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The following story is fiction about the public discipline with CP of a young man.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and public nudity of an adult male.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Vacation in Hell


We had been looking forward for this trip for a long time.  It was to the Tourpark lodge which operated in the national forest.  We had booked several excursions that would assure that we got the most possible out of the trip.  It is easy to sit by a pool or go to a museum without a guide but wandering in the wilderness requires much more planning and support.  We were not experienced enough to tackle things by ourselves in unfamiliar territory so we signed up to be led.

We checked in mid-afternoon and were, as the tourist industry says, at liberty for the rest of the day.  The desk clerk suggested that we take in the sunset from the viewpoint after we settled in and before dinner.  Shad liked the idea so we did.  Let me explain that my partner is the one in charge all the time.  He is a few years older than my quarter century but keeps me on a short leash because I am, according to him, a great big irresponsible childish brat.  I'm sure that he is right (about this like everything else) since I behave much better after he takes down my pants and spanks me good and hard.  Since this happens so often, he has also shaved me down there because, he says, I am also too immature to have man-fur.  Sometimes he lets others spank me.

It was a half hour walk to the view point.  There were several other people there but we did not speak to any of them but just enjoyed the view over the valley with the sun setting in the distant mountains.  It was quite beautiful.  I was quite excited and jumped up onto the wall to see better.  Shad told me to get down but my inner brat refused.  He told me again!  "Get down from that wall immediately Tommy or else."  The third time he grabbed me and pulled me away to some benches that were for watching.  He had an entirely different use in mind.

"No, Shad please don't." I pleaded, "I'll be good.  Promise."  It did not help at all.  It never does.  In just a few short seconds, he yanked open my shorts and pulled them down.  Before I could beg him not to do the same with my briefs, they were also below my knees and I was falling over his lap.  Then he started to spank me – with hard and fast hand spanks.  There were more spanks than I could count but I certainly felt their cumulative effect as my bottom was quickly on fire.

I was pleading for him to stop and promising to behave.  Fortunately, he allowed me to pull up my pants.  There were several people who enjoyed the show for they were standing around with smirks and grins.  I hoped that they did not use their cameras but I was blushing so much that my face was as red as my tail.  At dinner I fidgeted a lot.  I was sure that everyone was looking at me and talking about how I was spanked.  That I was fidgeting surely convinced those who had not seen my humiliation but merely heard about it.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

I was as bugeyed as my kid brother, Jeff, when we saw that man getting spanked like a little boy in public.  Now that I'm fourteen Dad has stopped spanking me and neither Jeff nor myself were ever spanked in public.  Sure, we each got a swat or two on our seats as warnings but never on the bare.  We were on vacation and Dad was resting back at the lodge with Mom while we had been permitted to go to the viewpoint by ourselves after promising all sort of things.

When we saw it all happening even Jeff who isn't even twelve yet said that guy was stupid.  "Kent, if I did that you would have made me get over your lap for a bare butt spanking so you would not tell Dad who would do a lot more."  My kid brother is no dummy even though I would never tell him that since it goes against the big brother code.  Actually, he's quite savvy so my friends don't object when he tags along with us.

We were being overwhelmed by the spectacular view, when the asshole began to prance about on the safety wall.  Fortunately the other guy grabbed him and then we got the real surprise – he yelled at him and dragged him off for a well-deserved spanking.  I was taking pictures with the good camera and got a lot of the action without it being noticed.  It was Jeff who noticed that the guy was as bald as he was and that his dick was downright tiny – he sure looked like a little kid with his pants down.  Maybe that is why he acts like one.

I managed to transfer those pictures to my computer right after we got back to the lodge so I would not have to explain why I took them to the 'rents.

We saw the pair at dinner.  Dad first commented.  "That guy is dancing on his seat like he had ants in his pants or," he said with a great big grin, "like you two do after I've spanked you."

