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The following story is fiction about a youth in trouble and getting a second chance.  It is set in the Puericil Universe which is used with permission.  This was established by Cassie in the Forced Nudity Story Archive and is defined at as:

Puericil is a popular commercial drug, harmless and very cheap.  It drastically reduces male children's aggressiveness and makes them much more submissive and compliant, without affecting their intellectual capabilities.  It can be taken orally, but there is also a rectal variety.  Prolonged treatment progressively eliminates or prevents the appearance of body hair in male children, although it will eventually grow again if the treatment is discontinued.  Otherwise, it does not affect sexual development.  Side effects may include diurnal and/or secondary nocturnal enuresis in some patients.

In this story, it is assumed that Puericil has stronger side effects than indicated in the manufacturer's self-serving description above as it also slows sexual development and reduces the libido of the user.  The story contains scenes of spanking, flogging and teen sex .  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Voyage to a New World


I was in a holding cell waiting for the judge to call me and pronounce sentence on me.  I had been convicted as a juvenile on several counts.  Dad had gotten me a good lawyer but that was not enough for there were videos, eye witness and more to prove my guilt.  I already knew where I was going to the next part of my life – reform school.  Hell, they got some fancy name for it now but all it really is a modern reform school.  Well, as I was saying, I knew that was where I was headed – the question was for how long.  A few months or the three years until I was eighteen.

Since we are alone, I'll admit that I was scared.  The correction officers were mean and tough.  I learnt that the first day when they slapped me around.  The second day they convinced me that I was not the big tough man I had thought I was.  There were about ten of us juveniles in the city jail isolated from the adults.  The guards did not like me and one of them spanked me right in the common room in front of everyone.

The big guy just grabbed my arm and started to walk to the other end of the room.  Since I couldn't detach my arm, I went along.  The brute was as strong as a gorilla.  There was just one chair on the raised platform and we stopped.  He just unzipped my jumpsuit and pulled it off of me as everyone watched in total silence.  "Step out of it, boy!" he growled and I did.  I was starkers in front of everyone but I was not ashamed of my body – I had muscles and three inches of soft cock (double that when hard) and a big bush.  The other guys were envious in school and here too.

Suddenly, the world spun and my head was down by the floor for he had flipped me over his lap like I was a five-year-old.  It was when his hand landed like a ton of bricks on my butt that I realized that he was spanking me.  I howled and got another spank on the other cheek.  I yelled and screamed for him to stop but he kept at it.  I couldn't get free either.  I can't believe it but I was not just crying but bawling like a five-year-old.  After that I did what they told me – pronto.  The others teased me about being spanked and bawling and I had to take it.  If I had slugged any of them, they would have had used the strap on me.

So I was waiting on the judge when Dad and the lawyer come in the room.  Dad, good old dad.  He must have managed to get something straightened out even though he looked glum.  They explained that I had an option now.  Rather than sending me off to reform school, the judge had an option – if I had a job.  Dad had found me a job with a friend of a friend.  I would be a cabin boy on a private yacht for the summer.  If I did good, then I would be on probation and allowed to go back to school.  They mentioned a few details but all I had to do was to say "Yes, Your Honor." when the judge asked me if I wanted that and would behave.  He warned that I would be on probation and could still be sent to the Juvenile Facility.  I heard that there they start you on Puericil when they check you in and keep you on it until you're released.  That the stuff that turns you into a little boy wuss without pubes and less.© YLeeCoyote

I was given a few minutes with my folks right after the court was adjourned.  Mom was all tears and Dad told me that this was going to be tough and that I had better learn to be civilized.  Remember, the Captain is the LAW on the high seas.

Still in that stupid orange jump suit I was taken to the pier where the yacht was docked and due to sail in a few hours.

* * * * * * * * * *

Everyone was busy and couldn't be bothered with me – a lowly novice cabin boy on parole.  The other cabin boy, Eric, was given the task of showing me about the ship and telling me my duties until the officers had time to see to me.  He explained that everyone – including himself and even the ship's cat – out ranked me and could give me orders.  I told him no kid like himself was in charge of me.  "I'm sure that Captain Tyner will change your mind about that.  I'll show you how on the tour." he replied calmly.

