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This story is bit different from what I usually write.  It is about a diaper-girl who, after long years of fantasizing, actually tries it.  There are parts that can certainly be considered as age-play but that is not my intention but to use the diaper, like spanking, as sexual so that sex can occur without it being pedophilic.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

A Very Special Day


Susan felt absolutely FANTASTIC this summer day.  Her husband had gone off to an all-day meeting two hours away and would not be back until at least 8 that evening.  All her chores were done.  Her diary was blank.  The day was totally hers to enjoy and savor.

There's nothing like a pampering to make a girl feel good, except even more pampering.  She took herself down to the local spa and got the three-hour special.  She was soaked and massaged, washed and coiffured, lotioned and oiled, manicured and pedicured.  It only improved her already great mood.

The spa was in the local Mall and that was full of tempting shops.  She looked at one thing after another before she wandered into Aisle-5B.  She stopped in her tracks when she saw a seemingly infinite collection of diapers.  Not little baby diapers but DIAPERS FOR ADULTS and teens who, unfortunately, have, er, er, control problems.  She had fantasized about wearing a diaper for a long time but had never told anyone.  She had not even ever looked at the diaper displays.  And most certainly had never ever bought even one.

She was more than fascinated; she was mesmerized by the zillions of choices. She did not think of the diversity of people with problems but only of the overwhelming variety of diapers.  She looked furtively about.  The store was quite empty.  It would be safe to look.  She felt like a bibliophile in a bookstore.  She looked and looked.  After a while she picked up a package and read the information.  She put it down and took up another.  She read more than a dozen of them.  She knew that she must continue until she did what her inner voice was demanding.  She found her size in the that grabbed her heart.  She took a small package to the checkout.  Her heart was racing at what the clerk would do.  The gum-chewing lass pulled the package past the scanner and stuck it into a large bag without even looking at it.  "That will be $14.46, please."  She was glad that they did not show in the bag as she rushed to her car.  It would be a day before remembered that she forgot to get the sundries that she had gone into that store for.

She was high on excitement.  Now years after when she overheard her brother and his friend talking about their first condom purchases she first understood their thrill of naughtiness; of grown up naughtiness.© YLeeCoyote

At home, she rushed to her bedroom with her most naughty but exciting purchase.  Even though alone in the house, like a kid worried about a sibling or parent coming by and seeing forbidden things, she closed the door.  Her grandma had taught her to open presents slowly – she thought it rude to rip them open hastily and besides slowly lets one savor things.  She removed the package from the bag and studied it like it was the instruction manual for a complex device she never had seen before.  It was fifteen minutes before she carefully opened the package and pulled out the first diaper.  It was ever so soft.  It crinkled – just a little as she turned it every which way.  She pretended that she had a mannequin and studied how the diaper parts came together where the tapes were.  She read and reread three times the instructions about how to tape it tightly closed so that it wouldn't leak.

She knew that she would have to try one right away.  But first she went and fetched a large soda from the fridge.  As she drank it, she undressed.  She carefully put her nice, fashionable dress on a hanger in the closet.  She saw herself in the full length mirror.  She laughed.  She still had her pantyhose on.  Certainly one could not wear that with a diaper.  She put her shoes on the rack and slipped her pantyhose off and her sexy thong along with it.  It felt so very incongruous wearing a bra to put on a diaper to feel like a little one.  She unhooked it and tossed it on top of the rest of her underwear.

She admired herself.  She saw and knew that she still looked good, er, great!  Nice slim figure (well, for her age).  Pert breasts like a teen.  Flat stomach.  Shapely legs.  More like twenty than the mid-thirty she was.  She was certain that she would still turn heads on the Fort Lauderdale beach during spring break.

She chugalugged the rest of her soda. «Gotta drink to play in a diaper.» she giggled.  And she knew she would have to pee very soon.  She placed the diaper into place covering her ass and her sex.  She decided that she would need four hands to tape it this way.  She sat and then lay down on the bed.  This would be much easier; the diaper stayed in the proper position.  She could hold it in place with one hand and fasten the tape with the other.  She did one side and then the other.

