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This is set few months after the start of Part 1 which needs to be read first.

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It's Tough to be an Official Spanker – Part 2/3


It was mid-October when I found Dave waiting for me after school.  He looked very unhappy for he had a letter from school for his parents.  "What happened?" I asked.

He held up the letter.  "Got into a fight with Alex." he started.  He had told me about Alex before – who was a year younger but was taller, heaver and already developed, i.e., had a nice bush.  I looked at him and he continued.  "He called me names and I decked him with one punch.  Then Mr. Kline stopped us.  I got sent to the VP for fighting and Alex got taken to the nurse."

"As much as I am in awe of your fighting skills, I have the feeling that you need to be punished."  I started to open the letter and Dave tried to stop me.  "I'm your Official Spanker so I have the right.  I have to know what it says."  I read it and then handed it to Dave.  It could have been much worse.  He had to apologize to Alex publicly and stating what punishment he had gotten at home.  He wasn't suspended (that was for the next time) or anything like that.

"Can you strap me?  Or ground me?  Stop my allowance?  Anything but spanking me.  I'll die of shame if I have to tell."  Dave pleaded with me.

"You think that your father will approve of that?"© YLeeCoyote

He shook his head sadly and I asked: "Is there any out on the telling part?"  He shrugged.  "Let's find out." and he followed me in to the phone.  I actually got through to the VP and asked.  He said that Alex could agree that the punishment did not have to be stated in the public apology.

We talked about the possibilities.  Alex would probably want something in return.  Probably knowing what and then why would he keep silent.  Or maybe he would want you to submit to him publicly.  Can you trust him to keep his word?

Dave called Alex and apologized enough that Alex was willing to listen to his plea.  Alex's initial offer was not very attractive.  The first was: "Kiss my ass in gym." and the second was: "Suck my cock and get your nose in my bush that you so envy."

"Please be real, Alex.  I'm very serious and you know that I can't do anything like that."

"You're really hurting on this, Davy?"

Dave paused for Alex was too close for comfort.  "Yes.  Alex, please."

"I want to know though."

"You have to swear not to tell."

"OK – if I can watch and I'm a man of my word, boy."

It took Alex only a short time to appear on my door step but a long time to understand that I was going to do the spanking.  He was very skeptical that I could do it right so Dave told him that he could finish the job it he honestly thought that it was necessary.

Needless to say, I did a very good job.  When I stripped Davy, I saw that he finally started to grow a bush although he only had a few hairs.  Dave was determine to do his best to resist the inevitable with Alex watching but my hand and then the ever helpful flip-flop convinced him that he was just a little bawling boy with lots of promises and lots of tears.  I invited Alex to finish him off with a half dozen hand spanks so that he would have no doubt of the effectiveness of the spanking.  I could see that he had a real boner in his jeans which he had been playing with through the entire spanking.

After Davy finished his corner time he apologized to Alex very nicely.  Alex was very impressed and told us that if Davy apologized in gym he would ask the VP to drop the assembly thing completely.  As a bonus he would even stop calling him Baldy.  With this he gave Davy a very hard slap on the ass which Davy was smart enough to accept with just an ouch and a smile.  We shook hands on the deal like real gentlemen.

Davy apologized in gym (naked in the shower where it all started) even adding that he had taken an unfair shot.  Alex accepted and told everyone that he was satisfied and this was the end of the matter, PERIOD.  Later they saw the VP and let him know that they had resolved their differences in an adult manner without fighting.  Alex added that he had witnessed Dave's punishment and had accepted Dave's public apology already.  Further, he did not need and definitely did want another one so please drop the assembly thing for the matter was far more public already than needed and that the matter was closed issue.  Alex was so convincing that the VP agreed.  Alex and Davy became best friends from then on.

During the holiday season, Alex gave Dave and me a present that he thought would be especially nice considering our special relationship.  He hoped that we would have long hours of enjoyment with it.  When we opened the box, we found a nice little paddle.  One of those souvenir thing with a cutesy inscription: "For the little deer with a bear behind".  Dave just was not as enthusiastic as I about how thoughtful Alex was.

* * * * * * * * * *

In late January, I dropped in on Dave and found him and Alex playing ball in the house.  I actually caught the hall lamp as I got in.  There was not any doubt that this was a spankable offence.  Alex thought that he ought to leave but I told him that I him that Davy would like him to stay.  Davy just nodded his head when Alex looked at him knowing that I already decided that was to be part of his punishment.