"He was, Dad.  We saw it up on the viewpoint."  I explained it all and Dad seemed to approve.  "Well, I hope that you don't give me a reason to do that."  I was greatful when Mom changed the subject.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning I promised myself that I would not be a brat and earn a spanking again but would have lots and lots of fun on the rafting excursion.  Of course, Shad warned me to behave if I did not want a repeat of what happened up on the viewpoint.  The group was about ten people all together and we were taken to the launch site in a small van.  We were mostly guys and adults.  There was a pair of women and one het couple, another gay pair beside Shad and me, and a man with his two sons.  I did not realize that the boys had witnessed my spanking at the viewpoint even though they grinned (or was it smirked) at me.

The 'raft' was actually an inflatable boat and we were all issued life vests, protective hats and paddles.  We were given instructions on how to paddle to control the raft.  Shad and I were on opposite sides of the raft.  It is important to note that Kent, the older boy, was in the position directly behind me as will become evident shortly.

The Captain put us through some training exercises and we got going.  Shad kept giving me instructions.  It seemed like they were continuous but in actuality several minutes apart.  Everyone was looking at some scenery when I got an order which is not unusual but it was not from Shad nor even the Captain; it was from Kent.  "Stop slacking off, Tommy.  Paddle faster."

"What?" I exclaimed in surprise, "Who are you?"

"Tommy, the young man is quite right; do as he says."  Yipe!  Shad has appointed him his deputy.

"You're slacking off.  Paddle harder.  Or maybe I should find another use for that paddle?" he replied quickly and managed to give my butt a slap.  It was not really a spank but it was more than a love tap.  His kid brother laughed out loud.  I paddled harder.

After that Kent gave me a constant stream of instructions which I found myself compelled to obey.  It wasn't just because Shad told me to but also because Kent had what the military calls command presence which I sensed.

We stopped for lunch on a little island which was pretty natural.  We got our previously ordered bag lunches and sat on the ground.  Kent, Jeff and their father, Lewis, were next to us.  Shad and Lewis chatted and I was, as another boy, required to talk to Kent and Jeff.  It was horrifying to learn that they not only witnessed my being spanked at the viewpoint but had taken pictures.  Kent thought that I probably should be spanked again but fortunately he did not try for it.  I probably was saved by Shad telling me to get him a drink and Kent ordered me to get a couple for him and his brother.  Of course, I did.

There were not any 'facilities' but the Captain told us to use the woods to drain.  I really did not have to go so I didn't bother.  When we got told to wrap things up to continue the rafting adventure, Shad asked if I had made pee-pee.  Both Kent and Lewis thought that it was funny that he used that baby word.  Right after I admitted that I hadn't, Kent chimed in.  "I'll take the little boy, Shad." and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up and into the woods.

"Pull down your shorts and go tinkle, boy." he ordered.  I hesitated so he continued.  "I've seen your bald little pee-pee already so no need to be shy." and he yanked down my shorts.  He even watched as I pee-peed.  When we got back, he told the others that "It was a good that I took the little boy for he tinkled a lot."  I'm sure my face was redder than my butt is after a paddling.  The afternoon part of the trip was beginning.

The scenery was fantastic and I tried to forget about the horrid, aggressive youth behind me.  We had just cleared some rough water when I went overboard.  I'm sure that the monster Kent gave me a shove but it is hard to say after being bounced around a lot as we all had been.  Several people helped me to get back into the raft.  Kent was especially 'helpful' grabbing my shorts and pulling up good and hard.  It was one of the worst (i.e., most painful) wedgies I have ever gotten and I could not complain about it for he was just being helpful to save my life.  I, of course, was just the careless little boy who went overboard.  Shad told me any more funny business, and he would spank me.

Shortly after that we finished up.  We turned in the equipment and people began to dry off and even change clothes.  I had managed to forget to bring my towel.  Shad gave me a disgusted look indicating that I was proving to be a little boy again.  Kent proved himself once again by taking charge.  "You can't ride in those wet shorts.  It will mess up the van seats." and with that he pantsed me.  Yes, right in front of everyone.  "Put on your towel, boy." he ordered with a smirk as I tried to cover myself with my hands.

"I forgot it." I whined.

"That was very naughty."  He grabbed me after sitting on the bench and pulled me over his lap.  "You were told to bring one.  It was on the instruction sheet."