Her heart was racing.  This was the first diaper she had worn since she was three; maybe two and a half.  She rushed to the full length mirror to see for herself.  She was overjoyed with the image.  The conflict between the breasts of an adult female and the babiness of the diaper pleased her a lot.  She studied herself for a while.  Perhaps without the non discriminating absorbency of the diaper she would have realized that she was getting wet in the other way – the uniquely feminine adult way.

She had been standing looking at herself for at least ten minutes when she noticed a change.  The diaper was getting bigger. «How could that be?» She put her hand to her diaper-covered crotch.  It felt different from before – heavier and warmer.  Then she realized why.  She had been peeing – slowly – and had not even realized it.  She recalled that she had done that once on the toilet when she was totally absorbed by a thrilling book.  But now standing in her bedroom!  How very strange.

Then it came to her.  It was OK; just like it was when she was on the potty.  One is ALLOWED to pee-pee into one's diaper – that's its raison d'être.  She went into the bathroom and removed the soaked diaper and stuck it into the plastic bag-lined basket.  With a wet washcloth she wiped herself clean and dried herself with a towel.  She spotted the powder in the medicine cabinet and used that on her crack and sex.  Her pubes looked funny with the white powder on them. «Oh what a bother powdered wigs must have been.» She laughed at her thoughts.

Back in the bedroom, she put on another diaper.  It was easier this time.  She took the glass back to the kitchen and refilled it.  The diaper felt so wonderful.  With the glass refilled, she turned on the TV to watch a kiddy TV program.  She had liked to watch this one as a kid.  She sat on the floor leaning on the couch wearing only her diaper.  Susan got deeply engaged in the program.  She needed to go to the toilet but she did not want to miss anything.  She raised up a bit and something came to be caught in the diaper.  Then some more.  She plonked back down and realized that she just squashed and squished a load of #2 in her diaper.  She continued to watch the program feeling like she was only three years old.  She had to pee again so she just let go.  It was a great feeling not having to stop what she was doing.

By the time the program was over, the diaper was not feeling so wonderful – she was wet and soiled.  She went back upstairs to clean up.  The job was much harder and even with the plastic bag tied, there was that unpleasant stink.  After a few minutes of trying, she got into the tub and used the shower hose.  It still took her some time to clean up.

Of course, she returned to the bedroom to put on diaper number three.  In a flash of adult insight, she slipped on some slacks and a shirt and took the stinky diaper to the outside trash barrel.  Leaving it in the bathroom would mean that her husband would see it.  Back in the house, she stripped back down to the diaper, put on a T-shirt and went to play on the internet.  She had a real strong craving to read stuff on diaper sites.

She had done that before but never in a diaper.  How much more exciting it was this way.  How much easier it was to identify with the adult baby girls.  Some were ever so cute in the baby clothes and, of course, DIAPERS!  She read about the open ones whose partners knew.  She read about the closeted ones whose partners did not know and the horrors they feared if that should change.  She read about the wannabes who did not dare to do anything but read and write secretly.  It was all so very exciting.  She read and read as she fondled her diaper.

She lost track of the time completely.  Her reverie and reading were only interrupted by Randy touching her.  His surprise at her outfit – T-shirt and a diaper – and her surfing history left him speechless for the nonce.  She just sat petrified.  She was scared to do anything.  She was scared to even speak.  Randy lifted her up and gave her a big hug and a kiss. Then his hand wandered down and caressed her lovely curved bottom through the diaper.  He even gave it a swat on the diaper.  She liked that not caring about anything but the present but he found it a bit strange.  He missed the sound of his hand swatting her firm tail.  He slipped his hand inside and gave her a skin-to-skin feel.  Better but not the slap he wanted.

Of course, front and top he was also taking her in.  He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest through his shirt. He liked that a lot.  Soon she warmed up to his caresses and was responding back with her own hugs.  Even with the padding of the diaper she could tell that he was, as Mae West put it, 'happy to see her' unless he had started to carry a pistol this very day.  They nuzzled each other.  "What's for dinner, dear?  I'm starved!"

She hemmed and hawed a bit.  "You forgot to make dinner." he said unhappily.  "Again."

"Yes, dear.  I'm so sorry I just forgot; I'll go do it now."

