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The following story is fiction about boy and spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, blackmail and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Well-deserved Punishment


It was Kyle's twelfth birthday and I was at his party.  It wasn't that I was actually his friend but we had a long time relationship as we had been neighbors forever.  We were as close as possible for our respective houses were mirror images of each other and our bedroom windows faced each other over the hedge separating the two properties.  Also, for the last three years I had babysat Kyle since he was nine and I was twelve.  Of course, he was most excited that in just one year he would be a teenager but also because his parents had agreed that, in accordance with neighborhood custom, that his days of having a sitter and of being spanked (at least OTK  by a parental hand) were over.

Several times during those three years I had gotten to spank him for minor offences.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing that especially as he was a willing, albeit reluctant, participant.  Well, he made a trade off between my spanking him and my telling his folks who would, of course, spank him.  I had managed to do that with several other boys whom I had babysat also and a couple were at the party.  I had always made it clear that the spankings would be hard for otherwise they would not count.  I wanted – and usually got – to have MY fun.

Anyway, it came that wonderful time for the birthday boy to get his buns warmed.  All of his friends wanted to do that and, of course, so did I.  Kyle did not want to get five spankings so he asked me: "Harvey, would you give me a proper birthday spanking?"  I was overjoyed but managed not to sound too enthusiastic.  Kyle continued: "I'm sure that I can trust you to give a proper birthday spanking and not a punishment spanking?"

"Of course – you'll get the proper spanking for a boy like you." I acknowledged evasively.  But of course, I thought he was a naughty boy who had missed some well earned spankings and this would be the time to deliver them.  I sat on the chair and he approached me.  I quickly opened his belt and yanked his pants down before flipping him over my lap.  He was objecting but his friends loved it all.  Then I gave him a spank.  A good hard spank and he howled.  The rabble loved it.

"Hey – that's not a birthday spank!" he protested.  That, as you can guess, earned him another spank as the other boys laughed.  A couple more and he was on the verge of crying.  I asked the crowd and they all agreed that I was doing it right so I continued.  He got the rest of the baker's dozen good and hard.  Then I explained that he had earned all those hard spanks in the past and this was the last chance for me to deliver them.  He was actually crying.  "I hate you." he yelled and then tried to regain his composure.  A bit later he told me: "You will regret spanking me, Harvey."  I just laughed for I was certain that he was powerless to do anything.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

It was some three weeks later that I got an email with a video file attached.  It showed me getting completely stripped by my mom, lectured and then hauled over her lap for a long spanking turning my ass bright red in my own bedroom.  The text was brief: "Enjoy!  I certainly did."  It was not signed but obviously was taken from Kyle's bedroom a couple of days before.  I was horrified for it showed me being treated as a little kid complete with my mommy wiping my face and having me blow my nose implying that I had been crying.

It certainly was not enjoyable in the least!  And it reminded me how much it had hurt and that I still did.  I immediately started worried about what Kyle was planning.  He had threatened to get even and now he had stuff that I did not want him to share.  There hadn't been any instructions to contact him.  I tried to figure out if it would be better to contact him or not.  I decided not to in the hope that he would think that I did not care.

I was pretty unnerved because of all the things I could think of without knowing what he was planning.  Then I got a second email this time with an audio clip.  I recognized the voices.  They were those of three of my buddies and me talking in my backyard near the hedge that bordered Kyle's family's property. The conversation was familiar for we were discussing how we were punished.  My buddies were most happy that they were not treated like babies anymore who are spanked OTK on the bare by hand.  They all boasted that they were taken out to the woodshed, told to "drop 'em and assume the position" for a session with a paddle or strap.  In actuality, the woodshed was either their bedroom, basement or garage.  I told a similar story.  They really would have laughed had I admitted the shameful truth so I told a creative story of how my dad used his heavy belt on my tail.  I even boasted of how macho I was by keeping silent even though it hurt so much while TAKING IT LIKE A MAN.

It was another few days before Kyle emailed me that he wanted to talk to me.  I declined and he asked: "Do you prefer that I send the video to your friends or post it on your wall?"  That was it – the threat.  I called him, arranged to meet and asked him not to share the video.  He said he would come over to my house right after school on Wednesday to discuss the options.

He showed up right on time and full of self confidence like all boys getting their testosterone surge and knowing that he held a strong, nay a winning hand.  He did not mess about.  "Harvey, you wronged me on my birthday and you are going to pay the price of your misconduct."  I made apologies but he just laughed at them.  "Sorry – that just doesn't cut it, boy.  You humiliated me in front of my friends.  You betrayed my trust.  You need to be punished severely."  I just held my head down not knowing what to say.  "You will do as I order and accept your punishment or the world will watch your mommy stripping you and spanking you like the baby you are.  Your friends will hear your lies again.  Understand, boy?"

