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The following story is fiction about brothers coping with the lost of their father.  The story contains scenes of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Unpleasant Duty


It was a typical sort of scene in the Tavis's residence.  Mother and son were having an argument.  Ten-year-old Mark was adamant that his mother should not spank him.  "Dad promised you would not spank me after I was ten." he screamed.  His mother was distraught!  It wasn't that Mark was denying that he had misbehaved or even that he shouldn't be spanked but that she should not do it.  As a widow of six months she knew that his father was not available to spank him.

"You can't spank me!" was the first thing that almost fourteen-year-old Todd heard when entered the house.  It was immediately followed by: "Don't let her spank me, please.  Dad promised." as his kid brother grabbed onto him tightly.  Todd understood right away for he had past that age more than three years ago when Dad told him that he was no longer little boy.  That meant rather little boy spankings from Mother from then on he would get proper manly spankings from Dad.

As much as he feared being spanked by his father especially with his pants down it was even worse to have his mother pull them down – exposing his boyhood and butt to her female eyes – and have her whack him with the kitchen spoon like a baby.  Sure, Dad's spanking hurt.  They certainly hurt more.  But Dad was a guy and he used his big hard hand and later his belt but certainly not a cooking tool from the kitchen.  It was recognition that he was growing up.

As soon as he dropped his sport bag and sat down, Mark shifted his grip to around Todd neck and was whimpering in his ear that Dad had promised.  Todd was hugging his distraught kid brother that he loved ever so much.  Their mother was exasperated.  "He needs a spanking, Todd." was all she could say as she dropped her head onto her arms on the table hiding her face in her helplessness.

Quietly, Todd asked a few questions and Mark quickly admitted his transgression and even that he had earned a spanking.  "What would Dad have said to you now, Mark?" asked Todd.© YLeeCoyote

"Go to my room and get ready for a spanking."

"Right!  Go do it and I'll be up in a minute, Mark."  The boy scampered off.  "Mom, I'll take care of this.  Don't worry, please." he said softly giving her a gentle pat.

Todd was not quite prepared emotionally for what he saw when he entered the room.  Mark was half-naked, standing in the corner with his hands on his head.  It was exactly the way that he had been more times than he wanted to remember waiting for Dad.  He did not want to do what he knew had to be done.  He sat on the chair and called his brother over.  Then he asked his brother the same question that Dad had asked him so many times and got the necessary admission.  There was not any resistance as he pulled the boy over his lap for the first time.

"I'm ready." the boy said nervously as he gripped his brother's leg tightly.

The time for words was past.  Todd raised his hand and brought it down on his brother's bottom for the first time as a punishment.  Over and over he repeated the action until the target was bright red and the boy was crying.

It was long after the boy stopped crying on his brother's shoulder that they let each other go.  Todd wiped the tears and snot off his brother's face and sent him to wash up.  When he returned, Mark said he was sorry and that he wouldn't do it again.  They hugged again.  "But there one more thing you have to do, Mark.  Go downstairs and apologize to Mother."

The boy nodded and reached for his pants.  "Would Dad have let you put those on first?"  This time the boy shook his head.  He pleaded with his eyes but knew what he had to do.  He dropped his pants and slowly went downstairs.  Todd watched from halfway down.

Bravely, he said: "I'm sorry, Mother."  She looked up, smiled and gave him a hug.  He ran upstairs and got dressed.

Todd was deep in thought.  It was now clear to him that being man of the house had some unpleasant responsibilities.  It had hurt so badly to have spanked his baby brother.  He hurt even more than when his father had used the belt just a month before he had died.  He wasn't sure that he was up to the job but he had it.  He promised himself that he would do it the very best he could.

When they went for dinner, there were some changes.  There was a pillow on his brother's chair and his plate was at the end of the table rather than on the side.  "Thank you very much, Todd.  I know that was very hard to do."

"Thanks and you're welcome, Mother, but it was my responsibility now that Father is gone."

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© Copyright A.I.L. June 17, 2012

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