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The following story is fiction about domestic CP from parents and a younger sibling. The story contains scenes of spanking and strappings.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by the drawing by Collegeboy that is at     Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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We Put Her in Charge


The Montgomery’s were a really typical family.  The almost fifty-year-old parents had spawned three kids.  Their first is twenty-three-year old Harvey who finished college this past spring, Jeff his seventeen-year-old brother and Jacklyn their fourteen-year-old sister.  Typical for the time, CP was the disciplinary method of the family.  It was quite simple.  If a kid misbehaved, messed up at school or failed to do their chores the result was a spanking.  Exactly what a spanking meant changed with the age of the target bottom.  Initially it was a simple slap on the covered bottom but that progressed to OTK bare bottom spankings with just a hand and then with a hairbrush.  After that it was the strap on the bare butt from Dad.

But let’s go back a couple of years to understand what a special relationship had formed between Jeff and Jacklyn.  With Harvey away at college, it became necessary to leave the other two alone as they were past needing a babysitter.  In fact, Jacklyn had been babysitting for a while already and loved the job.  The young gentlemen that she cared for had mixed options about the relationship for she was quick to spank.  With seeming little cause she would open their pants and yank them down along with their briefs.  Then it was over her lap for a spanking.  The little ones just got their bottoms warmed by her hand while the big ones suffered well-roasted tails thanks to her sturdy hairbrush.

A deliberate observer would have noticed that those boys stopped worrying about their modesty while they were doing the spankers’ dance.  Careful probing would have also reveled that although they did not like being spanked they almost always would have conceded that it was the fair result of their somewhat errant behavior.  Jacklyn also had a good reputation for how she bathed them for although she was thorough she did not mishandle their boyhoods as did some other girls.  The one universal complaint was that she encouraged siblings, especially girls, to observe both spankings and baths.

The siblings managed to coexist the first few times alone but there were difficulties.  Jeff frequently misbehaved and really did not want to supervise his kid sister, like he was a babysitter.  He was a young, wild adolescent male with zero interest in parenting in any form.  Unfortunately, he was not sufficiently mature to keep himself out of trouble for he both did things he should not have and skipped doing things he was suppose to do without any supervision.  Jacklyn was quite the reverse in these regards.

Several times he was painfully reminded that he was not too old to be spanked.  One morning after he failed to do the required chores because “I forgot.” his butt paid the price.  His dad made him drop his jeans and underpants and bend over his bed for a dozen cuts from the heavy leather punishment strap.  It took him all his will power not to cry as he was reminded about the penalty for forgetting his responsibilities.  His mother’s hairbrush painfully reminded him that he should clean up after eating rather than leaving a mess of dishes and crumbs on the table.  He was not happy with these butt warnings in the least especially since they came with lectures about growing up and being responsible.© YLeeCoyote

Their parents had let the position of being in charge go to the elder one by default but had started to hint that they might change that.  Jeff did not like that idea and Jacklyn was concerned that her brother would be lots of trouble just to rebel against their parents.  “Neither of us want the ‘rents to put me in charge.” she said and he agreed.

Then she went for the change.  “But maybe you will let me help you keep out of trouble?  This has to be YOUR decision not the ‘rents nor mine.”  She hoped he would agree so there would not be any reason to rebel against ‘authority’ but which would essentially that mean that she was in charge.  After a while he agreed to it.  They kept this arrangement a secret from their parents.

It was not long before she proposed that there should be penalties for his going astray and Jeff agreed as the outcome would be better.  What he had not thought about was the kind of penalty.  The first time went surprisingly well.  “Jeff, you missed your curfew so you must be punished as we have agreed.” she said.  He was a bit taken aback but admitted the agreement and let her carry on.

Jacklyn sat on his bed and “Please come over here so I can spank you properly for missing your curfew, Jeff.”  He was quite surprised and she explained that was her usual method when the boy was naughty and she had to elaborate about her sitting experiences.  He was at a loss for words as he tried to object.  She immediately started to open and lower his pants.  “You know perfectly that your pants must come down for a spanking.  I’m sure that you are not any different from all the other boys that I have spanked and have a penis and testicles exactly like those that I have seen many times.”

A hard tug and he went over her lap.  Well, more precisely over one thigh with his top resting directly on the bed.  She put her other leg over his legs to hold him in place and began to spank with her hand.  This was just a warmup with a bit of a lecture.  Then she switched to the hairbrush as planned and began to spank in earnest.  Jeff reacted to the hard whacks and she was delighted along with seeing the nice red ovals of the brush back developing on his naughty boy bottom.

