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The following story is fiction about tween girls who ensnare eligible youths for their selfish curiosity.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and masturbation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Of course, you need to read part 1 first.

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Tween Femmes Fatales Experiments – Part 2/2


It would be a while before the two experimenters realized that the new boy, Timothy, they had just taken to evaluate was a bit different from the previous ones.  They all had been a bit nervous and surprised by how straightforward the girls were yet Timothy was much more calm.  He was also very polite saying things like "Yes, Miss." when asked a question rather than nodding or "Yeah."

At first they thought it might have been because he was in the ninth grade but he was still just fourteen like the others.  What he finally owned up to was that he knew one of their previous subjects (although he certainly did not use that term).  He was very anxious to have some experience with girls.  He admitted to being a follower rather than a leader so he had a lot of trouble approaching any girl since he couldn't even do that with the other guys.

"Well, we approached you, so that's not a worry now." said Jodi with a smile.  "Do you think you are brave enough to continue?"

Now he was less certain but managed a weak "Yes, Miss." after a bit.

"We decide what should happen, not you.  And we stay dressed but you don't."© YLeeCoyote

"I understand." he said very quietly, "You are in charge."  That must have been what turned him on because his pants got tighter which did not go unnoticed and he actively avoided eye contact just then.

"If you misbehave, you'll get spanked because that what happens to naughty boys." added Jodi.

"Yes, Miss." said the timid boy his heart speeding up.

After learning a bit more about him they adjourned to the laboratory.  Once there they immediately started.  Their previous subjects had always undressed but they sensed that Timothy was different so they told him to stand still and started to remove his clothes.  He became very fidgety and he had to be told to be still a couple of times.  After the third time Jodi grabbed her ever handy flip-flop and gave him several hard whacks on his butt.  Unfortunately, it was still covered but she had learnt how to swing hard and the unsuspecting boy reacted most satisfactorily.


"You must do as we say.  You were told to stand still, boy."

Timothy managed to do that until he was down to just his tighty-whites.  The girls had not seen those before since the others were in more modern undies of various sorts.  They thought they were sexy and told him so.  However, Timothy was apprehensive about losing them.

"You knew you were going have be naked, boy, so stop your silly fussing.  We have seen lots and lots of boys and we're sure you are not any different.  Beside it's OK for us women to see little boys naked since we have to care for you guys all the time.  We know all about your stuff."  Actually, they were most anxious to see and examine still another boy's stuff but they did not say that.

With a paired effort they yanked Timothy's briefs down leaving him fully naked and exposed.  He could not help but to blush.  It was also different for the girls as this was the first time where they had touched the experimental subject before he had given a demonstration.  Brenda won the race to grab the handle which immediately got harder.

Each girl held a wrist so as to as to control the boy and Brenda started to jerk off him off while Jodi gently spanked the standing boy.  As one would expect, even embarrassed he responded quickly and shot a nice load.  He vocalized a lot as it was happening.

Timothy was quite happy when the girls were sitting next to him as he recovered from his new experiences.  The girls made their usual examinations and measurement and then got to the serious business of letting the boy know he had been naughty.  It was perhaps a bit trickier this time but they insisted and, of course, he was obedient.

They chose to sit on two facing chairs so that Timothy could be over both their laps at the same time.  One concentrated on the left cheek and the other on the right cheek.  They alternated who would spank and for a while even played a tune. They soon had the boy crying and knowing that he was just a little boy.  Afterward, Jodi insisted that she see how well he would preform a second time.  His reluctance was ignored and he did quite well as she stimulated him with her hands.  She was pleased with the outcome.

Timothy left happier than most having gained some experience and with dominant girls.  Of course, he still had the problem of having to approach girls to interact with them.  He promised himself that he would really try but worried that he would not be able to keep his promise.

* * * * * * * * * *

Willard was an attractive youth and caught both Jodi and Brenda's eyes as he approached.  He responded well and soon they were chatting on the lawn in the usual way.  He was very attracted to the girls but they noticed that there weren't any apparent changes in his crotch as with the others.  They both wondered if he was too young for their experimental study.