"I can not watch you spank Dave when I'm just as guilty as he is.  It is just not fair." declared Alex honorably.

"Nevertheless Davy is getting spanked and he wants you to watch, Alex." I insisted.

"Then spank me also, Junior.  It is only fair that we suffer the fate."  They high-fived each other.

'Wow', I thought, 'my first double header (or should that be bottom?).'  I lectured both of them together as they stood standing side by side.  Alex was a little unhappy as I started stripping him like I was doing with Davy.  Soon I had them both down to their briefs.  After lowering Davy's I reached for Alex's and noticed that he was bitting his lip so as not to chicken out in front of his friend.  Just like Davy had told me, he had a full bush – lots of thick black hair covered the entire area.  It was no wonder that Davy was jealous with of him with hardly any hair at all.  When I sent Davy to "Get the nice paddle that Alex so kindly gave us." Alex's somewhat tumescent tool stiffened even more.

Dave and I had experimented with the paddle to feel how it worked but this would be the first real use of it.  I took the paddle and Davy got into position.  As usual, I started with my hand repeating my earlier lecturing.  SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!  being sure to cover the entire target and getting the bottom of the bottom at least twice.  In his innermost being Davy knew that he could not resist me but with his friend watching he tried more than usual.  I alternated cheeks with the paddle enjoying the new sound that it made.


Then I switched back to my hand and drove him to the edge.  By the time that I pulled Alex over my lap, his rod soared from his large bush like a tree in a grass field to its full glory.  I really did not know how this was going to go but I knew it was going to be fun.  I gave him a few gentle slaps and a bit of rubbing to start.  Then I started in earnest.  As I lectured for the first time, I covered his entire bottom with hard SPANKS.  At first he did not feel it but I kept at it until he was beginning to understand and was reacting seriously.  I wanted to get him to cry with just my hand so I kept at it.  I concentrated my efforts at the bottom crease about half the time.  Then he started to sob and I kept at him.  Magically, the promises began and I switched to the paddle that he himself had brought.  I'll bet that he did never thought that it would be used his own hot red bottom particularly by a kid younger than he.  A rapid volley of WHACKS drove him over the edge and he was blubbering out of control just like Davy had been a few minutes before.  I finished this spanking up with a good slow round of hand spanks so he would be certain to remember this for a very long time.

I let them comfort each other for a few minute before parking them in separate corners.  I just sat there resting my hand and enjoying the bright crimson buns I had just cooked.  Need I mention that I had taken my own rigid shaft out and was enjoying stroking it all this time.  When I stood up to close my pants, I saw that Alex had shot a load on the floor.  I made him clean it up before he was allowed to dress.

* * * * * * * * * *

We won!  Actually mom was the lucky one.  She won a 3-days/2-nights weekend in Las Vegas for four for the last weekend in January.  Dad and Uncle Doug checked things out and found that Dave and I could stay free in our parents' rooms and that the air fare was not too much (if we got seats in steerage).  And it was between school terms.

Of course, everything was dependant on Dave and I being "good" in every way or we would be left at home.  You can bet that we were on our best behavior.

Dave was very worried about this and one afternoon he showed up after school and straight out confessed that he had been insubordinate to one of his teachers.  The infraction real but was so minor that think that it needed such a result but I punished him just the same as he felt he needed it.  After all, he could have been right.

I took him to my room where I was going to try a new idea – a fixed preset count spanking.  With a lecture on respect I striped him down and had him kneel by the bed and lay over it with his butt sticking up.  Then I told him that he was going to get ten whacks with the paddle on each cheek and he must count them.  A missed or bad count meant that the stroke did not count.  I got behind him and whacked him with the paddle we had gotten from Alex.  A nice red spot appeared and Davy said "One".  I tried a harder WHACK on the other side.  This got a yelp, a "Two"  and a red spot.  I continued to paddle him and got him nicely crimson.  He was sobbing after some twenty WHACKS but managed to say: "Twenty".  Then I had him write a note of apology to this teacher.

This all assuaged his guilt, which was excessive, for the supposed crime.  He also to swear that he would be very careful so as not to jeopardize our trip.

