power.  Then he wanted to know how I felt about actually spanking Davy and making him cry.

"I did not like hurting him but that's what had to be done for I'm his official spanker.  He's not mad at me because he wanted me (rather than Uncle Doug) to do it; he even said that it was 'very proper spanking'.  It did feel good doing a proper job and living up to my responsibility through.  It was sort of like the good feeling I get when I finish building a model, getting an A in school, wining a game or doing something new right – but more so."

* * * * * * * * * *

Dave and I hung out a lot because there was not much else to do because it was summer.  I was still considered too young to be by myself so he was actually watching me but neither of called it babysitting.  We talked a great deal about spanking and Dave taught me a great deal.  This probably sound very strange because the more I knew the worse my spankings would be for him.  This was necessary he told me for two reasons.  First, if he did not feel properly spanked then it would be a waste of time.  Second, Uncle Doug had to know that he was properly spanked or he would spanked like a little boy again.

It was a very strange setup.  He was in charge of me and had to be sure that I did what I was suppose to but he was not allowed to spank me.  I was not in charge of him except when he was naughty or otherwise needed to punished.  Then I was to reduce him to a contrite little boy with a hot red bottom and uncontrolled crying.

On the next rainy day come our first test.  Our mothers had gone off for the day (shopping, as if you couldn't guess).  We had made a mess of the house – nothing serious but our stuff spread out in every room (mostly on the floor) and our lunch dishes and packages still on the table (complete with spills).  Uncle Doug come by to get some papers for work, yelled at us for being so irresponsible and said that he'll talk about it when he got home.

We cleaned it all up but Dave was still worried.  He explained that when Dad said: "He'll talk about it when he got home" Dad meant that he'll get a spanking.

"Not this time, Dave."  I told him.  He looked puzzled so I continued: "That is now MY job as your official spanker.  When will he be home?"

"In about an hour, Junior."

"Go wait in the family room with your nose in the corner and your pants down, Davy." I ordered while I decided exactly what to do.  He did not like corner time but he is not suppose to like being punished.  I got the wooden backed hair brush which I hid behind the couch cushion until it would be needed.

I could see that corner had put him into the right mood from the way he stood before me.  Slowly I stripped him telling him how irresponsible he was letting such mess accumulate and setting a bad example for Junior.  All he could do was nod or shake his sagging head until I pulled him across my lap.  I rubbed his bottom a bit and them started with a hard SLAP!  He obviously felt it from the gasp he made and I watched as my hand print formed in red on his otherwise pale bottom.  It would take four or five hits on each side to get his entire bottom the right color and I knew that I would need the hairbrush so as not to hurt my hand.  After he was uniformly red and had gotten a few hard enough spanks to make him begin to realize that he was getting spanked, I pulled out the hair brush.  This was even more effective than the flip-flop.  His light sobs turned into heavy ones and he was promising to be a gooooood boooy, a veeeeerrrryyyygooooood boooy and begging me to stop.  But he had told me that I had to be sure to break him so that I really knew that he knew he had been properly spanked.  I hated to hurt him but he would have been insulted if I had quit.

He went limp and the crying turned into bawling as I continued.  I covered his entire butt once more with the brush and then with my hand.  I could feel the heat as I spanked him.  I held him as he recovered and swore to be a good boy.  Then it was back to the corner with his hands on his head.  I put on the TV to pretend that I was watching cartoons.  Just like last time my willy was hard and it felt real good as I played with it watching the glow from Davy's bottom.

When I heard Uncle Doug come in, I put my rod back in my pants.  He was real shocked went he saw Davy naked in the corner with his butt glowing.  "I'm glad that you have the whole house cleaned up and everything in its proper place." he said with a smile and a proud voice.  Then he told us we had just a quarter of an hour to get ready to go for dinner and the movie as planned.

As we got ready to go out, Dave told me that he was certain that his dad was satisfied otherwise he would have gotten spanked right away and we would not be going out.

Dave was pretty good most of the summer both at home and the cabin.  That is until the end of August.  We were at the cabin with his mother for a week.  It was not as much fun as with either of our dads for we were not allow to do a whole mess of stuff that we liked.  (That's the way moms are.)  Dave had been pretty messy this week and almost all his clothes were dirty.  His mom insisted that he take off his last clean outfit for she did not want to go to the laundromat in town (a four hour expedition) and save them for Friday.  He said he would change but he did not and even told me that he wouldn't get them dirty.

When we got back his mother was furious that he had disobeyed her and also got his clothes dirty.  Then she made him wash them in the sink by hand and hang them out to dry just in his briefs.  I followed him back went he was done where we heard her finished this up with the classical line: "just wait until your father gets home".

"That won't be necessary Aunt Dot.  DAVID EDGAR BROWNE get over here immediately."  I said as I pulled out a chair and sat down.  I must have said it just right for Davy had a look of horror on his face as he walked over to me.  His mother was watching everything and Davy knew it.

"You know why you here, boy?"

"I disobeyed and lied to mother." he said very softly, "I deserve a spanking."  Then he whispered: "Please not in front of mother."

"Davy, she seen your hairless pubis many times when she changed your diapers."  He was blushing even before I pulled his briefs down.  He checked for signs of pubes at least twice a day praying that he would get them before school started.  I eased him into position.  He kept his head down for if he raised it up he would see his mother watching.  After a few rubs of the target, I pulled my hand back and let him have it hard.  Either I was learning how to do this or he had learned that it hurt.  I alternated between fast and slow but always hard SPANKS.  His butt quickly started to turn red in response to my efforts and he began to sob.  "A naughty little boy who lies to his mommy gets SPANKED!"  I told him and gave him another series of SPANKS.  "A little boy who does not listen to his mommy gets SPANKED!"  He was beginning to make promises and cry more.  His flip-flops which had long since fallen off were by my feet and I picked one up.  Ten hard strokes pushed him over and he lay across my lap limply as he bawled uncontrollably.  I finished him up with another two rounds of hand SPANKS.

I lifted him up and let him sit on my lap crying while I held him.  He cried for a long time.  Then I put him into the corner to think about his transgressions.  After a half hour, I asked him if he had something to say to his mother and he nodded.  I prevented him from getting even his briefs so that he would have to do it while still naked.  I lead him to her holding his hand so he would not try to cover himself with his hands.  He knew what he had to say and did.  She suggested that he lie down until dinner and he did while still naked on his tummy, of course.

Since his clothes were still wet at dinner time, he could not get dressed.  I suggest that he would be more comfortable without his briefs to let his bottom cool better.  He looked at me with pleading eyes and I shook my head.  He was very quiet that evening.  Aunt Dot made his favorite dessert but he hardly touched it.  He asked permission to go to bed immediately afterwards.

He was sulking in the morning for my doing everything in front of his mother.  It was she that you lied to and disobeyed so that she had the right to see your reward I explained simply.  At dinner, he again apologized to his mother (in front of his dad), asked her to forgive him and thanked her for her thoughtfulness making his favorite desert even when he had been such a naughty boy.

I did not have to spank my older charge again until halfway into the next term of school.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., December 24, 1999

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