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In the Leave It To Beaver series episode #156 (1961), Substitute Father Ward goes off on a business trip and gives Wally the standard "You're the man of the house." lecture.  The next day The Beaver shocks his teacher, Miss. Landers, by using a VERY, VERY BAD word out of classroom but in school and she writes a note demanding that one of his parents show up for a chat.  Wally does a great job as stand-in seeing Miss. Landers and then stays in the role even taking Dad's seat at dinner.  The Beaver happily accepts the leadership of the new alpha male.  This is what I think part two should have been.  I selected Larry Mondello as the inspiration for The Beaver's sexual aggressiveness since his father is always away on business and his mother has trouble coping making him a good target for his cousin.  These characters belong to the show which I have shamelessly appropriated under the "parody" exception to copyright.

The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Wallace, Surrogate Dad


Ward was away on a business trip.  It was after dinner and the boys were up in their room doing their homework when the phone rang.  A minutes later June was upstairs telling Wally and The Beaver that their neighbors have an emergency and she going to babysit for them and that she expects that she will be back very late but most likely not even make it for breakfast.  Wally assures her that they can take care of themselves and can even make breakfast and asks that she "please leave us some money so that we can buy lunch at school."

Soon The Beaver's homework is done and carefully checked by Wally.  As Wally finishes his own homework, The Beaver showers.

"Wally – there's no toothpaste."  The Beaver complains as he in walks into the bedroom.  He is surprised by a very serious-looking Wally, holding the toothpaste tube, sitting on his bed.  "Theodor I have to have a talk with you."

The Beaver is totally shocked.  He does not remember the last time his brother used his legal name.  Creepy Eddie used it more than his entire family.  "What is it?" he asks.

"Miss Lander was pretty upset with you Theodor.  You know that she expects that you be punished not just talked to."  The Beaver looks puzzled.  "If she thought that a talking to was sufficient, she would not have wanted Mom or Dad to come to school.  You have to learn to be more careful about using words like that.  You must never say them in school or where ladies can hear them."© YLeeCoyote

"You mean that it OK to use them with the guys."

"I did not quite say that, Theodor, but yes.  Even then it's better not to.  That's what you were doing in the hall that got you in trouble.  I'm going to do what grandma and grandpa would have done with Dad when he was a kid like you.  You're going to get your mouth washed out with soap.

"Yes, Wally." said The Beaver dejectedly but obediently.  He was still very grateful that Wally was keeping his secret.

"Since you did not argue or anything, I think that it will be sufficient that you just brush your teeth with the soap, Theodor.  That won't be as bad as with the washcloth like Dad got it from grandma."

"Yes, Wally."  The Beaver rubs his toothbrush on the wet soap and puts it in his mouth.  In a millisecond, he pulls it out.  "That's tastes awful, Wally."

"I know; it's suppose to.  NOW BRUSH!'  After a few painful minutes of brushing.  "That's enough, Beav; you can spit and rinse once."

Back in the bedroom Wally resumed his place on the bed and continues his talk with The Beaver.  "Do you think that we got all those dirty words washed out of your mouth?"

"Yes, Wally." still tasting the awful soap.

"What do you think that Grandpa would have done to Dad?"

"Taken him out to the woodshed and strapped him.  I'm glad that we don't have a woodshed, Wally."

"That would be right Beaver, if Dad had been my age but at your age he just would have been spanked."

"Are you going to spank me, Wally?  You already washed my mouth out with soap and lectured me – twice."

"Yes, Theodor, but not as hard as grandpa did.  And I still won't tell Mom and Dad about the note."  Pulling his brother to him, Wally lowered his pj's bottoms before flipping him over his lap.  Then gripping him about the waist, he gives The Beaver a couple of pats on his bare bottom.  "Ready, Beaver?"

"Yes, Wally.  I'm ready to be spanked."

Wally starts not really sure about how hard to hit for this is his very first time spanking anyone.  He experiments and sees that light spanks don't get any reaction and very hard ones cause his brother to yell.  Like Goldilocks, he takes the middle road and finds that firm but moderate spanks turn his brother's cute bottom nicely red and that he reacts with discomfort but not great distress.  After about five minutes, The Beaver is sobbing and he stops.

He hugs his little brother until he stops crying and then some.  "How's your mouth taste, Beaver?"