He did exhibit as least as much interest as the others.  It was when they talked about being naked it was then Willard got upset.  "I think I had better go."

They pressed him and he confessed that he was, er, undersized, er, small, er, tiny and they would laugh.

"No.  Not every guy has a big one just like some girls have small breasts some guys have small dicks.  That is what you are.  It is OK.  Really." said Jodi truly anxious to see a small one for comparison like was mentioned in some of the stuff she had read.

It took a lot of talking to convince Willard to come and play even though he would have disrobe and expose his little thingy to them but they said that he would be better for it as he would be less shy.

All were surprised that Willard managed to get down to his boxers by himself and he did have a nice body which the girls admired and praised.

Getting the boxers off took much longer.  It even required some special stimulation.  "You are being a naughty boy, Willard.  You are getting a spanking for all this unnecessary delay." pronounced Brenda in her most authoritative voice.

She grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the couch and then over her lap.  The spanks started quickly and after a few she took the hairbrush offered by Jodi.  Naturally, she pealed down his boxers in the back so she could see his butt turn red from her hairbrush.  That quickly convinced Willard that he had to continue.  He consoled himself that they knew what he did not have and had promised not to laugh.

"OK.  OK.  I'll do." he cried to stop the attack on his bottom.  She stopped the spanking and he got up.  Slowly, very slowly he lowered his boxers.  The girls looked hard.  All they saw was a thick wide pubic forest of hair.  They really did not see what they had expected for it was well hidden.

"The guys all laugh at me in locker room.  My kid brother has much more than I.  He's only ten and he laughs too." he said sadly.

"It's OK.  That what you are." agreed the girls as they went searching for it.  Eventually they found it.  Hidden in the middle was a tiny little nub like an acorn.  "You have too much hair and it hides what you do have.  The hair has to go so we can see and admire your special bits."

Although he protested that he wanted to keep his pubes, they persisted more effectively and soon had run a clipper through his great forest clear cutting it.  The little nub stood proudly as if it was a great sequoia.  Of course, it was just a small mole hill and not like the great mountain Denali.  They did not like the stubble and covered it with a depilatory which left him smooth as a baby when they wiped it off a few minutes later.  Truth be told, now he did look years younger although he would not see that until he showered at home hours later and saw himself in the mirror.

It was with difficulty that they managed to get him to shoot since there was so little to work with.  Of course, his getting off in front of them was naughty so he got the spanking as had all the other subjects.  Having already been over Brenda's lap, he opted for the belt.  He took it well leaning over the end of the couch as Jodi gave him six cuts.  She was happy to see the stripes form and merge as she turned his butt red.  But, happily, they did complete this experiment as the others.

Willard headed home after dressing.  He was extremely happy that he had gotten experience with some real girls.  It would only be after his kid brother showed him his first few pubic hairs that very evening that the horror of being shaved bald occurred to him.  His brother had hysterics when he saw and said "with that tinny tiny little thing you should not have any hair as you are just a little baby boy."  Willard was still sad even though he knew his hair would regrow.  It got worse when he was called baldly and his little brother kept insisting that he was more manly as everyone who looked could see immediately.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was another hunting day and the experimenters were back on their perch waiting.  This time they were surprised for they each whistled although looking in opposite directions.  Suddenly they were being approached by two boys – both of whom appeared to be fine subjects.

This was something new for them.  They went for it as they had many good times and perhaps something different could happen.  The lawn chat only showed up one unusual item – the boys were from rival schools so that they did not know each other personally.  Bruce went to Eastside while Erik was a Westside boy and they were both very competitive.  Slowly the idea of a modified experiment formed.  It would have all the elements of the others plus some contest or competition between the two and there would be prizes of some sort.

After the ground rules had been explained and accept they all moved to the laboratory for the real fun.  "We'll award points for the best in each activity and then the winner will get a prize.  It's what you do that will count not just being." Jodi declared setting the main rules.

Both lads were proud of their physiques so they hadn't any reservations about stripping down even trying to do something sexy but they failed at that.  The experimenters were very pleased with the two subjects as they were delightful eye candy and, as they were showing off like peacocks, even nicer.  They were each scored, but the girls kept the values secret.

