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The following story is fiction about an almost teen boy who wets his pants and get diapered.  His younger sister is then in control and the diaper gets messy.  If these subject are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Wet Pants Got Me in Trouble


I had not rushed home this day.  I wished that I had but it no longer mattered.  I had taken the long way home and even watched some of the game on the TV in the shop window.  If I had gone directly home, I would not be worrying like I was now.  I would have been home an hour ago and could have easily and simply gone into the bathroom, stood before the toilet, opened my pants and taken out my penis and peed right into the bowl like a big boy should.  A big boy of twelve, almost thirteen, in the sixth grade.  But, as I said, I had been late getting home and had lost control only two blocks from home.  My pants had a big wet spot from the middle of the fly all the way down to my sneakers.  Even my socks were soaked.  Like a little boy of three who is not even in kindergarten I had wet my pants in the street.  I hadn't even tried to go in the street.

I knew that my mother would be very angry with me and would do as she promised now that I had wet my pants again.  My big brother – Pete who is two years older and in the eight grade – would laugh at me for being such a baby.  My little sister – Diana who is two years younger and has never, ever, wet her bed since she was potty trained – would also laugh at me.  Father would tsk-tsk when he got home from his business trip next week.

"If I was lucky, nobody would be home." I thought.  "I could undress, put the stinky stuff in the washing machine, shower and not have to tell anyone."  This day was not my lucky day, however, for sitting by the table were Diana and Nikki, her best friend, when I opened the door.  I had only taken two steps into the room when they wrinkled their noses and Nikki said: "I smell pee-pee."

Diana looked at me closely, sighing like a young lady.  "Donnie, you wet your pants again, you big baby."  I was done for.  They hustled me into the laundry room and immediately began to strip off my clothes.  I protested but they reminded me that Mom had said that when I wet stuff that it should be washed promptly.  They had already gotten me down just to my briefs, and Diana was rinsing out the wet sneakers.  Nikki wanted to pull my briefs off but I did not want her to and then be naked before the two younger girls.

"Stop being silly, Donnie.  We seen lots of boys' penises and your wet briefs don't hide anything.  Beside SpongeBob is getting sick from your pee."  (I was wearing SpongeBob SquarePants briefs.)  "We've seen you naked before.  We've even seen Pete and he has much bigger cock and with lots of hair like a real man."  This time when she yanked at them I did not resist and was now naked with the two dressed girls.  They filled the machine with some more dirty stuff and set it going.  "Now it's time to wash the baby."  Usually, I shower by myself but I was so ashamed that I had wet like a baby and stank of piss that I let them drag me upstairs to the bathroom.  Only then did I tried to say I can shower by myself but they wouldn't hear of it.© YLeeCoyote

"If you can't keep your pants dry, you can't shower either." they said.  Unfortunately Mother had said that several times but I objected again.  Mother had said things the last time I had messed my pants and Diana was following her terrible plans even without additional instructions.

I was in the tub being washed when my brother asked: "Did the widdle baby wet himself again?"  The girls confirmed that I had.  "Donnie stop giving the girls a hard time.  Mother said you get bathed when you wet like a baby.  Do you want two spankings?" barked my brother.  The rule was simple and my brother loved to enforce it.  I let the girls bathe me and then dry me off.  I had hoped that they would stop then but they did not.  They led me to my brother's room."

"Something you want, baby brother?" he asked.

I was required to ask for my spanking with a full explanation of why.  "Please spank me for wetting my pants like a little baby."  Pete was more than happy to oblige me.  He moved the chair away from the desk and patted his lap after sitting down.  I had learnt that cooperating was less painful than otherwise.  I laid across his lap and he got a firm grip on my waist.  As Diana and Nikki watched happily, he caressed my tail and then started the spanking.  He was ashamed that he had a little brother who still his pants since his friends knew.  Thus he was most happy to spank me as much as he was allowed.  My brother was much bigger and far stronger than I.  When he spanked me it hurt just like when Father spanked me.  I braced for the first spank but I was not ready for it and yelled to the delight of the girls.  Over and over he raised his hand and brought it crashing back down on my bottom.  Each and every spank hurt a lot.  I was soon crying and then even bawling just like a well spanked little baby boy should.

