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The following story is fiction.  This story is what happened after in The Beaver's Spankings – #1.  It is another moment in the life of a family that changed the way America thought, felt, and lived their live's … T.V.'s 'The Cleavers'.  You know how we all love The Beaver (in one way or another).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  The author has given explicit permission for her story to be posted on my site.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

Ward and June


RIP  Peachesicu  RIP

June had seen Grandpa out and turning off the lights, let her mind wonder.  When she stepped into the hallway her mind played back what had transpired there tonight.

She had been in the kitchen when she heard the SNAP! and SPLATING WHOOSH.  She had been entering the hallway when she realized it was her husband's bare bottom on the receiving end of a belt whipping.  She knew from his voice, though she'd never heard it filled with such distress.  Wards bottom was striped in red.  She let her eyes, finally travel to those of Ward's Father.  He looked up at her, paused for a moment in his swing.  Their eyes locked in an understanding.  She turned and walked back to the kitchen, but when she closed the door she leaned her ear against it wanting to hear all she could, as she leaned the door slowly opened a crack.  Just enough of a crack to watch her husband's bare bottom take lick after lick of the stinging belt.  More than enough of a turn on to have her soaking her panties. © by Y Lee Coyote

Pulling her thoughts back to the present, she found herself at the bottom of the stairs.  A warmth filled her, she counted her blessings and thanked God for the joy her men brought to her.  She smiled and headed up to tuck the boys into bed and say goodnight.  She could only imagine what they were thinking, after witnessing their first family spanking, and what a shock it must have been that dad was on the receiving end.

She went up to the boys' bedroom door and put her ear up to it to listen; a very naughty habit, her eavesdropping.  She could only make out the muffled whispers of her two boys, and with frustration lightly knocked on their bedroom door.

June's knock cut off Wally's answer to his brother's question.  A question as to whether Wally felt weird, about watching Grandpa whip their father's butt.© YLeeCoyote

"Boys, it's me." June called from the hall. © by Y Lee Coyote

"Come on in Mom."

"I just wanted to say goodnight, boys.  Did you brush your teeth?"

Truth be told June was a bit shaken by her first encounter with her sons since the incident.  "I brushed mom, but The Beaver hasn't."

"Beaver get in there and get yourself ready for bed." Then it just came out "Unless you want a taste of belt on your bare bottom tonight, too." She almost gasped at her own bravado.

"OK, Mom." Beaver scrambled to his feet and headed to the bathroom.

June bent to Wally, who was already under the covers and kissed his forehead.

"Goodnight, son.  Sleep tight."

"Night mom."

June called out to Beaver."

"Night, honey.  Straight to bed."

"Sure thing, mom, goodnight."  The Beaver stuck his head out the bathroom door and smiled a toothpaste grin back at his Mom.  Smiling she turned crossed the room and left closing their bedroom door behind them.

Now, was a moment she was not sure how to handle.  She took a deep breath as she stood in the hall.  Then turned and headed for her and Ward's bedroom.

When she walked in she heard Ward in the bathroom, taking a shower.  She went to her closet and undressed slowly, picturing what Ward's tushy must look like.  The whole idea of his ass burning from the kiss of his father's belt set her sex to tingling deliciously.  She was surprised at her own reaction to the whipping her MAN had to endure at the hands of his father.  She started to wonder how Ward felt inside and out.

She heard the water shut off, and quickly tossed on her full length nightgown.  She choose a deep red, lacy and very low cut gown.  The bed was made to perfection and she hoped as she pulled the covers back and jumped in that it would be a mess by morning.

She pulled the covers over her lap and sat with her back against the headboard.  She waited for the bathroom door to open.  She had butterflies in her tummy and was tingling with nervous embarrassment.  When Ward finally opened the door and walked in she didn't know what to say.

Ward, also, was not sure how to react, so he didn't make eye contact with her as he saw her already in bed.  He used the towel in his hands to dry his hair, covering his face from her view.

He was in pajamas long stripped pant legs and long stripped sleeves.  She thought he looked like a prisoner.  He tossed the towel into the laundry basket and sat on the bed with his back to her.  His ass stung, and he quickly flopped onto his side and pulled the covers over himself.

June waited, Ward waited….  Finally June spoke up in a low whisper.  "Honey?"  She reached out and touched his shoulder.  He reached up and touched her hand.  After a few moments of this tender embrace June went on.  "Ward, I'm sorry he whipped you in front of the boys but…."  Ward turned to face her, interrupting her.

"Sweetie, it's alright.  I'm alright."  He pulled her down, into his arms.  It always gave him such inner comfort to hold her close, pressed up to him, tucked under his chin.

"Good, I'm glad."  She loved being tucked head under his chin and wiggled up good and tight to be lovingly entrapped.