He held her.  "No dear, there something that needs tending to first.  You're wet."  She turned bright red all over.  "Let's get you changed, first.  Are the diapers upstairs?"

She nodded even in her surprise.  Randy had not said anything about else about the diaper; it was like she was this way every day.  He led her to the bedroom.  He took off his suit and shoes carefully hanging them on his clothing butler.  He took her into the bathroom and removed her diaper.  He washed his hands and then her diaper area.  "Oh dear, there's the tiniest hint of a rash.  That's not good at all."  He handed her a bath towel and told her to put it on the bed and wait for him.

He collected some things in the bathroom and found her waiting on the bed with a fresh diaper in her hand.  "Diaper rash is not fun. We must protect our little girl from that.  Lie back, Susie while Daddy fixes you up."  She obeyed without thinking.  She usually obeyed him but now she was extra submissive.  There was a humming/buzzing sound that she could not quite place and then a pleasant vibration on her sex.  She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations. «Daddy would make everything all right.  Daddy always made everything all right.»  The noise and vibrations stopped and then there was some rubbing on her sex.  Daddy was touching her there and spreading something slippery on her.  It felt so good that she moaned with pleasure.  Then she felt something strange that she could not identify.  She raised her head to see.  Randy was shaving her sex.

"What are you doing?" she explained in surprise.

"Removing the nasty hairs so you won't get a nasty dee-dee rash.  I'm almost done.  Just lie back, dear."  She obeyed.  In a few minutes he wiped her clean and dried her.  She held out the diaper to him but he did not take it.  Instead he sat down beside her.  "You've been a very naughty little girl not making din-din."

"Yes, Daddy."

"What happens to naughty little girls in this house?"

She did not want to answer but Daddy looked at her very hard and she whispered: "They get spanked on their bare bottoms, Daddy."  She knew what always happened after she said that.  He pulled her across his lap.

"Please don't spanky little Susie, Daddy.  I'll be very, very good.  Susie promises."  But little Susie knew that was not going to prevent her well-deserved spanking for it never did.  But little girls always tried to get out of their spankings.

Daddy got a firm grip on Susie's waist and rubbed her bottom before starting the spanking.


Over and over Daddy raised his hand and brought it back down on Susie's bottom which turned pink and then rose and then red and then dark red and then cherry red.  Susie's other checks were very wet with her tears as she cried and bawled; bawled and cried.  Susie always cried when she was spanked.  She bawled when she was spanked very hard like on that day.

Daddy stopped spanking Susie when her bottom was red enough but Susie kept crying as Daddy held her tightly.  When she had cried enough, Daddy wiped her tears away with his great big soft white handkerchief and gave her a great big hug and kiss.  Susie always felt so happy when he did that for she was reminded of how very much he loved her.  Sometimes it even made her forget how much her bottom hurt but that was bad because she would be naughty again sooner.

"Time to put Susie's dee-dee on."  She stretched out on the bed.  He put some powder on her and took the fresh diaper. "Lift up, Susie, so Daddy can slip the dee-dee under you."  It all seemed so good.

A very puzzled Susie went off to make dinner.  Fortunately, there were some frozen dinners in the freezer so it did not take very long nor require much thinking.  Right after dinner, Susan cleaned up and then was told that it was time for bed.  She did, as usual, whine but dashed off as a good little girl should.  Of course, with her bottom still warm from the earlier spanking, she was well motivated to be a good girl.  Randy quickly showered and went to help his little girl.  He made sure that she brushed her teeth and went wee-wee even though she had dee-dees to wear.  Back in the bedroom, he powdered her and put the diaper on.  Then he got a nice baby-doll nighty, put it on her before tucked her into bed.

Just a minute later he joined her.  She loved how he enveloped her in his strong arms.  He could not resist so he began to nuzzle and kiss her.  She happily responded in kind.  He again felt her through the diaper but this time in front.  He slipped his hand inside and as he played with her love button told her how very much he loved her and how nice and smooth she was.  It was a different feeling than previous times for without her hair she was more sensitive.  They were both turned on a lot.  It did not take long before she lost the diaper.

They then agreed that it was the best love making session that they had since their honeymoon.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., August 14, 2006

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