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The following story is fiction about domestic spankings.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Uncle's Spankings


It was a great job for three years and then – poof it was gone because the something went wrong and I was out of work in a little town.  Then I got an offer – I could move to my sister's place in the big city.  Of course there was a trade off.  I would have be in loco parentis for my fourteen-year-old nephew Tyler who would otherwise be alone.  In mid-June my other nephew, his brother Doug, would be back for the summer from college and share the task.  My sister and brother-in-law were going on a long trip.  It sounded pretty good for I'm on good terms with both my nephews and I would save on living costs yet still be able job hunt.  I packed, loaded up my car and drove there.

* * * * * * * * * *

I thought it would be super cool that Uncle Rick was coming when my 'rents were going on their long vacation trip.  He was always great fun when he visited and I was sure he would give me a lot more freedom than the folks did.  After all, he was a bachelor and younger.  Also, when Doug came back for the summer he wouldn't be able to pick on me.

Unk was here for a week before the 'rents took off quite literally and then I found out how very wrong I was.  I went to a party and got back a little past my curfew – just an hour.  Hell, it wasn't a school night or anything but as soon as I walked in Unk pounced.  It seemed like he yelled at me for an hour before making me drop my jeans and boxers.  Then I had to give him my belt and lean over the couch while he strapped me – hard – with my own friggen' belt.

It fucken hurt as you can imagine.  I yelled and after a few cuts jumped up.  That got me yelled at again for being a sissy and not taking it like a man.  Rick sat down and pulled me over his lap.  "I guess I just have to spank you like a little baby then." he said sarcastically.  To make matters worse he did not just hold me by the waist like Dad did years ago but reached over and grabbed my junk.  "This will keep you still." he chorted and then he started to whack me hard for a long time.  I howled and he even made me cry before sending me off to bed.© YLeeCoyote

That was horrid beyond words!  I just hope I can survive until Doug gets back.  My brother and I may have fought in the past but he never abused me.  Sure, he grabbed my junk when we horsed about just like I grabbed his.  Oh, and when he did his duty as big brother and taught me about the sex stuff they forgot in school.

It was only five days later that I got it again.  I forgot to take the garbage cans to the curb and Rick gave it to me again.  I certainly did want another baby spanking so I endured five cuts with the belt on my bare tail.

I'm super glad that Doug is getting home this weekend.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was glad to finish up my finals after a hard year at college.  I learnt a lot and things were a lot better than when I was a freshman last year.  The folks will be pleased with my grade report and since I couldn't get a job for the summer I'll be able to get ahead start on next year's reading.  Since the folks are away Tyler and I will be able to have fun together.  Unk should also make for fun times but he might go off on a new job leaving me in full charge of my brother.  Tyler and I talked about that and we both promised to make it work.

What I was not prepared for was that my uncle had changed.  Tyler was actually afraid of him and he came on strong with me.  He's gotten a very inflated opinion of himself to say the least.  Somehow his judgement capabilities, otherwise known as common sense, are all screwed up.  He expects that I follow some ridiculous set of rules that aren't even appropriate for Tyler.  He forgets that I've been pretty much on my own for two years at college.

I'm hoping that I can make him behave reasonably without having to talk to the folks.  I don't want to appear like I can't take care of myself after all the effort I put in to convince them that I'm grown up and mature.  Of course, the top priority is to protect Tyler at all costs

* * * * * * * * * *

I was so happy that Doug come back home.  We had a long talk and he definitely agrees that Rick is totally unreasonable.  He said that our grandpa would have known what to do and then told me this story.

It was some seven years ago when we were visiting our grands for a couple of weeks in the summer.  You were just a little boy of seven and were with grandma so you did not see it like I did.  I was twelve and went with canoeing Grandpa and Uncle.  Gramps had insisted that I wear a life vest and I'm glad that he did because Rick started to act like he was a kid of ten and was horsing about even after Gramps told him to knock it off a couple of times.  He kept at it until the canoe capsized and we were in the water.  Gramps quickly got to me and helped me into his canoe making sure it did not capsize after which we helped Rick get into his.

That, as you can imagine, ending the boating and as soon as we got back to the dock and the canoes out of the water Grandpa lashed into Uncle.  He let him have it with both barrels starting with a tongue lashing, even using some very naughty words.  After that he made Rick strip and lie over one of the canoes and gave him twenty-one (his age then) hard cuts with his heavy belt really wearing out his ass.  Rick was yelling but Gramps was furious and gave him full measure for nearly killing me.

Unk skipped dinner and stayed in the shed that night.  We left in the morning so you never saw or heard of this.

I thought that he still had not grown up and Doug agreed.