Then he SPANKED me in front of everyone.  He spanked hard.  Then Jeff handed him a flip-flop and things got worse by an order of magnitude.  Everyone was taking pictures of him turning my ass into red-hot mush.  When he finished, the driver rushed everyone into the van for the trip home.  I had to sit naked because Kent kept my shorts.

Back at the lodge parking lot, Shad told me to thank Kent for his help all day.  I objected very softly that he did not help but Shad insisted so I could not avoid it.  Kent and, of course, Jeff had huge grins as I thanked my young tormentor.  As least I got my shorts back which I put on immediately

I wished that I never would see them again, especially Kent.  Unfortunately, Lewis invited us to join them at dinner.  Their mother was most amused hearing about the day.

It was an absolutely horrid day.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can't believe my luck.  On our rafting trip we meet that overgrown baby who I had thoughts about spanking.  His antics at the viewpoint were not an aberration but his normal behavior.  Once we were on the raft, his partner kept giving him instructions and I couldn't help myself one time and that changed everything.  Once I gave Tommy an order, his partner backed me up and I was in charge.  Now Dad is constantly telling me that if I want more privileges I have to behave in a mature manner so I took charge and kept giving him orders.  It was a good feeling that the overgrown baby obeyed me completely.  I hoped that Dad was impressed by my maturity.

Since his partner, Shad, and my dad got to talking at lunch, Jeff and I talked with him.  He was quite passive doing what he was told and embarrassed that we had seen and photographed him getting spanked.  He even fetched drinks for Jeff and me when I told him to.  What he did not do was urinate like the Captain told everyone to do in the woods.  When Shad caught him in that omission, I led him into the woods and it was a good thing because he would not have lasted the afternoon.

Tommy couldn't stay in the raft and after he took an unauthorized swim, I helped pull him out managing to give him an extreme wedgie as punishment not noticed by the others.  He did not dare to complain since I was saving his life.

I was able to achieve my dream about spanking him.  After we were finished and getting ready to get on the van, it was clear that he was still in his wet shorts.  He had failed to bring a towel or a change of clothes.  Well, I thought that all rated a spanking so I pantsed him and got him over my lap like the naughty little kid he was acting like.  It was definitely thrilling to give him a real spanking.  I noticed that Shad was smiling his approval.  Jeff was very helpful for he handed me a flip-flop which made my spanking far more effective and Dad even took some pictures.

Shad did not object when I told Tommy to get into the van without his wet pants.  He was bright red all over.  Back at the lodge, he thanked me (as per Shad's order) for all I did and I gave him back his shorts.

Later Dad said that I acted in a very mature way all day and he was proud of me.

It was an absolutely fantastic day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad had a surprise for Jeff and me the next morning.  He had decided to go with Mom on some old folks – stay in the van tour since he had left her alone a lot to be with us.  Jeff and I were allowed to go on the guided hike since we had both been behaving well and the Tourpark approved (since they had good reports on both of us).  He also asked Shad to keep an eye on us.  In a word – COOL!  It also meant that I could keep an eye on Tommy and hopefully roast his ass again if he was naughty.

This trip was more serious than the rafting one for the Tourpark checked that everyone had the required gear.  I noticed that Tommy was sent back to get something he forgot.  What a baby!  Lewis and I passed inspection just fine.  We had the smaller, lighter and cheaper camera, for Dad had the good one, and it was fully charged and memory cleared.  Not only did we have the sketchy trail map from the Tourpark but I had found a good map and got it onto the camera's memory card.  Shortly after breakfast it was into the van for the ride to the trail head for our adventure.

The trail started out level and got increasingly steep as we climbed the mountain.  Although it did not require ropes, we did have to scramble up several sections.  It definitely was not a beginner's hike although neither Jeff nor I were having any trouble.  There was a dangerous section as we approached the top.  The leader reiterated this and a couple of people after looking at it decided to wait rather than go on the narrow cliff-hanging part.  All it required special was to take it slow and steady without any childish games or stupid dares.  I'll bet you can guess who did what they most definitely should not have.  That's right – Tommy started to clown about.  There were only two options – push him off and permanently stop him or yell at him to behave and continue.  Passing was not an option.  The leader said the first option was not allowed as it would be littering.  I yelled at him and so did the leader and Shad.  It was a great relief when we got back to the normal trail and quickly reached the pinnacle.

