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The following story is fiction about two brothers.  The story contains scenes of strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the sequel to Unpleasant Duty which should be read first.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Unpleasant Duty Redux


In the two and half years since Todd first roasted Mark's butt he had to do it more than a dozen times.  It was never forced but the younger boy always agreed that it was appropriate and that their father would have done it had he not died.  Todd, still an adolescent, still required the occasional spanking himself.  He had shocked Mr. Sellard, his best friend's father, by asking him to take on the task giving him the same treatment as he gave Lamar at times.  Todd explained that he would come over when Mother and he agreed that it was appropriate.  It was not a frequent occurrence happening only five times in this period

It was a stupid thing to have done.  Todd quickly realized that but it was several hours too late not do it.  There was not anyway to roll back time and rerun the universe or even this small bit of it.  He was only going to sit in the car and listen to the radio with Lamar, but.  BUT! the key got turned too far, the engine started and the car moved.

Todd couldn't claim that it was just an accident.  Mark insisted that it was not an accident but a chain of premeditated events leading to the "crime".  Just like a killer gets a gun, puts a cartridge in the chamber, aims at a target and pulls the trigger.  Even if the last step was supposedly accidental, it's still murder because, step by step, it was all deliberate.  That last step could not have happened without the previous ones.

Lunch was a bit tense until Todd admitted that Mark was right and Mother agreed.  A spanking was called for.  But there was a complication as Mr. Sellard had just left for a week long business trip.  "I guess that I have to wait a week." said Todd unhappily.

"You really don't have to torture yourself, Todd.  There is an alternative." said Mark when they were alone in their room.© YLeeCoyote

"Huh." grunted Todd.

Mark took off his belt, folded it and whacked the seat of his chair resulting in a resounding crack.  "I'm not full grown yet, but I'm sure big enough to teach you a lesson, Brother.  The lesson that Father would have if he could."  The surprise and hesitation was most evident on Todd's face.  "We both know what you need, Dad isn't here and neither is Mr. Sellard.  There isn't any reason to wait a week when we can get this over right now."  Just to drive the point home, Mark gave the chair another cut.  As the whack resounded in the room, he could see that his big brother was thinking hard.

Mark waited a couple of minutes before speaking again.  "OK.  It's time.  Lose those pants and get into position with your ass up and we'll get this over with."

Todd's mind was in a tailspin.  He had definitely come to terms that he had earned a first class spanking but he had never though that his kid brother could do it.  Of course, his father (if he was alive) or an uncle (if there was one available) or an older brother (if he had one) would be a no-brainer.  Todd looked at Mark.  He was almost a teenager now.  He was certainly growing and developing.  He certainly could swing that strap hard.  Did it matter that he was younger?

Todd decided.  He stood and removed his pants and undies.  He wasn't sure where to bend over but Mark solved the problem by moving the chair.  "Bend over this, Todd." his strap-wielding brother ordered and he obeyed.  "Hold on tight, Todd; this is going to hurt."

Mark raised and brought the folded belt down hard on his big brother's proffered butt.  Todd yelled in pain.  He immediately knew that his kid brother was more than up to the task of spanking him.  That first cut hurt more than even the recent ones from Mr. Sellard.  As the belt repeatedly drove the point home he could barely hear the lecture about not driving in any way unless it was legal.  By the time Mark stopped, Todd's tail was glowing like two bright stop lights and he was crying.  He barely could collapse on his bed to cry.

As he cried, Mark held him.  He was surprised that he felt so bad for having disciplined his brother.  There was no joy nor pleasure in the act.  It was, however, something that they both knew had to be done.  He went to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth wet with cold water and used it to try to cool the fires burning in his brother's ass that he had lit.

By evening, the brothers found that they were closer than ever before.  They probably would have used the L-word except adolescent boys avoid it.  Todd had acquired a new respect for his little brother who definitely was growing up.  Mark admired his big brother for taking it like a man.  Both agreed that they would not need Mr. Sellard's spanking services any longer.

At dinner the two switched seats so that Mark was at the end of the table.  In response to their mother's question, Todd explained that the pillow fit better on the side seat.  All she knew for certain was that her sons were growing up and had a very complex relationship.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 21, 2012

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