"Take the toothpaste and wash it out … oh, wash your face too."

A little later The Beaver returns.  Wally tucks him into bed, prone of course, like his dad usually does with a pleasant goodnight.

Then Wally goes for his own shower.  He has a problem of his own to work on.  As he pulls on it, he wonders why he got so hard when he was spanking The Beaver.  He was harder than when he thought about the prettiest girls at school or his long time favorite Mary Ellen.  As he heads for his bed he hears: "Thanks, Wally."

"For spanking you and washing your mouth with soap?"

"No; for not telling Mom and Dad.  You're gonna to be a great dad."

"Sure.  Now go to sleep."

"Yes, Wally."

Wally finds that his problem has returned and that he can not get The Beaver's red, hot cute butt out of his mind.  All he can do is to gently stroke until he is sure that his brother is asleep.

In the morning he makes breakfast for The Beaver and himself.  As expected, the queen of worry calls and The Beaver answers.  "Don't worry, Mom," he tells her, "Wally yells at me as good as you and Dad do.  He made breakfast but not as good as you do."


"Gotta go; bye Mom.  Here's Wally."

"'Mornin' Mom.  No time to talk.  Everything is OK.  Gotta finish breakfast and get to school.  Bye."

From across the street and through the blinds, June watches her two babies going off to school – on time – without either their dad or her telling them what to do – carrying their books and jackets.  They must be growing up.  Even the messes in their room and the kitchen she found when she got home could not significantly detract from the parental pride she felt.  Even more interesting was how The Beaver was accepting Wally doing things his father normally did and without any hint of resentment or sibling rivalry.

She got another bombshell at dinner.  Looking directly across the table at her oldest in his father's chair (again), he quietly asked:  "May I take The Beaver up to the Lake on Saturday.  Dad was going to do it but he won't be back until Sunday."

"Who else will be going with you, Wally?"

"Just us Mom.  We'll take the bus."

"Please Mom?" asked The Beaver.  "It will be real neat."

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Beaver." interjected Wally.

"Will you do as your brother tells you to, Beaver?"

"Yes, Mom.  Otherwise he'll yell me like Dad does and that makes me feel even worse."

"OK, boys."

"Thanks, Mom.  Will you make us lunch, please." said Wally.

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday was a great day to go to the Lake and the two brothers were having a great time together.  They even hiked up the stream a short way.  Wally stepped into the woods to tend to a call of nature cautioning The Beaver to stay right there and, of course, don't go into the water.  Five minutes later Wally returned and found The Beaver acting like his name.  He had rolled up his jeans, shed his shoes and socks and was wading in the stream looking for frogs and other neat slimy things.

"THEODOR CLEAVER GET OUT THAT WATER AND COME HERE!" bellowed Wally very disappointed in his brother.

"What did I say about going into the water, Beaver?"

"I was not swimming, Wally."

"I'm very disappointed in you.  You know you should not be in the water.  If you had slipped you could have drown before I got back.  I think that we better head home."

"Please Wally.  I'm sorry." whined The Beaver.  "If we go home early Mom will yell at me today and Dad will yell at me tomorrow.  Even more than you have."

"Don't you deserve it?"

"Please Wally.  We are having so much fun here together.  Maybe … er, there's some other way?  Maybe you can pretend that you are grandpa again and….  Please, Wally."

Wally could not resist his brother's pleas.  Particularly since he did not want to go home either nor hear his little brother yelled at.  Of course, it would also be an admission that he was not capable of being in charge of his little brother.  He sat down on a large rock and then undid his brother's belt.  Moments later The Beaver was over Wally's lap with his jeans and briefs about his ankles.  Even before the first spank, Wally could felt his tool growing hard.  "Beaver, I'm disappointed in you for going into the water particularly right after I told you not to – again."  He raised his hand and began spanking the cute buns.


He watched as the white turned pink in the exact shape of his hand.  He picked up the pace and really began to spank hard.  Just like the first time he could feel how his brother was responding and soon had him sobbing.  One of Beaver's reactions was to kick and in doing so he managed to shed both his briefs and jeans leaving him in just his socks and shirt.  A few extras spanks to drive the point home and Wally stopped.  Moments later he was holding The Beaver standing between his legs and crying on his shoulder.  He was also saying that he was very sorry and promised to be very, very good.  Wally noticed that The Beaver's hairless boy tool was hard – just like his own which now throbbed in his jeans.