I understood all to well.  This twelve-year-old had me by the balls and could destroy me.  I had to agree.  "OK." I said quietly.

"The proper response is 'Yes, Sir, I understand.'" he snapped.  I repeated the required phase as there was not any other option.  "I'm going to spank you good and hard."

"Yes, Sir" I replied (hoping that would be the end of it).

"Let's go to your room for a bit of role playing.  I'll be your dad and give it to you like you told your buddies you got it."

We went upstairs and I gave him my belt and stripped.  I bent over and leaned on my bed.  Kyle found his position and started.  He swung my own doubled over leather belt hard striking the middle of my bare ass.  I yelled in pain.  He laughed.

"You forgot to count, Harvey." he snickered and swung the belt again.

After my yelp, I cried out "TWO!"

"No, stupid.  You start with 'One' and say 'Thank you, Sir.'  Ready to start?"  I grunted a reply and he gave me another cut.

"One.  Thank you, Sir." I managed to get out.  Slowly and painfully we got to "Sixteen.  Thank you, Sir." after which he allowed me get up.  I was crying and my ass was on fire.  I figured out that he gave me my age plus one after I learnt how to count.

"OK, boy.  That was for the first unreasonable spank you gave me on my birthday.  Next week you'll get punished for the second one.  Have a nice day.  I'll let myself out."

I heard him bound down the stairs as I rubbed my very sore bottom.  Then I got a cold wet washcloth to try to cool it down.  Only after that did I realize the significance of his parting remark – this was not over!

* * * * * * * * * *

I seemed to float home after strapping Harvey's butt right proper.  As you can imagine, I was absolutely delighted how he howled and cried like a little kid.  Well, maybe that was not so surprising as he barely has any pubes even though he is practically fifteen.  I'll have to remember to wear sweat pants rather than jeans in the future so my cock can enjoy a more spacious environment.

Once I got back to my own bedroom my joy continued as I watched him try to soothe the pain in his worthless butt with a wet washcloth.  I wondered if he was smart enough to get some ice.  The video, which I got from the camera running in my bedroom, of my strapping him was perfect.  This one would be even better to convince Harvey to cooperate with me than the one with his mommy.  I can practically hear the laughs of his buddies if they were watching a twelve-year-old making him cry.  It was really a great pleasure jerking off to all these thoughts.

It's going to be a lot more fun making him pay for humiliating me on my birthday.  I sent the wimp an email telling him that this was just the first of thirteen punishments he shall get for the thirteen unreasonable spanks he gave me on my birthday and that the next session will be on Wednesday.  I heard him scream when he read it which gave me joy.

I was already looking forward to next Wednesday just like Harvey was surely dreading it.

* * * * * * * * * *

It has been a terrible week.  After that horrific strapping Kyle gave me, my bottom hurt for days.  I certainly am not looking forward to another session but unless I want the whole world to know that I'm still spanked naked over mommy's lap – like a little kid – I have to do what Kyle says.  The only bright spot is that he has kept his word and not told anyone.

As soon as I let him in, he headed for my bedroom.  His "Strip, boy!" order was not any surprise but as I undressed I asked him to please not hit so terribly hard.  He reminded me that I ignored his pleas on his birthday.  The strapping hurt me just as much as the first time.  I sobbed more than that time and after he finished he rested one hand on the small of my back and rubbed my fiery bottom with his other.  "I'll bet that you're really sorry you were mean to me, Harvey."

"Yes, Sir.  I'm very sorry."

"Maybe I'll think of something else for next time." he said and just as I was about to reply added: "And, then again, maybe not."

"Yes, Sir.  Thank you Sir." I said with little hope as he left leaving me to nurse my painful bottom after promising to return on Monday.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kyle was all cheery smiles when he returned while I was still hurting from his hard strapping five days before.  I pleaded with him to go easy on me since I still hurt.  He played with me a while but agreed that he would spank me over his lap rather than bent over.  I agreed figuring that he would use his hand rather than the long, thick and heavy, leather belt and it would be much less painful.

I stripped immediately once we got to my room and was just about to get over his lap when he ordered: "Get me a flip-flop so I don't hurt my hand."  I hesitated and he added: "Or give me the belt and get into position."  I gave him a flip-flop figuring that it was a lot shorter than the belt and his swing would be restricted.

I got over his lap and he gripped my waist tightly and patted my bottom.  "Ready, boy?"

