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Twofer with Fireworks


Neighbor's Report

It was a pleasant summer evening and I was with my father and uncle on the patio sharing a yummy desert and talking sports.  Our talk was interrupted by a loud SWOOSH we reconized from our firework display on the Fourth.  We all looked toward the noise and saw a sky rocket heading up, up and away.  No, not away but then a loud boom as it exploded into a delightful chrysanthemum.

"It is strange that Mack didn't tell us he was going have a display." said my dad.  Mr. Mack Staddon is our next door neighbor and Stuart is his sixteen-year-old son who always looks down on me because I'm three-years younger.  My uncle agreed but naturally we had all turned to watch.  Fireworks are fun!  And this was a great unexpected surprise.

My kid sister and cousin dashed out having heard the BOOM.  They were pissed that we did not call them but Uncle said we did know either.

Then just as a second one was launched, we heard Mr. Staddon bellow at Stuart.  "Just what the hell are you doing Stuart Simon Staddon?  You don't have permission to have – much less use – fireworks and certainly NOT without supervision."© YLeeCoyote

He called him by his full name which was a sure indication that Stuart was in big trouble.  There was some more yelling and totally ineffectual backtalk (as my uncle called it) from the youth.  We all heard it as they were both yelling.

"Stuart is just making it worse for himself.  I hope you learn something from this, Nicky." Dad said to me.  Actually, I saw Dad's point for what Stuart was saying really did not help his case.  He was busted and should have just manned up to it.  Dad told me to listen to the lecture and remember it for the future.  Interestingly, it did not make me feel so bad which, I guess, was because it was not directed at me.  Of course, my ears pricked up when things got to the spanking stage.

"Pants down, boy, and get over my lap."  Again Stuart whined.  This time claiming that he was too old to be spanked but Mr. Staddon was not impressed.  A couple more orders followed quickly and this time including "And your briefs too." got me really excited.  (As an aside, apparently he still wears tighty-whities – that's surely a useful fact.)  I thought that they were going inside but when I heard the first spank, I knew it was happening in the yard.  I ran to the fence to watch.

That was a big mistake.

That was a very big mistake for Dad called me back.

"So, you're interested in a spanking.  No need to spy, we can give you one of your very own."  The two girls giggled and whispered to each other.  I knew it was not helpful to complain they were going to witness my being spanked even though Dad insists that it be bare ass.

YIPE!  "That's not necessary Dad." I said managing to avoid saying 'unfair'.  Alas, it did not help.

"The experience is so much better first hand, son.  Pants down and over my lap." said Dad adjusting his chair so that there was room for me.

This time I knew what I should not say, so I dropped 'em (including my boxers) and said: "Yes, Sir." hoping Dad would go easy.

So as we listened to Mr. Staddon's spanks landing on his son's butt and the resulting howls, Dad was simultaneously going at my butt.  Happily, I can report that it was a relatively easy spanking.  Dad did not hit as hard as he has in the past nor did it continue for very long.  I did not even have to do any corner time and I could sit and finish my dessert with Dad and Uncle talking about the upcoming big game.  The giggling girls went back inside and I was glad of that.

Oh, and Dad was right.  It was a much greater experience involving all the senses instead of just one.  Like the difference between a 3D experience with a full headset and a narrow screen black and white film on TV.  I could have done very well without it, however.

* * * * * * * * * *

Friend's Report

I was downtown with my mom when my best buddy Stu texted me. «Bull had a couple of chrysanthemums left from the 4th and I got 'em cheap.  Olds not due back until 930.  Come over and we'll BLAST 'em then.»

«Awesome.  Due back 830.  Text you from the woods.» I replied

Well Mom just had to gossip with the clerk and we were late getting back.  I immediately headed through the empty lot (aka the woods) behind Stu's house and texted him I was close.  I was almost clear of the brush when I saw him dash out and set up things on the lawn.  Less than a minute later there was the SWOOSH and it was going skyward.

BOOM!  It exploded and turned into chrysanthemum.  Awesome but he could have waited another minute until I got there.  The first one was barely over when he launched the second.  It was just as awesome.

Then disaster.  His father came dashing out of the house roaring like a lion.  I backed up a few feet to hide in the brush.  Then another kind of fireworks started.

In a few seconds I knew that Stu was in for it.  He should have waited until the coast was clear but he is an inpatient guy and now he was going to pay for that.  I watched as he dropped his pants and got dragged over his dad's lap.

Mr. Staddon spanks hard (I know from painful experience) and Stu was reacting appropriately to the rapidly increasing pain being inflected on his bare ass.  If I had gotten there just three minutes earlier I would be standing with my pants down waiting a spanking rather than just watching from a far.  I was now very happy that Mom had yackked so much.

The spanking did not last long but it was effective.  Stu was sobbing in just a few minutes and his dad went back into the house.  I gave him an owl call and he joined me.  "Sorry that you got it but they were nice." I told him.  "Thanks for the show."

"Yeah." he replied rubbing his red-hot tail.

But allow me to backup a couple of minutes for when Stu was just getting his first spanks I heard his next door neighbor yelling at his pesky thirteen-year-old brat, Nicky.  It was like there was an echo for the kid got as many spanks as did my buddy.  As soon as Mr. Staddon went in I ran to the fence to watch and naturally Stu joined me.  The brat was still getting it from his dad.  We both saw the last few spanks.  I even got a picture.

Stu and I were delighted that we got to watch Nicky get his tail roasted.  We were sure that the Brat was unhappy that his kid sister and another girl were watching him get it on the bare.  We figured it would be best that Mr. Staddon did see me so I went home.

Later I got to muse on the three fireworks shows I saw – two rocket shots and two tail roastings.  It was a good evening – at least for me and my butt.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 18, 2019

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