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The following story is fiction about two females spanking a boy and a youth.  The story contains scenes of spankings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the second part of the series so it would be wise to read Part 1 first to learn about the characters.

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Two Spanked Lil Boys
Mother & Daughter and Son & Boy


Y Lee Coyote < & Brian's Sister <>

Billy did not understand all the emotions he was feeling after he left Mrs. Stanard's house after his very first spanking.  His ass hurt, of course, yet there was a pleasant afterglow and he was incredibly horny.  He was driven by the latter fact and rushed home as fast as he could.

Once in his bedroom, Billy stripped and looked at his butt in the mirror.  It was flaming red and even hot to the touch.  His already hard cock got even harder when he felt the heat.  He could not wait any longer and began to jerk off as he studied his red-hot ass in the mirror.  He came seconds later with a fantastic orgasm but his young rapier remained hard and he repeated the act several times before he was exhausted.

He slept soundly although prone that night.  In the morning, his butt was still pink and had a warm feeling.  He had no regrets about having been caught and spanked good and proper.  Over the next few days, his masturbatory fantasizes changed to prominently feature a mature lady turning his butt properly red with a good spanking.  But then he also began to feel guilty about what he was doing.  Eventually he remembered that Mrs. Stanard had offered to help in such a situation.

It wasn't until Friday evening that he had worked up the courage to go see the lady.  He was worried about Megan being a witness and was terribly relieved to see her leaving the house with a couple of friends.  He stood by the curb for several minutes before getting up the courage to walk to the front door and ring the bell.

Again, he almost panicked and ran away but he managed to remain for the minute until she opened the door.  As soon as she saw him, she smiled and said: "Come in Billy.  I've been expecting you."  His part of the conversation was muddled to say the least.  Skillfully, the mature lady elicited the information she needed from the nervous boy.  He harbored guilt, just as she had predicted, for masturbating and some boyish misdemeanors.  She knew exactly what he needed.© YLeeCoyote

In just three minutes her scolding had reduced him to a sorry little boy who knew that he had been extremely naughty and fully earned a spanking.  That both thrilled and scared him but he was completely in her power and resistance was futile.  As she stripped him, he could only stand helplessly knowing that his punishment was coming ever closer.  He did not even think about how his junk was exposed.

It was almost a relief when he was turned over her lap for the dreadful waiting was over.  Her hard spanks quickly drove him back into the reality of a small boy getting his well-deserved punishment spanking.  Every spank hurt yet was freeing him from his guilt.  It was even better when he started to cry and then bawl.

Of course, after he returned home and in the privacy of his own bedroom he examined his hot red bottom.  His reaction and responses were just like the first time but felt even deeper.  Not only didn't he bear any resentment against Mrs. Stanard but he was even most grateful for her giving him what he needed.  He did not think of being spanked as something he wanted.

* * * * * * * * * *

After that Billy visited Mrs. Stanard almost every week for his treatment.  She was most happy to help the lad especially since she remembered how much it had helped her own son Dominic.  Billy was thankful that Megan never intruded when he was visiting and just assumed that she was either out or busy in her own room.  Actually, she was fully aware that her mother was spanking a neighbor boy just as she had spanked her own son Dominic.  Over the years she had heard Dominic being spanked and, naturally, spied whenever she could to watch her big brother be reduced to a sorry, red-bottomed, little boy.  Of course, she appreciated the protection that she got from her big brother but that did not diminish her desire to spank him just like their mother did.

Megan did ask her mother about the propriety of her spanking Billy, a neighbor boy who was not in her charge.  "A fair question, my dear, a very fair question." she said starting her explanation that the boy had been peeping at both Dominic and her and spanking initially had been the alternative to the police.  Now, the lad comes – because of his need for discipline – on his own volition.

Mrs. Stanard knew what her daughter was up to but thought it best that Dominic did not know his sister knew and saw so much of his spanking so she kept quiet about it.  She had even mused about if the age difference was reversed how she would have taught her daughter the fine art of spanking a boy with practical experience.

It was Thanksgiving and Dominic was back home for the long weekend to be with his family.  There was a problem for Dominic's grades were not up to snuff and Mrs. Stanard had yet to address the issue however that was not possible until late Friday.