I said "Yes, Sir." and immediately learnt that a flip-flop is a terrible thing.  I gave a howl when it smashed down on my rear.  The second blow followed immediately on the other cheek and soon I was a sobbing mess.  Eventually he stopped and after rubbing my sore bottom, let me up.  I flopped back down on my bed and he left.

I cried a while and then cleaned up hoped that Mom wouldn't ask questions if, ha ha, when I fidgeted at dinner.

* * * * * * * * * *

Wearing sweats was certainly the right thing to do.  I had a super erection all the way back to my bedroom where I jerked off watching Harvey being a crybaby.  The video was even better than the others for it showed Harvey over my lap like a little baby.  I'm amazed that he hasn't figured out that I could record my spanking him just like I did his mommy spanking him.  I'm certainly not going to tell him.

It is absolutely wonderful jerking off thinking about how I'm controlling a dude who is three years older than I.  It's extra nice doing it now right after having roasted his butt while watching him crying.  Of course, later I'll do it again while watching the recording.

* * * * * * * * * *

This went on a couple of weeks more with spanking so I was up to the eighth session after Kyle had spanked me on Monday and Wednesday.  I've been dreading this Friday afternoon all day as it will be the third session this week.  It has only been two days since he roasted my bottom with that flip-flop and I'm still terribly sore.

Kyle was right on time and he immediately ordered me to my bedroom and to strip.  I tried to talk but he snapped at me to shut up and get ready.  I was desperate and afraid.  "Please, Kyle, Sir.  Have some mercy.  I still hurt from last time.  Please, I'm begging you." I said.

He stood there with a huge smile and stared at me.  I looked down.  I saw that his sweat pants are tented.  Not only was he hard but it is much bigger than when I saw him soft when I spanked him.  He remained silent and then stepped to me.  He placed his hands on my shoulders and pressed down.  "You don't beg standing up like a man, boy.  Down!"

I dropped to my knees grateful that he was willing to listen to me.  Of course, I felt very small not only as he was ordering me about but because he was now towering over me.  "I'll consider not spanking you again today if you help me with a hard problem." he says as he pulls my face into his crotch so that I feel his hard shaft.

I assumed he wanted me to jerk him off.  That surely is better than getting spanked.  "OK, Sir." I reply.

"Lower my sweats, boy." he ordered and I complied so that I was facing his fully exposed erect manhood with its thick bush.  It was literally right in my face so I see how much more developed he is than I am.  Something about his aroma was special and made this all the more appealing.  I knew what I must do next and reached for his cock with my hands.  He grabbed both of them.  "Use your mouth and tongue, boy."  I started to object but he held me tight and painfully forced my hands back.  I was trapped.  I started to lick his shaft.  As I did, he eased up his grip and I tried to pleasure him.  Why I didn't know but it was like eating a candy bar – I didn't want to stop.  Soon I was sucking him and he was holding my head.  I was not expecting that he would explode in my mouth but he did and held me tight so I had to swallow all that he shot.

"That was very good especially for your first time.  Since you did me a favor, I'll do you one.  We'll say you got spanking eight today, boy."

I was not sure what this is all about but I responded: "Thank you, Sir."

As he departed, I rushed to the bathroom to wash out my mouth.  Something made me pause and not do it for sometime so I could savor the aftertaste.  I didn't know why any more than I knew why I sucked his cock.  I noticed that I was hard and jerked off.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can't believe what a pussy wimp Harvey is.  I had expected that he would refuse to suck and even be reluctant to give me a hand job.  I was very wrong to my delight.  I wonder how he felt and will he do it again if I just tell him to?  Should I even think about fucking him?  Damm, there are so many fucken questions.

I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens next Monday.

* * * * * * * * * *

Since Kyle made me suck him off three days earlier, I haven't been able to get him out of my mind.  The one thing I was sure of was that my bottom was not hurting although I was quite confused.  I noticed that when I jerked off I thought of Kyle and his hard cock.  It was not surprisingly, that he showed up right on time again.  I guessed that I would have too if I was in his position.  He was his usual direct self and immediately started up the stairs to my bedroom.  I knew that I must strip immediately before anything else.

"Since you were so cooperative last time, boy, you get your choice – belt or flip-flop." he said as he groped his crotch.  His sweats were tented again.  I knew I was staring but couldn't help myself.  We were both silent for a minute.  "Or perhaps you want the same trade as last time, boy?"  He was smirking.

