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The following story is fiction about a spoiled youth who gets a new step-father, community and school and then learns new ways.  The story contains scenes of spanking and slippering.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I want to express my thanks to Paul Crewe for his invaluable comments that got this into British English from my native American English.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.



I lost my father when I was very young and was raised by my mother.  She indulged me and I had my own room in our London flat.  It was right after my fourteenth birthday that mother married Mr. Keir Jelks.  Not only did I get a stepfather but also a stepbrother, Thomas.  Because we had a large flat, Tommy got the spare room and I did not have the double unpleasantness of suddenly not being the only child and having to share my bedroom.

Tommy was very different from me.  He was some three years younger than I and had been raised very differently for his father (now also my stepfather) was very strict.  It was clear the very first time I saw him for he was wearing shorts.  Sure, kids these days wear them when it is hot but kewl brand names ones and with appealing T-shirts with proper logos or snazzy colours on them.  Tommy was in some nondescript stuff by NoName.  Even his trainers were the same brand.

He also talked differently and I don't mean his accent.  If it wasn't "Yes, Father." then it was "Yes, Sir." and the like.  I was told that I had to address my stepfather the same way.  I was warned that "Frederick you had better shape up soon or else."  It was not explicitly said what the "or else" meant but I got an inkling when Tommy got spanked only a few days after he moved in.  It was something trivial but Keir did not care.  Tommy was sent to his room to change into his special spanking shirt.  In just three minutes he was back.  That shirt was positively obscene and it was all he was wearing.  The bottom of that T-shirt was closer to his navel than to the base of his willy.  His pubes were also showing!  OMG, he had pubes already!  On the front was emblazoned in block letters: «I'm a naughty boy» and on the back «Spank here» with a large red arrow pointing down.  Keir was sitting on a chair and Tommy walked over to him, and said: "I'm sorry I was naughty, Father.  Please spank me good and proper."  And that is exactly what happened.  Tommy got over Keir's lap and was spanked.

It was like watching a horror film to see Keir's large hand spanking Tommy's little bum.  I have to give the lad credit, for as his bum turned bright red he kept quiet and when it was over he was sobbing softly.  He then had to stand in the corner for a half hour with his hands on his head letting his bum cool off.  A few days later, he again displeased his father and was given the naughty step treatment.  Since we did not have any stairs in the flat, he was required to sit on a footstool naked and with his hands on his head in a corner and remain silent.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Before we fully worked out our relationships, Keir got a new job.  Within just a few days we were packed up, the removal company came and we went off to our new home.  It was on an island with a population that was less than that of a typical estate with apartment blocks in London.  Even with lot of open space on the island, occasionally munched on by sheep (or was it goats), we were stuck in a small cottage.  I lost my own room and was forced to share with Tommy.

It was only the second day there that Keir took Tommy and me to the village shop to get us our school uniforms.  I could hardly believe that they actually had a school here.  It had been established a century earlier and the people took pride in it.  I'm certain that it would have been better to have been sent to some boarding school on the mainland where there would be modern civilization for I soon learnt that the school rules were pre-war.  I'm not sure if that was WWI or WWII.

The village shop was not Marks & Spencer's by a very long shot.  It was a dismal place although it apparently stocked everything needed by the people here.  After seeing the stuff on the racks, I was sickened for it was all generic and out of date.  The place would not have lasted a week in London with such crap for sale.  I'm sure I would have done better in a charity shop.  Keir spoke with Mr. Kibbey, the proprietor, who said that Pat would help us.  I was surprised that there would even be a shop assistant.  We went upstairs and Patricia Kibbey joined us a minute later.  The uniforms were more than horrid, looking like garish clown outfits.

Keir told her we both needed uniforms for the school and she said what the usual quantities were and he agreed.  He explained that he had to tend to some other business and he would return in an hour.  He then warned us that we had better be ready to go when he got back.

Pat pointed to a relatively empty area with just a couple of benches and told us to strip to our briefs.  She then measured us and got a batch of stuff from the racks.  She started by handing each of us a pair of plain white Y-fronts and told Tommy to change into them as he would not survive a day at school with those cartoon briefs he had on.  When he asked where, she said "Right here, lad."  Then she told me to change also as boxers were unacceptable and would quickly get me six-of-the-best.  When I wanted privacy, she said: "I've got four brothers – two older and two younger – and you, boy, ain't got anything I haven't seen thousands of times before so change."  I refused.  "Have it your way, young man, but I expect that your dad will be very angry if you're not ready when he returns."

