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Unexpected Purchase


It was not a day that Mrs. Galland was looking forward to in the least but it had to be faced.  She had to take (perhaps drag is more accurate) Erick, her fourteen-year-old son, because he needed some clothes as well as the stuff she needed for rest of the household, on a long shopping trip to the Mall.  The problem was that the whirlwind of puberty had stormed in and infected her son.  The changes were impossible to miss for he had grown ​six inches​ (​fifteen cm​) in just over a year and developed a bad attitude notoriously common in adolescent boys.  Previously she had managed to keep him under some semblance of control with a spanking every month or two but now was different as he was bigger and stronger than she and not inclined to cooperate.  Unfortunately, Erick was all too aware of these things so he felt that his time for being spanked was past as his father was long gone.

It had been just over an hour in the department store when Mrs. Galland was paying that the sales assistant added a comment to the usual “Thank you for shopping here.”  The additional few words: “I think that these people can help you with your son’s behavior.  Here’s their introductory offer coupon.” which she handled to her along with the sales receipt.  As she finished up Mrs. Galland scanned the offer and saw that it certainly promised the help she needed with her increasingly out-of-control son.  She put it in her purse and headed for the next stop with her son and the hope that as this stop was for him, he would behave better.

That was, alas, not the case.  While he was in the changing room she studied the flyer she had gotten.  “Discipline, Inc.” promised to instill the sort of proper behavior she yearned for now that the boy had grown so much that she could not discipline him and, sadly, his father was long gone.

She first encountered unit R824 when she stepped off the escalator.  It was holding her son who had dashed off thanks to the tipoff from the previously mentioned sales assistant.  “Madam is invited to a free consultation about our services.  Our office is just a few steps away.” said the simulacrum as Erick was trying unsuccessfully to free himself from its grip.

The simulacrum appeared like a large young man with a perfectly proportioned body in a full bodysuit although not really wearing clothes.  It had the super hero look but without mask, cape or utility belt and an id over the pseudo left pectoral.  “That is an excellent idea.  Please lead the way.  Come along, Erick.” she replied being most inclined to learn more after her son’s latest trick.  Erick definitely did not want to follow along but as R824 had a firm grip on his wrist and a major weight advantage he followed along like a puppy since he most fervently wanted to stay attached to his arm.© YLeeCoyote

Mrs. Galland had a most fruitful discussion with the human agent and signed the contract with Discipline, Inc.  Erick was not pleased for had heard all the promises of how effective the company was in the agent’s sale pitch.

After a signal from the agent R824 said in a flat monotone: “It is time for your spanking, please follow me, Erick.”

Erick hesitated and the simulacrum warned.  “If you would you prefer you can choose to have a warmup spanking here first with an audience and then we can go to the punishment room for your full spanking.”

“I don’t want to be spanked!”

“Of course not, boy, but that is irrelevant for you have earned a spanking.  Please follow me.”  The boy remained in the corner so the simulacrum acted.  It again clamped one hand around one of Erick’s wrists and proceeded to open his pants and then pull them down.  Erick struggled and even hit the simulacrum but quickly learnt that under the faux skin wrapping was a hard, unyielding frame.  The simulacrum assumed a sitting position without a chair maintaining its balance with a support that slid out of its frame.  It then simply pulled the boy over its lap and held him in place.  Erick’s attempts at resistance were less effective than those of a mouse with a hungry cat.

Erick was yelling to be let go but the simulacrum ignored him and began to spank.  Initially it applied three mild spanks to the boy’s bare posterior which got Erick’s undivided attention.  Then it continued with a dozen more leaving the boy howling at which point R824 released Erick.  The boy jumped up and was torn between rubbing his burning tail and pulling up his pants.

The simulacrum was very patient.  When Erick had finished adjusting his clothes, it again said: “It is time for your spanking, please follow me, boy.” and started for the door.  Erick had already learnt one important lesson – do what the simulacrum ordered even when said in a gentle and polite way.

In the punishment room, the simulacrum again made a simple request: “Remove your pants quickly and get over my lap for your spanking for behaving like a baby earlier today and dissing your mother.”  The response could not have been faster if Erick was stripping to lose his virginity and in just seconds he was over the simulacrum’s lap in position to be spanked once again.