It was in this state that Diana lead me back to my room.  The two girls put a diaper down on my bed and I lay on it.  They carefully inspected my boy stuff as I try to think of more pleasant things.  "He's gotten some hair." explained Nikki.  Diana checked and agreed.  "Get the epilator." said Nikki.

Sis dashed away and was back in a minute.  She held some device in her hand.  I knew nothing about that evil thing but I was about to find out from an unpleasant demonstration.  Sis turned it on and pressed it to my pubis.  It hummed like a barber's razor but when she moved it across my small brush it hurt.  In less than three minutes all my wonderful hairs had been yanked out.  The girls explained that it was more hygienic because I would be easier to keep clean.  Besides, they added gleefully, "Little diaper boys don't have grown up hair."  Then they powdered and oiled me and taped up the diaper.  As they left, Nikki noted that I had not grown.  I just lay there, crying and feeling very sorry for myself.

At dinner, with me still in the diaper, Mother complimented my siblings on how grown up they were and how well they had dealt with the baby and then she chastised me.  Mom formally condemned me to diapers except for school for a week.  If I wet again, I would even have to wear them to school.  Also, as a diapered little baby my bedtime was now earlier than my little sister's.  Diana was delighted as she was in charge of my diapers in every respect and that meant that I must obey her all the time.  Sometimes she would be so mean that I would not only have to pee in the diaper but also mess it so that she and her friends could practice their baby sitting skills.  Any disobedience on my part would get her to tell Pete to spank me.  He was always more than happy to do what she asked.

I knew that it was going to be a terrible week.

* * * * * * * * * *

The dreaded weekend came. I was effectively grounded because there was not any place I could go in a diaper.  Everyone would laugh at me.  I just hoped that I could hide in my room and that my dear little bossy sister would find something to do that did involve me.  I did not like what she found to do.  In the morning when she changed my diaper she did three extra things.  First, was to slip a laxative suppository into my butt hole.  When she was changing me, I had to lift up my legs so she could slip the diaper under my butt and she just stuck it in without warning.  If I had objected, she would have called Pete who would have held me up and spanked me for not cooperating and then she would have stuck it in.  Second, she put a batch of duct tape around me so that I couldn't possibly replace the diaper.  Third, she put a pair of thumbless mittens on me so that I was even more helpless than a baby.  She parked me in the family room with the Saturday morning baby cartoons on the TV.

It was a couple of hours later that her friends showed up all gung ho to practice changing a dirty diaper boy.  One of her friends brought her eight year old littler sister, Tana, and another brought her brother, Dax, who is the youngest boy in my class at school.  He had only half believed what his sister had said but was more than delighted to see with his own eyes that I was really in a diaper since we don't get along at all.  He immediately put his camera to use to document my baby outfit.

Shortly after that Pete came into the family room.  "Donnie baby, I'm going out for a couple of hours.  You listen to Diana or you'll get spanked – hard – when I get back."

Before Pete even left, Dax spoke up.  "Diana, I'll be glad to spank the diaper boy so you don't have to wait for your brother to get back."

"That's an excellent idea, Dax, thank you.  Just have Donnie get one of his flip-flops so that you don't hurt your hand and can give him a proper spanking." Pete said helpfully.  Not only was I in hell but in the hell of hell.

I begged my sister not to do this to me but she said I better go get the flip-flop just in case.  "Please." I begged again.  She just said to do what she said so I fetched the damn flip-flop which I had to pick up with my teeth.  When I got back Dax was sitting in the middle of the room and Diana told me to get over his lap.  He gave me a hand spank over my diaper and then a couple with the flip-flop.

"This is no good, Diana.  The diaper provides lots of padding and it is full of the baby's poo.  His spanking will have to wait until he's cleaned up."

The girls were anxious to change my diaper, especially Tana, the littlest one who never had seen a boy older than a year naked.  I know because she said so.

Again, I begged my sister not to do this to me but she told me that little boys who wet their pants and then are put into diapers, don't have worry about being modest like big boys because they are babies with little hairless pee-pees.  Besides the girls all came over to help and especially Tana to also learn how to take care of babies.  I was doomed.  All the time Dax was smirking.  His sister had even taken pictures of him with me over his lap.

The stink was terrible when they opened up the well filled diaper.  Not only had I messed but I had wet.  "That's what mommies have to deal with Tana was told."  Dax opened the windows so that the stink would blow out.  Because of the aborted spanking, my poo was everywhere in the diaper and a lot was about my bat and balls.  Dax was taking pictures like he would never run out of film which, of course, he wouldn't because he had a digital camera.  There was not any way to hide my face since I was lying on a pad on the floor.