"Honest, I'm glad it happen it front of the boys.  Oh! I wasn't to happy about it when I realized what Dad was going to do to me, but…."

She ran her hands down his back to his bottom, she LOVED his bottom.

"Ohhhh, honey."  Ward groaned at her touch, but with a smile.

"Oh, Ward, sweetie, I'm sorry." She raised her hand to his waist with a giggle, then brought both hands forward to the buttons of his pajama top.  "I just want to feel you against me."

He responded by lowering the shoulder straps on her gown, exposing her deep rosy nipples.  Ward fondled her, pinching and pulling, as she bared his chest.  She was dripping by the time their lips and tongues danced together.

They made love, but this time there was a hot, wild, heat that came into play.  Ward sucked her nipples, then bit them.  He licked her stomach and went all the way down and slurped the sweet juice from her sex.  June went to seventh heaven about three times, before Ward came up for air.

He stretched out over her body, pulling her arms above her head.  He kissed her, his face wet, his mouth tasty…."Hummmm, oh Ward."

"June, my sweet little slut.  Did my whipping get you hot?"

"Oh Ward, yes I couldn't help it.  Was it terrible?"

"Is it terrible when I take my belt to you, little girl?"

"Ward, you know the belt is terrible," she said with a pouting smile.  "Well, to answer your question, yes and no." Ward, responded.  "A good whipping does clear one's conscious, but I will be sitting sore on that train tomorrow.  I forgot how hard one of dad's whipping could be.  You should be glad I don't lay into your bottom like that when you're naughty."

"What are you talking about.  You whip my bottom just as hard Ward Cleaver.  You know I cry when you give me the belt.  You whip hard and you know it!" June was trying to whine and sound indignant at the same time and it set Ward to chuckling.

"Oh baby, you better stay out of the way of your Father-in-law then.  Because you, June darling have never felt a belt whipping like the one my father just gave me."

"Ward…Did your dad whip your mom?"

"Oh, boy!  We all caught it.  'I am the head of this family!' How many times did I hear that?"

"Ward did you ever, see him whip her?"

"I saw him spank her.  He used a paddle on her most of the times when I saw.  He'd put her over the back of the couch or his big upholstered chair, pull up her dress, pull down her panties and paddle her hard.  You could hear her yells around the block."

"Man, he can really wallop, can't he?" June asked.

"You bet!  I'll tell you though I only saw him take the belt to her once.  We were camping in Yosemite National Park, in California.  She had been whining about the heat and all the hiking Dad wanted to do.  He had told her to mind her P's and Q's a few times that day."

"Well, when we all went down to the river to talk a dip before starting dinner.  I'll never forget the look on her face when she jumped in, the water was freezing.  She came up yelling and blamed Dad for not telling her how cold the water was.  Dad was already heading for her, when she called him an ass.  That did it.  He dragged her to the housekeeping cabin and though I couldn't see I could sure hear him spanking her wet bottom thru her swim suit.  She was moaning and yelping but trying to do it quietly.  When Dad was done spanking her bottom, he told her for calling him an ass he was going to give her a taste of his belt on her bare bottom before bed."

"She was sniffling a plea of 'No…please…Ward will hear!'"  I hadn't thought of how close we all slept in that house keeping cabin.  Only a thin sheet separated my bunk from their double bed.  I had a hard on the whole afternoon, just thinking about what Mom was going to get."

"You know June, corporal punishment has always turned me on.  As far back as I can remember.  I mean it hurts, we both know that."  He hugged her close.  "But, I think that's why I haven't used corporal punishment with the boys.  My reactions, scared me.  I now I think its just a natural part of who I am, and I'm not doing either of our boys any favor by sparing the rod…so to speak."

"I know I need you to keep me in line Ward and she rubbed against her man, in a very suggestive way.  She was heated up and wanting to play some more.

"Maybe you need a taste of My Belt, June Cleaver!"

"Hummmmm, maybe but could we start with your hand on my bare bottom?"

Ward ran his fingers thru the curls of June's moist cunt,"let's get you over Daddy's lap, little girl." Ward started moving June face down over his lap, to rest her curls against his hardness.


"Yes, baby?"

"Is your Father the only man that's ever whipped you?"  June looked over her shoulder, asking Ward.

"No, June, he isn't."  With that he brought his hand down and started to spank June's hinny to a very shinny red.

"Oh…Ward…OUCH!…Hey…Honey…Will you…ooouuuccchh!  Tell me…about…it…?  Hey to hard!!"

Ward chuckled.  "Let me finish the story about my Mom's whipping first would you."


"You need to have patience, June.  My curious kitten."



The End

Continue with The Beaver's Spankings – #2

© Copyright Peachesicu, September 15, 2000

It is with deep regret that I must tell you that
left us in the summer of 2006.
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