When The Beaver had stopped crying he disengaged from his bother's embrace but only moved back a few inches.  He took hold of his still hard boy cock in his right hand and asked: "Wally when is this going to get big?"

Wally was a bit taken back.  "You're at least a big as I was when I was your age and it probably will grow in a year maybe two like mine did."  Mean while The Beaver moved his left hand onto Wally's thigh and was resting it on Wally's much larger and hard man shaft.  Wally was still not recovered enough to tell The Beaver to stop.

"Can I see yours, Wally.  Is that how big mine will get?"  He started to rub Wally's through his jeans.

"I don't know if we should, Beav."

"Please, Wally.  I've never seen a big hard one before.  Larry tells me he plays with his cousin's and that the man-cream will help him grow."

Wally, saw the pleading in his little brother's eyes above the tear stained checks.  He stood up and opened his jeans.  As he pushed them down he said:  "I don't think that true".  The Beaver reached out and pulled his brother's briefs down allowing his hard shaft to spring forward.  Beaver grabbed it in awe.

"WOW!  That's real big.  Will I get this big?  And hairy too?"

"I guess so, Beaver."

"Larry's cousin tells him that the man-cream will make him grow and he's all grown up and in college already.  Will you help me grow?  You're my brother and you got to help me.  I don't want to be small."

"Beaver, I don't think that it true." he repeated.  As he protested The Beaver was playing with his shaft with both hands and it felt so good.  He just did not have the willpower to resist his brother's administrations.  Beaver dropped to his knees and engulfed his brother's hard rod.  Wally reacted almost instantly as he was pulled into the warm month by getting harder.  A little voice inside his head was yelling for him to stop but it was getting fainter the longer Beaver sucked him.  This was like the guys talked about – being in a hot wet hole.  Sure he had dreamt – yes, even some wet dreams – about Mary Ellen going down on him or fucking her but Beaver was making him feel so good.  This was far better than jerking off.

Wally quickly crash-landed in fuckland.  Not only was he physically enveloped by his little brother but also in a way he never dreamt of.  His whole mind and being was caught up in his very first blow job.  Soon he passed that point of no return and then seconds later exploded.  He grabbed hold of The Beaver's head until his cock stopped spewing his hot adolescent man-cream.  The Beaver anxiously and greedily swallowed all of it.

He remained fully hard as Beaver continued to play with him with both his hands and tongue.  Soon he was about to come again.  He had no control over himself as Beaver jerked him off.  He was doing it differently than he did it to himself but so what – it was a great feeling.  This time The Beaver directed his brother's man-hose at his own smooth pubes as he shot again.  When Wally recovered his awareness The Beaver was still rubbing his come into his hairless pubes and cock.  He never saw a grin as big as the one that engulfed The Beaver now.  He could easily played the Cheshire Cat.

Wally hugged his little brother very tightly.  "Beav that felt great.  Have you done this before?"

"Never before, Wally.  Who could I ask.  Larry made me swear to keep the secret but I knew that I could tell you and you would help me.  Larry's cousin says the more he does it the more effective it is particularly if he puts up his butt.  But Larry says he does not see any changes yet."

"We better get dressed, Beaver."

The two played around trying to catch frogs and hiking through woods until it was time to catch the bus back home.  Wally was trying to figure out what to do about his brother's newly found skills and strange belief about the powers of semen.

The bus was almost empty and the boys were able to talk in privately.  Wally did his very best to explain to The Beaver that Larry's cousin was really taking advantage of Larry and that man-cream did not help a boy to grow.  After all, if it did, then I would not have grown and you can be sure that Dad would have helped us.  A very depressed-looking Beaver asked: "Really Wally?"

"I'm afraid so, Beav, and you must not tell anyone what we did today.  Right now you don't really understand, but when you get a little older you will not want it known that you sucked my cock.  If the guys find out, they will start calling you names.  Don't even tell Larry.  You got to promise me this, Beaver."

"I don't understand but OK, Wally, I promise – cross my heart and hope to spit.  Did you like what we did?"

