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The following story is fiction about seizing the opportunity for spanking and sex.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The story is set in the last century.

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Trapped by the Blizzard


Half the continent was getting snowed in while we going to the airport.  I was on a business trip with my boss, Mr. Clarence Knowitall and he was, of course, making all the decisions for us.  He refused to shorten the conference and then while driving to the airport compounded the problem by taking a wrong turn.  We missed our flight which was the last one out.  We were lucky to get any accommodations at all.  Even the highways were getting shutdown and I had to push him to accept the one room that was still available after the airline clerk had called five filled places.  "Take it," I said, "before we end up on the floor here."  That option scared him even more.

The Travelers Rest Motel was not a five star place but it had heat, hot water, a dinning room and a bar.  There was just a queen size bed in the room and Knowitall ordered a cot.  One did not have to be a genius to figure out who was going to sleep on it.  But, still it would be a lot better than the floor in the airport and I still would have a private shower etc.

Since we had already been away for the planned three nights I was out of clean clothes and so I decided to use the laundry machines that were available just down the hall.  I offered to do Knowitall's stuff for the same trouble with mine.  He was hesitant but I convinced him by noting that clean rumpled clothes are much better than dirty and smelly rumpled clothes.  Actually, I figured he would stink less this way when I sat next to him on the trip home.  I got my dirty stuff and he handed me the hotel bag of his laundry from his suitcase that he had packed.  When I filled the washer I got a real surprise.  I saw that he did not wear boxers nor briefs (skimpy or otherwise) nor even basic tighty-whities.  He wore panties – lace trimmed pink panties!  There was not any mistake for there were exactly three pairs – one for each day of the trip.  I sensed that he would prefer that this little datum was not known generally.  I tried to imagine why he wore them and several posibilities came to mind but I certainly could not be sure.

When I got back to the room, Knowitall was in the shower so I just hung the shirts and slacks up and put the rest on his open suitcase.  It was then that I saw the magazines in his case.  They were not the sort you find on most newsstands but fetish ones.  The first cover one showed a macho leather man spanking another man wearing just pink panties with the text "Naughty boy gets a well-deserved spanking from his Master."  Inside they were more explicit and there were cum stains proving that it was not just causal interest.  The other one was similar.

When he came out of the bathroom I said I would shower before dinner.  I wish that I could have seen his face when he saw his lace-trimmed panties on top of his magazines and surely realized that I had seen them and knew his secret.© YLeeCoyote

I had to come out of the bathroom in just a towel to get some clean clothes.  I wouldn't have bothered with the towel except I did not want to let him know I knew what he was into.  Of course, it did not hurt any that he saw my well-muscled, hairy chest and six-pack abs.  I was certain that he was eyeing the big bulge in my sexy designer briefs before I got my slacks on.

After dinner we went to the bar and drank.  The news reports told us that we would be stuck here for at least two nights.  He didn't eat much but had a lot to drink especially at the bar.  I had a lot less as I wanted to stay clear headed but was happy to let him get tipsy.  Since I was going to be trapped with him for two days, I wanted to increase my chances of turning him into a little pussy boy – my little pussy boy.

I was delighted when we got back to the room and it did not have cot.  The front desk explained to Mr. Knowitall that because of the special demands of storm they had run out and since we were just two people in a room with a queen size bed which slept two comfortably so please make do.  I made light of the situation, but he was annoyed.  Finally, to shut him up, I said: "I'm sure that you look most alluring in your lace-trimmed pink panties."  He reacted with righteous indignation and I reminded him that I had done the laundry and had washed them.  "It's OK Sir, I'm certain that you have made such an unconventional selection for good reason."  I was of course thinking that the reason was that some master had commanded him to do so.

Anyway, I was tired so I stripped to my boxers and did the bathroom bit.  There was nothing for him to do except the same.  While he was in the bathroom, I got a couple of condoms and my lube and put it in the night stand drawer.  It would be good to be prepared.  When he came out, I was sitting on the bed.

"Clarence," I said sharply, "we are stuck here because you were a naughty boy.  You refused to leave early and then you made a wrong turn.  You do know what happens to naughty little boys?"

His face turned redder than the pink panties which started to tent and he stammered in coherently.  I knew I had him then and that I had pegged him properly.

"Clarence, get over here, immediately." I barked now fully confident.  I helped him by grabbing his wrist and pulling him across my lap.  I was glad that the bed supported most of his weight.  I clamped his legs in position with one of mine and gave him a few medium spanks right on his lace-trimmed pink panties.

"Please, Sir," he whined, "please don't spank me."

This was going to be fun!  Of course, I was going to spank him.  I continued with my hand, spanking hard for a few spanks until I was sure he was in the proper state of mind.  Then I yanked down his panties and continued for a while longer.  There was an awful lot of ass to spank.  Not that I was complaining but just reporting that a lot of effort was required.  I made things easier for myself by picking up one of his leather-soled slippers and using it.

I whacked him many times with it and turned his fat tail bright red something I could not have done with my hand.  By the time I stopped, he was whimpering.  "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry."  I forced him up and got his panties off before pushing him back onto the bed.  It was not a surprise that his pubes were shaven.  He was definitely a boy and I was going to have my way with him.

My boy was now lying prone on the bed with his hot red butt glowing and howling for more attention.  And attention it was going to get for I just got my lube and loosened up his hole.  It was an easy task and he was completely docile.  I slipped a condom on my rapier and got into position.  I pulled him up on his knees so I could take him like the bitch he is.  It was most satisfying especially since he made a little boy's mess without his hard peepee being touched.  I had a second go in the morning and got a "Thank you, Sir." for my trouble.

Most of the afternoon, we stayed in the room as we were snowbound.  I watched the football games while he nursed on my big teat like a baby.

The second night was as good as the first and we got a flight out at noon the next day.  I suspect that things will be very different at work from now on.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 7, 2020

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