Jeff was stunned.  He had not expected anything like this for it was actually painful.  It was not like Dad’s strap but significant nevertheless.  When he tried to escape she grabbed a wrist and got it up to his neck to restrain him.  By the time she stopped, he was and, most importantly, knew it a well-spanked boy.  He went to sleep with a new respect for his kid sister.

After several incidences over the next couple of months, there were two changes.  One, Jeff was much better behaved which pleased their parents.  Two, it was definitely clear that she was in charge although their parents did not know of this arrangement.  Jacklyn was definitely happy with this development.  Jeff had mixed feelings but deep down knew that it was better without his parents always on his case.  He certainly did not miss his father’s heavy leather strap having kissing discussions with his rear end.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Harvey graduated the job market was terrible and unable to go off on his own had to return home.  Harvey and his parents had very different views on his independence.  He felt that he was an independent college graduate and should be able to run his own life as he saw fit.  His parents differed completely.  “That would be fine if you were supporting yourself and had your own apartment, Harvey.  It would mostly be OK if you were supporting yourself even living here.” explained his mother.

“That is NOT the case, however.” thundered his father.  “At long as you are living under MY roof and being supported by ME, then you will follow MY rules or your butt will pay the consequences.”  Harvey not only looked horrified, he was horrified as his father continued.  “The rules have not changed.  They are still posted on your closet door as they have been for more than eight years.  You shall do what you are supposed to or you shall have long discussions with my strap.”

Harvey made some feeble attempts to change things but his father had still another cliché to explain.  “It’s either MY way or the HIGHWAY.” he paused and added “Do you understand, Harvey Norman Montgomery?”

“Yes, Sir.” replied the young man feeling like a little schoolboy once again rather than a man with a college degree.

“Now go to the room I allow you to use and wait in the corner with your pants off.  I’ll deal with you shortly.”  Defeated Harvey did as he was told.  He hoped that his dad would not follow through but was just making a point.  He was wrong for ten minutes later Dad, the dreaded heavy leather strap in hand, called him from the corner.

Harvey got in the familiar position which he had not forgotten from when he was in high school and again felt the strap deliver his father’s wrath most effectively.  The strap burnt most effectively searing his butt just as it did a few years before.  Once left alone, he locked his door and lay on the bed sobbing.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was when they were alone a couple of days later that Jeff approached him.  Jeff was sympathetic to his big brother and explained that both Sis and he heard everything for Dad’s bellowing filled the house.  Likewise, even the discussion with the strap was well known.  Harvey was puzzled by this and wanted to know what was the point.

“The point, my dear brother, is that I had the exact same problem a couple of years ago.  Dad’s strap and Mom’s hairbrush were far too, er, ‘familiar’ with my ass.  I found a solution.” he explained.  Once he saw that he had his brother’s rapt attention he explained.  “Sis is the solution.  She helps me stay on course so that the ‘rents are happy.”

“Did they put Jacklyn in charge of you?”

“No!  That would have been awful.  I put her in charge of me more than a year ago.  I can stop it anytime but then the ‘rents would be on my case again just like they are on yours.”

“And if you mess up?”

“She takes my pants down and spanks me proper.”  Once again Harvey was horrified.  “Just like she should since she is in charge.  It has helped me a great deal.  Jacklyn says that you may make the same deal – if you wish.  Think about it.”

It was soon after that Harvey agreed to the deal with Jacklyn.  Less than an hour later, she was in his room lecturing him on his failure to clean it up as demanded by their mother not two days before with direr warnings.  Of course, it was a spanking offense and everything proceeded just like the first time with their brother although it was clear that Harvey was shyer than Jeff.

“Let her take your pants down, shy brother.  She has seen many naked boys and she won’t be offended or shocked by your pee-pee.” said Jeff watching from the doorway.  That remark distracted Harvey just enough that Jacklyn managed to yank down his pants and undies and even pull him over her lap.  Of course, she locked him in place with a leg and a wrist hold.  She gave him a few hand spanks for a warm-up and then switched to her trusty hardwood backed hairbrush to complete the spanking.

It was effective and Harvey complained and even sobbed.  When released, he was given a few minutes in the corner to recover and then directed to clean up his room or there would be a repeat spanking.  He diligently spent several hours on the task much to his mother’s surprise and compliment.

Like his brother he gained great respect for his sister and hoped that it would work out well it had for Jeff.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 9, 2020

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