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The following story is fiction about two youths who have an unforgettable experience on a school trip to the art museum.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This was inspired by several status at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York  (links at end).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to e-mail.

An Unforgettable Lesson at the Museum


It was a dark and stormy night.  Well, that's the way Snoopy always starts but that is getting ahead of this story for it was a dark and stormy morning at the beginning.  A more rational and prudent principal would have cancelled the ninth grade's trip to the art museum in the city but he was worried about the loss of the moneys expended to arrange the trip from the extremely limited budget that would have prevented rescheduling.  The teacher in charge was most anxious to get her class – and especially herself – to the special exhibition of Monet that was closing in a week. So they set off at promptly at 9:30 expecting to be inside the fantastic museum by 10:30.  Unfortunately the gods of traffic and the gods of school trips were at odds for after an hour they were barely halfway there and creeping their way past numerous fender benders on the slippery, ice, snow and slush covered roads.

It was noon when the class finally checked-in to the surprise of the museum staff.  They were allowed to eat lunch while they got the introductory talk from their guide.  Rex and Jake, two fourteen-year-old buddies, were not interested at all in the wonderful exhibit especially having to listen to detail discussion of the images and their significance.  They quietly slipped away from the class and went exploring on their own.  Since they were not the primary friends of any of their classmates, their absence was not noticed and the teacher was far too interested in the great art to do head counts.

When the group (less the two truants) moved on to the second gallery, the snow accumulation was such that the museum director had opted for an early closing and even the teacher had come to realization that it was wise to leave early.  The group was rushed out to their bus but an accurate head count was not made as it was obvious that since the group's private coat locker was empty all were surely present.  In reality, Rex and Jake wore their black leather motorcycle jackets all the time – indoor or outdoor – as they were part of their personas.

After separating from their classmates, the pair had been rambling about the museum entertaining each other with a continual flow of sophomoric comments.  They were actually impressed by the superb craftsmanship (as contrasted to the schlock in the stores) of some items such as the Samurai swords although the non-metallic amour rated just sneers.  A generation earlier these young adolescents would have been more than thrilled to have seen those painted nudes especially with their breasts and crotches exposed but now they quite familiar with far more detail of live objects on the web to be impressed.  They found all this exhausting and slipped past some screens that were blocking a gallery that was closed as it was being prepared for a new exhibit.  They secreted themselves in a far corner behind some crates and became deeply engrossed in video games on their smart phones.  When the museum closed early, the two were overlooked by the museum guards clearing out the visitors.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

When Rex and Jake's smart phone batteries were exhausted, they resumed their meandering.  They did not notice that they were alone.  Was purely chance that the night watchman did not encounter them for several hours or was it perhaps the will of Zeus?

In the statuary hall, its many Greek and Roman statues provoked more commentary.  As the women were mostly clothed they were worthy only of yawns as the boys had studied many spread-beaver full color images of pulsating flesh on the web.  The males were mostly of the ancients' Gods or slender kouroi and nude in keeping with their practice of honoring the body.  The two young cretins were full of comments – all disparaging – about these heroic figures.  Infected by modern porn, they seared at the modest sized and flaccid penises fortunate enough to survive the darker times of zealots chopping them off and gave those statutes that hadn't even greater scorn.

It always a good idea to be polite and respectful especially with the powerful and that, most certainly, includes gods – even the ones you don't believe in.  In the half dark gallery, suddenly there was a flash of light such as from a thunderbolt.  They did not miss the thunder that normally accompanies such events but hadn't this time.  Zeus' thunderbolts can be most special should he so decree and this one was most certainly very special.

The confused boys were quickly surrounded by three naked males.  "You two have been most disrespecting of us and for that you will be punished." said one most authoritatively in a deep bass voice.  The boys looked at each other and at the two other very menacing figures.  It was quite a shock when they suddenly realized that it was Hercules speaking – the statue had become alive.  The figure was huge and muscular so that a linebacker was small by comparison.  This was one of the statues that they had mocked for it had been mutilated.

"RUN!" shouted Rex sensing danger.

They both started to flee but could only manage a couple of steps before they each crashed into one of the figures which was like slamming into a brick wall or, more accurately, a massive marble statue.  Not only did that hurt but they were the resistible force hitting the immovable object and thus did not make any progress.  The two other figures each grabbed a boy with one hand about an upper arm.  The boys each felt as if there was a ring of stone around his arm and neither could flee so strong were their captors.

"You're not going anywhere, boys." said the tall slender youth – the kouros they had also seen earlier.

