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This is a very different story than my usual.  For a long time I have been disturbed by the Goldie story.  There are some things that just did not ring true.  I have done some "investigation" and this is what really happened based on that research.  I have followed the honorable tradition of the Grimm Brothers with lots of horror and without being PC in the usual way at all.  Although I don't pop any witches into ovens, please note the story codes.  I think that some people will consider this extreme and/or edgy.  This is a species integrated story.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

The True Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears


After preparing lunch (not breakfast) for everyone properly (not too hot, not too cold, but just right) Mama bear set the table.  All of the food was  properly protected in covered dishes.  Then she and Junior went to meet Papa, who had to work an extra half day, down at the junction where he would be dropped off.

Meanwhile, unknown to the bears, Miss. Gold I. Locks had gotten lost in the forest.  Goldie, as everyone called her, was a pretty young lady and even the heartthrob of the senior class in her secondary school.  As she wandered around the forest she sensed that she was being followed and she became scared on a second level also.  When she spotted the Bear's house she was so relieved that she just dashed for it.  She did not even knock but dashed right in and slammed the door shut.  Then she prudently slid the bolt shut.  She sighed with relief.  She called out, hoping that the residents were in, but there was not any reply.  She was alone but she though she was safe with the stalker locked outside.  The residents would surely return soon meanwhile she would be safe and then would get directions to Granny Lola's house.  (Actually, Red's Granny's house but that is how she thought of the wonderful old lady.) © by Y Lee Coyote

She was wrong.  TBBW was outside but he was not going to stay there.  He had the hots for Goldie and was determined to get that stuck up pussy.  He prowled around the house and although the back door was also locked, it was an easy jump to get to the sill of the open window and then inside.

TBBW then quietly walked into the front room where Goldie was resting on the sofa.  TBBW gave the famous (notorious?) whistle of his species as he approached Goldie who was now petrified with fear.  Then, also in keeping with his character, he tried to sweet talk the lass.  She would not have any of it.  He was persistent.  She tried to get away and even threw things including the lunch that had been waiting on the table.  A chair was not a deterrent but was now kindling.

In desperation, she dashed up the ladder to the loft, which was Junior's den.  She had hoped to pull up the ladder before TBBW could follow her but she was to slow.  Now she was trapped in the loft with TBBW.  She tried to hide in the corner, but just ended up flat on her back.  Flat on her back on Junior's bed with TBBW on top of her.  He held her down and kissed her long and hard.  He was experienced and she was not.  His great technique caused her to swoon.  As rigid as he was, she was as limp as could be.  She could not put up any resistance as he ripped off her clothes.  When he applied his tongue to her nipples they rose up hard from her soft breasts.  She never knew such pleasure as when he licked her honey pot and love button.  Her virgin, nubile body oozed copiously from every pore.© YLeeCoyote

Her fear gave way to moaning and then to lust.  Then she was actually encouraging him.  She was playing with his body as he went at her's.  "Oh, Big, this so wonderful." she whispered between  moans of lustful pleasure.  He could not resist teasing her that she was not the good girl she put on airs about but she was just a naughty slut.  To his surprise, she admitted being a naughty girl but pleaded with him not to tell or she would be spanked.

A kinky slut he thought.  He changed tactics for he knew what kinky girls liked.  He flipped her over and applied his paw against her firm round rump.  As her rump turned a rose pink, she started to promise to be a good girl and begged him to stop.  The spanking caused the level of lust in both of them to rise.  He could smell how ready she was.  He knew how ready he was.

But, of course, he did not stop – then.  He continued until she was overwhelmed.  Then he lifted her up so that she was on her knees and entered her doggy (that should be canine, he thought) style.  Moments later they both climaxed.  She was no longer a virgin.  He had made another conquest.  He was no longer interested in her.  His closest friends knew him as One Time Big.  After a brief time, he was able to withdraw.  He gave her no longer virgin cunt one last lick.  She could barely respond any more. © by Y Lee Coyote

As TBBW made his way down the stair Papa bear opened the door.  He caught TBBW by the scruff of his neck and held him tight.  TBBW did not even try to get away; when a big mad bear gets a grip on your neck you just wait – quietly.  Then Mama yelled about the damage and the mess.  Papa decided that he would attend to this juvenile delinquent himself here and now.

"Get the strap, Junior."

Normally, Junior took his time doing this but not this time for it was not his rump to get it.  He dashed to the hall closet and returned with the heavy razor strap.  People do have some useful items though Papa.  Papa placed TBBW down with his head down on the floor and his rump in the air.

"DON'T MOVE!" he commanded the petrified wolf.

"Hold his tail up, Junior."

