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What could be a more natural setup for a spanking story but Halloween?  The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of spanking and other punishments between males.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Trick or Trick


Zachary Smith had decided that this year would be different.  He had moved to the outskirts of Assville some five years ago to be alone.  He chose to have minimal dealings with the town folk as he was a recluse and with more than five acres of land, much of it wooded, he expected it to be easy to avoid unnecessary contact.  He had carefully posted the entire plot with twice as many notices than were required by law and had even added a toll schedule for his private driveway.  He most particularly did not appreciate the attention from the teen vandals that came visiting on previous All Hallow Eves.  Even though he did not celebrate such a feast, he felt that the vandalism to be sacrilege and, of course, criminal.  Yes, this year would be different; very different for he had made preparations.

It was just after nine when the first batch of vandals drove up the private road in a new and expensive SUV.  They hurled dozens of rotten eggs at the house and rolls of TP over the trees and bushes.  Little did they know that they were the just the warm up act as they were being taped with night vision cameras.  As they headed back to their vehicle they were blinded by several flashes from a regular camera.  While they were stunned, sacks were yanked over their head and tightly secured about their waists both blinding them and pinning their arms.  They were pushed down and their legs secured.  They were captives.  A few hard kicks quickly taught them that they should obey the order to be quiet.  They were frisked until the SUV keys were found and then loaded into the back to be driven to the old barn.

In the barn they started to learn what a very big mistake they had made this Halloween.  One by one they were pulled from the SUV by strong hands.  Eric was first.  When the bag was removed, not only was the old man standing before him but he was between two huge men.  Although he did not know it they were ex-Marines and has also been youth correction officers.  "Empty your pockets and put everything on the table, boy." one of them ordered.

"You can't do th…." the spoiled brat started to say but was stopped by a hard slap across his face.  With tears in his eyes Eric then did as he was told.  He even complied when he was ordered to strip.  As old Mr. Smith put his stuff in a bag, the two men lead Eric to a horse stall and chained him to it.  They also strapped a device to his ankle and wrote a big number 1 on his back and chest.  His two companions were dealt with quickly in a similar manner.  The three men left to tend to next set of arriving guests.

Eric and his buddies, John and Rick, were scared and cold.  The temperature was already under 40°F (5°C) and they were chained naked in a dark, unheated barn.  It was not long before they were blaming each other for their predicament.  They did not even try to get loose.© YLeeCoyote

Zach and his men were in position when the next set of vandals showed up in a very expensive sports car.  As they watched and listened they could hear one of them protesting in a breaking voice.  "Tom, I don't want to do this.  It is wrong."

He was answered by a much deeper voice.  "Shut up you little sissy wimp and just stay in the car.  You should have been a girl, Kenny."

Then the other one spoke: "I told you that we should have left the kid at home."

"STAY IN THE CAR, WIMP." growled the first as they got out of the car.  Zach could see that Kenny had scrunched down in the back space.

A couple of minutes later the two other youths were painting a skull and crossbones on the porch and then they tossed the paint cans and brushes as they turned to return to their car.  Just as with the first set of miscreants, they were started by flashbulbs and easily grabbed by the two strong guards and lead to the barn.  Zach drove the sport car with the petrified kid to the barn.  Tom and George were soon stripped, marked and chained like the first three miscreants.

It was now Kenny's turn.  The little one was obviously very scared and it was evident that his big brother had coerced him but he still needed to be punished.  He was stripped like the others but not marked nor chained.

"OK, All of you come to the front." ordered the first guard.  Three of the five captives learnt that they could come just to the end of the stalls that they were in before stopped by the chains about their ankles.  A couple of them stayed huddled in a corner of their stalls.  They then learnt the purpose of the thing was locked about their other ankle as suddenly all five got a shock; a painful shock.  "I said: 'All of you come to the front.'"  This time they all obeyed the order.  When they were standing (fearfully) at the end of their respective stalls alternately on each side of an aisle so that they could not get close to each other.  "That, gentlemen, is the number two setting on this device." Zach said as he held it up, "The settings go up to ten."  The five chained youths paled at the realization for their legs still hurt.  "You will obey or you will suffer the consequences immediately and collectively."  He paused to let that sink in.  "You had your fun this Halloween and now it is time for me to have some fun."  He laughed an evil sounding laugh.  "You came for tricks and tricks you shall have."

