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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of gay teen sex and spanking.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Before you get very upset at the events in this piece, please remember that it is narrated by a twelve-year-old and they tend to exaggerate frequently.

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Vincent Goes to the Movies


It was a school night for Vincent.  His parents had gone out for dinner with friends and would not be home until 11:30.  His brother was away at college.  He was supposed to be studying and doing homework but right after his parents had left, he dashed out.  He just had to see The Movie.

With the certainty of youth he had it all figured out to the last detail.  He had twenty minutes from when the movie was scheduled to break to get to the bus stop, just three minutes from the theater, for the 10:45 bus.  He would be home by 11:00 and his parents would never know.  However, the fates were not to be kind to Vincent that night.

The first misfortune was that there was a projection problem.  Since it was the last show of the night, the manager pleasantly announced that they would not skip any of the film but would restart at the beginning.  The projectionist took six long minutes to get it restarted. The popcorn had been very salty and Vincent had two big sodas during the show.  At the end of the film, he was busting and had to relieve himself.  That took a few minutes because of the stairs and the wait.

Vincent left the theater at 10:38, with still a full three minutes extra to get to the bus stop.  He turned the corner and, to his horror, saw the bus speed by.  As he passed the bus shelter he saw the sign indicating that the new schedule was in effect starting today.  He had fucked up!  In all of his careful planning he had not noticed that a new schedule went into effect that day; the bus was not early.  He was late!  The next bus was not for an hour.  As he did not have the money for a cab, he would have to walk.  If he hurried going along the river and through the park he would be home in time.  He turned up his collar against the winter's cold and set off.  There had been rumors of "things", criminal things, happening in the park and by the river.  Vincent was young and brave and fearless.

He was three quarters the way home when he decided that he was going to make it in time and that talk of crime in the park was exaggerated.  He hadn't seen anyone at all.  It was then he saw them from fifty meters away.  Three guys just hanging; they were smoking and drinking.  He would have gone through the field and by-passed them but it was covered with icy and wet snow.  The other path, which he had passed a few minutes back, had not been cleared.  This was the only way.  He continued on.  Vincent was young and brave and fearless.© YLeeCoyote

When he got closer, he recognized them.  They were the local toughs who had been seniors when he was a freshman last year.  In his hurry to get past them, he slipped on some ice and landed on his butt in an icy puddle.  They surrounded him assuring that his jeans got thoroughly soaked with the icy water as they stomped in the puddle.  They were very "friendly" and helped him up.

"The baby wet his pants." said one.  The others laughed.

"Does your mommy know you're out past your beddy-bye time?" said another sarcastically.

"He does not have sufficient manners to thank us for helping him up." snickered the third.

"Out late on a school night; a naughty boy like him should be spanked." the first said with mock solemnity.

The toughs were laughing.  Vincent was young and brave and fearless but now he was also scared and apprehensive.  He was very confused.  The toughs guys were sounding like parents as well as bullies.

The leader sat down on the bench and pulled Vincent to him.  Vincent thought of running.  The other two had him surrounded.  Escape was impossible.  The leader opened Vincent's belt and wet jeans and easily yanked them down.  The wind on his wet briefs gave Vincent the shivers.  The leader pulled down the wet briefs, exposing him.  It was not anything they had not already seen in the gym the year before, but between the cold, the fear and the embarrassment Vincent's equipment was shrunken.  Vincent made the first correct decision of the evening at this point.  He did not say anything.  He was not going to beg nor plead.  If the truth be known, Vincent had found these guys very sexy when he saw them in school.  He had fantasized about them, but not quite in this manner.  Sexual fantasies – yes; this – no.

The leader pulled him across his lap, raised his hand and brought it down hard on Vincent's cold, wet exposed butt.  In the dim light, it was difficult to see the resultant hand print.  In a few minutes that hand print was obliterated by many more.  Vincent's butt was no longer cold.  One of the other toughs pulled off his belt and gave Vincent a few hard strokes with it.  Vincent lost his resolve.  He was crying and yelling:  "Please, no more.  I'll be good.  Please stop."  He felt like a little boy being spanked by his father.

The leader gently rubbed Vincent's hot butt and said.  "Now that we have helped you learn a lesson you owe us boy."  The heat of the spanking had spread into Vincent's groin.  With his cock pressed between the spanker's lap and his own body, it was evident that it was erect.  The spanker had indeed noticed.

"Yes, Sir.  But I don't have any money."

"We'll take it in services then, boy."  He continued to hold Vincent down with one hand and started to probe his crack with the other.  The meaning was clear to Vincent.  He knew what they meant and he was happy.  He spread his legs slightly as one of the toughs took out his tool and slipped a rubber over it.  He stepped behind the red hot target and leaned forward.  Vincent did not resist and the tough drove his shaft deeply into the boy.  Vincent was no longer a virgin!  The second tough straddled the bench at Vincent's head with his shaft erect.  Vincent's head was lifted and he was now impaled at both ends.  The two inserters made short work as they fucked both ends of Vincent for they soon climaxed.  After this Vincent gave the spanking tough a blow job and he was allowed to continue home.

As Vincent was about to make the last turn into the street where his house was, his parents were doing the same from the opposite direction.  He was caught in the blaze of light from their headlights.  Caught and taken into custody.  When they got home his father asked him one question: "Do you have anything to say for yourself, boy?"

"No, Sir."

"Then go to bed, boy, and we will discuss this tomorrow evening."

Vincent winced at that term.  He no longer considered himself a boy but a man.  He knew that his father was disappointed in him.  Later, alone in bed, Vincent pondered what had happened.  He could not help but to jerk off several times and the pain in his butt was very different from when his father had spanked him.  Of course, he did not think of what would happen the next evening.

The time of reckoning the next evening arrived.  Vincent's father gave him the expected lecture for being untrustworthy and for acting like a little boy.  He was to be grounded for a month and to get a severe spanking NOW.  Vincent knew the procedure, although he had not been spanked by his father in several years.  He went to his room and stripped.  Then he waited in the corner until his father appeared.  The ten minutes he waited seemed like hours to him, yet he did not want them to end.  His father appeared with the heavy strap in his hand and a very grim expression on his face.  "How many?" his father asked.  Vincent had been pondering this since the morning.  Too low an answer (by his father's standards) he would get more than what his father had planned, while too high he would generously get all that he had he asked for.

"Thirteen, dad." he said quietly and laid down over the bed with his knees on the floor.  His father raised the belt and brought it down hard on Vincent's bottom.  WHACK! and a bright red stripe appeared across both cheeks.  Vincent bit his lip and did his best to muffle his cries.  This worked for a short time and then he yelled and cried.  Finally, the thirteen strokes had been delivered and Vincent was left alone.

Alone in bed he pondered his sore hot bottom and his very hard cock.  Yes, it hurt very much but it also reminded him of what had happened in the park the previous night.  He wanted to see those toughs again.  One thing he now knew for sure – being spanked by his dad would never be the same as it was before.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., August 30, 1998

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