Billy approached the door without hesitation expecting that Mrs. Stanard would answer and he would get properly scolded and thoroughly spanked.  He was surprised by Dominic.  Even before he could recover, Dominic invited him in.  "Mother is expecting you, come right in, Billy."

Billy was fine until he entered the living room and saw Megan sitting next to Mrs. Stanard.  "Please get into your usual position, Billy.  Megan is going to assist me today."  He was immediately worried because obviously the young lady would be watching his being spanked or worse.  Billy could see that Mrs. Stanard had injured her arm for it was in a sling and he quickly worried that Megan would be doing the spanking.  His first thought was to run, but that did not seem right and surely Mrs. Stanard would use her other arm to spank.  "Everything is quite normal, boy, for they both know about your previous spankings." said the woman trying to reassure the boy.

He expected that she would start asking about his misdeeds for the week but it was Megan who started the questioning.  "What did you do this week that you should not have done, boy?" she demanded already assuming he had been naughty and thus needed to confess.  He quickly admitted to several minor misdemeanors but left out the major one.  Megan did not press him, but ordered him to strip and wait.

Dominic was summoned by his mother and she immediately ordered him to strip.  If it had just been the two of them or even with Billy present, he wouldn't have had any trouble disrobing but his sister was there and watching him.  Yet he did not dare to object to his mother's direct order when he was about to be spanked by her.  He expected to get over the couch and that his mother would use her good arm and the hairbrush to roast his tail.

But before any spankings, there were to be the scoldings.  Mrs. Stanard went on and on about his unacceptable grades.  Although Dominic was the target, Billy also felt the verbal lashings.  Just as Dominic had been told to put his hands at his side, so was Billy whose shyness resurfaced with Megan now seeing him naked with her eyes level with his privates.

Megan then proceeded to scold him about his confessed transgressions which were quite effective because of his reaction to Dominic's scolding.  But then she started to question him anew and under the pressure he confessed that he had also jerked off thinking about Mrs. Stanard's previous spankings.  Additional scoldings followed leaving him totally wilted.

"Time for your spankings, boys." said Mrs. Stanard sternly.  Because of my injury, Megan will spank both of you.  Both boys were surprised and shocked.  "Dominic, you are first.  Get over your sister's lap."  Dominic was horrified but helpless and complied.

Megan could hardly believe her good fortune.  After years of peaking and dreaming she was actually going to get to spank her big brother.  It seemed strange that it was to help her mother but she was not going to let that interfere with her joy.  She admired the big manly butt and knew that she was going to reduce it to a little naughty boy's bottom like those of the kids she had spanked when babysitting.  With a smile she raised her hairbrush and brought it down hard on target.  There was not much reaction but she was confident that the hardwood back of the brushes was tougher than the hard butt it was spanking.

Over and over she raised the brush and brought it down on target.  She could tell she was prevailing by the increased reactions and was thrilled when Dominic gave out a sob.  Another few minutes and big brother was reduced to a well-spanked little bawling boy.  She got him up.

Now it was Billy's turn.  He was petrified but Megan put down the hairbrush and patted her lap.  He hesitated and she snapped her fingers.  Once he was across her lap, the image was far different from that of her brother who was much older and bigger.  Billy was not much more than a little boy.  She got a good grip on his waist and raised her spanking hand.  Billy let out a howl from the first spank.  She let up a bit and continued to spank.

Billy's bottom quickly turned red and he was crying.  After she stopped, both boys were put into corners to wait.

"Time for your spankings, boys." said Mrs. Stanard sternly as Megan moved to sit on the other couch.  "Over my lap, Dominic." said his mother.  Obediently he complied.  This would be the first time that he knew for certain that his sister would be watching him get spanked and he was not happy about that at all but could do nothing about it.

Meanwhile, Billy was getting in position over Megan's lap.  The two naked, naughty boys could see each other over another female's lap.  They both knew that there were just seconds before the spanking began.  They tried to brace themselves as the two hairbrushes were raised and brought down hard on their fully exposed, well positioned bare bottoms.

Dominic had felt this before and was able to resist a few spanks before he started to show a reaction.  Billy reacted immediately for the hairbrush magnified the pain of the weaker Megan to more than match that of her mother's hard and well-experienced hand.