I knew that the wicked strap and the brutal flip-flop are very painful while his cock is nice and juicy.  I made the decision and dropped to my knees in front of him.  He was silent as I lowered his sweat pants and exposed his pleasure stick.  He was very ready for there was a drop of pre-cum at the tip.  I licked it off and then licked him all over his crotch eventually taking his cock into my mouth for a good suck.  He put his hands on my head and controlled me.  He kept trying to go deeper but when I start to choke he backed off.  Just as last time he exploded in my mouth and I swallowed it.

"Good boy.  Very good boy." he said caressing my head and he left.  I don't understand it but there was something satisfying about doing it.  I jerked off right after.

* * * * * * * * * *

I must confess things have moved along far faster than I expected.  Harvey has gotten to be my enthusiastic cocksucker.  I love that but he is not paying the price for the injustice which he did to me.  I'll have give this a good hard think but not until after I watch that first strapping again as I jerk off.

* * * * * * * * * *

Strangely I was looking forward to Kyle coming today.  I wouldn't want any of my friends to know but I seem to like sucking his cock and it was certainly far better than his whacking my bottom.  I thought it would be nice if he paid attention to my junk some but he does not seem interested although maybe he will when he runs out of spankings to trade.

Well, as always it was right up to my bedroom and stripping when he got here.  I didn't wait for him to ask me what I want but just dropped to my knees ready to lower his tented sweat pants.  "No, boy, that's for later.  First you get spanked with this ping pong paddle.  Kneel by the bed and rest your chest on it."  I rushed to comply not wishing to anger him.  He had me spread my legs and hold the sides of my bed.  "Now keep that position or you will get extras, boy."  I acknowledged that and he added: "It will be two sets of six.  If you take it well, that's it otherwise you get last three very hard."

He played with my bottom a bit and gave me the first whack.  It was not as hard as his previous spanks.  Then he caressed my bottom before the next one.  He repeated this until he gave me the six whacks.  He told me that was the first set and that I was doing well while his hands were all over my bottom – even in the crack.  It was a bit strange but I remained in position so as to please him.  The second set was like the first except a bit harder.  I held on very tightly so as not to get additional three spanks.  Again, at the end of the set he was feeling me up and even pressed his fingers into my hole.  I was amazed at how gentle he was and obediently keep my position.  During all this he has been telling me that I was doing well and that he was pleased at how I was being a good boy.

I thought back to when I went overboard, rather than being gentle like him, on his birthday.  I was surprised when he lay on top of me and slipped his hands under my shoulders.  Then he pressed something against my hole and it entered me like his fingers had.  The initial realization of what was happening was a great shock.  For he was fucking me.  It was far too late to even try stop him.  He had me in a tight grip and I was helplessly spread making it impossible to counter him.

Then I felt something good from what he was doing.  The good feeling grew into a great one and I had an orgasm like when I jerk off.  I felt that he did also.  He bit my neck then.  He remained in me for a while so he could tell me that I belong to him.  I decided that I like this just as much as sucking.

Kyle decided that he had to go so he disengaged from me.  He had me remove the condom and wipe his cock dry.  He left and I continued thinking about what had happened.  I quickly decided that I liked what had happened and hoped there will be more of it.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can only say with great joy that it was in like Flynn with Harvey this afternoon.  I can hardly believe that he let me take him without any resistance at all although I'm certainly not going to complain.  Things are certainly a lot different from how he was on my birthday.

* * * * * * * * * *

My new relationship with Kyle was so strange.  A few months ago I babysat him and then he was able to get his revenge in exchange for keeping a secret.  He really spanked me good and hard a few times and then sex got into our relationship.  It was a trade off to avoid spanking at first although I immediately loved it.  I was again anxiously awaiting his arrival so we could have some more fun.

As always, we went to my bedroom immediately on his arrival.  He was a bit different this time for he undressed me himself and, even more surprising, had me undress him.  Then he sat on my bed and took me over his lap.  He only used his hand to spank me.  The spanks rained down on my bottom in a steady downpour.  They were firm spanks and the feeling built up in my bottom.  And I also felt his cock get much harder as it was poking me.  I liked what he was doing.  My bottom was feeling good and I was anticipating having his cock soon.  That wonderful glow was filling my bottom and mixed in with the spanks were gentle rubs.

The things changed for he got me off his lap and kneeling between his legs.  I greedily went down on his hard cock which was already leaking pre-cum.  He was not holding my head this time but just letting me suck and suck.  Then came the reward with several shots which are yummy and I gulped them down.  I just held his cock in my mouth until he got me up on the bed and lubed my bottom hole.  I rolled a condom on him and he easily drove his shaft into my slick hole.  It was wonderful!  But soon, all too soon, it was over.  We had to clean up and he left.

I'm anxiously awaiting his next visit.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 5, 2016

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