We were quite excited but found that we saw most of what we wanted on Friday and Saturday early afternoon.  After dinner our parents wanted to see another show and then our mothers were going to bed early and our fathers were intent on wining fortunes and retiring.  (I was certain about the latter but not the way they meant.)  Dave and I were allowed to do what we wanted and with an extra late curfew for this special weekend.  Dave managed to get pretty much out of control unfortunately.  He was getting in arguments with other kids in the game room.  Then he disappeared.  I went looking for him and he was in the hall.  The problem was that a security guard was dragging him from one of the gambling rooms which were strictly off limits to minors.  This was not good.  Our parents had trusted us and we had fucked up.

My problem was how to prevent our parents from finding out about this.  I tried to talk with the guard but was not getting any where until I said I was David's OFFICIAL SPANKER.  The guard's ears pricked up and he called the Captain.  I started all over and Davy's contrite attitude helped and he agreed that he would give Davy over to me for "his due" but he would watch to be sure that I did a good job.  Going to our rooms was out for it was late enough for our moms to be back.  The Captain did not want us in the security office since because of the video security.  There was a small room (not much more than an alcove) attached to the game room which they used for kiddy things and was now empty.  The Captain said OK but reminded me that the room was public.  Davy gulped at that but knew he had better kept his lips zipped.

As we walked through the game room, I was telling Davy that I was disappointed and that he was going to get a serious spanking.  This caught a few ears and when he pleaded not publicly and bare we suddenly had a following.  It just not true that kids hate spankings.  Kids just love spankings as long as it is someone else's bottom getting it.  The Captain flipped on the lights over the platform and left the rest of the room dark.  I did the usual with Q&A about what had happened and got to the all important confession:

"I'm sorry, Junior, I've been a fuckup all day.  I've earned a spanking."

Then I started to strip him.  He easily accepted the lost of his shirt and shoes.  He knew I would never spank him over his jeans but hoped that I would only drop them.  He whispered a plea not to remove them completely which I rejected.  Then he pissed me off by objecting to my pulling down his briefs.  "But there's an audience; even some girls; please Junior."  I stood up next to him and turned him to face the audience.  We could not see them in the dark but we knew they were there.

"I'm Davy's Official Spanker.  I'm the proxy for his father because he no longer want to spanked by his dad.  But, as you have heard, Davy had been a very naughty boy and, as he already admitted, has earned a spanking.  I'll leave it to you dudes decide if Davy can kept his briefs or if he gets it on his bare butt."  I had faith in what the group would want.

"BARE!  BARE!" is what the group roared.

I pulled his briefs down to his ankles and he stepped out of them blushing as he was fully exhibited.  I asked the crowd if they were shocked to is see that he had a pen-IS and TES-ti-cles.  There were yells of both pro and con.  Then one wiseass asked in a falsetto: "Which is which, please?"

So I obliged with an anatomy lesson.  "This is his penis and it looks small because he is embarrassed now; it is normally a full seven and a half.  I paused to let it register and then added, that's seven and a half cm, not inches, when he is flaccid.  His testicles are inside here."

I returned to the chair and Davy quickly got over my lap.  This did not help his modesty for his equipment dangled between my spread legs and was visible to crowd.  I raised my hand and began with a hard SPANK!!  It was as hard a I could do; I wanted the crowd to hear a real loud starter SPANK.  I covered his butt several times being sure the get the sensitive bottom so that he would react sooner which he did.  As I spanked and lectured he could not help himself and even in front of this group of teens (and even pre-teens) he started to sob.  After a bit more he began to cry and promise to be a gooooood booooooy and to stay aaawaaayyy froooom theeee gaaaaammmmbbbblliiiiing haaaallss.

He had to remember this so I continued until he broke into uncontrolled crying.  Then just a final series of rapid hard spanks to drive the point home.


I stopped and held him up until he stopped crying with his flaming red hot bottom on view to his fans.  I stood him facing forward at the center of the stage, and invited the crowd to past around on the platform to see that this was real and even feel the heat he was radiating.  They enthusiastically did so with lots of nasty remarks.  After ten minutes I let him get dressed and he was very quiet watching me play video games.  The Captain complemented me on a job well done and wished that he could do that to a lot of the spoiled brats he has to deal with.

His fans found reasons to tell us it was a great show and to pat him on the butt.  He repeatedly made the point that it was better than from his father who would not hear of this.  A few saw the advantages in that and some complimented him on his bravery in doing this.  He was very relieved when I decided that we should go to bed.  He had to wait for me because I was not going to let him go alone this evening.

He was very well behaved on Sunday and for a long time after.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., December 24, 1999

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