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The following story is fiction on reunion day the son of an alumnus meets the narrator.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, gay sex, domination and submission.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is the second part of the story.  You should start with Part 1–The Old Boys.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Twenty-Fifth Reunion
The New Boy


I regretfully must confess to some dishonesty by omission in my report of reunion day.  All of the other things I told you about are true but they are also completed and just history.  There were, of course, a lot of quick conversations about now versus then which are also history.

There one more that is not completely history.  One alumnus came with her son, Chad.  He was registered to start in the summer term so that he could start as a sophomore rather than a freshman as he needed just a couple of courses to skip the year.  Obviously, he was fast tracking.  He easily ensnared me into giving him a detailed tour and shooed his mother off to reminisce with her old classmates.  He was overflowing with charisma.  Once we had done one floor, it was clear that he learnt the general layout and was not interested in seeing the others which were more of the same.

What was of interest to him was my perfect's badge and all that it implied.  He was soon holding the strap and had tried it out on his hand – just once.  He even noticed that it did not have my name on it.  I explained why I was carrying Dad's strap rather than my own.  He appreciated how the alumni might appreciate the one that kissed them more than mine own which was just a couple of years old.

He was interested in experimenting with the strap.  I took him to the Perfects' Room which was not open to the wandering alumni but easily welcomed us because I had a key.  After a quick glance about the room he took the Head Perfect's seat – my seat – and indicated that I should take another.  Of course, had this been a normal pupil/prefect meeting that would not have happened.  "I like this chair.  Someday it shall be mine." he said with great confidence.

He wanted a lesson in how to use the strap I had – how to swing and where to aim and even what not to do.  I showed him and he practiced on a couple of paddled seats.  I was not surprised that he wanted a real taste of the strap so I agreed to give it to him.  He quickly dropped his pants and boxers and bent over.© YLeeCoyote

As he insisted, I gave it to him hard with several on his cute butt and one in the crease below.  I was amassed at how stoically he took them.  We talked some more.  I confessed that I had been strapped a few times through my first two years but never on the bare in school because things were too public.  That was also true as perfect except for a few times when I could get the miscreant to a place where I could have him drop his pants like I told you about Lance.

He started intently at me.  Then held up the strap said: "This strap, your father's strap, has roasted your ass."  He took it for granted for it was not a question, then after a pause added.  "Your father used it at home on your bare bottom.  When was the last time, boy?"

«How the fuck did he know?» I thought.  It was true.  I did not want to answer but I felt compelled to for some reason I did not know.  "Two months ago." I said and his look told me to explain.  "I was late coming home and hadn't called.  Mother had worried and that earned me six."  As I spoke I rubbed my butt in remembrance of the pain.

"Still hurts, boy?" he smirked.

"No.  It was a long time ago.  I was just remembering the pain." I explained to this young man who had not even started high school yet was controlling the conversation.

"I'll bet that you been getting away with a lot as you approached graduation!  Haven't you?" he demanded.

«Shit!  What did this kid know?» "I guess a little." I said.  I think I blushed recalling something that Dad did not know about which would have gotten me well strapped for sure.

"It's own up time, Mr. Head Prefect.  What do you have to confess?  No holding back or it will be worse for you.  I will know if you are lying and you will regret it."  He spoke with great authority.  My cousin who in the army told me about something called 'command presence'.  It was like my will was asleep and he had control.  I 'fessed up for I couldn't help myself and defy him.

"That was very, very naughty and even against the law as you are still a minor." he said on hearing my secret.  "Now take off your blazer, drop your pants and briefs and bend over for your well deserved strapping, Mr. Head Prefect." he commanded.  He hadn't any right to do this.  I did not have obey him.


Yet.  I did exactly as he ordered.  Then for the first time, here in the prefects' room with my pants and briefs about my ankles, I bent over the punishment chair.  He stood beside me and told me to hold on tight and not to get up.


The first cut landed right in the middle of my butt.  I think it was the hardest cut I ever had.  My knuckles were turning white as I gripped the chair tighter.  It would be ever so shameful to get up before this young man.  Then he struck me a second time and it was just as bad.  After eight he had covered my ass twice and he was not stopping.  The next one was a killer landing right in the crease.  I saw stars.  Then they blurred because of the tears in my eyes.

Two more landed right on top of that one.  I lost control.  I was crying.  After the tenth, I was bawling like a freshie.