Jodi found a couple of plastic cups and told them that the next competition was be judged on volume.  Each girl took one hard shaft and started to jerk off it off.  Soon the boys were reacting and then exploded into the cups.  The amounts were compared and points awarded again secretly.

The first contest put everyone in a great mood.  Since the girls wanted to spank that was the next contest – the winner would be who lasted longest.  It was a bit strange, but they were encouraged and it was pointed out that they had earned these spankings by being naughty for they were naked and had ejaculated.  They caught on quickly and did not complain as that would reduce their image of being real competitive men.

Bruce got over Jodi's lap and Erik over Brenda's and then the girls began.  They started with hand spanks and then both switched to Brenda's favorite flip-flops to be fair.  The boys resisted and the girls got in a lot of hard whacks.  They stopped before either was crying but both had very red rumps.  The boys did want to cuddle but the girls refused although they did sit close for a while.

The last contest was a simple arm wrestling.  It did not require anything but a table and chairs.  The boys knew the rules better than the girls and decided on five tests.  It was close with a three to two win for Bruce.  Obviously, this score was in the open.

It was time for the prizes to be awarded.  Bruce was declared to be the  winner and the judges each gave him two kisses on each cheek.  Erik got second so he got just one kiss from each.  The real prize was the loser's butt which went to the winner.

They gave their strap to Bruce and had Erik bend over the end of the couch.  "Give him six good ones, Bruce." they directed and "You stay in position for them all, Erik."

Girls were surprised at how hard Bruce swung the belt and how well his rival took it.  The deep red stripes showed up against the red that the flip-flop had produced.  The cracks of the belt reverberated in the laboratory.  When it was over, the two shook hands like true sportsmen.

After dressing, they went off much more friendly than as rivals to talk about their joint experience.

The two experimenters had much to discuss as things were very different this day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Russell looked pretty much like the other boys the two Femmes Fatales had run their experiment on.  It was just when he sat on the grass to talk, that he flinched just a bit.  They noticed that and wondered why.  What came to mind was some sort of sports injury which they knew active boys often got.  The interview went well and they wanted to run their experiment but he seemed reluctant, although suggesting that perhaps in a couple of weeks would be good.

Good experimenters have to probe deeper and gradually he reveled that he had been punished and was still hurting.  They guessed that he had been spanked and he admitted it.  "That's not a problem.  We believe in spanking naughty boys and you stood a good chance of getting spanked by us today anyway." they told him.

"So you don't care?" he asked surprised.

"Not in the least.  Spanking clears the slate and now we know that you are a good little boy." they explained.  "Well, not that little." Jodi added having noticed the pole in his pants.  They made sure that Russell knew the rules and headed for the laboratory.

Once there they got to business quickly.  The girls sat and directed Russell to undress preferably as a strip tease as that was more fun.  He actually could do something like that and it was fun.  Then came the moment of truth when he just had his undies to remove.  He turned so that he could moon the girls as he slipped his boxer-briefs off.

That was the first surprise.  He was sporting tram lines from a cane.  They wanted to know all about those things so he explained that his father was British and believed in the old ways.  Needless to say, they had to closely examine his marked tail.

That examination over, he finishing by turning, giving the girls the view that they most wanted – that of his shaft standing tall.  What made it very interesting was that he was shaven.  Later they found out that it was part of the punishment designed to keep him chaste but he had decided that these outspoken, curious girls would not care and he was positively right.

Russell easily moved to the next step and began to jerk off and they encouraged him as they had learnt that it makes for a better show.  After that he sat between them on the couch.  They, faithful experimenters, studied all the stuff of interest and the subject also enjoyed all that necessary hands on exploration.  (Later, he would muse about how his father's plan backfired somewhat.)

It was time for the obligatory spanking by the experimenters.  This subject was actually eager for he said it turned him on unless it was extreme now that he had been promoted to being caned.  He got over Jodi's lap and she spanked for a while even using the hairbrush for a few minutes to protect her own hand.  Then Brenda had her turn which was the same except that she used a flip-flop which she liked better.  His butt was now deep red with the tram lines.