Zach then got something from a cabinet and handed it to Kenny.  "You know what this is, lad?"

Kenny studied the device and nodded: "Yes, sir; it a hair clipper."

"Go ask each of them if they would like a haircut."  Kenny asked each of them and got five negatives.  "Try again, lad." Zach ordered.  This time when the response was 'no' he pressed the button.  "I did not hear that answer.  What did you say?"

"Yes, I would like a haircut." said Tom without any conviction at all looking at the floor.

Kenny looked at Mr. Smith not knowing what to do.  "All of you kneel so the boy can give each of you a full buzz cut."  They were on their knees before he finished the sentence.  "Go ahead, boy.  Or come here for a demonstration."  Kenny turned on the shearer and proceeded to shear his big brother.  Although he whispered to Tom that he was sorry he somehow enjoyed being on the giving side with his brother rather than the receiving side.  He hoped that there would not be repercussions for this.  He worked his way over five teen heads leaving then all smooth.

Kenny returned to Zach and handed him the shearer and dropped to his knees.  With his head bowed he did not see Zach adjust the shearer as he waited for his punishment.  He did not have to wait long before he heard the tool's buzz and felt his own hair fall as had that of the others.  When he touched his head he was pleasantly surprised that he had a crew cut.

Zach replaced the shearer with a small clipper and directed Kenny to clip ten armpits.  This time as he went to each of them they cooperated knowing that Zach held that terrible shocker which they now totally feared.  Then the Zach ordered that their pubes be shorn.  "Please don't." they begged but Zach and his two men just laughed.  Kenny did his very best to stay neutral but he knew that he would enjoy clipping his brother for all the times that he razed him for being hairless.  Kenny saved his brother for last knowing that he wanted to do a very good job.  Even if his only half grown bush was removed, his brother would not have more than he did.  As he clipped each of the older guys, he realized that they looked more and more like little boys without their pubes.

When he got to his brother, Tom pleaded with his eyes not to do this but he just smiled.  "If I don't Tom, he'll push that button and you and your friends will suffer and it will happen anyway."  He then took hold of Tom's cock and proceeded to clip his pubes.  As he carefully went over them three times to do an extra through job now that he was experienced, he also was massaging his brother's cock so that he got a hard on.  He even managed to get the hair on his ball sack and the perineum.  Kenny though about clipping his own pubes rather than to submit to Zach or one of his men but he did not want to do that.  He returned the clipper and rather than being clipped was praised for doing a good job.

One of the guards walked over to Tom with the discarded paint cans and brushes.  "I see that being clipped excited you, boy." he commented for Tom was hard and dripping.  Then he dipped the brush into the paint and in a few strokes Tom had a bright orange penis and black scrotum and pubes.  He then went to George and painted him so that he had a black penis and orange scrotum and pubes.  Zach and his guards though that they looked very festive.  Both Tom and George bemoaned the fact that they had gotten oil paint rather than latex.

Eric was first.  One of the guards unchained him and brought him over to bale of straw.  When he was bent over it, his wrists were tied to rings in the floor.  Then Zach showed him what he was to be punished with – a razor strop.  It was a fearful thing to look at – some three inches wide and thirty inches long strip of heavy leather.  As soon as Zach gave him a couple of hard strokes Eric was yelling for mercy.  But he did not get mercy but just the opposite for Zach handed the strop to one of the guards who proceed to give him another dozen hard ones leaving him bawling in pain with an on-fire butt.  Pain that would linger for days and never be forgotten.

John was second and he got a dozen of the best from a senior cane.  Unfortunately for him, the guard was not very experienced with it and the first few cuts did not count.  After couple of well placed cuts, he was yelling.  By the end he was howling with many crossing track marks across his tender buns – Zach did not care about the niceties of non-crossing tracks as did British schoolmasters.