They wiped and wiped to try to get me clean but it was a slow task and they each did some wiping.  I felt like every girl was getting intimate with my poo covered boy stuff.  It was even worse when I had to hold my legs up so that they could do my butt and especially my crack.  I was wishing I was dead.  Even when I was pretty clean, they decided that I should be carefully washed.  I had to walk naked to the bathroom and stand in the tub while I got hosed down.  The girls and the camera were fully attentive to a fault.

Then it was back to the other room to finish the job.  I had just lay down again to get powered and oiled when Dax reminded my sister that I was due a spanking.  Now that I was clean and naked it was obviously the time.  Dax sat again and I was across his lap – butt naked.  He spanked me a few times with his hand but that was not very effective.  Even at this time I could feel that his cock was hard through his jeans.  He quickly followed Pete's advice and switched to the flip-flop.  This caused me to yell to his great delight and he gave me a dozen hard spanks.  Fortunately, he stopped for I was pretty close to crying.

There was one nice things about all this and that was how nice and gentle Tana was when she rubbed the oil on my pee-pee and ball bag as she called them.  Everyone was amused that I got erect but they wrapped me up that way.  With the thick diaper and mittens, I was stuck with a case of blue balls that I could not deal with.

I was allowed to hide in my room for several hours while the girls played.  Dax insisted that he would be the babysitter so that the mommies could rest.  Before I was left alone with him, he used my computer.  He transferred all the pictures to a file and then uploaded the pictures to a transfer service so that they would be safe.  Now there was no need to worry that I would try to destroy them.  Of course, if I had, they could do the whole thing over again the next day.  "Well" Dax said, "that must have been terrible for you – covered in your own shit and changed by all those little girls, spanked by me and photographed.  Although, you did seem to like it when they played with your little pee-pee, especially when Tana did it.  Your little hairless baby pee-pee."

He was right and there was no denying it.  I did explain that I lost my hair when I was put in the diaper a couple of days before.  Dax just laughed and said it did not matter as the pictures showed me hairless – without the bush that I had boasted about in school.  Then he got to the blackmail.  "I have lots of pictures that you surely wouldn't want circulated."  It didn't take a genius to figure that out.  "If you take care of my hard needs, I won't spread them about.  None of the girls have taken any so you're safe on that count."  He was cupping his tented jeans as he spoke.

I did not know what to say.  If I accepted his offer, would he keep his word?  We sat in silence for a while and then he spoke.  "Donnie, you don't like the idea and you don't know if you can trust me.  Well, I promise I'll keep my mouth shut and the pictures private if you do.  I'm sure that you'll beat me to a pulp if I don't."  He paused and then suggested that I look at the pictures now in my computer.  He did it with me, critiquing each one and noting how our classmates would love to see many of them.  Then he gave me the clincher – "You can be sure of what I will do if you don't agree."  I well knew that.

I negotiated a little and then yielded to his demands.  He let down his jeans and leaned back in the chair.  I got down and sucked him off.  He was more developed than I and already had a small bush and a nice sized cock.  "Just to show my good faith, I'll do you now."  He had me stand and opened my diaper and then took care of me.  I was still horny from Tana so I came very rapidly.  He then closed up my diaper.  I had to confess that I liked it.

Later in the afternoon, the girls changed my wet diaper and Dax took some more pictures.  He explained that they would be suspicions if he didn't.  I agreed that he was right about that although my opinion did not matter.

* * * * * * * * * *

I, of course, worried that word would get out.  Dax did not say anything as he had promised and even got friendly with me.  He invited me to hang at his house on Friday and then he let me know that he expected me to help him with his hard problem regularly.  I protested.  He explained that there was not a time or count limit in our original agreement and that he would not expect (demand!) help with his problem more than once a week and promised to reciprocate at times.

He said that he would spank me for arguing with him about our agreement.  "I won't hurt you like when the girls were watching." he promised.  I did not have an out and I got over his lap with my pants down.  He gave me a playful spanking which was less than I expected and then I went down on him.

It took a couple of months before he fucked me.  Again, he said our contract was broadly worded.  I had gotten use to yielding to him.

We actually became friends although it was clear that he was always in charge.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 22, 2010

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