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Mr. Rath was not a happy puppy at the moment.  He was in pain and scared.  His trousers and undies were at half mast.  He was bent over a student’s desk with his still steaming, just roasted, flaming red-hot butt stuck up in the air and tears running down his cheeks.  He was nervously looking at the clock on the back wall and the three males standing under it.  One was menacingly holding the classroom’s tawse which had just painfully transformed his hindquarters to its present glowing state.

The three muscular males were in the school uniform plus ski masks which hid their identities.  He had been ordered to remain in position until they left or he would feel the tawse some more on his very tender rump.  The next class was scheduled to start in a few minutes.  Then a score of teens would rush into the classroom and joyfully see how he had responded to his very own favorite implement of discipline used on him.  He could not imagine a greater humiliation.

* * * * * * * * * *

The day had started quite normally.  There was absolutely nothing special about his home room class checking in and the first two periods.  He did not have a class for the third period and was busy planning the lessons for the next week.  It was about halfway through this period when his classroom was invaded by the three large youths.  When he heard the door, he looked up and he saw them.

Perhaps if he had yelled immediately they might have fled.  Or perhaps someone would have investigated and gotten another teacher to assist.  But by the time he realized that he should have yelled or ran, they had reached him.  They immediately seized his arms and when he opened his mouth to speak they popped a rag in to gag him.© YLeeCoyote

Now he knew that he was in trouble but there was not anything he could do.  They had already overpowered him and he had been silenced.  They, on the other hand, were most gregariously berating him for being far more free with the vicious tawse than he should have been.


“WE SHALL REMIND YOU!” barked another.

“YOU WILL NOT SOON FORGET THIS DAY!" snapped the third.

They pulled him from behind his desk and easily opened and lowered his trousers.  He was completely helpless when two held him in position while the third beat his ass with the tawse that he took from the top drawer of the desk.

«They are certainly reminding me.» he thought as hard cut after hard cut seared his unprotected upturned rump.  He lost count somewhere about the seventeenth of the fifty hard, vicious cuts which were turning his ass into a glowing, red, major pain center.

Eventually, they decided that he had been punished enough.  “Do not get up until we are gone.” they commanded as the end of the period bell rang.

In just a couple of minutes his students were streaming in.  They were shocked, amazed and most certainly most amused.  They did not notice his assaulters who quietly slipped out.  It was only then that he dared stand up and pull up his trousers.

His puzzled class just sat there until he composed himself.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was no way to identify the perps.  It was assumed they were students but regardless they blended in with all the others.  The janitor found the three ski masks but they had been soaking in the detergent/bleach used to clean the lavatories and so could not be tested for DNA traces.

Mr. Rath stood for the rest of the day and his lectures were, understandably, below par.  His fourth period class students would never forget the sight of his glowing hot-red rump.  By the end of the day everyone in the school had heard about Red-Rump-Rath and several images were on their way to going viral.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 14, 2022

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