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The following story is fiction about a boy being publically spanked.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The surly waiter is found in many cultures.

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Waiter Serves Red Hot Dish


It was right after my thirteenth birthday when my pesky brat of a kid brother was eleven that this all happened.  We were living in the suburbs and our Aunt Pearl came to visit during the spring break.  There really a limit on how much time one can actually interact with relatives so she took us to the big city a couple of times.  On one of those trips Coby stood on the trip home because…. Well read on to find out why.

Now stop rolling your glazed over eyes because this not about how Auntie took down his pants and spanked his always deserving, er, bottom.  Nor is this about how fascinating dinosaurs are either although, of course, they are especially when they are real like the ones we did see.  As proof positive, I’ll note that Coby was well behaved about those monsters even though they been dead for at least sixty-five million years.  This tail is all about what happened when we had dinner.

The day started early taking the train to the city and then the subway to the museum.  That, you know all about without my telling you and then we had a couple of hotdogs al fresco in the park like they did in “The Producers” and returned to the museum for another couple of hours before going off to some strange restaurant in an old part of the city.  Coby was troublesome wanting just to get his all too familiar over-fried greasy burger or some pizza.  I thought it was exciting and interesting that Aunt Pearl was taking us to some place totally unfamiliar.

It was a very different restaurant indeed for its menu was different from any I had ever seen before.  I was intrigued and with the help of Auntie and the even the surly waiter made a selection.  Coby continued to be difficult but eventually ordered.  I could see that the waiter was, shall we say, inpatient.  While we were waiting I studied the place.  Like in every restaurant people came in, ordered, ate, paid and left.  It was the waiters that were different.  The word I think that best describes them is ‘surly’.

A couple of examples.  A customer asked a passing waiter “What time is it, please?”  The snappy reply was “I’m not your waiter.” as he hurried on.© YLeeCoyote

We were nearby a mother with her two boys.  The waiter cleared the dishes from the main course and started to take the dessert order.  This proceeded in the usually way for the woman and the first boy but not for the second.  The kid did not even wait to be asked but just blurted out what he wanted.  “No dessert for you, boy.  You didn’t finish your meal.” he snapped.  A couple of minutes later he was back with just two desserts even though the woman had said it would be ok for her other son to have dessert.

I’m sure that Coby will remember this day for the rest of his life even if he lives to one hundred and twenty.  My stupid kid brother continued to be most obnoxious throughout the meal and the waiter heard him several times since he was also loud.  It was quite a surprise when he grabbed Coby and pulled him off his chair.  “That is no way to act, boy.  You are not only being disrespectful to your mother but disturbing everyone else.”

The man sat down and proceeded to open my brother’s pants followed by a quick yank which lowered them to his knees.  I’m sure you can guess that he was flipped over the waiter’s lap in a flash.

Coby was too slow to even try to get away and once he was OTK the waiter’s left arm held him in position.  The first SPANK was very loud but certainly not nearly as loud as my brother’s howl immediately after.  Each forceful spank elicited another howl until Coby was bawling.  I counted twenty-five good hard spanks that turned his tail flaming red and made him bawl just like a little kid.

You would be just as wrong as I was thinking that this would be the end of Coby’s horror but there was more.  Once the spanking was over, the waiter lifted him up and propelled him into a corner formed by a column by the wall.  “Keep your nose in the corner and your hands on your head, boy.” was the commanding order.  As the waiter returned to our table, several people nearby applauded and there were comments such as “Good job.” and “The brat really deserved that spanking.”

The waiter asked “What would you like for dessert, Ma’am?”  After we had finished and while Aunt Pearl paid she told me to take Coby to the Men’s room and wash his face.

Although I could never say it, I agreed with those comments.  As we headed out I was able to give the waiter a thumbs up and got a smile in return.  It was not long before I wished that I could spank the brat like that.

My brother chose to stand both on the subway and the train going back home.  He kept quiet on the way home once Auntie said: “Not another word Coby unless you want another spanking.”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day anymore than Toby will.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 22, 2020

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