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Washing More than Clothes


It was more than clothes that got put through the wringer last night in the laundry.  Now I’m carefully avoiding my arrogant older stepbrother, Freddy, so that he has a chance to cool down.  He was really upset this morning when he recalled that, among other indignities he had suffered, I used his own belt on his bare rump with an audience last night.  Before I went out, I texted an apology and reminded him of important details about what happened was not of my choosing and probably the best option available.

This won’t make sense until I explain the situation. My dad married his dad a couple of years ago and the four of us live in a nice apartment house (that’s block to you in the UK).  Freddy is fourteen which is two years older than I.  Although we have a housekeeper our dads require us to do some housekeeping duties (chores sound so terribly icky) so that we can learn to be independent in anticipation of when we move out or go to college.  Actually I like the idea especially since it is a low priority situation after hearing my cousin complain about his problems in college because he did not know which end of the washer to put in his clothes.

We don’t have either a washer or dryer in our unit because real estate is far to expensive for such things when there a whole herd of them in the building’s basement laundry room.  It’s actually quicker to do several loads at once and without maintenance or leaks to worry about.  Also right next to the laundry room is the community room.  Rather than wasting time with the elevators we can hang there and play games while the machines are slaving away for us.

OK, that’s my world.  Only last night there was a problem.  The community room was closed without advance notice because of a water leak.  It really did not matter to me because I got lost in my phone with so much to browse.  NO – it’s none of your business what I was looking at.  Freddy decided that it would be more fun to harass the two girls who were also doing laundry rather than surf.  Of course, Freddy did not think of it that way but that he was honoring them with his attention and the ingrates were playing hard to get.  The idea that they were absolutely and totally NOT interested in him was apparently completely incomprehensible to him.

At first they were very polite and gentle asking him to “Please leave us alone.”  After several tries they told him to “Get lost, kid.” and eventually they used words that we are not permitted to use around females.  It not necessary to repeat them here.  None of this deterred him.© YLeeCoyote

All of this was observed by Shad who also lives in our building.  He’s the sort of guy stories seem to have as heros – captain of the varsity team with extra muscles, valedictorian, class president and unbelievably handsome.  I thought he was just waiting for his wash while reading a book.  That he was but he was also taking all this in.  Eventually he put his book down and got up.  A moment later he was in Freddy’s face.  “The young ladies told you to leave them alone several times.  Leave them alone, boy!” he said in a commanding tone.

Freddy continue not to show good judgement.  He told Shad to “Fuck off.”

That was not the proper response is the understatement of the month and Shad took immediate action.  He frog-marched Freddy over to the sink and then got a good grip on his neck with one hand and filled his other hand with liquid soap from the dispenser.  “OPEN WIDE!  THAT FILTHY MOUTH OF YOUR NEEDS WASHING!”

Freddy started to object but got his open mouth immediately covered with the soapy hand.  A push with that hand titled his head back and the soap flowed into his mouth.  It seemed like Freddy was in a vice formed by Shad’s two hands and his strong muscles.  The soap covered everything before he was allowed to spit it out.  But that did not get rid of the awful taste.

“And now for your spanking.” he said and dragged Freddy over to a seat.  Of course, Freddy did not get to sit but Shad did and opened Freddy’s jeans.  Next he yanked them down and repeated the action with his boxers.  Freddy was horrified and the amused girls and I just watched.  It was not a surprise that he next pulled Freddy over his lap and locked him in place with one of his own legs.

The spanks rained down fast and hard with the usual results.  Freddy’s bottom turned fiery red and he was yelling like a little boy.  I was surprised that Shad stopped after only a few minutes but he quickly moved onto other things.  He stood Freddy up and ordered him to take his belt from his jeans.  Of course, the girls continued to record everything on their phones and saw that he would not be a porn star.

When the belt was in his hands, Shad asked: “Do you want your strapping from me or from your brother?”

“I don’t want a strapping.” he answered.

“That’s not a valid option.  Your brother or me?  Chose!”

Freddy finally said “Brother.”

“I can’t do it for he’ll never forgive me.” I said.

“Boy, ask him real nice and promise him you won’t blame him.” ordered Shad.  “Maybe he’ll change his mind.”

“Please, Stan, give me the strapping that I deserve.  I won’t be mad at you.”

“I don’t know.”

A push from Shad and he continued.  “Please, I beg you.  Shad is much stronger and… I rather you do it.  Please.”

How could I refuse such a heartfelt plea from my brother?  I took the belt and Shad told him to get into position.  In a flash he was bent over a table and holding the far side.  Two bright red cheeks were mooning me.  I folded the belt.  It made a very satisfying snap when I pulled it taut.

It made an even more satisfying SMACK each and every time it hit Freddy’s red butt and it was beautifully accompanied by a howl of pain from Freddy’s soapy end.  I think that I could have kept at this forever but that would not have been reasonable.  I stopped after ten cuts and assumed control.  “Get up Freddy.” I ordered.  “Apologize to the young ladies.”

Freddy stood up and immediately began to rub his bottom.  I noticed that Shad was smiling so he must have approved of what I was doing.  I wondered what Freddy would do first for he had several options.

Well, he pulled up his jeans high enough to rush over to the sink and tried to wash the soap from his mouth.  I guess that he was afraid to let anything touch his red-hot tail so his dicky was flopping about which amused the girls immensely.  I reminded him that he need to apologize to the young ladies but first to dress properly.  He was horrified to learn that his little dicky was hanging out and quickly covered it up.  Then he said a few words to the girls and they left with their laundry and big smiles.  I’m sure that they are going to share their videos and they will go viral in our town.

We collected our stuff but he was silent and returned to our unit.  Our Dads were there so I did not worry about him going for me.

This morning they went to work and I got out early.  I hope Freddy cools down soon and remembers that he BEGGED me to strap him.  Of course, I’ll do it anytime he wants it.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it made me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 21, 2020

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