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The following story is fiction about CP of children in a public setting.  The story contains scenes of spankings.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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We Love Trains


It was vacation time 1982 and the Scully family's first trip to the nation's Capitol – Washington, D.C.  The parents had not planned very well as they did realize how much there was to see and do in a great metropolis even in a few square miles centered on the National Mall.  They would regret stopping at silly roadside attractions that offered little in real value for their limited time and money.  It did, however, reduce the kids' interest for the important things.

They spent a day doing the obligatory places such as the White House, Congress and the National Archives.  The kids had little interest in those things and actually found that the Metro [subway] was fascinating.  It was both a train and not a train.  It was nothing like the trains that they rode and climbed on at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, Pennsylvania the previous year.  Nor was it anything like the things they had seen on TV showing great trains yet they ran on rails underground as well on on the surface.  It used a card which was not really a proper ticket which got punched but only was stuck into a machine to enter and leave the system.

It was another day before they finally they started on the truly educational and fun places.  They started the day with another fun ride on the Metro exiting at Smithsonian Station.  They walked north a bit to the center of the Mall and, befuddled by so much essentially randomly picked the National Museum of American History to explore.

They roamed about unselectively.  The sheer variety kept the three kids sufficiently interested so that they were well behaved.  Suddenly ten-year-old Matty pointed at a sign and wanted to know what the word was.  "Enigma" replied Mom carefully pronouncing the word for her brood.

"Grandpa talked about enigma when he told us about being in the Army during the war." said eleven-year-old Lucy recognizing the unusual word.  The three rushed to see the fascinating object that they had only heard about but was truly real and within reach.  Alas, it was behind glass and untouchable.  They studied it intently and voraciously read everything about it.© YLeeCoyote

"We'll have to tell Grandpa about this." said twelve-year-old Bobby.  "It's only the size of a portable typewriter.  That is nowhere the size of that huge computer Alan Turing used to break the code and WIN the war."

An hour later all five were amazed when they entered the East Wing of the First Floor.  They froze on the spot.  None of them had even imaged that anything like this room could exist.  They had entered Railroads Hall.  Here were several locomotives and other railroad cars.  No, not models but actual full size locomotives that really had pulled real trains full of people and tons of freight.  Right here inside a museum.  A room full of railroad engines.  Huge engines like they had seen in the Railroad Museum last year.  Suddenly the universe had changed.  Boredom had vanished and delight and joy had taken its place.  Each kid was suddenly a blur as they started to explore their favorite things.

It did not take long before the security guard had to act.  "No touching."  "No climbing."  "No, no, no." was all he had to say to the exuberant trio.  Then he spoke to the parents.  "If they don't stop touching, I'll have to tell you to leave."

The parents spoke to the kids and admonished them even repeating the guard's warning.  Little Matty was the first to break the rule and guard acted.  "Please, let me try something else, Sir." said dad.

He took hold of his youngest and started to scold him.  It was less than a minute before Matty's pants and briefs were about his ankles and he was over his father's lap.  "No, Poppa.  Please.  I won't touch anymore.  I promise." he tried.  But that did not prevent his father's hard, big hand from crashing down hard on his soft, small bottom.  He yelled.  The guard watched, certain that this time the parental intervention would be effective and he would not have eject the family.  In less than five minutes, Matty was crying and he was helped up and made to face the wall for five minutes.

Several other kids watched and the guard explained that is what happens to naughty boys and girls who touch the exhibits.  Fortunately Matty did not notice the staring crowd of kids as he was intensely occupied.  These kids understood how they could avoid the awful experience of a spanking.

The guard was certain that the older two would now also behave having heard the howls of their kid brother.  He was wrong.  As he went around one of the exhibits he saw them in the cab of the 4-6-2 "Pacific" type steam locomotive pretending to be engineer and fireman of the great machine.  He wasted no time in getting them down and dragging both of them to their parents by their ears.

Their mother saw them coming  "Oh dear, now it's the other two." she sighed.  It did not take more a few words before the two miscreants were being scolded by both parents.  The parents each moved to the end of the bench to provide space for their errant children over their laps.

Several other kids saw the guard dragging and sensed another pair of spankings were going to be on display to enhance the wonderful trains.  They were soon delighted.

Lucy went over Mom's lap and had her skirt lifted up and her panties pulled down so that the hairbrush could do its secondary function – educating the young.  Lucy was quite vocal.  She had heard the other kids and was extra embarrassed for she usually was spanked in the privacy of her bedroom.

Bobby was over Dad's lap at the same time and quickly like his kid brother with his pants and briefs about his ankles.  "Please, not the pants down." he begged and again the same for his briefs which also was useless.  Although his bottom was bigger, it was no match for his dad's hand.  Exactly like his sibling, Bobby was yelling in pain as his tail was turned into a fiery pain center.  He tried to avoid crying but it was a helpless cause.  He too was distressed by the audience especially that they saw his privates and that he was crying.

These two soon joined their brother studying the wall with their red-hot bottoms radiating like the stop lights at a railroad crossing.  Lucy was super upset that Mom had pinned her skirt up so that her hot-red bottom was exposed.

After a while the three were allowed dress properly and to continue to explore the most fascinating Room Full of Trains.  However, now they remembered not to touch.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 6, 2018

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