"You may get up.  No rubbing."  I stood up and faced him.  I was ashamed for bawling and being naked in front of this well composed young man with my tackle at half mast.  He handed me some tissues and said to blow my nose and stop my infantile crying.

"Yes, Sir." I mumbled which was all that I could manage as I blew and wiped my face while my tail was on fire.

"I have to meet Mother.  See you around, boy." he said and departed.  I rubbed my flaming butt for a while before dressing.  I was glad that I was not going to be in school with him around.  I felt sorry for those who would be for he was going to be The Top Dog.  After a while I returned to rooming the halls to help the alumni.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chat texted me a few days later.  He asked me to meet him at our local park.  Just the idea of saying no to him caused me to feel bad so I agreed.  He said to leave the strap at home and set a meeting time.  A couple of hours later we were walking in the park.  At the snack stand, he treated me to ice cream and as we sat and ate he got to the point.  Even though he was long past needing a babysitter his parents did not yet allow him to go into the city alone and he wanted to see a special exhibition.  It was at the science museum and looked interesting.  He said he would take care of the railroad fare and they had a family membership to the museum so no cash required there.

Business out of they way, he wanted to talk about how I felt about his strapping my butt.  "It hurt; it hurt a lot."

"Duh." he said, "Tell me something I don't know.  How long did it hurt?  How much did you jerk off to it?  Did you deserve it?"  He had lots of questions and I had to keep answering.  Then he tossed in the ringer.  "You like me in control, boy?"  I admitted that I did.

A couple of days later we were on an early morning train to the city.  Chad knew exactly how to get to the museum with the subway and we were there at opening.  He presented the membership card and had our tickets before others even found the ticket lines.  It was a great exhibit and Chad left me select a couple more to look at.  He had seen them all.

I was surprised that he dragged me back to the subway right away.  "The next place we are going is a secret, boy.  I could have done the museum without you although not alone.  We are going to a special art show that nether your 'rents nor mine need to know about."  I was intrigued.  I continued to follow him about like a puppy.

The 'extra' exhibit was of MSBD pictures at a gay gallery.  They were very hot and erotic paintings of hot studs spanking and fucking and more.  We both had tented pants.  I was glad that the place was almost empty.  I had seen some images on the web but they were flat especially those from drawing programs.  These, in oil, were almost alive.  I could almost hear the straps landing; the howls of the bottoms; the joy of cumming.

I had to admit to Chad that it was very exciting.  And to indicate which characters I was identifying with.  He was not surprised by my selection although he always selected the other; the dominant character.  When we stopped in the lavatory before leaving he said he had a present for me.  He told me to kneel and then he draped a lightweight metal dog collar about my neck and snapped closed a small lock to keep it in place.  It made me immediately hard.

We headed back to the railroad station to return home.  I no longer felt like the privileged prefect now that I somehow belonged to a young man just about to enter high school.  I kept fingering the lock and chain on the ride home.  It was very exciting.

As we walked back to our homes, Chad told me that he expected that we would have lots of fun this summer when he wasn't doing school work.  He took me to his house explaining that his folks were out and we could play a bit.  Naturally, I did as he said.

Up in his room, he ordered me to strip and then undress him.  We both were very hard and when he said "suck" I was on his rod immediately.  In just a few minutes I got to taste his sweet cum.  It was so exciting that I messed the floor with my own.  That provided him with an excuse to spank me.  He sat on his bed and got me over his lap like I was a small boy.  A few hand spanks to start and then he switched to a sneaker which hurt like the blazes.  I was apologizing profusely.

While I was crying he clipped my pubes down to stubble without any warning.  When I questioned him, he just said he wanted me bald.  He then proceeded to make me smooth with a razor.  I was glad that I was pleasing him.  I watched as he rolled a condom on his hard cock.  He had me up on the bed on all fours and proceeded to fuck me.  I now knew that I totally belonged to him.

I dressed and at the door he gave me the key.  "Keep it private but wear it as much as possible and all night."

"Yes, Sir." I replied.

When I got home, I showered and jerked off.  Later, alone in my bed, having locked the chain back on, I cummed several times.  I could not understand how I how a young man, really only a boy, just starting the high school I had just graduated from as the Head Prefect had taken control of me.

I was anxious to see my Master again and I hope he would call soon.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 2, 2014

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