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The following story is fiction about a youth and his immature stepfather.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and implied gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Unacceptable Stepfather


It was almost two years ago that my father was taken from us.  That is from my mom and me by a drunk driver.  He is now rotting in prison and I'm glad of that so that he can't rob anyone else like he did us.  I was just old enough that I had learnt many important lessons about being a real man before he was taken.  I've done my very best to live up to his high standards in every way and he continues to be my role model.  I wish that it was also true about Mother.

I'm sorry to say it but Mother is not like she was before the tragedy.  It is not that she is doing anything bad per se but she is sloppy about life.  Perhaps the one thing she has done that is worse than anything else is her choice of a new boyfriend, one Fredrick Pickenpaugh.  If Dad was still with us, he would have been in his late forties about ten years older than Mother.  This guy is not even thirty which is barely twice my age so he really not old enough to be my father.  Not only is he very young but he is immature often acting like a retarded teenager.  If Dad was still here and he saw this bum's antics, he surely would take him out to the proverbial woodshed for a good thrashing.

I did tell Mom what I thought of Fredrick months ago and that I believed that she should dissociate from such a loser and find a more mature man, like Dad was.  Unfortunately, she only got closer to Fredrick.  As much as I would have liked to tell this guy to get lost, I really did not have that authority for, after all, she is my mom and not my daughter that I would be in charge of and responsible for.  Although, now that I mention it, in some cultures I would be in charge of her as the closest male relative.

Then came the bomb shell without any warning.  She married him!  Now he is my stepfather.  They took a long weekend for a honeymoon.  After that he moved in and took my father's place in the master bedroom but nothing else.  What he did not do was go to work.  He was not independently rich with income from an inheritance either.  Perhaps Mother acted like a cougar but he certainly was/is a gigolo.  It is all very shameful.

I must also mention that he is as much help about the house as a lap dog.  Even though he does not have a job and does not do anything for society, he certainly should help about the house and yard.  However, he refuses to do any chores either inside or outside.  He was, to my mind, just freeloading.  If Dad were still here, he would certainly take me out to the woodshed for a good tanning if I behaved like that.  Alas, Mom seemed happy with this worthless gold digger even though she works hard to support us all.© YLeeCoyote

Lots of ideas starting forming in my head when an older friend showed me a personal ad on a gay hook up site for the somewhat fuzzy picture looked like Fredrick.  I checked the phone number and it matched Fredrick's.  BINGO!  The listing was recent and was proof that Fredrick was cheating (or at least trying to).  What he was looking for was a young top to treat him as a naughty little boy.  I formulated a plan.

* * * * * * * * * *

One day I asked him to tend to the yard as I had a lot of studying to do for my exams.  He refused and I told him that there would be consequences if he did not help out.  Needless to say, three days later he had not cut even a single blade of grass.

I had a couple of my strongest friends hide in the house for backup in case things did not go according to my plan.  Fredrick was watching some soap opera on the TV in the family room when I pounced.  I went in, full of confidence, and grabbed the remote and killed the TV.  He started to object but I cut him off and immediately started to lecture him.  I had prepared well, having even practiced, so I knew what I wanted to and had to say.  He was quite flabbergasted because I was going at him fast and furiously.

I ordered him to stand and even helped him by grabbing his ear and pulling.  It was handy that he was wearing sweat pants with a draw string.  A quick pull opened the bow and the sweats fell down.  I quickly sat on the couch and yanked him over my lap.  Acting fast was key to my success and I was doing that.  I had taken him unawares and definitely keeping him befuddled.  I put a leg over his legs and grabbed his right wrist which I forced up to his neck.  I could pause now that I had him locked in position.  If he had been in even half decent shape his struggles might have worked but he was in an awkward position so I could maintain control.  I paused to take a breath and looked up.  I saw that my friends and their phones were watching from the doorway and we exchanged smiles.

I pulled the old flip-flop from my pocket and gave him a couple of cuts to make sure I had his full and undivided attention.  "BE QUIET!" I snarled.  That actually made him stop yelling.  "You have been acting like a spoiled brat and that is going to change, boy!  You are going to start pulling your weight around here or you won't be able to sit!"  Then I started in earnest with the rubbery sole paddle.  Over and over I brought it down on his upturned ass.  I kept at it for about ten minutes and saw the target turn pink and then red and finally a deep crimson red.  It even swelled up.

Fredrick's changing reaction told me that my spanking was getting through to him.  At first he just yelled and then he howled in pain.  When he got to begging and promising I knew that he was getting the message.  I finished up with a couple of minutes of hard hand spanks because I wanted the pleasure of doing that.

I ordered him to stand and then frogmarched him into the corner.  "Stand with your hands on your head, boy, and think about how you are going to change until I tell you that you may leave the corner."  He was definitely behaving as a well-spanked little boy for he was doing exactly as he was told.

I backed away and then talked with my friends who congratulated me on how well I did.  One said with a big fucken grin that: "Your lecture was so good that it made me shiver."  I was proud but what would Fredrick do from now on was the big question.

After a half hour, I called Freddie from the corner.  "Go cut the grass in the backyard.  You got a couple of hours of daylight left.  Then clean up for dinner, boy."

He rushed off to do it.  The spanking was effective – at least while his butt was still fiery red-hot.  His silence was noticeable for he did as I had ordered and did not object to being called "boy".

I also ordered him: "Do the front lawn tomorrow.  If it's not done, be prepared for another spanking."  I guess that he could remember the spanking for a while because he did do the front yard while I was at school.