Again Junior snapped to it and even placed a paw on TBBW's neck.  Papa raised the strap and brought it down hard on the upraised and exposed rump.  TBBW howled.  The cycle was repeated many times.  So many times that TBBW could not even howl in pain any more.  When Papa was satisfied that TBBW had gotten the message he put the strap down and picked up TBBW by the tail.  Then he threw him out – literally.  A very hurt wolf dragged himself away as fast as his four legs and flaming rump would carry him.  His bruised ribs were a minor inconvenience at the moment.  He wanted to get away before the slut was found.  Soon he was sitting in the brook trying to cool his steaming rump in the cool creek.  He mused, totally unrepentant on how "good girls" can be so very hot.  He carefully kept his cock out of the water so he could continue to savor the scent that it retained of Goldie.

Back at the Bear's house, Mama made another lunch while Papa and Junior cleaned up the mess.  (Of course, Mama was not satisfied and would clean everything again to her very high standards.)  Then Junior went upstairs to his lair.  It was then that he discovered the sleeping female man-cub.  Unlike the norm for her species, she was not wrapped in faux skins but was au natural.  He sniffed at her crotch and gave it a lick.  It was an interesting scent; human, of course, but some of the component were very similar to mother's and that cute young female bear in school.

"Stop that!" yelled Mama.  Her mother's instincts had caused her to follow her son up stairs.  Goldie sat up.  "What are you doing here, girl?" snapped Mama.

Goldie hesitated for a while but finally she realized that she was naked and pulled up the sheet.  Then she stammered:  "I got lost in the woods and I ran in here and TBBW followed me and…."

Having seen the stain on the sheets, Mama knew what she did not say.  She grabbed Goldie by the hair and lead her back downstairs.  Papa looked up and groaned; another destructive trespasser.

"This slut has been fornicating with that wolf in Junior's bed.  She left a large stain too, Papa."

Papa looked over the human female.  He was amazed at how ugly those creatures were without any fur to cover their puny and skinny bodies.  No wonder that they needed those artificial skins.  This one should be thrashed just like he had done to the wolf, but she was so frail that he was afraid to do it.  She must be stupid too, not saying anything.  He pondered a minute.  Then he decided and spoke.  "Junior, spank that trespassing slut."

Junior sat down on one of the remaining chairs and Mama dragged the silent girl over to him.  Effortlessly, he pulled her across his lap.  He was much stronger than her father.  She could also feel his hard thing poking her in her belly.  She did not know that his boner was literally just that, a bone.  Junior raised his paw and brought it crashing down on Goldie's rump.  She yelled loud enough to wake the dead.  He hit a lot harder than the wolf; even a lot harder than her father.

"Not so hard, Junior, she only a weak human."

"Yes, Mama." he replied and gave her another spank.  He gave her a lot of spanks.  When she was bawling properly, Papa told Junior to stop and parked Goldie in the corner.

While Mama and Papa were trying to decide what to do with the wicked troublesome girl, there was a knock on  the door.  It was Lola, the nice little old human lady, that lived down the path.  The one with the good little granddaughter, Red, who visited often dutifully always bring a nice basket of goodies.  After exchanging pleasantries, Lola explained that she was looking for her granddaughter's friend, Goldie.  "Is that the one?" asked Mama pointing to the corner.

"Goldie? Is that you dear?"

"Oh, yes Granny."  Then she ran over to Granny and hugged her and started to cry again.

Mama explained to Lola that Goldie had both wrecked the house and fornicated in Junior's bed leaving a large stain.

"I'm so sorry, dear.  I'll tell her father when he comes for her this evening.  He can discipline her for her disgraceful and disrespectful behavior.  Thank you for taking care of her."  With that she led Goldie away leaving the three bears alone.

After dinner, there was another knock on the door.  It was Goldie and her father.  He came to apologize for the unspeakable conduct of his daughter and to make restitution.  Papa thanked him for the offer but suggested that the child should pay her own debts.  She would learn a lot more that way.

"An excellent suggestion, Mr. Bear.  Perhaps Mrs. Bear could find use for a scullery for a few days to make up for the extra work she caused?"

"A most excellent idea, sir." beamed Mama.

"You do as you're told, Goldie or else; understand."

"Yes, father." said a very scared girl.

"And if she gives you any trouble at all, just spank her, Mrs. Bear.  I'll pick her up next Wednesday or Thursday."

"Clear the table and do the dishes, girl." ordered Mama.

"Yes, Ma'am."

Mama smiled.  Papa shook paws with Mr. Locks and then shut the door.  Junior licked his chops.  Goldie groaned and headed for the kitchen with a load of dirty dishes.

After watching the early late-news, the bears and Goldie went to bed.  Goldie was given a thin and threadbare blanket and directed to a corner of Junior's loft space.  She could not sleep as the events of the day haunted her, she was cold and the floor very hard.  She was use to a much warmer house and more clothes.  By the moonlight she could see Junior in his own bed.  He looked exactly like the giant teddy bear that she had in her room and often hugged for comfort when she felt bad.  She got up and, shivering, got into his bed and snuggled close.  He enveloped her and she was warm.  She felt safe.  Junior gave her a kiss with his tongue.  She shivered with delight.  She felt loved and secure.  She did not get to sleep for a long time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 19, 2000

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