* * * * * * * * * *

I hadn't any idea that my nephews were plotting to get me.  It had taken only a couple of proper spankings to get Tyler to toe the line.  Doug was being very difficult however with lots of backtalk and disobedience.  What I wanted to do is what he surely needed – to get his pants down and use my belt on his bare ass until he understands that I am in charge and that I make the rules.  Unfortunately he was too big for me to manhandle like I had done with Tyler.

It all came to a head one afternoon.  I had gotten home in a terrible mood for I had gotten stopped by a traffic cop for no-good reason who gave me citation for failing to signal a turn and then to compound the indignity a second citation for a burnt out brake light.  Of course, how foul a mood I was in was not evident to me.

When Tyler came in I immediately lashed into him for being late and not cutting the lawn as I instructed.  "Leave Tyler alone…" Doug nosed in, "… he got tests this week and has to study.  And he called that he was working in the library.  Remember that school work trumps everything else around here, Rick."  I turned my attention to him but he was in my face – literally as well as figuratively – immediately.

Then Tyler opened his big trap.  "Rick got two traffic citations."  The citations were with the mail which I had brought in and put on the hall table which the kid had flipped through.

"Interesting.  Maybe if you had been here fixing dinner – like you were supposed to be – you would not have gotten them." snarled Doug.

«What the fuck was he saying?  Who the hell did he think he was?» I was thinking.

"That makes four spankable offences just for today." continued Doug.

What the hell was he thinking?  I'm adult – I don't get spanked!  Kids get spanked; kids like him and his kid brother.  "Shut the fuck up, boy." I snapped at him.

"That makes five!" he replied.  "And you are NOT too old to spank.  I remember Gramps spanking you like were a kid when you were twenty-one.  That's what you need – a good hard SPANKING – like he gave you when you almost drowned me."  I did not have a chance to respond for Doug grabbed my shirt and shoved me up against the wall forcefully reminding me how much bigger and stronger he was than I.  "Now you're going to get your due and start becoming a proper man rather than an over grown spoiled brat!"

I was scared.  He was furious.  And he was strong.  "Open your belt and give it to me and drop your pants." I fumbled with my belt and pulled it free and then let my slacks drop.  He pulled the hall chair over and directed me to bend over it and hold tight to the seat.  "If you move we'll start over.  Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." I said fearfully.

Doug raised my belt and brought it down hard on my bare rump.  Over and over he raised my heavy belt and brought it back down to crash on my tail.  I howled and howled like a wolf does at the moon and still he continued.  I begged him to stop but just got more for my efforts.  His strapping hurt as much as Dad's.

"That's all for today, Rick.  Now get into kitchen and get busy with dinner.  Tyler, you get up to your room and hit the books until dinner is ready.  I'll do the lawn." ordered Doug with authority and confidence.  That's what we each did.  My butt was aflame and I did not dare risk anymore.

I sensed that things were going to be different as I rushed off to prepare dinner.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was TOTALLY AWESOME!  My brother just took charge and turned Rick into a well spanked boy and then gave him orders.  AWESOME must be an understatement.  Not only did he do that but he saved me from a double spanking which would have lowered my grades on the final exams because I wouldn't have been able to work properly.  Naturally, I obeyed him about getting to study but I had troubles because I was still seeing Rick's fat rump turned into a fiery inferno was stuck in my mind's eye.  I also realized that spanking can be very nice provided that one is not the spankee.

It got even better at dinner.  Doug made Rick sit with us and told him about the new order effective immediately.  First and foremost, he was in charge and second Rick was not even to think of laying a hand on me for until school was over that was my one and only concern.  Third, there were still four spankings due and they would come with a couple of days spacing.

My big brother had also landed a job – not a great one but three hours a day five days a week.  Rick's responsibilities were everything for the house – meals, cleaning, shopping, laundry and job hunting.

"Understand?" he asked and after Rick nodded said: "Say it."

"Yes, I understand." said Rick dutifully.

* * * * * * * * * *

It has been a couple of weeks since the coup d'etat took place.  Doug kept his word and I got a total of five hard strappings that rivaled those that father gave me.  I feel like a little kid again living at home with my strict parents.  It's not right!  I'm almost a decade older than my nephew but he is so dominant and took control.  I want to change things back, but he is far too intimidating for me to really try.

Doug refused my request not to have Rick watch him strap me and even made it worse by deciding that he should help since some my transgressions were against him.  After Doug roasted my ass to a turn, Rick was given to opportunity give me some whacks several times.  Rather than using the belt like his big brother did he used his brother's frat paddle making me really howl in pain.  Rick was super proud of having whacked a grown up.  He gloated about it ever since  I just hurt more.

I really hope I find a new job soon so I can get away from my spanking nephews.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 17, 2015

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