Pat then got Tommy fitted out completely in the silly uniform and made a neat package of his stuff both the old and new that he was not wearing.

A little while later, Keir returned and by then I was back in my regular clothes.  He inspected Tommy and said that he looked very smart.  Then he asked Pat why I was not ready.  "He refused to change out of his boxers which are not only too long under shorts but are not regulation, Mr. Jelks, and then he got dressed while I was fitting Thomas.  I thought it best to let you deal with the recalcitrant boy."

"You are quite right."  Then Keir turned to me and growled "You have thirty seconds to get undressed, Frederick Onley Jelks."  I refused.  That was a very bad move!  Keir grabbed me, moved over to the bench and opened my trousers.  I yelled but he continued and once they were opened he yanked them down.  My boxers immediately followed.  Then I was turned over his lap and held down.  He was strong!  "That was the last straw, Frederick.  Since you persist in behaving as a little brat, you shall get spanked like one."  Then he smacked me on my bare bum with his hard hand.  I yelled in pain.  Before the echo died out he gave me another two SMACKS and I was in agony like never before.  In just a few minutes I was crying like a little baby and had a hot, sore bum.  I was helpless and confused for Tommy did not cry like this when I saw him spanked.  From the way his bottom turned red, I was sure that he did not get off easy.

While I cried, he stripped me completely while Tommy and Pat watched.  Of course, they all got a close up of my package which was still undeveloped at that time.  "You certainly don't have anything to hide, Freddy." Pat said emphasising it using the diminutive of my name.  I blushed all over.  I was actually wishing that I could put on those generic Y-fronts rather than standing there with my hands cupped in front of my crotch.  I objected to getting shorts and Keir gave me a couple of SMACKS and told me to be quiet.  Pat explained that according to the school rules for my first year I was required to wear shorts regardless of my age.

Pat told Keir that she had to leave but her brothers, Quentin and Milton, would take care of us.  It was only then that I saw that there were five grinning lads present and I was certain that all had enjoyed watching the show.  Beside Pat's brothers there were three others, all five in that horrid school uniform and they were all in long trousers.  It turned out the three had come to get some replacement items and all five of them had seen me get spanked and cry like a little baby.  I hoped that I could get out of there fast but that was not to be.  Keir told me that when I was done, I could walk home as he could not wait for me.

"I don't know the way." I said, scared.  There were several giggles. "I know the way, Father.  It is back east until that big oak tree then south to the house.  Should I show Fred?"  Tommy is a big show off.

"That would be good, son.  Frederick you follow your brother home and don't give him any trouble.  Understand?"  Of course, I understood but I hated it.  He left and then I had to deal with five boys who had seen me get spanked and cry like a baby.  Since I could not run away, I had to face the five of them.  Even if I could avoid them now, they would be in school tomorrow.

I quickly became Jelks major and Tommy Jelks minor as we would be in school.  I learnt that Quentin was in my form.  Even worse was that one of them – Casebolt – was the Head Boy.  While I stood there naked, the two brothers tended to their friends before they got back to me.  I could not put on my own clothes because Keir had taken them.  Eventually I was kitted out in the silly uniform and had a bulky parcel containing my sports kit and changes.  They all laughed when they discovered that I was fourteen, still got spanked and cried like a five-year-old.  I definitely knew that I was going to have a hard time in school because Casebolt said that he would speak to the Head and explain that I still got baby hand spankings rather than the strap or cane or even the slipper from my father.

Casebolt also inspected both of us and pronounced that Jelks minor had the proper appearance but that I needed to smarten up a lot.  "Proper uniform is required at all times by the school." he said.  "If you looked that way at school, you would get the slipper."  Quentin made several adjustments to my clothes before Casebolt would let me go.  He warned me to dress carefully for my first day at his school.  "I'll be sure to check you out and you will regret not looking absolutely smart."

