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The following story is fiction about visiting one's old high school.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Twenty-Fifth Reunion
The Old Boys


It was June – the month of reunions at my high school.  It is always some class' twenty-fifth reunion year.  It must be something special about a quarter of century that attracts a lot of the graduates because it's the worst one of all.  That's what the janitor's, er, the Maintenance Engineer's report says every year.  Somehow, those that return like to hookup with their old flames and crushes and heartthrobs in their hidden tryst spots.  Perhaps it just reenacting those wonderful stolen embraces in stairwells or closets that they remember ever-so-fondly from when they were hormone charged teens.

It probably is commendable that they take safety precautions to prevent STD and sperm transmission with what would otherwise become public consequences.  However, the janitors must be sure to collect the improperly abandoned protective devices before the students return on the Monday morning after the weekend before.  It is disgraceful what forty-three-year-old adults will do.

I sure hope that I and my fellow classmates will behave properly in a quarter century when it is our twenty-fifth reunion.  But this year I'm just one of the students providing support to the alumni association for the tours in the building.  I should mention that we're an elite school and although public had a very traditional start up which we have continued in an American context so I'm not just a student but the head prefect.  Over the years it has been found that when the prefects can immediately discipline errant students the overall problems are reduced and, surprisingly, even the disciplinees prefer it to being sent to the office for a talk with the VP resulting in detentions and notes to parents.

Over the years we prefects have learnt that it only works if we are scrupulously fair.  Each year the senior year prefects carefully instruct the junior year prefects who will succeed them in all the methods.  The right to carry a leather strap in a specially deep inside blazer pocket with the authority to take it out and use it on another student is most jealously guarded.  It provides a wonderful long lasting high to say the least.

Just a couple of weeks ago I got a great charge because of Lance.  I was heading for class on the top floor and I saw him dash out of the down staircase and run (in the hall) to his class.  I stopped him.  He knew he was in trouble and just pleaded: "Please, Sir, may I see you after class.  Mr. Slone is very strict."© YLeeCoyote

That was true and I didn't want him to get into more trouble so I told him: "Gym locker room five minutes after the final bell."  He thanked me.  I definitely looked forward to the meeting.  When we met, Lance was appreciative and agreed that the delay warranted extra but still felt that he came out ahead having avoided a problem with his very strict teacher.  We stepped into the gym and went to the pommel horse.  We both removed our blazers and I took out the strap.  "Drop 'em and get into position, please Lance."  He did not argue or delay.  He certainly did not mention that the girls JV volleyball team was practicing nearby.  Like a brave lad, he dropped his pants and pushed down his undies prior to getting into position.  He presented a fine target and I got into position myself and gave him the first cut.  He grunted as the red stripe formed but to his credit remained in position.  I gave him the remaining three leaving him with an almost solidly red butt.  "Now, two extra for the delay." I told him.  These I placed to make his tail as uniformly red as I could.  "OK, Lance."

He got up and pulled up his pants.  "Thank you, Sir." he said simply as we both put on our blazers before shacking hands.  I almost retreated to the toilets to jerk off but I decided to wait for that in the evening at home.

* * * * * * * * * *

As I wandered about, I saw various alumni looking about.  Then I spotted the first errant pair.  I was suspicious because her name tag was Mrs. Shavey and his was Mr. Bainbridge and they were giggling.  I decided to keep an eye on them.  I looked into the classroom they entered a few minutes later and they were not visible. «Strange!» I thought and then I heard some noise from the coat closet.  I listened for a bit and then yanked open the door.  I quickly snapped a picture blinding them with the flash.  So as not to be vulgar let me just say that I caught them in flagrante delicto.  Since they were married but not to each other they were very fearful.

"THIS IS MOST IMPROPER BEHAVIOR!" I told them most emphatically.  "I should call the police."  That scared them just like being sent to the VP did for the kids I caught.  They begged me not to.  I responded slowly and ordered them to bend over the teacher's desk side by side with their butts exposed.  I drew my strap out so that they knew what was coming.  They scampered into position just like a couple of scared freshies except they had bare butts.

I knew that this was going to be lots of fun.  They were physically adults and they were not going to complain no matter how hard I hit.  Beside they deserved even more than I could give.  I raised the strap and brought it crashing down on his butt.  He really felt it but managed to keep silent as the angry red stripe appeared.  She got it just as hard.  The stripe formed faster and she was not as quiet.  I gave each of them twenty cuts as hard as I could.  They were both yelling about their hot red swollen tails by the end.  I had them get dressed, pocket the protection and ordered them to leave.

