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The following story is fiction about high school students and spanking. The story contains scenes of a spanking and wedging.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Wedgie Boy Spanked


Thirteen-year-old Russ and his older brother, seventeen-year-old Ira, were the new kids in town, on the block and in the local high school.  When Ira went to sign up for the wresting team the coach did not bother with a tryout for he was more than delighted to have one of the top wrestlers in the state on his team.

There was a small clique in the school, (mis)lead by Wendell, who hassled those youths who wore briefs because they claimed that tw's were for little boys and not young men who wore boxers.  Their two favorite activities were pantsing and giving wedgies to, in their opinion, those little boys who still wore briefs, especially tightie-whites.

None of the creeps in the clique dared to attack tightie-white wearing Ira for he stood ​6′2″ and weighed 198 pounds​ (​188 cm and weighed 90 kg​).  He was known to be able to bench press his weight.  They rightly thought that if he shoved you that you would go flying and if he threw you it would be a long trip.

His kid brother, Russ, was an entirely different matter.  He was small and light and thus an easy target.  In just the first month he was pantsed three times and got wedgied once.  Although he was nowhere the hunk that his brother was, he was athletic and had signed up for the swim team.  The clique was not happy with the results for he did not get embarrassed when exposed for he was well-endowed with a great physique and the girls went wide-eyed when they saw and the boys were jealous.

It was lunch time and outside in the school yard when the world changed.  Wendell, the clique leader went after Russ but things metamorphosed after he pantsed him and was trying for an atomic wedgie.© YLeeCoyote

The sensation was somewhat like meeting a crane for suddenly Wendell was in the air.  Ira had grabbed his shirt and raised it up so that he was just hanging in the air.  "That is not nice, asshole!" was the growl from the angry, powerful wrestler.

The voice suddenly changed and said: "Open his pants Russ."  The victim now became most active and followed his brother's directions.  Of course, he pulled them down as well.  Ira suddenly changed his grip grabbing the waistband of the now exposed boxers and releasing his hold on the shirt.  The boxers did not stretch like tw's do but there was great pressure as they slipped into the crack and dug painfully into Wendell's junk.  This resulted in a howl that was quite memorable from the bully as he flailed helplessly.  Everyone was now watching and delighted the bully was getting it.

With seeming ease Ira carried Wendell a few steps and put his foot on the base of the flagpole.  With the same ease, he flipped Wendell over his upraised thigh and pulled down his boxers.  "You have been a most naughty boy, Wendell.  And naughty little boys get spanked on their bare bottoms."

Ira began to spank Wendell who was helplessly draped over his leg.  This was definitely not a playful fun birthday spanking.  This was a serious spanking to deliver a message.  Ira had the muscle to do it and he was furious that his kid brother had been attacked repeatedly.  The hard spanks rained down fast and furious so that soon Wendell's naughty bottom was fiery red both inside and out.  His screams quickly gave way to bawling.

After a seeming eternity to Wendell the spanking stopped.  Ira lifted Wendell up once again by his boxers and hung him on the wrought iron fence which was conveniently topped with small spikes.

"You will stop this bullying of guys wearing briefs or else!" he snarled.  "Do you understand me, boy?"

The now sobbing Wendell whispered "Yes, Sir."

"Let's eat, Russ.  I'm hungry." and they walked off leaving Wendell hanging on the fence.  The crowd applauded.  Wendell was wishing that his buddies would quickly rescue him but that did not happen.  A while after the bell rang and everyone had returned to class the custodian found him and got him down.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 29, 2020

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