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The following story is fiction about a semi-judicial strapping of teen boys.  The story contains scenes of strappings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Vehicle Operators Strapped


My Muse (bless the little dear) and I were chatting and I heard "If CP were still generally allowed, there are a lot more stories we could write."  Of course, I smiled and started thinking (dangerous as that can be).

"Let's do it." I said to her, "Let's ignore all those 'spanking is harmful' nuts and go for it."  Well, just an hour later, we got this cute little story for you, my most beloved readers, to savor.

* * * * * * * * * *

Deputy Nyman was on patrol in Joyce Kilmer City Park.  A lot was going on in the ​twenty acres​ (​eight hectares​) park on this most pleasant of spring days.  There was a softball game on the baseball field, scores of kids from the pre-K toddlers to the under-fourteens in all sections of the playground, there was a birthday party being setup in the picnic area, exuberant dogs legally off-leash in the fenced dog run and people just sitting, walking and generally enjoying the magnificent day.

Unfortunately, Deputy Nyman had one issue.  There were vehicles that raced through the park endangering life and limb of peaceful people.  There had been many complaints about this to the mayor's office in the weeks past.  Action was definitely required to stop this menace in violation of not only the well-posted park regulations but also of the state traffic code.© YLeeCoyote

The Deputy decided that he had to be innovative to stop this endangerment to the public.  It was obvious that a high speed chase would further endanger the public but then he had that eureka moment and knew the solution to his problem.  He hauled a couple of the metal crowd control barriers, used mostly on concert nights, to one of criminals' favorite routes and set them up about ​ten feet​ (​three meters​) apart on the opposite sides of the pathway.  The way though was now a zigzag and thus would have to be taken slowly.  The trap set, he now waited.  No more would he try to catch a speeding vehicle on foot.

He did not have to wait very long.  The first trio of offenders appeared in just a few minutes.  The barriers did a good job and the Deputy was able to grab two offenders and the third had to stop because the way was totally blocked.  He made each offender park his bike by putting a wheel through one of the barricades and then securing it with handcuffs.  Now even if the miscreants ran off he had their bikes.  Of course, they had also been captured on his body cam.

He lectured them briefly but severely about the need to obey the rules and the law and to respect the rights of others – especially children – in the park.  The real punishment was to be a strapping.  First was the oldest – sixteen-year-old Frank Patow.  He made the lad drop his shorts and briefs and bend over the barricade while the other two watched.

Truth be told, Deputy Nyman did not find this to be an onerous duty but actually somewhat fun.  He raised the strap he had brought and brought it down hard on the upturned bottom.  The owner yelled.  The bottom quickly sported a red stripe.  The accomplices who knew they were next winced in empathic pain.  Nyman raised the strap again and again it connected with results exactly like the first time.  By the tenth cut, Frank was doubting that he would ever be able to sit again.  Strangely he did not seem to be in a hurry to pull up his pants as he waited for his companions to get their turns.

Second of the trio was Terry Turner, who was also sixteen.  As his friend tried to rub the sting from his just beaten butt, Terry Turner slowly took his place over the barricade.  He also yelled when the unforgiving strap crashed down on his bare bottom.  He felt like a baby when he yelled.  His only consolation was that Frank had also yelled.  The strap was raised and swung hard some ten times with the same results.  Then rather than hear: "Get up." he heard: "You get two extra for delaying."  The two extra were indeed extra hard cuts causing him much, er, discomfort.

Last up was fourteen-year-old Scot Patow.  Knowing what he was about to get had made him very nervous.  It was not that he was unfamiliar with the unpleasantness of spanking but that the Deputy hit much harder than he was used to at home.  He wished he could flee but his bike was secured and the Deputy knew him.  The best he could do was to try to hide his fear from his buddies.  He hoped that he would not shame himself in front of his big brother and his friend.

As he bent over the barricade, he feared the harshness of the blow yet there was some strange comfort in that the others had yelled so that they would not tease him if, er, when he yelled in the same way.  In any case, the Deputy raised his belt and brought it down on Scot's rear.  With great determination and effort he managed to suppress his yell.  He lost his resolve on the second cut.  Who is to say if the Deputy was less forceful or not than on the two older lads?  As much as his tail hurt, he was proud that he did not yell on the first cut like the two older ones had.

The Deputy unlocked their bikes and they walked away.  It was not just that they were obeying the law and the rules but they did not desire to sit, especially on narrow bike saddles.

In a couple of hours, the Deputy caught five more criminals and appropriately roasted their tails in exactly the same way.  The park manager was happy with the Deputy's report and a few more bike traps were set up in the park.  More important, word spread quickly among the bike riders.  Once they saw the traps setup throughout the park and not knowing which were manned with strap wielding deputies, the bikers obeyed the laws and regulation and walked their bikes through the park or cycled around it.

The mayor and concerned citizens were all pleased with the Deputy's low cost and highly effective solution.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 20, 2017

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