They said "Yes, Sir." as they complied.  I got a few pictures of their butts showing the reddening sequence through the strapping to savor in the future.

* * * * * * * * * *

I stopped to talk with another returnee.  He carefully studied my name tag and then asked if my dad was Justin from the class of twenty-six years ago.  It turned out that he fondly remembered my father and even the strapping he had gotten.  "Surely from this strap." I said taking it out so he could see my father's name stamped into the leather.  I had thought it was appropriate to carry his strap, which I had felt several times, rather than my own today.

I let him fondle it knowing that it was the very one that roasted his tail a few times.  He was fascinated by it.  "This strap did me a lot of good.  Please tell your father that I appreciate it now more than ever."  Of course, I assured that I would.

Then I got bold remembering how great it was to have strapped that very naughty couple.  "It could be arranged for you to feel its kiss again."  I said not expecting anything.  But his eyes glazed over and he froze for a minute.

"Yea." he said as he come back to the world.  "It was in study hall once.  I was disruptive and he was in charge.  He made me come to the front, drop my pants and bend over the desk for six."  He paused.  "It did me a world of good."

"That would be Room 357.  Would you like to visit it?"  Of course he did and we went there.  I sat behind the desk and he took the front and center student desk.  I gave him sometime to shift into the past and then called him to the front.  A quick lecture kept the mood and then it was "drop your pants and bend over".  This must have been what he wanted or needed and he got into position.

So for the second time this reunion day I had an adult tail to roast.  I gave him a couple of medium hard cuts to start not wanting to spoil it with excessive pain.  Then four cuts with proper force.  Occasionally, a bit of corner time was used so I added that.  He shuffled off and stood there with his red hot tail cooling off with his hands on his head like a naughty little boy.  Five minutes later I called him out and he dressed.  Then he thanked me and told me that I did it better than my father and it had made the day extra special.  I was delighted.  I got his email and sent him a few pictures.

* * * * * * * * * *

The visitor population was dwindling as I continued to wander about.  It was in the back of the locker room that I heard the noise and investigated.  It was two guys this time.  "What's the matter, faggot?  You always loved my rod up your butt."

"Yea, but then you were a hunky stud not a fat slob." said the other.

"Go fuck yourself." snapped the first and I saw him dash up the stairs.  The other guy just sat on a bench with his head down.

He did not notice me until I was right in front of him.  "You're right.  He is a fat slob." I said.  He looked up but slowly as his eyes studied my crotch long before he saw my face.  He licked his lips but did not say anything for I had gotten hard.  I loved the idea of this forty-something hungry for me.  "You been a naughty boy.  You should be strapped." I said firmly.  "Or do you want to see the VP?"

He looked at me some more.  He saw a young stud in good condition like he remembered from the past.  "No, not the VP, please." he whined.  I let him see my strap.

"Stand!  Drop 'em!  Bend over the bench!" I ordered in a rapid-fire staccato.  He quickly obeyed.  I tossed my blazer aside and contemplated his ass.  It would look a lot better red hot and I proceeded to make the improvements.  Over and over I swung the strap giving him a dozen hard cuts.  It definitely improved the view.  Copying the now taboo words his (ex)friend had used, I gave another order.  "On your knees, faggot.  Open my pants."  He did not hesitate for a second.  I watched how his cock twitched as he opened my pants and got to my hard shaft.  He did not wait for the next order but immediately began to suck my hard rod.  He was an expert at the task.  I had to hold his head still so as not the cum too soon.  Then I blasted my baby makers deep into his gullet and held him close until he swallowed it all.  His own cock was still hard and I remained hard like a young stud should.

"Hand me that condom." I ordered for one of them had dropped one still in its wrapper.  I tore it open and as I rolled it on ordered him back into the bent over position.  Fortunately it was a lubricated one although I would have rammed it in regardless.  He took it easily for he was not tight.  He must have gotten it regularly.  I fucked away until I came.  I made sure it remained on me until I got to the toilets where I disposed of it properly and cleaned up.  When I got my blazer I ordered him to get dressed and leave.

Reunions are the greatest.

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