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Trust Is Most Important


I am absolutely miserable and I have been for weeks.  It's because of my sons.

No – they are not in any trouble and their school reports are good.  Perhaps too good.  It's their attitude.  They don't want to have anything to do with me.  They won't share anything.  It's worse because I know that it is my fault.

I noticed it soon after I spanked them memorably when they did not deserve to be spanked at all but actually praised.  It was a Wednesday and they had permission to go to the movies and I was working late with Brant at our office.  Brant's son, Felix, and my two – Tom and Pete – are friends.  We finished a little earlier than expected and went for a drink to unwind before going home.  That was terrible mistake for when Brant checked his phone and he discovered that there was a voice message that came in while we were in meetings.

It took us a while to realize that it apparently was not really a planned call but an accidental one and we just heard Felix talking with his friends albeit somewhat muffled.  Sometimes speed dial is more than one wants when your phone is in your pocket.  The boys were talking about going to The Joint, a seedy youth club (sorta a bar for kids), right then.  One said that there was a special for 'young gentlemen' early Wednesday and they should take advantage of that.  They argued a bit mostly about having sufficient cash and decided to go even though it was strictly off-limits to our three sons.  Several names were used in the discussion including those of my sons – Pete and Tom.  They both were in favor of going.

Brant and I were both angry and additionally I was truly furious.  We both headed home immediately.  I was going to give Pete and Tom the strappings of their lives.  My boys were there and I pounced on them immediately.  I gave them a good tongue lashing and then ordered them to their room for an actual strapping.  I didn't give them a chance to explain for I knew it all.  "You were with Felix and the rest of the gang and went off to The Joint."© YLeeCoyote

"We didn't go there!" said Pete.

"We went to the movies!" said Tom.

I cut them both off and again repeated the order to go to their room and await me with the strap.

I did not make then wait very long for I followed in just couple of minutes in my furious and angry state.  There it was once again with the rapid fire orders.  "Drop 'em and bend over." I snapped and they stopped trying to talk and got into position.  Then I let the strap do the talking.  They each got a score well laid on as the old naval adventure books oft stated.  When I stopped their butts were flaming red on the outside and surely a major pain center on the inside.  Even seventeen-year-old Pete was struggling to hold back the tears by the time I was finished.

"And no more going to The Joint again." I added for good measure as I left them with well roasted butts still in a state of high dudgeon.

"We didn't go." they said almost sobbing.

* * * * * * * * * *

An hour later Brant called.  He had dealt with his son the same way and he had admitted to the excursion and named names.  It turned out that it was Pete Robertson and Tom Dickson rather than my Pete and Tom.  I had made a terrible mistake!  I had severely strapped my two boys when they were innocent and had not done the misdeed I thought that they had.

I hastened to their room and apologized for strapping them unjustly especial while so very mad.  They were not very receptive, however, even though I promised to make it up to them.  They seemed to want more but I just did know what more to say except that mistakes happen.  I figured they were very angry and would require some time to cool down so I left it at that after repeating that I was very, very sorry.

The next evening my wife mentioned that she saw movie tickets stubs in their waste basket when she emptied it that morning.  I had to wonder what I would have done if they had shown them to me before the strappings.  Even more, I wondered why they hadn't done that having forgotten that I did not give them a chance to speak.

* * * * * * * * * *

The changes started the next morning although I did not realize it for more than a week.  They essentially stopped talking to me and when they did it was as concise as possible.  It seems like the world had been reduced to:
       "Where did you go?"
       "What did you do?"

I tried to spend more time with them but it did not help.  They were polite (perhaps even to a fault) but colder than in a blizzard at the south pole.  I got them presents but they pretty much ignored them even leaving them in the family room rather then taking them to their room.

I thought that they wanted to get even for such an unjust strapping so I made them an offer.  "I shouldn't have strapped you especially so hard for The Joint thing.  I made a terrible mistake.  I'm truly sorry.  Here is the strap and you may use it on me."

They were absolutely shocked!  They flatly and most indignantly refused.  "We don't want to strap you.  It would be disrespectful and useless.  Take your strap and go." they said.

I asked – even begged – that they tell what the problem was and what I might do to resolve it.  It didn't help for all I got back was: "You wouldn't believe what we say." followed by wanting to get away from me.

Can you help me, please?  I'm desperate.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 23, 2018

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