It was a long walk home with my butt hurting, wearing the uniform and lugging the heavy package.  It did not help any that Tommy said: "You sure made a memorable impression on our new neighbours and classmates.  It was positively brilliant."  He did not have to explain he meant my hot, red bum, my tear-stained cheeks and my small, hairless willy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things went from bad to worse when we got home.  Keir had told Mother how I had shamed him by my infantile behaviour in the store.  She was neither pleased nor sympathetic in the least.  Before we were allowed to eat, Keir ordered Tommy to change into regular clothes and for me to put on that obscene, undersized spanking shirt of Tommy's.  Keir informed me that it was all I was allowed to wear until I dressed for school in the morning.  I objected and Mother snapped at me: "Listen to your father, boy!  You have caused far more than enough trouble for one day."  She started the first of two washer loads with our new clothes before we were allowed to eat.

I ate standing up so that Mother also saw that I was still hairless.  Tommy did not have to say anything but he was grinning all the time.  He now knew that I still did not have any hair down below and that I cried like a baby when spanked.  I was also presented with new rules which were the same as Tommy's including an early bedtime. Later when we were sent to bed, Tommy told me what a stupid ass I was for behaving like a little boy.  "Even though you ain't got pubes and still just have a little tiddler, you're supposed to act your age – not like a little eight-year-old brat."  Of course, he decided to sleep nude so that I would be reminded that he had hair where I did not.  "You're going to be the laughing stock in school for what happened in the store and you only have yourself to blame.  Casebolt is going to be on your case for certain."  Unfortunately, Tommy was probably correct about Casebolt.  "I'll bet he'll find an excuse to spank you in school just like Dad spanked you in the store.  And not in the privacy of his study.  I sure hope that I'll get to watch him make you cry."

There wasn't anything I really could say so I just told him to get into bed as I did the same and turned off the light.  I had terrible thoughts about the first day at school and did not sleep well for I had this horrid nightmare.

Tommy and I were just about the last two to get to the school that first morning.  The stupid clown uniform did not feel as bad as it did in the store as there were lots of boys wearing them.  We were looking about, wondering which way to go to get to the Head's study to report in when there was a loud bellow: "Jelks!"  It was Casebolt.  "This way, both of you."  He led us to the Head's study and introduced us.  Embarrassingly, he explained to the Head that I was still spanked OTK like a little boy by my father rather than getting the slipper, strap or cane.  Then we were escorted to the morning assembly where we were to be presented to the rest of the school.  So far, so good.

Then disaster struck.  Casebolt whispered something to the Head and he made a surprising announcement.  "Jelks major was fully instructed on the proper appearance required of all students at this school by the Head Boy but has impertinently flouted these simple rules with his socks about his ankles.  Casebolt will deal with this here and now."

I was stunned.  Casebolt ordered me to give my blazer to Tommy as he sat down on a chair in the centre of the stage and called me to him.  He quickly opened my shorts and yanked them down along with my briefs.  He announced to the entire school, that my father had not advanced me to the slipper so I was to be spanked like a little boy.  He pulled me into position and began to spank me.  He hit as hard as Keir had yesterday.  I could not help but to yell and soon I was crying like a baby in front of the entire school.

Eventually, I was lifted up and ordered to restore my clothes including my socks.  When that happened, my front was facing the entire student body so that they all had a view of my underdeveloped boyhood.  The assembly was dismissed and Tommy and I were both led off by our classmate mentors to our first lessons.  Unfortunately, there was not any time to detour to the bog so I could not wash my face before class.  I could hear the sniggering as I entered the classroom."

That's when I woke up in a cold sweat.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was very careful dressing in the morning making extra sure that my socks were properly in place.  I hoped that the reality of school would be nicer than it was in my nightmare.  I was surprised that Keir drove Tommy and I to school in the morning.  It appeared that he wanted to present us both to the Head and take care of any paperwork.  He also asked the Head to be especially strict with us particularly me and that he had full permission to spank, slipper, taswe and cane us as he saw fit even for the most minor offences.

We had been expected and our student mentors were waiting for us and we started with the regular assembly.  Most fortunately I did not get spanked for droopy socks in front the entire school.  I was left to meet my classmates in a more peaceful fashion in class and PE.

I discovered that PE was going to be a problem.  Locker room was a misnomer for there weren't any.  Just open pigeonholes for stuff and zero privacy there and in the open shower room.  Kibby minimus made sure to ask me, in a loud voice that all could hear: "Jelks major, is your bum still red and hurting from the SPANKING your daddy gave you yesterday in the store?"  The others did not have do anything to find out as I had to strip completely to change into my sports kit.  I was quickly informed by several that my bum was not red anymore which was information I could have done without.  Fenwick, another classmate, was delighted for it was quickly noted that he was no longer that last to get pubes in the class.  I had usurped that honour.  I was an honour that I would have gladly foregone. The day went reasonably well and fortunately I did not get spanked, slippered, taswed or caned.

