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The following story is fiction about spanking of two tween boys by a construction worker.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by this drawing which I have copied from  and since removed.  Click the thumbnail for the full size image.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The old house that was being renovated was on the edge of a small town.  Several of the nearby houses were empty as the dying town just was starting to make a comeback.  The construction contractor was concerned about vandalism and theft of material stored at the site.  He had bad experiences in similar situations and knew that fences helped but did not really provide a complete solution.  Someone on-site was much more effective, especially with a phone and a shotgun.

This day the guard was delayed so one man stayed late to finish up some clean up work until the guard arrived.  Mark was to be picked up later by a friend because his van was in the shop.

Glen and Seth had watched the construction workers drive off.  By four-ten there wasn't a car left at the site.  The two tweens assumed that meant that everyone was gone and the place was deserted.  It was now the perfect time to explore the changes in the old house.

Mark was working quietly upstairs when he heard the pair enter.  They were making more noise than the full construction crew had earlier.  Cautiously, he made his way to the top of the stairs to see who the intruders were.  He was ready to dash back and hide had they been armed or professional crooks and call for assistance.  After all, he was not a security guard being paid to risk his life.  What he saw was just two kids and he guessed that they were tweens.  They were certainly trespassing and perhaps petty thieves or intent on vandalism.  He made the call to the sheriff and proceeded downstairs.  It would be best to prevent damage and maybe the contractor would give him a bonus for it.

When he spotted them they were each carrying some brushes and cans of paint.  "STOP!" he shouted and when they turned took another picture with his phone.  They dropped the loot and ran out the back door since the way to the front door was blocked by Mark.  He gave immediate chase.© YLeeCoyote

They were restrained where they could run because there was a temporary fence between the house and the old property wall both of which were ​eight feet​ (​two and a half meters​) high.  They were trapped.  In just a couple of minutes he had a vice like grip on each.  "Don't struggle boys." he ordered.  He when they did not submit, he tightened his grip and they got the message to obey.

"You are two very naughty boys." he lectured enumerating the obvious transgressions they were guilty of.  They looked very scared as they should have been.  "What happens to very naughty boys like you two?"  he asked.

They hesitated but knew what the right answer was in their community.  Softly they replied: "They get spanked."

Mark decided that he would have some fun.  "Indeed.  You surely both deserve spankings that you will never forget."  In fact, they each had already assumed that his dad was going to roast his tail good and proper.  "And you deserve them right here and now."

He let them beg although he knew that the sheriff would soon be there to take them home to their embarrassed parents and their doom.  Of course, they did not know of the photographic evidence that would contradict their false claim of: "We were just looking around and didn't do nothing." alibi.

"No need to wait until you get home to get your spankings.  We can do it right now."  The pair somehow assumed if they got spanked right here and now that would be the end of it so they stop resisting.

There was a chair near the wall that some worker had used at lunch time.  He dragged the pair over to the chair and issued an order: "Drop your britches, boys."  They hesitated a second but he tightened his grip and added: "NOW!"  They complied and he saw that neither had underpants on.  Then he sat down and pulled then both over his lap.  He got a firm grip on the outer one's waist to keep them in place and then he started to spank.

Mark was a strong man with a hard hand from his work.  Each hard spank elicited cries of pain from whichever boy it connected with.  Over and over he raised his hand and brought it down on one of the well-positioned cheeks.  After just a couple of spanks each cheek turned pink and after ten minutes all four were bright red.  Both boys were crying.  They were sure that this must be the spanking of their life that they had been repeatedly threatened with by their fathers.  Of course, when they got older they would learn about other things such as straps and paddles that hurt significantly more.

Once he was satisfied, he got them up and made them shuffle to the front porch and then stand facing the wall with their hands on their heads.  "Best to let your hot bottoms cool down before you go."  After a bit the sheriff showed up.  The boys were upset for they knew this meant more trouble for them.  "We thought you would release us after the spanking." they moaned.

"I said no such thing.  The sheriff will deal with you now and I'm sure your fathers will take appropriate action for such very naughty boys after you are home."

The sheriff was delighted at the photographic evidence of real crimes and thought nothing of the spankings except that their fathers would have an easier time later.  If they had been teens, he would have had the pleasure of using his punishment strap before returning them to their parents as was the local custom.

The sheriff took charge of them and lead them to his cruiser to take them home.  He did not allow them to pull their britches up.  At the appropriate houses he lead a boy to the porch and turned him over to the embarrassed parents.

It was Glen's kid sister who opened the door so she got another look at her brother's privates and his roasted tail.  "Did you wet your britches?" she asked him causing him to blush even more.  Seth's was a bit more fortunate for it was his mother who opened the door.  Both received immediate lectures and were parked in corners until their fathers got home to deal with them.

In due course, they each got a very memorable lesson because of the disgrace of being brought home by the sheriff for significant misbehavior.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 9, 2019

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