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The following story is fiction about male/male strapping.  The story contains scenes of strappings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Unjust Deserts


It was after six when the cops got me home in the patrol car.  I was surprised that Dad was not home since I was due back at five.  They left me at my front door still wet and drove away with my best friend Russ to get him home.  Just then Dad drove up and before I could say a word started yelling at me.

He was more than pissed that I was late, still wet obviously from being in the slimy pond in the park and, most of all, that the cops brought me and Russ home shaming him in public.  He ordered me to go around to the back door and to strip on porch so as not to mess the house.

He met me in the kitchen with fire in his eyes and the strop in his hand.  He would not let me speak.  He just yelled at me about how many rules I had broken and proceeded to strap me with that heavy strop on my bare butt.  He was in an uncontrolled rage and swung hard over and over.  I screamed at each painful hard cut.  I was bawling my eyes out by the time he stopped and sent me bed without dinner.  "And you're grounded for a month." he yelled, adding insult to injury.

A cold shower got the slime off but did nothing to quench the raging inferno in my sorely misused tail.  He rudely shooed a couple of my friends away who came by barking at them that I was grounded.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

In the morning Dad was still raging mad.  It was a cold breakfast and  "Get your sorry butt off to school before you're late and you better come right home, boy."  There was not anything I could do or say so I left for school.

I met up with Russ.  He was happy and cheerful.  His parents had listened to him telling of our great adventure and were proud of him.  He had not been beaten as I was for being a hero and he was most sympathetic to my plight although helpless to aid me.

We were totally unprepared for what happened at school.  Russ and I were the center of attention.  There was a school assembly and we were called up onto the stage.  We were highly commended for our heroic effect in rescuing Billy and Willy, those two little kids, who had run away from their care giver and gotten into the pond.  The story was front page news in the local newspaper.  Mayor Mundinger and Principal Schlotterbeck jointly presented us with Good Citizen Certificates.  The local paper had even sent a reporter and photographer to continue the story in the next edition.

Unfortunately, I could not sit still to enjoy my moment of fame because of the severe beating from my father.  We were treated as celebrities by our schoolmates and even the teachers.  It sure was a welcome change from home.  Alas, after school I had to skip the impromptu celebration from my friends to rush home as I was grounded.  I did not dare risk being late, especially with my butt still hurting.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad was still angry when he got home.  He had learnt what happened and had even seen the newspaper.  He was annoyed at me for not calling as soon as I was out of the water and the park people were on the scene.  When I told him about the award, he was unhappy because the mayor is from the wrong party and now our names will be together in the paper.  Grudgingly he reduced my grounding to just three days.  However, there was never any apology or even remorse shown for the unfair beating.

That night I had a wondrous and fantastic dream.

I was in a very formal and elegant court room that seemed to glow.  The judge and lawyers were in judicial robes and the rest of the staff in uniforms.  Father was in the dock.  He was naked.  Some official read the charges of abuse and unfairness.  The prosecutor presented the evidence which was done with 3D image of the rescue and of the horror I had been subjected to the day before.

The evidence was crystal clear and Father was pronounced GUILTY by the Court.  There could not be any other just outcome.  The sentence came next.  Repayment ten fold.  Father shrieked but was silenced.  The court officers dragged him away.

Now we were in a courtyard.  Father was being strapped to some sort of frame.  A muscled big man in just a loin cloth watched holding a heavy strap.

Just like when I was being strapped I counted but this time it was Father who howled.  This was repeated until the count matched.  Father was taken down and chained at the side of the yard along other convicts.  Some official told me to return the next day.

I discovered that I had some accommodations that were very pleasant.  I had a good meal and played fantastic video games.  After breakfast I returned to the punishment courtyard.  The scene from the first day was repeated with Father trying to resist and obviously fearful of what was to come.

I was not fearful nor anxious.  The strapping was repeated with the same results.

After the prescribed ten times, Father was ejected from the courtyard and he hobbed away.

My alarm woke me.  It was time to get ready for school again.  Alas, Father was not any different.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 2, 2017

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