Hard spanks followed hard spank on each of the target bottoms which quickly turned red and extremely painful.  Not surprisingly Billy was first to cry and bawl but Dominic could not resist his mother's hairbrush and soon also yielded so that there were two well-punished little boys.  They were each parked in a corner until they stopped crying.  The women admired each other's handiwork.

The two well-spanked little boys in the corners had much to occupy their minds.  First and foremost were their red-hot bottoms which were heating up the room.  To put it simply, they hurt.  Megan was the next most important issue.  It definitely was a new experience for Billy since he did not have a sister or female cousin close in age.  The only thing he was sure of was that Megan was affecting him a lot for he was even harder than the first time Mrs. Stanard had spanked him.  He wished he did not have to keep his hands on his head for he desperately wanted to rub both his fore and aft sides.

Dominic did not know what to think about what had happened.  Sure he had been spanked to tears many times but that was by his mother and it certainly was normal.  But this time he was spanked by his sister – his kid sister at that – like he was a little boy.  This time she was just a substitute since Mom had a bad arm but what if she did it again.  That would be even worse if it was not at the direction of Mom.  If any of his friends got a whiff of that, he would be dead meat.

Dominic was quite experienced in this spanking business but there was one thing new.  It was that Megan has watched everything: striping, scolding and most important his being spanked like a little boy.  He hoped that she had not taken any pictures to threaten him with for just being there was a great big deal.  All he was sure of was that he couldn't think straight and things surely would be different.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dominic was on his bed letting his overheated butt radiate as much energy as it could when Megan knocked on the door.  After a couple of tries she opened the door a crack and spoke: "May I come in Dominic?  I have to talk to you."  Then after a pause, added: "Please.  I want to explain things."  When her brother grunted, she acted as that was a 'yes' although it really meant 'no'.

"This should help some." she said placing a towel wrapped about some ice on the furnace and sat next to him on the bed.  "And stop worrying about me seeing you.  Remember, I saw all when I spanked you under Mom's orders.

"I would be lying if I denied that spanking you was exciting.  It's every girl's dream to spank her brothers but this was under Mom's orders and I can't imagine actually doing it otherwise.  None of this detracts from my appreciation of how you helped me many times over the years as a protector and more.

"Please forgive me, Dominic."

Megan had a lot to think about when she went to bed.  First and foremost was how much alike the two boys she had spanked were.  Although Dominic was bigger and older they were both just immature little boys whose tails she roasted and made cry.  Their privates were essentially the same as those of the toddlers she had babysat.  She realized that she loved being a mother figure.

Dominic was worried about his sister and how she acted so much like their mother.  Even worse he knew that she felt like she was his babysitter spanking him, seeing him naked and barging in to tell him along with nursing him.

"This should help some." she said placing a towel wrapped about some ice on the furnace and sat next to him on the bed.  "And stop worrying about me seeing you.  Remember, I saw all when Mom spanked you."

Megan had a lot to think about when she went to bed.  First and foremost was how much alike the two spanked boys were.  Although Dominic was bigger and older they both were just immature little boys with roasted tails who had cried.  Their privates were essentially the same as those of the toddlers she had babysat.  She realized that she loved being a mother figure.

"Oh, we girls all know our brothers are spanked and we have peeked to watch many times.  But don't worry about me telling everyone about the special circumstances of today.  This is strictly family business and private."

It was a couple of days later that Megan encountered Billy on the street and was able to talk to him.  "I hope that you are OK after the spanking I gave you.  You should not be any more embarrassed because it was from me rather than my mother.  You don't have to worry that I will tell because spanking is a private matter and not for gossip."  She paused to let the boy absorb that and then continued.  "You are not the first boy I've spanked although the first I've not been babysitting.  You might think of me as a big sister or cousin rather than just a neighbor and come over for help from me just like you do from Mother."

That was a lot for Billy to deal with so he just mumbled "Thanks." and he would have hurried off to think about things except that Megan had even more to say.

"Billy, our mothers have talked and agreed that sometimes you need a good spanking so sometime your mom will send you to get one.  Of course, anytime that you feel you need one for whatever reason you should just come over and say so and Mother or I will help you."

Billy had a lot to think about.

The "Only Megan Spanks" version of story continues in Part 3

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