We had our own closet for sleeping.  It wasn't big enough to call a cabin.  It think it was smaller than those that I've seen in submarine movies.  There was hardly any room to turn around next to the bunk beds.  "Your clothes are in your locker, Teddy.  You best change."  I was unhappy with the options and especially the T-shirt and shorts he was wearing.  "It's the uniform."  My glare caused him to add, "It a lot better then that prisoner's outfit you're in."  He ignored the grief I gave him for calling me "Teddy" rather than the proper and respectful "Ted".

I went for the nice dress shirt but he said if I messed that up I would be punished.  I dressed as he was and went on the tour.  I made sure that he saw how developed I was so he would know who was the man.  The fricken boat was bigger than I thought.  So many places and new names of things.  The crew and passengers were all busy and ignored us.

Before we went into one locker, Eric asked me if I knew about olden days on sailing ships – in particular how the swabbies were punished back then.  "The adult ones were tied up to the rigging and flogged.  Then rinsed off with sea water as an antiseptic.  It hurt a lot and took a long time to heal."  He explained and it was like I had seen in old movies.  "Boys got to kiss the gunner's daughter.  They were flogged while bent over a cannon." he finished.  That was new to me.

"Let me introduce you to our gunner's daughter.  She's in here."  He opened the door and mixed with all sort of stuff was a heavy duct that rose from the floor and bent to the horizontal.  "This is she!" he said.  "You strip and lie over her and the mate uses THIS on your ass."  He was holding up what he called a "boy's cat" – a reduced version of a cat-o'-nine-tails.  "Believe me you won't want a second date with her." he said giving his own butt a rub.  The "pussy" (as it was also called) was fricken scary.

Back in our closet, he told me that the top bunk was mine.  I told him he was wrong and if he got into the bottom bunk – my bunk – I would fuck him.  He backed down immediately and climbed up to the top.

* * * * * * * * * *

We were out of sight of land by the time we got up.  Eric showed me how to bring breakfast to the passengers and officers.  The Captain did not have much time for me.  Mr. Mosebrook, the first mate and medical officer would deal with me.  I was warned that I had best behave since I was still under the jurisdiction of the Court.

Later while we were helping in the galley, I was summoned to see the Mate.  Eric showed me the way.  With Eric watching, he had me strip and gave me some shots that I required for international travel and checked me like a doctor.  He explained my duties and told me to follow the lead of Eric.

I soon learnt that my duties required me to run about fetching and ass kissing just about everyone.  In two days, I had enough and objected.  Eric tried to calm me down but it took the mate to do it.  With Eric tagging along, the mate took me to kiss the gunner's daughter.  I figured that it couldn't be any worse than what had happened in jail.  I was wrong; terribly painfully wrong.

The mate made me strip and then lie on that duct and hug it leaving my ass sticking up.  He picked up the cat and swung it.  My ass was instantly on fire and I screamed.  Eric gave me another five and I was a blubbering mess by then and certain that I would never be able to sit again.  I almost wished it had been as easy as the gorilla's spanking in jail.

While I sobbed, the mate was instructing Eric about doing something.  Then the mate held me in position and Eric stuck something into my ass.  "That's right, Eric, put it in up to the mark.  Now press the plunger.  Good.  You'll be doing that regularly."  The mate left us.  Eric led me back to our cabin naked as I could not bear to put my shorts back on and I lay on my bunk for hours.  Eric was definitely right that I did not want another date with that 'girl'.  I did not even think about what they put in my butthole because the pain was so intense.

I followed Eric's lead after that.  Two days later I was still hurting and I was seeing the mate again.  He just laughed about my pain and told me that it would help me to remember to work hard and to obey orders to avoid another flogging.  He also had me drop my shorts and Eric again stuck something up my butt.  The mate said that it would reduce the pain in the long run.  After four times they switched from every other day to every third day.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things improved as I learnt my job better.  Eric insisted that I switch bunks and I did not argue since I now understood that he was in charge having flogged me.  I even allowed him to put that stuff in my ass without the Mate being present.  Eric told me he did not know what it was and that the mate always gave it to him without the packaging.

I noticed two things.  I was now always much calmer that when I started the trip and, how can I put this, my equipment didn't work as well as before.  I did not get as hard as I had and lot less often, I did not shoot as much either and I was losing my pubes.  With a very red face, I spoke to the mate about it.  "That's the normal response to Puericil, Teddy."  I was shocked but could not get angry.  "See, it makes you calmer and obedient."

