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The following story is fiction about a boy who yearns for a dominant woman.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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As the Twig Is Bent So Grows the Tree


Erik was a regular boy of fourteen years.  He went to school and played with the other boys.  And, naturally he jerked off frequently.  In this he was a bit different from many other boys because he had visions of being spanked.  His parents had stopped spanking him when he was ten.  To fill this void he secretly watched spanking videos on the web.

Well, Erik thought it was his secret but his mother heard him at it several times and saw the discarded tissues with their distinctive aroma.  It wasn't that she was prying but that he was careless about his privacy.  She did not make any mention of it as it would only embarrass him and she was enlightened enough to know that it was a normal thing to do.  While he masturbated she heard him saying things like "Yes, Ma'am." and "I've been a very naughty boy, Mrs. Hickam."  Things that submissive, naughty males say when they are confronted by an authoritative woman who is disciplining them.

One day, Erik forgot to close his browser when he went out and it was the same day that his mom bumped his mouse when she brought his clean laundry to his room.  She was quite surprised for he had been looking at a femdom spanking site.  She was pleased because she knew that women were superior to men and, obviously, her son leaned that way.  Such proclivities most certainly deserved encouragement.

She knew Mrs. Lydia Hickam for she was a neighbor, a teacher in her son's high school and they had met at neighborhood events as well.  She was certain that Lydia was a disciplinarian from the casual comments she had made and invited her over for tea.  Lydia was delighted for the opportunity to help train Erik to be a properly submissive male.  The two ladies made plans.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

One day Erik was surprised that Mrs. Hickam was visiting.  It was doubly surprising that his mother started to lecture him about his misconduct.

"Please, Mother, can't this wait until we are alone?"

"No son.  Mrs. Hickam is here to assist me.  I have decided that you should be spanked for your misbehavior.  However, I don't think that it is right that I should do it at your age, so Mrs. Hickam has kindly agreed to assist me."  The boy was shocked for he did not know if he should be thrilled or horrified.

"Come over here, Erik." said Mrs. Hickam sternly and with such authority that Erik could not resist.  He stood like a zombie as the woman who was central to his fantasies methodically unbuttoned and unzipped every garment he was wearing and pulled each of them off him so that he was soon in his birthday suit.  He was blushing from embarrassment yet his cock was hard and pointing up.

"Over my lap now, boy." was her order and he obeyed both excited and fearful of being over a woman's lap for the first time since he was just a little kid.  Soon she started to spank him hard.  As his butt turned rosy his mind was in turmoil.  Was this good or bad?  He was not sure but soon he was crying.  He was parked in the corner for a while the ladies chatted and admired his glowing bottom.

That night he did not seek out his favorite sites but just thought about actually being spanked by the woman of his fantasies.  And fervently hoped that it would happen again … and again … and again.

* * * * * * * * * *

When he saw Mrs. Hickam in class in the days that followed she gave not a hint of what happened.  Erik started to think that it might have just been a dream.  However, his fantasy object was now very specific.

Then one day his mother was displeased with him.  "Call Mrs. Hickam and ask her to spank you." she ordered.

With a shaking hand he dialed and made the ordered request.  "Mother said I should call you, Mrs. Hickam." he said, "Would you please spank me for I have been a naughty boy."  Not surprisingly she agreed and told the boy to come right over.

Less then five minutes after he rang Mrs. Hickam's bell, he was starkers and over her lap getting a good hard spanking.  She had just used her hand the first time but now she also wielded her hairbrush.  Each time it connected with his red butt, he gave a howl and soon he passed through the crying stage and was bawling.

After he served his corner time she quizzed him on what he fantasized about.  He tried to evade the question but with his butt on fire and standing naked in front of her, he found that he had to answer directly.  "Ladies like you, Ma'am, who spank." he responded.

"You are getting old enough to think about young ladies more your age as well, Erik.  You are to do that from now on.  She even suggested a web site." explaining she knew he watched others.  The well-spanked but befuddled boy returned home.  He obeyed his Mistress and included young ladies in his fantasizes.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next time his mother sent him to be disciplined he discovered that Mrs. Hickam had a visitor.  An attractive young lass who he was to call Ms. Krystle.  He was not sure of her age but she did have breasts and was very shapely.  He was feeling very shy about stripping before her yet he did not dare to even hesitate, much less disobey, his Mistress' order.  Not only did Mrs. Hickam spank him but she allowed to Ms. Krystle to give him a few hard WHACKS with the hairbrush.

That night his fantasies were centered about Ms. Krystle more than Mrs. Hickam.  When he admitted this to his mom, she was pleased for the plan to direct his orientation to ladies his age was working.

* * * * * * * * * *

Erik was not surprised that a week later his mom was not happy about the state of his room and told him to call Ms. Krystle.  He did not expect that and was terribly embarrassed to report that he had been naughty and ask her for correction.  She, OTOH, was most delighted to come over and deal with him.  On the phone she ordered him to wait in the corner, with his pants down.

When Ms. Krystle arrived she chatted with his mother and then called the errant lad from the corner.  It was hard for him to completely undress for her even though he was already exposed but she was insistent.  After a few hard spanks, he changed and he felt more submissive and obedient.  By the time she had reduced him to a bawling little boy with her hairbrush he understood his place and never again would he hesitate to obey her.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 4, 2017

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