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The following story is fiction about a mature woman spanking a boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the original version of Barbara O'Toole's drawing "Aunt Beth’s Visit" from which, alas, has been deleted.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

I first saw a multilated version at (now gone) with the added caption:

"Don't worry, Billy, I'm not going to tell your mother about this. There's nothing for you to be ashamed about. Lots of boys of your age fantasize about being soundly spanked by an older woman. Now I know that when you get home, you're going to masturbate while you think about this.  So I'm going to have to take your pants down and spank your bottom again, aren't I?"

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Two Spanked Lil Boys
The Lady and the Peeping Boy


It was early Saturday evening and Billy was hiding in the bushes where he had a good view of Megan Stanard's bedroom window.  The attractive and popular high school junior always had a date on Saturday evening and carefully prepared herself for the lucky young gentleman who would be taking her out.  It suffices to say Billy found her attractive although he was still just a tween in middle school.

Billy also found the other occupant of the house, Mrs. Stanard, Megan's mother, fascinating but in an entirely different way.  Until Labor Day he used to hide out in the same bushes but then he was focused on a different bedroom window.  That bedroom belonged to Dominic Stanard, Megan's older brother, who was now a college freshman and away at the State University.  Almost a year earlier Billy had heard talk that Dominic was regularly spanked on Friday evenings by his mother ever since his father had passed away.  He investigated and was fascinated by seeing his first spanking of a bare bottomed boy by an ancient – close to fifty years old – woman.

When he first started watching Dominic getting spanked he was drawn to his bottom changing as his mother spanked it with her hand.  He had, of course, heard of spanking as it was mentioned many times in the stories he had read.  It was interesting to read about it although far more exciting to see it actually happening.  With each spank the pink and then red coloring spread and intensified until all of Dominic's bottom was deep red.  He even got hard but he did not dare to do anything about it until he was safely back in his own bed with a handful of tissues to prevent any messes to be found by his mother.  It was most satisfactory.

After a few times watching Megan being spanked, Billy's interest shifted to the spanker from the spankee.  At the beginning, Billy always thought of his own mother when reading about spankings now even his interest when reading stories shifted to the older Mrs. Stanard from his own mother who was much younger.  Billy wondered about being spanked for his mother did not spank him but afflicted other punishments on him.  His masturbatory visions became centered on a powerfully built, mature woman taking his pants down (or off) and putting him over her lap for a thorough and well-deserved spanking.

What Billy did not know was that Mrs. Stanard had spotted him watching her spank her son.  She did not have any objections to this as it did not harm anyone and might even do the boy some good thinking that he might be spanked should he misbehave.  That was unlikely as Billy's mother did not spank or he would not have been so curious.© YLeeCoyote

When Dominic went off to college, Mrs. Stanard realized that she missed spanking him but she worked at getting over it for she realized that her children were growing up.  When she spotted Billy now watching her daughter, she decided that such voyeurism was improper.  She carefully made plans.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next Saturday evening, she very quietly snuck along her own property line and pounced grabbing the boy.  In response to his cries, she snapped: "Quiet, Billy, unless you want the whole neighborhood to know that you're a Peeping Tom."  Billy quieted down and then she continued.  "Come along with me and we'll then see what to do with you."

She lead the boy by his ear to her back door and into her kitchen.  Billy was petrified and fearful that his ear could be ripped off if he did not keep up with the awesome woman.  Once inside, she lead him to a corner and pushed his nose into it.  "DON'T YOU DARE MOVE WILLIAM DEDRICK PELLET!"  This was Billy first time in a corner but he knew from his reading that he best obey as he awaited his doom.

Mrs. Stanard returned to her normal Saturday evening activities of welcoming her daughter's date and seeing them off before dealing with the young miscreant.

"Come here, Billy." she called and lead him into the family room.  She sat on the couch and had him stand in front of her.  He was obviously nervous.  "Would you care to explain what you were doing in my yard, young man?" she demanded.

Of course, he could not but stammered a weak "Nothing."

"You were most naughty peeking, no – make that staring into my windows.  I've seen you before doing it with both my son and daughter."  Billy blanched if that was possible in his already scared state.  "You know that doing that is wrong and deserving of punishment, boy?"

"Yes, Ma'am." he said softly.

"There are three things I can do.  First, call the police.  Second, call your mother.  Third, deal with you myself like I did with my own son."  It was clear from his reactions that first option was the most scary and that the last was best.

"Oh please, the third, please." he stammered obviously begging to avoid the other possibilities.

Mrs. Stanard smiled.  "You have seen naughty boys get spanked in this house.  That is what is going to happen to you."  She reached for his belt and opened it.  She did the same with his pants and then pulled them down to his ankles leaving him standing in his tighty-whities.  From the way they bulged, it was clear that he was erect.  That was not a surprise to her for she suspected that he was excited to be spanked by an older woman.

"Hands on your head, boy." she snapped sharply and he complied.  She put her thumbs in the waistband and pushed his undies down to his knees.  He did not offer any resistance when she pulled him over her lap and got a good grip on his waist to assure that he stayed in place.

She gave his bottom its first real spank.  She spanked hard and he reacted with a yelp of pain.  Time and time again she raised her hand and brought it down hard on his bottom.  With each spank the red spread and darkened.  As that happened, his yells turned into sobs and soon he was crying and then bawling.

It was back into the corner while he cried and then she spoke to him.  "I won't hesitate to spank you again, Billy, if you are naughty again."

"Are you going to tell my mother, Ma'am?" he asked.

"No, Billy.  This is between us.  Some boys – like you – need to be spanked by an older woman to help them behave.  I will spank you again if I learn of more misconduct by you.  You may come and confess if you wish especially when you know what you need.  It would not surprise me if you confess to being naughty for having masturbated thinking about being spanked after you return home now."

"Yes, Ma'am.  Thank you, Ma'am." he said as she showed him out the front door.  He did not understand why but he was desperate to jerk off as soon as possible and rushed home.

Mrs. Stanard was certain that he would be back in a few days to confess some misdemeanor or other desiring help to clear his conscience.  She was looking forward to helping the lad.

The story continues in Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. November 15, 2018

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