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The following story is fiction about teen boy being spanked for bad conduct.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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A Treat for a Trick


Elton Morgan Keenan was a fifteen-year-old boy.  For the most part he was the usual sort of suburban kid but it was his mean streak that set him apart.  On this faithful year his parents were away for that most special evening at the end of October – trick-or-treat evening.

In years past he used to go trick-or-treating delighting in collecting excessive amount of candy.  This year his folks said that he would do the grown up thing of answering the many doorbell rings from the current crop of little ones.  His mother had shown him where the decorations were and, more important, the stock of treats.  Elton, however unfortunately, had decided that he would be different.  The brats would giving him a choice and he would take the first option rather than the second.

The first few rings were from groups of preschoolers and kindergarteners who were accompanied by parents.  For those he did as expected – praising their costumes and gaving them treats.  But with time the little ones went home and then there were the pre-tweens and tweens.

"Trick or treat, mister?" the first group chorused.

"My choice?"© YLeeCoyote


"OK.  Here's a trick." he said and picked up the bucket of water and drenched them.  They howled and ran off quite unhappy beening wet with cold water in the chilly evening and having to go home.  That it put a damper on their enjoyment of the evening would be a gross understatement.  Elton was quite pleased with himself.  He was able to get a couple of more groups soaked.  They also ran off madder and clucking louder than a flock of wet hens.

Then the unexpected happened.  A group of larger kids masked but otherwise not in costume rang.  The expected exchange started but when he said trick he got drenched as a bucket worth of water was thrown at him.  He staggered back and got hit again.  He dropped his own bucket and totally soaked the carpet.  The tricksters laughed, helped themselves to some candy, took a pix and left.  Elton was drenched and so was the entry hall carpet.

He put off the porch light and tried to dry the carpet.

At a few houses, unhappy kids who had been drenched were being consoled by big brothers who brought them dry candy and a pictures of a soaking wet a-hole.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mr. and Mrs. Keenan were not happy receiving several phone calls reporting that their son was soaking little trick-or-treaters on a chilly autumn evening rather then giving out candy.  They were quite outranged and ashamed that Elton did such a thing.  When they returned they were further upset that the hall carpet was wet.

Elton was told to invite the ten kids to come by at 7:00 the next day and they would get their treats albeit three days late and an apology for his terrible behavior.  He knew that he was in deep doo-doo but not that it was going to get worse.

When everyone was assembled in the Keenan's family room, Elton struggled through an apology expressing regrets about it.  (Although the truth was that he regretted the present rather than the past.)  Then he distributed well-stuffed Halloween bags to each of the kids.  He thought everything was done but his ordeal was about to get even more horrid.

Mr. Keenan then rose to speak.  He said that he was terribly ashamed that his son had acted so terribly and that it was cause for a proper spanking.  That did not surprise Elton so much as he got spanked for many things.  Many of the kids were surprised that a teen would still be spanked.  All were surprised when Mr. Keenan pulled the chair away from the wall and sat down.

"Come here Elton Morgan Keenan." he ordered pointing to the spot in front of him.  Everyone noted the use of the teen's full name and knew what that implied.  "You have been a very naughty little boy and have earned a good hard spanking."  Elton jaw dropped.  Did his father intend to spank him in front of all the kids?

As his dad begain to open his jeans, he immediately started to object about it being public.  He was sharply reminded that his outrageous conduct was public.  His objections and his whining increased as his jeans fell and thumbs were slipped into the waistband of his underpants much to the amusement of the audience.  "No.  Not bare.  Please, Dad, please." he begged to no avail not daring to move his hands from the top of his head.  The ten kids were all eyes.  Elton was moved to the side and bent over his father lap.

Dad started with his hand.  He raised it up high and brought it down hard on Elton's bare butt.  Even though he had been spanked many times, he was never prepared for pain and sting of the first spank and yelped.  The watching kids giggled and smiled.  There wasn't any doubt that the nasty boy who had thrown cold water on them was being well punished.  Over and over that hard hand was raised and brought back down to inflict more pain on the already sorry teen.  With great will power Elton had managed to keep from yelling and from crying.  When his father paused he thought that the spanking was almost over.

The pause was only so that Mr. Keenan could pull the short leather paddle out of his pocket and get a proper grip on it.  When Elton felt it slam down on his sore red butt he gave a yell.  Over and over that paddle made a deep impression the sorry teen's bottom for he was sobbing like a little kid.  The young audience was most appreciative.

Then they each got another surprise from Mr. Keenan.  "Would any of you like to help me spank my very naughty boy?"  Elton could not believe his ears. Ten hands went up instantly along with cries of "ME!"

"You will each have a turn to give two spanks with this paddle.  Now no crowding and be sure only to spank his bottom, please."  One by one they stepped forward and raised and lowered the paddle as hard as they could.  Of course, that was not nearly as hard as Mr. Keenan had been doing it but since Elton was already quite sensitized, they got a most satisfactory reaction from the naught brat.  It also permitted each of them to see how red and swollen Elton's bottom was up close.

The disgraced and humiliated Elton, still sobbing, was dispatched to the corner.  He rushed there as fast as he could with his jeans hobbling him.  Several of the kids giggled that they saw his pee-pee.

Within a few days, everyone had heard about the public spanking.  The kids talked and their older siblings listened and talked also.  Some of them were in high school so the word also spread there.  Elton was teased about the public spanking and that the kids helped.  Now he was truly sorry for his evil dead.

The ten kids were most animated as they left the Keenan's residence.  It is not everyday that they see an older brat get spanked with both hand and paddle.  But even better was that they helped to spank him making it the most fantastic treat possible – spanking a nasty, evil teen on the bare bottom.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 25, 2016

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