At dinner Mom scolded me about the terrible lawn job for the cut was uneven with lots of missed spots and the cuttings were not raked up.  I sat quietly through the whole thing as a dutiful child being scolded should.  When she was finished, I just said: "Mother, I did not do the lawn.  Fredrick did it so I could study for my upcoming exams."  Mother was surprised and not sure of what to say so I added:  "I'm sure that Fredrick will improve in time."  I left it at that and happy that Fredrick heard her scolding and knew it was for him.

Mother did give me a whippy "Sorry, dear." and Fredrick a "Thanks."  There really wasn't anything else she could do.  I think she had been thinking that I earned a spanking but she did not award it to Freddie.  I was sure that Fredrick lost stature in her eyes which was far more important than anything else.

It took another spanking to get Fredrick to do more things about the house.  I will admit that I enjoyed doing that.  Mother was a lot more cautious with her criticisms now after the lawn incident.

Mom's car needed a wash so I told Freddie to do it while I did some studying in my room.  I squashed his wimpy objections with just one word: "CONSEQUENCES".  He went to wash and I went to study.  An hour later I checked and he actually had washed the car.  However, it would have been a lot better if he had closed the window before using the hose to rinse it off.  I got him working on drying it with rags and a fan with the doors open in the driveway.

While that was in progress, it was time for another dose of CP.  He was getting used to it.  He dropped his pants and undies and lay over the front fender when I ordered him to so that I could impress on him not to be so careless.  I used my heavy leather belt with enthusiasm for twenty hard cuts.  This left his worthless ass bright red and on fire.

Mom found him still working on drying her car when she was dropped off after her tea with her friends.  She never said a word about it to me so I'm sure he confessed to his careless stupidity and once again lost status in her eyes.

* * * * * * * * * *

I probably would have just continued this way if Freddie hadn't had another significant character defect.  He was an adulterer and that would hurt Mother deeply when she learnt of it as it was sure to come out eventually.  There were two solutions for that.  First, for him to stop by not playing with others.  Second, a divorce and for him to get out of Mother's life (and also mine, of course).  If the first was a viable option, then he would have stopped placing hookup ads.  That meant that I must persuade Mom to kick him out.

My friend knew Eric who was of [legal] age and was whom Fredrick had been seeing.  We talked with him.  Surprisingly, what Freddie said in his ad was true – he wanted a young master to make him a little naughty boy.  What was good for a couple of hours tricking would be perfect extended for months and to prove to Mom that he was betraying her without her realizing I had a part in this terrible discovery.

Here is Eric's first person report about the event that lead to Freddie outing himself to Mother.

I secured invitations to Nat's orgy, er, party for both Freddie and myself.  I had told the boy that he would be public property for the event and he still agreed to come.  I did not waste anytime getting my boy naked and high.  When he was a little hesitant to strip, I took him over my lap and spanked him good and hard.  His hot-red ass reminded him of his place and made him properly docile.  Now it was easy to slip a hood over his head to blind him.  He would not know who was responsible for what happened after that.  His continued erection showed that this is what the slut wanted.

I strung him up for a while and subjected him to a lot of stimulation to keep him confused.  He did not know that electric clippers easily reduced his pubes and axilla hair to stubble making it easier for the depilatory to do its job.  Of course, we coated him completely with it.  He was now as hairless as the little boy as I had promised him he would be for me.  Then, after the chemical was washed off, a chastity cage was slipped on his worthless pee-pee and locked in place.  A collar and leash were added to finish off his most stylish ensemble.

Almost everyone had a turn at him as I lead him around as a hybrid of a boy and puppy.  Some fucked him at one end or the other and spanked, strapped and paddled his hot red butt.  We made sure he had plenty to drink and after he passed out, I took him home leaving him on his porch.

It really was a great party

* * * * * * * * * *

Mom found him in the morning.  He was a mess for he had puked and pissed himself.  "Looks like he was at a party and overindulged, Mom." I remarked stating the obvious.  She didn't know what to do so I made the suggestion that I strip him and hose him off before getting him to the bathtub.  There I could clean him and after drying him put him to bed.  She said OK but to use the back porch couch in case he made another mess.  The cold water from the garden hose stimulated him enough so that I could lead him to the shower, rinse him off and get him to the back porch.

It was when she covered him with a blanket that she saw unfamiliar things.  She removed the little doggie collar that was about his neck.  She saw his well-spanked butt with bruises.  She noted that he was hairless and had something locked about his genitals.  Again, it was total confusion.  I said I did not know what to make of it either.  An hour later I told her that I found what it was on the web.  I explained that it was a cock cage and that is used for assuring chastity and/or exercising domination and control.

I checked for the key in his clothes but it was not there.  Also, it was clear that he had been spanked for his bottom was red and bruised.  He was still in a daze so he could not participate in the conversation.  While we were talking, he got a text message that Mom saw: "family emergency / back in a few days / don't fuck anyone, Boy.  Master."

Mom quickly realized that Fredrick was not a proper life partner for her but a parasite that she must divorce and evict.  When Fredrick got over his hangover, he made up excuses that were vague and obviously mendacious.  Mom talked with her attorney and then told Fredrick that either he agrees to a quiet divorce with a small payment or she would sue for it on the ground of adultery and he would get nothing but an attorney's bill.  He took the offer and was quietly gone within a couple of months.

We have a happy home again.  I hope Mom will be a lot more careful when she thinks about dating again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 21, 2018

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