I had heard about that horrid drug.  "But you had no right to do that to me, Sir."  The mate smiled and explained that my father had not only approved but supplied it so that I would not end up in the penitentiary.  All I could say was "oh".

When I returned to my closet, Eric was pissed.  I had forgotten to clean up.  "I'll have to tell the mate.  He will authorize me give you a good reminder to do your work while you're kissing the gunner's daughter."  I was petrified.  Immediately I started to beg him not to and promised never to forget again.

"You need to be punished.  I'll spank you myself rather than telling the mate."  I quickly agreed.  After cleaning up and doing the evening chores.  It was time to be spanked.  I stripped on Eric's orders and got over his lap.  I could not believe how hard he could hit.  He was only fourteen and I was hurting from just his hand spanking my bottom.  I was struggling to hold back the tears when things got worse.  He had switched to using a deck kicks [shoes] which was just a hunk of rubber.  That stung like a  swarm of bees and made me cry.  Before I lost it I could feel how hard his cock was under me – like I used to be before the drug.

He pushed me down to the deck and I was sobbing as he dropped his shorts letting his hard cock spring free.  I don't know why but I wanted it exactly like I wanted to be hard like him and to have a thick bush like him.  I shifted and took him into my mouth.  It was the first cock I ever did that to.  Soon I was licking and sucking.  Eric's hands were on my head gliding me.  I wanted his cum.  Maybe it would counteract that Puericil I thought.  I sucked hard and was soon rewarded.  I took it all in.  Then I thanked him.  He was very generous: "Anytime, Teddy, anytime."

He let me share his lower bunk and gave me several shots of his man cream that night.  In the morning, he cheerfully ordered me over his lap to give me my shot of Puericil.  The idea of refusing was now totally foreign to me.  I realized the terrible truth that it had been Eric who had forced the stuff – turning me into a pussy boy wimp – into my ass each time.  Now, there was not any way I could avoid the indignity of getting something shoved up my ass twice a week by a kid younger than I to keep me a pussy wuss.  And to add insult to injury, I even lusted for his hard cock to squirt into me.

* * * * * * * * * *

I knew that I was different now.  Puericil had done its magic on me and I was definitely submissive and compliant.  Looking back I could tell that I had been doing was I was told and not objecting to being a follower.  After all how much more compliant can one get then to allow a younger boy to stick a thing up one's ass and deposit a drug especially knowing that it will keep him a wuss.  Maybe if I was on land I could run away but here there wasn't any place to run to.  Actually, none to swim to and I would soon be found on those little islands even if I got on one.

It was only a couple of days later, that Eric and I were called to the Captain's cabin.  The mate was also there.  The Captain praised both of us, especially Eric for teaching me the job.  He was given a promotion to Cabin Boy First Class.  Until now it had been the Mate in charge of both of us but now Eric was formally in charge of me.  Both officers were very proud of him and happy that I was behaving.  I was reminded that if I continued my good work, that I would be able to return to school in the fall rather than going to the reformatory.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was shortly after this that there were several passenger changes.  For the most part Eric and I did not interact with the adult passengers except to assist the stewards as required.  It appeared that Eric was right that I was at the bottom of the heap for even he was invisible.  This time when there was a change of passengers, we were greatly effected.  Now there was a rich couple occupying the owner's suite and their fourteen-year-old twins in a regular cabin.  We were ordered to keep them happy just like the stewards kept the adults happy.  "Do what they want short of jumping overboard." we were ordered.

We were surprised when we met Pat and Rick.  Rick was a guy as we expected but it was Patricia rather than Patrick for the other one.  The first couple of days, we showed them around the ship but then other things had to be found.  They soon had us running ragged with requests.  Sex was the next thing on the agenda.  It wasn't long after that Eric and I were naked and I had to explain my bald pubis and weak erection.  Thus they soon learnt that I had been a bully who went too far and was, as Pat succinctly put it, just a convict on parole.  That excited them.  They, but especially Pat, were even more aroused learning that Eric was shoving that Puericil thing up my butt twice a week and that I had kissed the gunner's daughter.