Each hard spank made him yell as he felt a wave of immense pain zoom through his body like a tsunami.  After just a few spanks, was he howling and bawling.  Not only were the spanks harder than in the sales office but R824's ‘hand’ was now in ‘paddle’ configuration for greater effect.  Erick had no idea of other things that had happened.  His mother had watched the entire spanking through the one-way mirror and sensed that her son was undergoing a change.  After the spanking was over she entered the punishment room and wiped his face.  “Pull up your pants, Erick.  We have more shopping to do and time is passing.”

“Yes, Mother.” he replied fearing that the simulacrum might return.  While she shopped Erick stood quietly and studied the brochure about how the program worked and what he was expected to do.  He was especially interested in the how and when spanking could happen.  The why was very simple – be bad and get spanked.  Avoidance was just as simple – do as you should and you won’t get spanked.

Erick returned home a changed and docile lad.  After dinner, he was directed to do his homework and he obeyed.  He even sacked out when directed.  Mrs. Galland was quite pleased although she knew it would require addition treatments for long term changes for boys quickly forget how unpleasant punishment spankings are and get off track.  She set to work to revise the household budget to include the expense for the unexpected purchase of Discipline, Inc. services.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was Sunday and Erick, at his mother’s insistence, found himself in church, where he had not been for more than a year.  Just the hint that she would call Discipline, Inc. to send an operative was sufficient to make him attend.  It was after the formal service had concluded and he was with the youth bible study that he discovered that Discipline, Inc. had infiltrated the entire world.

Mr. Mendelow who was leading the class was droning on about some biblical details when in walked a simulacrum H257.  The leader was not surprised as the two greeted each other.  A hush fell over the entire group as they knew there would be at least one spanking.  Even Erick could guess what was about to happen although he wasn’t sure about the details.  H257 took a place at the front sitting on a nonexistent chair using its own extendable support obviously confident that there would not be any rebellion.

H257 spoke. “Milton Redman come here for your spanking, please.”  The named boy slowly complied being afraid not to and, naturally, most fearful of what was to come.  Once in front of the punisher he slouched in disgrace as he was told of his crime, er, transgression of failing to do his chores for more than a week.  H257 opened Milton’s pants and pulled them down to his ankles and then did the same with his underpants in front of the entire co-ed class.  It was just like it said in the brochure: “All spankings are administered on the bare bottom regardless of location or other persons present.”  It then glided the youth over its lap and began to spank.

The spanks were loud and thus obviously hard.  Milton yelled for each one confirming that they were painful.  Soon he was crying as his bottom turned fiery red.  Erick counted twenty hard spanks before H257 stopped.  “Get into the corner and think about changing your behavior Milton Redman.”  The red-tailed youth obeyed instantly and even clamped his hands behind his head not daring to rub and far too occupied with the novas in his butt to worry that his junk was flopping in the breeze before all.

H257 called out a second time.  “Jean Tubbs come here for your spanking, please.”  Erick was surprised that it was a girl who came forward since it could have been a boy’s name.  Her transgression was being repeatedly sassy and back talking to her mother.  The surprises continued as H257 opened her skirt and let it fall to the floor and then lowered her panties just as it had lowered Milton’s undies a few minutes before leaving her half-naked as was Milton.  The spanking commenced and it seemed the spanks were just as loud and hard as been with the naughty male.  Apparently Discipline, Inc. was not sexist in the least.

Again, the spankee was soon bawling as her bottom increasingly matched shiny Red Delicious Apples.  When the spanking was over she was dispatched to a corner just as Milton had been.  Erick found her hot tail fascinating even more so than her privates which was a new sight for him.  This puzzled him.

H257 told the leader that it was done for the day and the two well-spanked miscreants should remain in their corners until the end of the lesson and left.  At end of the class, Mr. Mendelow called the two miscreants from the corner and proposed that they apologize to the others for wasting their time by having to be spanked.  After they did he suggested that they returned to the main sanctuary to pray after redressing.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 6, 2021

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