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The following story is fiction about misbehavior in the current pandemic.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Two in Trouble


David, although still only seventeen, was a little late returning from his essential job at the chain pharmacy cum general store in these troubling times.  On the back porch he stripped off his outer clothes and left his shoes outside before entering the house.  Immediately after he had stuck the clothes directly into the washer he showered in an abundance of caution.  It was only then that he was puzzled that neither his thirteen-year-old kid brother nor his Uncle Owen, his father's younger brother who was staying with them while their parents were away,  were home.

Owen worked from home and the full reusable shopping bags in the kitchen showed that he had already made the food run which is why he should be home.  Erik, his kid brother, surely would have been gaming on the computer if he had finished his online classes.  He doubled checked for a note in case they had gone for a run.  Then there was a commotion on the porch.  It was the missing pair.

Erik was carrying his pants and underpants and showed signs of recent crying.  They obviously had not been out for a run judging from the clothes his uncle was wearing.  He barely had time to yell "Strip outside!" before his angry uncle bust in and then he had to remind Erik to put his clothes in the washer.  After Owen had done the same, they started to argue.

Owen was demanding that Erik get over his lap for the spanking he was promised and Erik complained.  "You already spanked me and Jimmy at his house.  That's double jeopardy and is NOT fair."

With no small effort, David managed to get both of them to back off a bit to cool down so they could tell what happened.© YLeeCoyote

"When I returned from getting the groceries this extremely naughty boy was out.  I found him down the street in his friend's house.  I gave each of them a good spanking for violating the social distancing proclamation.  And I promised him a strapping when we returned."

"Is that true Erik?" asked David and the boy nodded.

"We were staying apart and just talking when he came over.  When Jimmy's sister answered the door bell he barged in and threw a tantrum.  That was quite horrid and it got even worse for he then grabbed me, got my pants down and spanked me OTK in front of both of them.  He then spanked Jimmy for having visitors when his parents were out in the same way.  Then he dragged me home NAKED with threats of a strapping." related the boy adding details in practically one breath.

"You better go shower and wash very throughly just in case some viruses settled on you." said David quietly.  "Everything else can wait.  He looked at his stressed uncle and suggested that he shower also.  A cool shower would be best."

David was appalled by the misconduct of both of his close relatives.  "How could they be so careless?" he wondered.  It was only a few minutes before the three of them were in the family room with David leading the discussion.

It was not long before Erik conceded that he had failed to abide to the rules that he understood and had promised to follow.  True, he was staying away from his friend but they should have been outside in the yard and further apart.  After few minutes he also agreed that he had earned the strapping his uncle had promised.

"You know what you need to do Erik." reminded his brother.  The boy nodded as he stood and removed his belt.

Owen was about to get up to accept the belt when his nephew went to his brother and said "Please strap me like I deserve." and handed him the belt before dropping his pants and boxers and bending over the end of the couch.  Although Owen thought that he should be the one doing the strapping, the house rules established by his older brother, who was away, permitted this.

David took the belt, pleased that Erik accepted that he had erred.  He also hated to have to punish his kid brother whom he loved and protected but it was a duty that had to be done.  He got into position and raised the belt and brought it down hard.  His brother managed to be stoic for a couple of cuts but was sobbing by the time he had got the full five.

Erik appropriately thanked his brother for doing the unpleasant deed and they hugged.

"Time for dinner." said Owen feeling that justice had been done.

"Not so fast, please.  There is another bit of misbehavior that must be deal with now." said David.  There were two puzzled faces looking back at him as he continued.  "There is a more serious violation of the social distance proclamation.  Uncle you violated the rule even more than Erik did.  First, you should not have entered Jimmy's house but just called Erik out.  And, second, once you entered you violated the keep your distance rule in the extreme by touching Jimmy.  Touching repeatedly in fact.  The rules apply to everyone!"

"And you refused to wait until we got home as I requested several times." added Erik.

Owen was at a loss for words.  He had messed up even worse than his young nephew and had been called on it.  There was not any pleasant continuation possible.  He could walk away (metaphorically) but then he would lose the respect of his nephews and his own brother when he returned.  There was but one other option.  Silently he stood up and removed his belt.  It was a difficult choice and without time to consider all the ramifications.  He handed the belt to David and got into position over the end of the couch just like Erik had done a few minutes before.  "David, do your duty." he said.

Although Owen had modified a step, David did not see any good reason to make a fuss as he had the belt in hand.  He stepped forward, raised the belt and swung it hard at his uncle's bare butt.  The man grunted as a stripe formed.  David repeated the action nineteen more times turning his uncle's butt fiery red and instilling a most memorable pain.

David made dinner that evening.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 13, 2020

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