Wally paused a while before answering.  He loved The Beaver going down on him but he felt guilty but he could not lie to his little brother.  "I loved it Beav.  It was the greatest but its NOT going to make you grow any faster."

"I like doing it with you.  I want to do it again and what if Larry's cousin is right?"  The Beaver let his hand rest on his brother's crotch.  He could feel how his brother's cock responded.  "I think you really liked too, Wally."

After a while of sitting in silence, Wally moved his brother's hand away.  He hoped that he would lose his erection before they had to get off the bus in less than fifteen minutes.  He had never felt so conflicted.  He loved being sucked but he did not feel right about The Beaver doing it.  And, he realized, he was going to have to work this out by himself as there was not anyone he could talk to.

He could wonder what would happen on Tuesday night when they went to bed.  Their parents were going out and they would be alone in the house.

At dinner, both boys told June that it was the greatest day.  That night, Wally's dreams featured The Beaver's cute boy butt mixed in with his visions of Mary Ellen.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Beaver was very quiet as he did his homework Tuesday after dinner.  Wally was doing the same but had trouble concentrating because he was wondering if Beav would want more of his man-cream.  He had very mixed feeling about doing this because of the conflict imposed by the homophobic society and the pleasure it afforded him (and, evidentially, for The Beaver also).  Earlier than usual The Beaver finished his work and showed it Wally.  Wally had to wonder if it was really better or if he did not check it as carefully as their parents did.  Then without even being told The Beaver went for his shower and even washed behind his ears.

Wally decided not discuss the issue while he was in the shower.  But this night he did not jerk off as he often did to relive the tension.

"Wally, look at this." said the beaver when he returned to their bedroom.  "It is working – see I'm getting a hair."  He flipped back the covers, pulled his pjs down and pointed to his smooth crotch.  "I'm getting a hair!"

Wally leaned over and stared at a tiny bump that might be the start of a hair or maybe a zit.  "I don't know, Beav, it might just be a scratch."  He reached over, put out the light and sat on his bed.

"I'm sure it's a hair, Wally.  Your man-cream is working."  Saying that, that he jumped out of bed and knelt between his big brother's legs.  Still moving quickly, he pulled open Wally's pjs and went down on his cock.  The ever horny teen responded instantly without any consultation with his cortex.  The Beaver did just what he had the previous Saturday in the woods – he enthusiastically sucked the juicy cock to get its man-cream for its special growth properties.

Wally could not resist the hot wet mouth that enveloped his pleasure shaft.  He just fell back on the bed and let The Beaver do as he pleased.  He tried imagining that it was Mary Ellen doing this but he couldn't.  What he started to see was the smooth round buns that he had spanked twice already – with his hard rod rammed between them and deep into the hot hole they protected.  That was not what he wanted he told himself but he could not rid himself of the thought.  Even worse, the images grow stronger.

His animal instincts took control.  He pulled The Beaver off his now steel-like shaft and threw him on to his own bed, prone.  He then knelt between The Beaver's legs and leaned forward aiming his rapier at the hidden hole.  He pushed forward, instinct telling him what to do.  He grabbed The Beaver's shoulders and pulled close thus driving his rod against The Beaver tight hole.  Fortunately, The Beaver was so surprised that he did not protest before Wally drove his saliva coated rapier all the way in.  It did not take long before Wally exploded in his very first fuck filling his little bother with a huge load of man-cream.

He collapsed on top of The Beaver while remaining inside.  "Oh, Beav, that was wonderful; absolutely wonderful.  And you got a huge load of man-cream.  How do you feel?"

"It hurt for a minute and then something down there started to feel great.  I got a strange feeling all over.  Sort of like when I play with Larry but much more, er, er, intense.  Larry's cousin says that this way the man-cream is most effective, Wally."  They stayed coupled for a while and then Beaver asked:  "Can I have more of your man-cream to rub in, please Wally?"

Wally pulled out of The Beaver and lay on his back.  The Beaver wasted no time in starting to jerk off his brother who soon responded.  The Beaver then applied the wonderful cream to his pubes again.  "Thanks Wally.  You're a true brother."

Wally got back into his own bed after covering The Beaver up.  The Beaver quickly dropped into never-never land dreaming of having a big bush and cock like his brother.  Wally was troubled yet satisfied sexually as never before.  He did not dream of Mary Ellen this night.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., November 17, 2000

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