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The following story is done as a letter to the advice column "Unfair To Girls !" in the monthly magazine Teen Miss published for girls six to twenty.  The letters are usually from girls who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) boys are in charge.

This story contains scenes of spanking and domination of a young teen.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The fictitious drug Puericil-G™ is described at

This work is copyright by the authors and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Unfair To Girls
Lindy's Letter

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Response by

Red Rover <>

Dear Unfair To Girls:

I'm fourteen now and life is terrible!!!  I'm standing here at my computer writing this as my bare derriere is flaming red-hot because my brother – a mere twelve-years-old – used Granny's hairbrush on me just a short time ago.  It wasn't that I did anything really bad, you should understand, but that I was a mere fifteen minutes late getting home.  Please note that my curfew is an extremely early six pm every day even when it not a school night.  It wasn't like I could get into trouble like when hanging out at the Mall or running around for I was at my BBF's house just two down the block and he knew it.

Was Brad nice and forgiving enough to cut me some slack?  Not at all!  I walked into the house and gave him a pleasant good evening and he just barked at me like a hardass.© YLeeCoyote


I knew that I had to obey him or things would get worse.  I managed to keep my mouth closed and ran up to my room where I stripped to my birthday suit and got into the corner to wait with my hands on my head.  It was hard to wait because I knew what was going to happen when Brad deigned to deal with me.  I sure wished that I had remembered to use the toilet first however.

When he called me from the corner he was smugly sitting in my desk chair smiling as he reviewed my faults with me.  I'm required to stand in front of him so that he can look right at my now hairless kitty and undersize breasts (barely AA) like I was when I was barely ten-years-old.  After I confessed, he ordered me to get him the hairbrush – Granny's wide, heavy hardwood backed monster – and then get over his lap which he covered with a towel in case I leak.  The damn brush is like a paddle and in just a twinkling I was yelling and bawling like a little baby.  Unfortunately, this time the towel did get wet and I was required to rinse it out before doing more corner time.  When I recovered, I went to him and apologized for causing him extra work (spanking me) and promised to be a "good little girl".  It is part of my punishment that I must humble myself.  At least I don't have to grovel and kiss his feet.

After dinner, he'll give me a bath carefully paying attention to all my private bits.  Once I brush my teeth I must sit on the toilet to go pee-pee with him watching.  If I don't tinkle, then he will make me wear training pants to be sure I don't wet my bed just because I had an accident six months ago.  He'll tuck me in by eight pm.  Even eight-year-olds stay up latter than that on weekends.

Things were not like this a couple of years ago.  Then I was a happy girl and was well on my way to an A-cup and had a lovely bush.  When I caught him being naughty I could make him submit to a spanking from me so I would not tell the folks.  A year ago he was still bald.  Now he knows how much I envy his bush so he makes sure I get to see it regularly.  As my woman parts (I was a B-cup almost) shrank back to little girl size, his boy parts were growing.

Brad is the sibling-in-charge all the time even when our parents are around.  He may even spank me any time he wants for any reason he deems appropriate.  Brad likes to say that he is babysitting me when the folks are out.  He treats me like an eight-year-old and our parents approve.  To make sure that I am a docile little girl they have put me on Puericil-G™!  Every morning he puts a pill into my mouth and watches that I wash it down with my juice.  I don't dare not swallow it for he would love to switch to using the backdoor form and it would be super humiliating to have him stick it into my bottom hole.

Life was a lot more fun before the daily pill.  I was on top of the world and ran around having fun, fun, fun.  It was a lot more interesting to date boys than to do my homework and chores.  If Brad gave me any trouble or if I just felt like it, I would pants him and even spank him often when my (and once his) friends were about so they too could enjoy his humiliation.

All that changed with the daily dose of Puericil-G™ I am forced to take.  I have become a quiet girl like I was much younger, boys are no longer interested in me (nor I in them), and am doing much better in school.  Brad sort of changed from being my little brother to my big brother with all this awesome power over me.  He absolutely loves being in charge of me especially giving me that pill every day that makes me so submissive and obedient.  He even says that it not right for him to be paid because we're all family and he wants to pull his own weight and more.  I don't believe that for a minute for he absolutely loves the power he has over me.

I want to stop taking that terrible drug and resume growing up.  I have asked my parents.  I have begged them.  I have pleaded with them that I've learn my lesson and promised to be a good girl – to follow the rules and … well everything even continuing to be under Brad's control.  But it is USELESS!

Can you help me?  Please!

It is just Unfair To Girls.


Dr. P. Baker, Psychologist for Teen Miss responds:

Dear Lindy,

I am sorry that you are having these problems at a very difficult time in your life.  But you are not alone; many girls and boys from eleven to fifteen go through what is called age regression.  It is more common with boys, which was why the original Puericil™ was developed.  It has worked very well with boys and so they have developed Puericil-G™ for girls.  It has taken longer to perfect because girls undergo more radical changes than boys do at puberty, but it does work quite well for most girls.

You are fortunate to have Brad to help you through this phase in your life.  Many teens do not have a sibling as intelligent, loving and dedicated as Brad. It can be awkward when the "mature" sibling is younger or a different gender than the "immature" one.  Since Brad is both younger and a boy, it makes it more difficult for you, of course.  But he seems to be well motivated and has the support of your parents, so that should help.

Of course, this is not much consolation when you are being spanked, forced to undress or having the intimate parts of your body washed by a younger boy.  But it is clearly in your best interest for Brad to care for you in this way.  Many teens with this problem do not properly clean themselves and need to be washed and cleaned by parents or siblings.  You probably helped Brad with washing when he was younger, now it is time for him to help you.

Your bladder-control problems are something that also can occur while a girl is taking Puericil-G™. You should tell your doctor about this so he or she can consider adjusting the medication or changing the way it is given.  I know you don't want Brad inserting a suppository into your rectum, but that might be better than wetting yourself under stress situations or at night.

You should ask your parents to bring Brad along to all your medical appointments.  The doctor or nurse should observe Brad washing your girl parts to be sure he is not over or under-cleaning.  Either can lead to painful infections.  The doctor should also show Brad other areas of your body where he needs to check for potential problems.  Brad should also be monitoring your bowel movements to make sure you are not getting constipated or having loose stools.  The doctor can tell him what he needs to look for in your urine and stools.  I know it will be embarrassing at first, but Brad is your caregiver and needs to be aware of any potential problems.

I know you want to grow up as soon as possible, but that may take some time and you need to be patient. As you behave better and act more responsible, your parents will see the changes and give you more freedom.

Feel free to write to us again as time goes on and we can see how much progress you are making.

Paul D. Baker, Ph.D.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 25, 2015

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