Rick was treated a little easier and merely got six of the best with a junior cane.

George's butt was well tanned with a heavy tawse.  Although a little lighter than the razor strop, it was still a very effective implement and the twenty strokes left him sore to the very marrow of his bones.  The twin tails were extremely efficient in following the curve of his butt and maximizing the contact.

Tom got it the hardest.  The paddle was made of heavy oak and was some thirty inches long.  There were holes drilled through it to reduce air resistance as it was swung.  And it was swung many times at Tom's butt.  The three men each gave him a dozen hard blows.  Some, they though, could have been heard a mile away; they were certain that Tom's howls could be.  Tom was a total basket case when they were finished.  The heavy wood never yielded a bit and it crushed the flesh of his ass hard against the underling bone causing deep bruises that would hurt for a long time.

The two guards moved the bale into a stall and cut the straps.  This would provide a "bed" albeit a very poor one.  The five youths were chained together in that stall with a old horse blanket.  Zach knew that the only way they could keep warm was be to huddle together on the scratchy straw and he wanted them to be most uncomfortable.  They need to be punished thoroughly.  He did show some mercy to the little one who had been lead astray by his big brother.  He was allowed to dress, chained in a different stall and given an old blanket and straw bale.  None of them slept well that night.

Kenny being dressed faired pretty well.  He managed to arrange the straw into a fairly thick mat which provided some padding and insulation from the cold ground.  In his heavy winter coat he used the blanket about his feet.  The five older ones did not do so well.  Cold and tired they huddled together to stay as warm as possible.  They were each ashamed and embarrassed to have bawled and to have lost their hair.  The close contact also was sexually stimulating and there was no way to hide a hard on when crowded together trying to keep warm.  Several times a hard cock slipped between hot cheeks to press against a hot hole and even in.  The warmth of the closeness became more and more important as the night progressed and the temperature fell.  The shock bracelets were set to disturb them every hour to increase their discomfit.  The shock applied in the morning was very strong causing several of them to lose control and urinate.  This was a contagious effect and soon all five emptied their over extended bladders adding to their discomfort and embarrassment.

Zach left them there in the barn until 2 PM while he prepared a formal complaint to give to the sheriff when he brought them into town.  Kenny was given bowls of cold, lumpy oatmeal to take to the other captives.  They wolfed it down without spoons because they were so hungry.  Zach and his men loaded them onto his pickup truck and brought them into town.  He parked a couple of blocks from the sheriff's office and lead them, chained and naked, down the street crossing through the market square for all to see.  Hairless and with their equipment shrunken by the cold they look like kindergarten class on an outing.  The sheriff was out looking for the six missing youths so Zach and his men just locked them in the cells and waited.

It took the sheriff a couple of hours to return and several irate parents arrived first.  Zach refused to deal with them saying he would deal only with the sheriff.  Zach had planned well and the sheriff was compelled by state law to keep the youths in custody until a judge could set bail conditions.  There was a long list of charges headed by trespassing and vandalism supported by photos and even possession of drugs and alcohol.  The sworn statement of two correction officers could not be ignored.  Because of the time, the court would not be available until the morning.  Only young Kenny, who Zach did not file a complaint about, was able to return home that evening.

It took two days for the parents to realize that their sons' clothes and other stuff were still being held by Mr. Smith.  That's when they discovered that civil charges had been also filed and that everything – especially the two vehicles – had been attached and that heavy storage charges were accruing.  When private toll facilities were common, back more than a 150 years, the state legislature passed some very strict laws that were still in effect.

A week into November everyone in town knew the Mr. Smith was a cleaver man and that five youths (all known as trouble makers) were in deep trouble that their rich and influential parents could not get them out of.  All five confessed to be juvenile delinquents rather than risk charges in adult court and spent some time in a state school.  Mr. Smith got large settlements to drop the civil charges.  Most of the townsfolk were quite pleased at this turn of events.  The effect of this on the behavior of the other town's kids was very noticeable.

This All Hallow Eve would be remembered for a long time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 30, 2001

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