Russell turned over on command and the girls were delighted with what they saw for it was even bigger than before.  After measuring it again, they both jerked it off obtaining a most satisfying geyser leaving everyone extremely happy.

Russell spent the rest of the afternoon back in the park thinking about his wonderful time with the two girls.

* * * * * * * * * *

The two experimenters were surprised when a couple of strangers approached them on their perch and inquired if they were Brenda and Jodi.  It was the younger one, Pat about twelve, who did the asking while the older one, Darian, fifteen, appeared to be very nervous.

Once their identity was confirmed, Pat continued.  "My big brother, Darian, is a certified virgin and needs help.  We heard about you and hoped that you can help him get started.  Somehow he just cannot connect with any girl.  I've convinced him that he has to try and he agreed to meet you and we're happy to have found you.  There was some talk over at Eastside hinting at the possibilities."  Thoroughout all of this Darian was blushing shyly as his kid brother was so outgoing.

"And what about you?" asked Brenda.

"I'm doing fine – I got a great girlfriend.  But it's my brother who needs help – some help to get him interacting with a young lady."

The girls asked Darian and he admitted it.  They moved to the lawn to talk about things.  The outgoing two girls soon were able to make Darian relax and interact.

"And do you want to come along and play also, Pat?" they asked "Or maybe just wait here?"

"You have come, Pat.  I can't do this alone." whined Darian.

"Don't worry, bro, I'll keep my promise." responded Pat.

The experimenters made sure the rules were clear and it was off to the laboratory for all.  The former were wondering about their youngest subject.

As always, the first order of the experiment was to get the boys naked.  Pat did not have any trouble but Darian was slow and needed encouragement.  Pat tried some to get his brother to disrobe more and faster but it took Brenda's flip-flop to encourage him properly.

"We told you to strip.  Your little brother had no trouble." she said, "Get on with it." and proceeded to give him several whacks on the butt with the flexible pseudo paddle.

His cries were met by laughs from Pat who gave him more encouragement.  "Take it off, Darian.  You got a nice body.  They want to see it."

Eventually, the two were standing their in their birthday suits.  The girls were pleased.  Both boys looked good.  Although Pat seemed more physically mature, Darian was OK although smaller than his brother where guys make unnecessary comparisons.  The experimenters gave them more than the normal complementary comments because they understood that Darian needed them more than most.

"OK, show us that you are MEN and not BOYS.  Jerk off and shoot!" ordered Jodi.  Pat got right to it, springing an erection immediately and starting to make himself shoot.  Darian was more reserved and only got half way up.

"I've seen you do it, Darian.  Show the girls that you can do it." encouraged Pat.

"Come on, Darian.  You can do it." urged Brenda.  "Don't be a naughty boy and disobey us."

It took Pat only two minutes to finish and get praised by the girls.  They declared Darian to be naughty and began to whack him on the butt.  "Get it up, boy." they ordered again.  Much to his surprise, it happened and they stopped whacking as he took a few minutes to match his kid brother's achievement.

Of course, the experimental protocol required that Pat also get spanked.  The girls tried something a bit different.  "Pat, you too have been naughty behaving like that.  You have earned a spanking.  Since your big brother is here, he should do it." said Jodi.

There was the usual surprise, but after some persuasive talk, Pat accepted the ruling but insisted that he was too old be spanked OTK like a baby but he would bend over properly for his punishment.

They gave Darian a belt and told him to give his brother ten good ones. He was reluctant but did not see any alternative so he commenced.  He swung hard but not with his full strength.  The belt made the awesome CRACK and left a nice stripe which the experimenters were delighted with.  Pat grimaced but kept silent.  Darian continued with the strapping and soon Pat's butt was bright red.

The girls congratulated Pat on how well he had accepted his punishment.

It was break time so the experimenters did their usual study of the expermentee's equipment as always.  Both of these subjects responded very well and they were able each to provide a second demonstration that they were men.

There were two discussions after the boys left.  Pat congratulated his laggard brother for getting some action with girls (although strange) and was thanked for it.  He hoped that Darian would go on for more by himself.

The female investigators decided to terminate the experiment as it was obvious that they had become too well known and they were concerned with their reputations.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 11, 2017

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