* * * * * * * * * *

The trouble occurred on the third day.  We started out the same time as the second day for school but had not known that the rain the night before would leave huge lakes and rivers that required a raft to cross.  We had to detour through pastures several times and it was slow going in the mud, although it was fortunate that we were wearing wellies.  Casebolt greeted us at the school entrance.  There were four of us lads who were judged to be untidy as well as late.  He rushed us off to our lessons but we had to see him at lunch.

The first one to report to Casebolt was Rall, who was a form mate of Tommy.  He must have been a regular for Casebolt said: "I think I know what your answer will be Rall but I have to ask you formally.  What will it be – six or four?"

"Four, please, Casebolt." replied the lad and he immediately dropped his shorts and briefs and got into position over a chair.  Casebolt quickly gave him four WHACKS with a slipper sole.  I winced for each whack although Roll took it well and his bum showed the red ovals each time.  When it was over he cheerfully pulled up his pants and shook hands with Casebolt.

Tommy was next.  Casebolt asked him the same question but with a third option of being spanked.  Tommy just imitated Rall and after dropping his pants got into position.  I watched with horror knowing that I would have to do the same.  Tommy, I have to admit, took it very well.  I guess all those spankings he got from his dad toughened up his bum.

Wegley was one form below me and he did not wait to be questioned.  "Three with the cane, please, Casebolt."  He got into position but kept his long trousers up.  He, too, took it without any fuss.

The time I was dreading was here.  I was not sure what I should do.  Casebolt made the decision for me.  "Normally, because you are in shorts you would get the choice of the slipper with or without clothing, but because your father still spanks you in the traditional manner in public, that is what you shall get from me."  I could hardly believe my ears – he was going to spank me in front of everyone.  I should have immediately asked for the cane or even the slipper but I was frozen with horror.  The room became silent as everyone was watching.  Someone positioned a chair and Casebolt pulled me into position.  He then opened and dropped my shorts and yanked down my briefs.  Everyone saw that I was pre-pubescent as Casebolt pulled me over his lap.

It was horrid even before the first spank.  They were as hard as Father's were a few days before in the village shop.  Unlike the four that Rall got with the slipper, I got dozens of smacks.  He made me cry.  When it was done, Tommy helped me to dress and wiped my face.  He also made me gulp down my lunch.  After class, I was certain that everyone was sniggering at me.  Although a few of my form mates went the same way, I was not welcome and had to walk with Tommy.  A couple of his form mates told him how much more of a man he was than his wuss of a big brother leaving me to turn red with shame.

We were almost home when Tommy said: "You put on a brilliant show today.  Not only were you baby spanked in front of all but you cried like one.  Positively brilliant.  I'm surprised that you did not get a standing ovation and a demand for an encore especially showing a stiffy from the spanking.  You should have asked for the cane or at least the slipper."  I said nothing.  "You better shape up, Frederick."

The evening turned to disaster as Tommy reported the events of the day and said that we have to leave earlier after rain because of the flooding.  After hearing the news that we had arrived scruffy, Keir said that we will be spanked at home after being spanked at school.  Tommy shocked me.  "Begging your pardon, Father, but I was slippered and …"  He did not finish the sentence.

Keir turned to me.  "Were you caned?  Or were you slippered as well?"

I wanted to just say "No, Sir." but that certainly would have led to another question.  "I was spanked." I said as simply as possible.  Then I had to explain why I was spanked while Tommy was slippered.  Keir told us that he would come to our room just before our bedtime and we had best be prepared.  First, Tommy bent over and got two smacks with the slipper.  It was just as horrible as when I watched him get it in school and I was just as scared as I was at lunch time.  Then, I was taken over Keir's lap and soundly spanked just like in the store.  I howled as my poor bottom was still sore from the earlier spanking.

Tommy teased me more and I cried myself to sleep.  I had terrible dreams that I was spanked and spanked like a baby while Tommy was getting the slipper and then the cane both at home and in school.  The worst part was that Tommy was put in charge of me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 11, 2011

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