Soon we were visiting the gunner's daughter.  It did not take long before they spotted the cat hanging on the bulkhead.  They wanted a full demonstration so Eric ordered me to strip and get into position.  It was scary being bent over that duct with my ass awaiting the cat a second time.  Pat handed the cat to Eric, "Demonstrate!" she commanded.  A few seconds later I screamed in pain as the tails landed on my ass.  It hurt even more than the first time because I was more sensitive and less accepting of pain since now I was a wuss.  Eric gave me two more leaving me blubbering for their pleasure.

They wanted to try it themselves, so Eric had to strip and get into position for Rick.  He took it a lot better than I had, with just a grunt when it connected.  I got to see how the five tails made those red stripes appeared across a beaten ass.  I guess that what happened to my ass also.

I expected that Pat would also give Eric three cuts but she told her brother to get into position.  "I want a fresh canvas to draw on." she joked.  Rick did not argue with his sister but dropped his pants and bent over.  "NO, strip like they did." she ordered and he again complied.  He had a very nice body and was quite mature like Eric.  It goes without saying that Pat was also judging from how her pert boobs pushed out her blouse.  "Ready, Rick?" she said and swung without waiting for a response.

Rick took it very well, even better than did Eric.  He hardly made a sound and was most erect when he got up.  Even Pat praised his bravery.  Maybe if I hadn't been staring and licking my lips at Rick's display it would not have happened but I had and it did.  "Suck this, Teddy." ordered Rick.  I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth obediently without any questions.  Soon after I was rewarded with a big tasty shot of man juice.  Pat congratulated Rick for being such a man.

After that they decided that we should be naked slaves rather than cabin boys cum stewards so whenever we were in their cabin we had to be naked.  It surely would not surprise you that this lead to sex where Eric and I both served them.  Thanks to them, I did lose my virginity in several ways.

Pat expected me to give her oral service like her brother had gotten.  She lay on the bunk with her legs spread and I had to please her with my tongue.  When she was dripping, Eric got into the act.  Perhaps if I hadn't been droopy because of the Puericil I could have done it.  But that aside, Eric truly had the pleasure of actually fucking a beautiful and sexy young lady.

Of course, Rick was most excited and I expected that I would have to suck him again but no.  Instead he just got behind Eric and rammed his hard shaft into his ass making him the filling between the twins.  I managed to jerk off while watching making a little mess.  Eric certainly enjoyed it all and, in all honesty, I did also.

The next morning Eric did not give me my rectal shot of Puericil.  I did not ask why so as not to remind him hoping that maybe they were stopping the drug.  We got the twins' breakfast and brought it to their cabin.  We served them naked while they were dressed.  After we had cleaned up, Pat ordered me over her lap.  She had some silly reason to give me a hand spanking but it was for her own enjoyment.  I did not acquit myself well for I was sobbing when she stopped.

I was still in position when she said: "Give me the Puericil for this naughty boy, Eric."  Eric immediately handed it to her and instructed her on how to deliver the drug.  Then she slid the thing into my butt hole and pressed the plunger.  "That was fun.  It will keep this naughty boy under control." she said.  For the rest of the voyage, she administered Puericil to me.  That made me feel like even more of sissy wuss.

The last day that she forced the Puericil into my butt, she told her brother: "I love the power of doing this.  The chauffeur's brat would surely benefit from being on Puericil.  His dad is certain to agree when Dad suggests that it would help him be a better houseboy and prevent him being a great big trouble maker."

Rick laughed a lot at that and as he rubbed his bulge said:  "And he'll be respectful and stop hoping to get into your pants after we get into his."

* * * * * * * * * *

My sea adventure was over shortly after that.  The mate and Eric met with my father to "return" me over dinner.  It was then disclosed to me Eric was the mate's son and he was training to be a ship officer.  They had provided reports for the Court and it was expected that I would be allowed to return to regular school provided that I remained on Puericil.  Of course, at reform school I would be forced to continue to take it so it was not hard to decide.

Father was concerned that if I returned to a regular school, I would be bullied now that I was PU-boy and arranged for me to go to a private school which was safer.  It was very small school with only about seventy-five students some sixty of which were, like me, PU-boys.  The other fifteen were empowered to monitor them, much like perfects in an English public school.

Eric told he would be watching me carefully to make sure that I was a good boy at school.  I would also continue to go over his lap for my twice weekly dose of Puericil in my butt.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 25, 2013

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