The leader was very concerned about Tommy's behavior.  He, like everyone else, would have to navigate that risky section to get down the mountain.  He gave the immature baby a long lecture supported by Shad.  Of course, I and even Jeff chimed in that he was acting like an immature brat and was begging for another spanking.  Shad agreed that I was right.

I lectured Tommy some more and he was shamefaced and stood with his head sagging.  He was wearing jeans (as per the instructions for long pants to protect legs) so I opened his heavy leather belt and pulled it from the loops.  Then I opened his fly and yanked his jeans down.  His tightie-whites quickly followed.  I had him lay over a boulder so that his naughty boy bottom was properly raised up.  He did not deserve any warm up so I commenced with the belt immediately.  I made sure that he felt them for I swung good and hard.  He yelled a lot.  I even let Jeff give him a few cuts also.  They were not as hard as mine but he still felt them on his tenderized tail.  I was careful to get some good pictures for my brother to treasure as a memento of his first spanking an adult.

Everyone had lunch and Tommy was warned that any nonsense on the way back would result in a very severe spanking that would make mine seem like a baby's spanking.

It turned out that not only was Tommy serious on the difficult part but all the way back to the lodge.

Jeff and I both learnt that spanking even real spankings can be lots of fun – when you are the spanker rather than the spankee.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can't believe how much my ass still hurts from that strapping Kent gave me on the mountain yesterday.  Shad says I deserved every hard cut and maybe even more for my stupid brat antics on the trail.  We have an easy day planned today – just to knock about the lodge and rest.  Shad decided to catch up on the web and to deal with whatever even though we are on vacation.  I went off to the big outdoor swimming pool.  As I approached, I saw that there were a few kids horsing about with a couple of parents watching.  They have to be there because there is not any lifeguard on duty.

The kids were doing one of my favorite things – cannonballs.  I just love doing those although Shad thinks I over do it.  I decided I was going to have fun since he is not here to complain and the kids are doing it with their parents watching.  I dropped my stuff on a chair and immediately headed for the local 'heaven'.

"Want to see a REAL cannonball, kids?" I called out and then when they were watching I stepped back a few paces to get a good running start for my jump and made a huge splash landing in the pool.  They were definitely impressed and yelled for more.  I obliged them and that was my undoing.

"Tommy, come here." suddenly filled my ears.  I turned and saw that it was Kent and his brother.  I backed away from the pool and went to talk with them.  "The pool rules clearly PROHIBIT cannonballs and running." said Kent pointing to one of the signs.

"Yeah, and you did three.  They are dangerous and near the little kids too." added Jeff.

They didn't want to hear that the kids were doing them even with their parents watching.  "That does not matter.  You are not a baby anymore.  The rules apply to you.  What if you had landed on one of them.  Now it's time to really make your butt red, you most naughty boy."

A minute later I was bent over a table and my swim suit yanked down and then off so that I can spread my legs.  Kent and Lewis each grabbed one of my flip-flops and started in with each giving me a hard whack.  That got the kids to watch for I heard the cry – "SPANKING!"

The two then got into a beat playing the butt tomtom.  Over and over they struck  and soon I was on fire.  I howled.  I broke down and cried.  Eventually they stopped.  I wanted to get into the pool to cool off, especially my roasted tail, but they made me stand with my hands on my head and my nose to the wall of the service hut.  The kids who have been watching were now laughing at me.

When Shad came to the pool Kent told him what happened and he thanked them both for disciplining me.  A little latter I heard them tell Shad that they were leaving and must get dressed.  Shad called me from the wall and told me to thank them for disciplining me and say goodbye.  I was not happy doing it but had to.

That they were leaving was the best news I could have imagined on this vacation in hell.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 6, 2015

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