"You mock both immortals and mortals proud of their bodies, yet you go covered in thick wrapping which hides yours." said Perseus who they had seen earlier holding a head and the sword that he surely must have used to decapitate Medusa.  It was little comfort that he was not carrying either the sword or the snake-haired head at the moment.  "Let's see what wonderful bodies you have." he said with a chuckle, "Disrobe, boys and let us see."

"We better, Jake." said Rex as he opened the zipper of his black leather jacket.  Jake immediately followed suit and both were released so that they could comply.  Surround by the three ancients they knew that they could not flee and soon they were as naked as when they were born.  Now they were subject to intense critical examination.

They did not like being scrutinized at all.  They were found wanting in many, many ways.  They heard how were physically weak with limited muscle development, how their loins were paler than near by areas, how they were unkempt and how their junk was insufficient and below average size.

It must be noted to their credit, that they did understand the lesson and made poor apologies for their earlier behavior.  But that was too little, too late to save their asses.  "Such disrespectful behavior needs to be punished." said the kouros knowing how he would have been treated.  Perseus immediately agreed and it fell to Hercules who was the most parental to decide how.

"Those infant mortals are far too flimsy for proper punishment so we shall do it like their culture has prescribed." he paused a bit and continued "I shall spank them."  I need not tell you which two were enthusiastically in favor and which were opposed of the four listening.

Hercules sat on a strong stone bench and pulled the fearful Rex over his lap and rested his big hand on the small of his back.  Rex quickly found that he could only flail his limbs so strong was the immortal.  Seconds later he was glad of the strong hand holding him in place for the other strong hand had just crashed down on his butt.  He yelled for it hurt far more than the principal's paddle at school hurt.  A few more spanks soon had him bawling and his tail bright red and swollen.

Jake had watched and knew that the same was about to happen to him.  He saw how the hand had not turned red while his buddy's cheeks had.  Perseus pulled Rex off and the kouros pushed Jake over the spanker's lap.  Jake was already sniffling as he was put into place.  He tried to beg but he stopped as soon as the first spank landed with a great thud at which time he began howling.  In a just few minutes he also was bawling like his buddy.

Both boys were quite confused for as they stopped bawling they realized that their cocks were very hard.  They also thought that they were finished but they soon learnt otherwise.  "You two also need to learn that it is not just penis size that matters.  Unfortunately, Hercules was cowardly mutilated centuries ago so it is for Perseus and me to show you how this with our average tools.  He has been mentor to several already and I have just reached the age where I may practice for that important role."  The boys looked fearful for they had heard of the Greek way although not quite as described.  "Please, we don't need that." pleaded both of them.

Of course, that was ignored and both Perseus and the kouros each pushed a boy to his knees before himself.  "Get us wet, boys." was the order.  The two were amazed at how much larger the penises were now that they were erect for they were ignorant of the shower/grower factor.  Of course, they could not talk with their mouths full as they did as ordered.  Then without any warning they were pulled around and bent over the ends of the bench.  A half minute later each realized that a stone hard cock was pressing on their bottom hole.  Those were driven by irresistible forces that they could not stop and resistance was futile.  Neither the kouros nor Perseus rushed for they knew that the boys would yield soon enough.  And when they did they gave them a very practical lesson that larger is not required.  As the mentoring lesson continued, each boy felt great pleasure as their sensitive prostates were pounded hard which caused then to thrust back at their mentors.  Soon they each reached a climax and proving that the lesson was surely delivered.

There was another flash of a lighting bolt.  Return back to their normal time and space the boys suddenly realized that they were alone once again.  Alone but naked and with extremely sore hot bottoms.  They rubbed a bit and then saw the fountain with its cooling water.  They dashed over and sat in it to allow the cold water to do its magic in cooling the raging infernos burning their neither regions.

* * * * * * * * * *

One of the night watchmen found them and quickly took a picture to show for his report.  When the supervisor showed up many more pictures followed of the two naked fourteen-year-olds who were found sitting in the fountain with very red behinds.  The little messes they made while learning about mentoring were noticed and also documented.  Their fantastic story was not believed although it was well documented that they were naked, spanked, in the fountain and had ejaculated.  It was clear that there had been a lot of improper behavior – both generally and with each other.

Their parents, school officials and even the museum were glad that they were found safe.  Fortunately, a car service was found that took them home where they had to face angry parents and anticipate the next day's prospect of angry school officials and scornful and skeptical classmates.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 25, 2016

These are the statutes that inspired me with current links.  If the links have expired then search the Met's site with the accession number given.
Marble statue of a youthful Hercules [03.12.13]
Marble statue of a kouros (youth) [32.11.1]
Perseus with the Head of Medusa [67.110.1]

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